MVMT Watches Review: Young People’s Fashion Choice

You may have heard about the MVMT brand. But do you know how the brand started and the type of watches they produce? Read on to find out more.

When it comes to harnessing social media’s power, one of the watch brands that has capitalized and used the social media rave to better its position in the industry is the MVMT brand. With aggressive social media campaigns, the brand currently ranks among the industry’s biggest names, sharing spots with names like Micheal Kors, Fossil, and the likes.

However, despite this reputation and social acclaim, are the watches under this brand worth the hype? Do they offer the type of impressive features that their competitors offer users? These are the million-dollar questions that this article seeks to answer.

This article is a review of MVMT Watches, where we will discuss different aspects of the brand’s offerings, including the features of its watches, its history, and some of the watch collections under the brand name.

Our verdict

Ratings: 8.5 out of 10

The watches under this brand are cheap and elegant. However, there are lots of questions that need answers regarding its quality and customer support service.

Why we like it:

  • Uses quality materials
  • Comes with free shipping
  • Easy purchase process

Why we hate it:

  • Limited information on watches manufacture
  • No delivery within US territories and ten other countries

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The Birth of MVMT Brand

The MVMT brand is a brainchild of two college dropouts. The two boys Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante, were in their teenage years when they conceived and decided to launch the watch brand.

Jake Kassan was introduced to the concept of business and money-making ventures at a very young age as he watched his father run a credit report business. However. His father’s business had to close down as it couldn’t survive the economic recession in 2008.

MVMT Watches success story

As a result of this reality, he had to venture into some businesses to raise money for himself. He started by selling lollipops given to him by his father. He would sell one piece of lollipop for 25 cents or five pieces for a dollar. From this business, he was able to raise between $300 and $400 within weeks.

After the lollipop business, he moved on to the sales of novelty t-shirts. These t-shirts were popular for their lighting feature that comes on whenever there is noise around. As a result, the shirts became popular at clubs and parties. To build this t-shirt business, he took a loan from his father using his car as collateral.

On weekends and free days, he would drive to Santa Monica to see; these shirts. He earned a lot from this venture and thought of expanding his business. So he created a website to promote his shirts and created a Youtube channel where he would dole out YouTube videos, garnering about 500 thousand views. In all, he made around $10,000 from his business ventures.

On the other hand, Kramer LaPlante was also a business-minded fellow. He also launched a business, Articulate Wallets, which is a wallet brand. The brand made wallets designed to enable people to access their cash and cards without difficulty. He was able to raise about $100,000 for this project with almost 3000 investors.

MVMT Brand history

Given the two founders’ business background, it is clear that the combination of their business acumen will result in a great project.

The chance to collaborate came in 2013 when the two boys found themselves as roommates at the University of California, Santa Barbara. They noticed a problem that needed a solution, a solution that gave birth to the MVMT brand. The boys discovered that most students and people just leaving college could not afford luxurious watches.

This means that there is a need to be satisfied with people within their age (millennials). While the two of them were not big fans of watches, they saw the business opportunity in the situation and decided to take advantage of it.

So they researched different watch vendors on many retail platforms on the internet and their prices. They then realized that the presence of middlemen in the business made the prices of watches skyrocket.

The next line of action for them was to eliminate the middlemen enabling them to cut prices to about half of the original price. While other brands were selling watches for about $300, they sold theirs within the range of $95 to $160.

MVMT Brand overview

This process led them to create their brand three months later. With a camera and samples of watches they designed, Jake and Kramer took to social media to launch their brand, MVMT. They launched the first MVMT’s Indiegogo campaign with less than $5000 in investment.

With the social media acceptance that followed, the brand gathered almost $220,000 in funding as against the $15,000 they planned for. This feat made them the second most funded brand in Indiegogo’s history.

With this funding, the brand grew and had their team of 25 sell well over 600,000 pieces of their watches in three years.

In 2018, Movado Group, the parent company for brands like Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, and Hugo Boss, acquired the MVMT brand for about $100 million.

