Garmin Vivosmart 4 Review: A Fitness Data Collector

Garmin Vivosmart 4 doesn't have much smart features, but it's a great fitness data collector. Want to know why? We'll tell you in this article.

A smartwatch is like having a small smartphone on your wrist. You can receive notifications for your calls, messages, emails, and social media updates.

They are primarily used to cater to your fitness needs, and effectively track your heart rate and activity.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 overview

Garmin Vivosmart is a smartwatch manufactured by a technology company called Garmin Ltd. Garmin Vivosmart 4 has a lot to offer apart from its stylish look. We are going to break down its specifications, pros, and cons.

Why we like it:

  • Slim design
  • 7 days of battery life
  • Storage activity lasts up to 14 days
  • Automatic activity tracking
  • Waterproof
  • Brightness auto-adjust

Why we hate it:

  • A tiny display
  • The touch screen can be unresponsive
  • It uses a different charger

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Features of the Garmin Vivosmart


It has a super slim body. The sleek design makes it comfortable to wear it throughout the day. The screen is smaller than other smartwatches.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 design

The screen is surrounded by an aluminum bezel and a metal accent. The color of the bezel and metal accent may vary depending on your taste and preference. Other available options include the berry with a gold bezel, grey with a rose gold bezel, blue with a silver bezel, and black with slate bezel.

It has a silicone strap. It is built into the device and thus cannot be removed later on. The color of the silicone strap blends perfectly with the color of the body. Additionally, it has a watch buckle to keep the watch in place during your workout sessions.

Unlike other silicone straps, this particular one does not irritate the skin. You can wear it comfortably day and night. The silicone straps are perfect to use during your workout sessions.

It comes in two sizes. The medium-sized smartwatch weighs about 16.5 grams. The large-sized smartwatch weighs 17.1 grams. It has a light case.

It has a physical menu button at the bottom of the screen. The wrist band has a circumference of 148-215 mm.

The design is waterproof. You can swim or take your shower while wearing your smartwatch. It has a 5 ATM waterproofing.

The Garmin Vivosmart has a sensor that acts as a physical button at the bottom. Pressing the sensor takes you to the home screen.


The Garmin Vivosmart has an OLED display. However, the screen is so small. The dimensions of the screen are around 6.6mm by 17.7 mm.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 Display

The smartwatch has an auto-adjust feature. It enables the watch to adjust its brightness depending on the surrounding. You can use it at any level of lighting.

The unique quality of the Garmin Vivosmart is its sleek nature. But, it comes with the price of seeing texts cut into half. The menu text rolls horizontally.

The display has a screen resolution of 48 X 128 pixels. The display quality is better than the previous versions. The display has only one color.


Garmin Vivosmart 4 Hardware

  • GPS Receiver

A built-in GPS receiver helps you to get accurate locational information when doing outdoor fitness activities.

  • Pulse Ox Sensor

Garmin Vivosmart 4 has a wrist-based pulse oximeter. It measures your oxygen levels and your heart rate. It measures the light absorption difference between oxygenated and deoxygenated blood.

  • Wireless Sensors

The wireless sensors allow the device to connect to other gadgets using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

  • Temperature Sensors

A temperature sensor measures your body temperature and converts it to data.


  • Replacement Bands

You can replace your watch’s wrist band using these replacement bands.

  • Screen Protector

A screen protector can help you to preserve your smartwatch’s new look. It also protects it from damage.

  • Charger

The charger has a USB cable on one side and a unique clip cradle on the other side.


Garmin Vivosmart 4 apps

  • Connect IQ

It allows you to install sports and fitness add-ons to make the watch feel personalized.

  • Apps

Apps are downloaded and stored on your phone. You can also download third-party apps to your Garmin Vivosmart watch.

  • Widgets

They appear on the watch face to display the information you might be needing. It displays information such as weather, step counter, sleep history, and location information.

  • Watch Faces

The watch offers a variety of watch faces designs to choose from.

  • Step Counter

The Garmin Vivosmart counts the number of steps you take and display it on the screen.

  • Heart Rate Tracker

It analyzes the heart rate and displays this information on the display.

  • Weather Tracking

It displays the current weather information.

  • Sleep Tracking

It tracks your sleep stages. It also tracks the level of oxygen during different sleep stages.

  • Stress Tracking

It uses the heart rate sensor to track your stress levels. A notification is sent to you when your stress levels are too high.

  • Notifications

Notifications are sent to your wristwatch when you receive texts and phone calls. You can customize what is displayed on your smartwatch.


Garmin Vivosmart 4 advantages

Operating System

The Garmin Vivosmart is run on a firmware called Vivosmart 4 software version. Updates are regularly released to improve its performance and to fix any bugs reported.

Battery Life

The Garmin Vivosmart battery can last up to seven days. Surprisingly it can last that long with push notifications and heart rate monitoring enabled. You only require an hour charge your Garmin Vivosmart 4.


Garmin has introduced a connected GPS functionality for Smartwatches without GPS. It allows you to connect to your mobile phone’s GPS.

Always on Display Mode

It does not have the always-on display mode.


The actual memory of the device is not known. However, it can store up to 7 timed activities for 14 days of activity.

Screen Resolution

The Garmin Vivosmart has a screen resolution of 48 x 128 pixels. The display is monochromatic. It is also brighter than in other previous versions.

Automatic Tracking

Garmin Vivosmart 4 Performance

The Garmin Vivosmart has a feature that automatically starts tracking your activities. If you forget to start your timer, it will do it for you. It also records your sets, reps, rest time, and the duration of your workout.


We have compared the features of a Garmin Vivosmart 3 and a Garmin Vivosmart 4 below.

Specifications Garmin Vivosmart 3 Garmin Vivosmart 4
Screen size 15 x 10.5 mm 15 X 18.5 mm
Touchscreen Yes  Yes
Display screen OLED OLED
Battery life 5 days 7 days
Screen Resolution 64 X 128 pixels 48 X 128 pixels
Weight 21.5  grams 17.1 grams


The Garmin Vivosmart smartwatch is famous for its sleek design. The design allows you to wear it comfortably throughout the day and night.

The silicone straps have a watch buckle that keeps it in place during our workout sessions. These particular straps do not irritate the skin like other silicone straps.

It is a perfect fitness tracker that offers a stylish look. It has a feature like a pulse ox sensors which measure the level of oxygen in the blood. It also tracks the heart rate and stress levels.

The Garmin Vivosmart battery life is exceptional. It can stay up to 7 days while still monitoring your heart rate and receiving notifications. If you are a smartwatch with a big screen, this is not the smartwatch for you. The display is too small.

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