Garmin Vivosport Review: High-End Fitness Tracker

Are you looking for a high-end fitness tracker band with plenty of new tech features? Garmin’s Vivosport is the device you need for your workout activity. With minimal bulk, this fitness band offers best tech features providing the best performance. Learn more from the in-depth review and a bunch of new things that are available in this amazing product.

Lots of fitness wearables are available in the market today. Garmin’s Vivosport is worth talking about because it is one of the high-end fitness bands with a high-tech vibe. The design resembles the Vivosmart HR+, but this one comes with plenty of fitness capabilities. With this top-end technology put into a fitness tracker, runners find credibility in the device. The device has a more fun design with a new color display alongside the newest functionalities that can take your workout to the next level.

Our Verdict

Garmin Vivosport offers more credibility to fitness enthusiasts. The fitness capabilities crammed into the fitness band takes most activities to another level. Some of the pre-programmed specifications support most activities. With the most fitness capabilities demonstrated by the Vivosmart, a lot of information can be accessed in one place. Hence, it becomes easy for fitness enthusiasts to upgrade their progress.

Garmin Vivosport Pros:

  • Garmin Vivosport comes with a built-in GPS
  • The battery life is reasonably good
  • The band can track stress and VO2 Maximum estimation
  • It is lightweight yet has maximum tracking power
  • It offers fair accuracy for heart rate and GPS
  • Comfortable design
  • Automated activity tracking
  • Easy to use

Garmin Vivosport Cons:

  • Does not provide swimming mode despite being waterproof
  • The automatic exercise tracking process is slightly buggy
  • The display is washed out
  • A little pricey for a fitness band

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Let’s talk in detail about the features that make the Garmin Vivosport a better fitness band.

Key Specifications

Garmin Vivosport Key Specifications

The Garmin Vivosport has robust specifications that make it a better value. The set of features provide more functionality that may sound impressive for runners. Some specifications are available in earlier versions of the fitness band from Garmin. However, Vivosport is a worthy upgrade. The key specifications include the following;

  • Comfortable to wear because of the lightweight
  • The battery life runs up to 7 days and 8 hours in GPS mode.
  • Equipped with a built-in GPS and HRM
  • Has a heart-rate monitor that works 24/7
  • Better display that is crystal clear and always-on
  • It has additional sport profiles
  • Designed with an auto-activity start that triggers for runs and walks
  • Resistant to water up to 50m.

These specifications are significant and do not disappoint. Runners can also utilize fitness tracking capabilities in the Vivosport. For instance, this fitness tracker can offer rep counting. Besides the fitness capabilities, the device can track distance, time as well as pace/speed.

Design and Display

For the past years, Garmin has had a handful of fitness bands that look similar to Vivosport. The company uses almost the same blueprint work to design its products hence portraying a weak visual identity. The similarities of the design in Vivosport and other earlier products can be confusing to most buyers.

Garmin Vivosport Design and Display

Generally, Vivosport comes with a dull but compact design. The small rectangular screen does not dominate the front, as seen in other brands of fitness bands. Compared to its predecessor Vivosmart HR+, Garmin did not make a fashionable upgrade, but it is reasonably cool. Also, Vivosport seems slimmer and has eliminated the physical buttons.

Unlike the Vivosmart HR+, which is monochrome, Vivosport displays content with color. Despite not having so many uses for color, Vivosport appears interesting and more fun. The display stays on all the time. More interestingly, the device barely uses much power as it displays various feeds while on the smartphone model.

Fitness Features

Garmin has packed various useful features into the Vivosport’s slim design. This means that the fitness enthusiast can access pertinent details in one place. The device provides sorts of fitness data, which include calories burnt, steps, the distance, among others. It becomes easy to monitor the active minutes spend working out in specific activities.

Garmin Vivosport Fitness Features

Runners can monitor heart variability on the Vivosport. This information can be used to determine stress levels as high or low. The smart features are pre-programmed to incorporate details automatically. Apart from the automatic tracking activities, the Vivosport ensures you don’t miss any significant information, which is also accurate.

Battery Life and Charging

The battery life of the Garmin Vivosport performs quite well. The estimated hold-up goes up to 7 days and 8 hours when set to smartphone and GPS mode, respectively. The battery performance before the next charge is reasonably significant, even for the longest runs. Fitness enthusiasts can take part in various activities without worrying about charging the fitness band.

When you are using the smartphone mode, you will likely access more functionality from the Vivosport. Once you connect your Vivosport to an android or ios device, you can view unlimited notifications on the clear display. However, a few elements, such as photos and other attachments, cannot be viewed. As such, the Vivosport will take seven days until the next charge.

If you opt to use GPS tracking, the Vivosport will take around 8 hours. This is absolutely good stamina. Fitness enthusiasts can track most activities during this time. The type of charger used for Vivosport is quite different from other handset devices. A proprietary charger is used to charge the fitness band. This charger can be shared with the Garmin’s Vivoactive HR+.


Garmin Vivosport is used to collect various data based on the fitness activity carried out. The data is hugely beneficial to the user in predetermining their progress. The results obtained from the Vivosport are absolutely accurate since most features are automated to sense most fitness activities. The sensors that come with the device incorporate the latest tech to ensure every feature responds reasonably well.

Speaking of accuracy in Vivosport, the most considered results are those obtained from the GPS, heart rate monitor, speed, and distance, among others. Generally, the fitness band can be reliably significant when it comes to providing accurate results.

Why Buy The Garmin Vivosport?

Garmin Vivosport comes with a couple of automated features that make it stand out against its rivals. Fitness enthusiasts who are looking to benefit from the insights can opt for Vivosport. The device has a sleek design making it comfortable to wear. Similarly, Vivosport has a good battery life and is waterproof. These features are delightful and impressive, giving you dedicated functionality to boost your working out progress.


Garmin Vivosport offers a couple of interesting fitness capabilities. If you prefer the style and results offered by the fitness band, you can get one for your workout. You are likely to take your fitness activities to the next level if you are looking for extra support for your fitness in the Vivosport. However, if you are into fashion design, then you can go for alternatives that seem appealing. Nevertheless, the Garmin Vivosport has more to offer to fitness enthusiasts who are not fashion-focused.

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