Functional Features

While this watch brand is not a smartwatch, there are numerous functions that the timepiece embodies. In this section, we will examine some of the functional features that come with the MVMT Watches.

MVMT watches water resistance features

The first impressive feature of the MVMT watches brand is its water resistance. Unlike most luxury watches, the watches under the MVMT brand come with a water resistance feature up to about 5ATM. This means that up to about 50 meters in the water, the watch will continue working perfectly.

This feature makes it easier to use the MVMT watches in different locations and under any circumstances, including waterside or during a heavy downpour.

Another outstanding feature of the MVMT watches is their accurate timing. While the essence of a watch is to give a precise time, the movement used in some timepieces makes it difficult for the watch to continuously and consistently give accurate timing.

MVMT watches use Japanese quartz to ensure that the time provided by the watch is accurate at all times without any lag whatsoever. The watches under this brand also shows the month of the year.


If there is one thing that the MVMT watches are known for, it is their simple and minimalist design. In a bid to appeal to their core audience, the millennials, the brand opted for a simple and less complicated watch face design for its products. This is against the bold and intimidating design that most timepieces in the industry sports.

MVMT Watch design

The simple design affords the watch a stylish and luxurious look. There are many diameter sizes for the watches’ case, but the most popular is 45mm. This means that you will have little or no problem fitting this watch onto your wrist.

Most of the watches under the brand use a stainless steel case, with the same materials used to make the watch’s dial and hour markers. There are three sub-dials within the dial: a 24-hour timer that tells you the time, a 30-minute timer, and a 60-seconds timer.

Another important design feature that most watches under the MVMT brand embodies is the strap. The strap used on most of the MVMT watches made from quality leather or stainless steel. So you need not worry about the peeling or untimely damage to the strap materials. What’s more, the watches allow you to swap to different strap types.

However, depending on the MVMT watch in question, you can’t use some band types for some watches. For instance, you cannot use a metal band on the Chrono Metal Gun Watch.

It is not out of place to talk about the durability of the MVMT watch brand’s chronological model. Apart from its strap and case, the watch’s bezel and crystal glass are also from quality materials. The crystal glass features an anti-scratch feature, preventing scratches and shiny looks of the watch.

In all, most of the MVMT brand watches measure about 10mm in thickness. This means that the watch has almost negligible size and looks perfect on your wrist.

Their Shipping Policy

MVMT shipping policy is one of the best in the business. You get a free shipping bonus when you buy products above the $50 tag. This is almost free shipping as most of the products under the MVMT brand are above the $50 price tag.

MVMT free shipping

Once you have made an order and paid, MVMT takes about 24 hours to process and verify the payment. After the verification, your products will then be shipped to your location.

However, for buyers outside the US, there is a different shipping policy that applies to them. Buyers in some of these countries have to wait a little longer than their counterparts in the US. There are even some countries that are excluded from the shipping policy.

Their Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of business, and in the business world today, the customer service of a company can make or mar the business. As a result, most businesses, especially online businesses, have a somewhat nice customer support system.

First off, the brand has two primary lines of communication for customers. These lines include a telephone number and an email address. The telephone, +1(888)5070220, is open for use to customers within the US and other countries. The only problem will be the service cost, which will be exorbitant from other countries.

mvmt customer support

The second channel, which is the brand’s email address, [email protected], is another effective communication method. You can send emails through the address any time of the day. However, the response to the email may take a while, as many customers have complained.

Going through the customer service reviews, there are myriads of complaints about the customer support service of MVMT. However, the complaint that seemed to stand out amongst the rest is the delay in shipping.

Many customers complained that their products get shipped later than expected, and the customer support agents could not provide relevant help in that regard. Save these types of complaints; MVMT customer support service can be said to be good and somewhat solid.

You can also reach out to the brand through their social media platforms. This wasn’t a surprise for a brand that rode on the back of social media rave to prominence.

Who's this for?

MVMT watches for young men and women

According to the makers of the watches, MVMT watches are targeted at millennials and youths around the world. The collection of watches under the brand is ideal for young men and women who want to stand out fashionable without spending a fortune. If you are also a sucker for simple and minimalist designs, the MVMT watches may be a good buy for you.

MVMT Model

The MVMT Women Minimalist Vintage Watch is one of MVMT’s 122 options for its female customers. The brand understands that women love exquisite fashion accessories and have decided to afford them enough options to choose from. Be it for work purposes or casual functions; this timepiece stands out among our watches in the market as a go-to option.

MVMT Minimalist Vintage Watch for Women

The MVMT Women Minimalist Vintage Watch is a slim and elegant timepiece that adopts the old fashion style that has refused to die. The timepiece’s vintage design complements its minimalist design, allowing it to stand clear among competitors without much fuss to its aesthetics.

The MVMT Women Minimalist Vintage Watch features a rose gold-like case, which is a color that flushes perfectly against any woman’s skin regardless of the skin color. The hour hands and markers also imbibed the rose gold color, which excellently against the watch’s white dial.

The strap that comes with the MVMT Women Minimalist Vintage Watch is made of stainless steel, which also adopts the rose gold color. Like other MVMT brand watches, you can change the strap of the watch to anyone that pleases you.

The MVMT Women Minimalist Vintage Watch uses a two-hand Miyota Quartz movement for its inner operating mechanism. This is an effective and reputable Japanese movement mechanism. The watch combines this movement mechanism with a water resistance feature up to about 3 ATM.

This low water resistance means that the MVMT Women Minimalist Vintage Watch is not ideal for water or heavy downpour use.

The MVMT 40 Series comes with a 40mm diameter case and is colored black. The combination of this stainless steel case and its black color makes for an exquisite timepiece. And its case size makes it a perfect fit for a medium-sized wrist.

MVMT 40 Series Watch for Men’s

The strap of the watch is also made from a high-quality steel band. The steel band assumes the black color of the watch’s body. The strap or band, in this case, has a two step locking system that keeps the timepiece securely fixated on your wrist. Thus, you need not worry about moving around with the watch as it is safe and secured on your wrist.

One of the high points of the MVMT brand is its style and class, and the MVMT Men’s 40 Series Watch does not disappoint in this regard. It encompasses an impressive and versatile style that makes it fit for all types of occasions. Be it work, party, or a casual time out, you will get a feeling of class and elegance with this timepiece on your wrist.

You can also enjoy the freedom of using any strap of your choice with the MVMT Men’s 40 Series Watch. Thus, you can remove the built-in strap and add another one. Every new MVMT band or strap goes for about $40, so it does cost much to get a new strap.

The MVMT Men’s 40 Series Watch features a minimalist design that MVMT has a reputation for. Hence there is no fuss about the design or aesthetics of the watch. It is simple and classy.

Some MVMT Men’s 40 Series Watch users have complained in recent times that the watch stops working after some time. While these claims have been unconfirmed, the brand maintains that its timepieces are of pure quality, using the best of materials and mechanisms.

In summary, the MVMT Men’s 40 Series Watch is the watch to beat if you are looking for something classy, affordable, and durable.

Is Its Popularity Really Worth?

Well, it is safe to say that the popularity of the MVMT brand is worth it. The brand used an innovative marketing campaign to break into the luxury watch market and established itself as a force to reckon with in the business.

mvmt Popularity

The brand’s popularity is based on its disruption of the industry by providing a semblance of luxury timepieces for millennials for a low price. As to the quality of these timepieces, a lot remains to be seen about that. However, many users are already complaining about the watches in that regard.


Because MVMT has a peculiar target audience, there is not much competition for the brand. The only competitor that seems to measure up is Vincero. Vincero is another brand that produces fashion accessories such as watches, glasses, and the likes. Its products are also targeted at people looking for luxury at an affordable price.

Vincero is a worthy alternative to the MVMT brand, especially when it comes to women’s watches. It also offers higher quality watches and better customer support service.


The MVMT brand is a fashion brand for millennials. It focuses on providing luxury fashion items for the younger generation at a lower price. And fortunately, it has done exactly that. While the brand may have its possible downsides, especially when it comes to customer support and watches quality, it still ranks as one of the market’s popular watch brands.

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