Stuhrling Watches Review: Meet the Fashion Needs for the Middle-Income

The Stuhrling brand is one of the popular and trendy watch brands in the fashion industry. Read this review to discover the history, features, and collections of watches under the brand.

The Stuhrling brand had one vision when it started, and that is to scale down the price of luxurious fashion items and make them affordable for everyone. Few years down the line, the brand has done exactly that. It has brought luxury watches to many people who couldn’t afford the exorbitant prices charged on designer watches.

In this review, we will discuss the origin of this brand and how it started. We will also discuss some of the brand’s features and the collection of timepieces bearing its emblem. This article is an unbiased review of the Stuhrling brand.

Our verdict

Rating: 5 out of 10

The bottom line of the Stuhrling brand’s offering is that it provides cheap and quality watches. It brings luxury to the middle-class without compromising quality. The brand is one of the go-to options for looking fashionable without breaking the bank.

Stuhrling Watches Intro


However, while they look like high-end luxury brands like Rolex and Hublot, this doesn’t mean that they function or last long like these brands.

Why we like it:

  • Provides cheaper and better skeleton watches
  • Quality leather band
  • Beautiful and impressive designs
  • Provide expensive-looking watches at cheaper prices

Why we hate it:

  • The watches are usually big
  • No unique watch design as they copy existing designs
  • Some of the watches use Chinese movements
  • Too thick case

The History of Stuhrling Watches

The History of Stuhrling Watches

The Stuhrling brand was started in the year 1999 by Chaim Fischer in New York. The brand started as a result of a challenge that a tourbillon watch, which was a very popular watch type at the time, can only be made in Switzerland and France. Fischer didn’t take this challenge lightly as he gathered a team of watchmakers to produce a tourbillon watch right there in the heart of America.

His team of watchmakers adopted the Stuhrling watchmaking process by paying intricate attention to every detail in the watch. This was the first reason for naming the brand after Stuhrling. The first batch of timepieces he produced was an instant hit due to the details. Word thus began to spread around New York and environs that a Stuhrling-like watch brand is being made in America.

After the success of the first batch of tourbillon watches, the company continued to make more, and this time added a bit of diversification to it. The brand also started making watches for different occasions and target audiences such as watches for sport, travel, diving and watersport, partying, and many more.

The second reason for using the name Stuhrling was for legitimacy and pedigree. While bearing no association or connection to the name “Stuhrling,” he named his brand ‘Stuhrling’ after the legendary Swiss watchmaker. Max Sturhrling was a popular watchmaker in Switzerland in the 1800s, and attaching his brand with this legend was a move aimed at giving the brand some sort of legitimacy and history.

This move later paid off, as Max Sturhrling IV, one of the descendants of the original Sturhrling, joined the brand as a partner some years back. The company started producing watches ever since its inception. However, with the introduction of the internet and e-commerce, the Stuhrling brand joined the online business in 2002.

Stuhrling Original watch for all age

About 20 years after its establishment, the brand has sold 15 million watches to customers worldwide. Thus, the Stuhrling brand is a privately-held company, which means that they are not acquired by a bigger watch company and have not acquired any smaller one either. The head office is in Brooklyn, New York, with satellite offices in Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Currently, the Stuhrling brand caters to customers’ fashion needs in over 100 countries of the world. Most of the Stuhrling brand watches are designed in America and assembled in the company’s Hong Kong factory.

Stuhrling Watch Quality and Reputation

If there is anything that gets a lot of people skeptical about the Stuhrling brand, it is the quality of the timepieces produced by the brand. Many people have the notion that an affordable watch cannot be luxurious, and if it is, the watch won’t last. The Stuhrling brand has managed to prove a lot of people wrong in this regard. The brand has continued to churn out quality and affordable watches.

Businessman checking the time

With regards to the reputation of the Stuhrling brand, there is a bit of a shift in mentality when it comes to the Sturhrling watch business. The brand took a diverging step away from the watch industry’s norms by selling its timepieces exclusively online. This approach is new and unfounded in the industry. Many of the popular brands have both physical and online stores, but Sturhrling focused mainly on its internet marketing efforts.

While this approach is innovative, it also comes with its disadvantages. Customers cannot test the watches to see if it fits before buying. Customers who are not sure of their wrist size may have a problem buying watches from Stuhrling.

Another aspect of the brand’s reputation is assembling and making its products in Hong Kong. This is another anomaly in the watch industry as most popular brands make their watches in Switzerland or France. The fact that its assembly factory is in Hong Kong makes many watch collectors skeptical about the watches’ movement mechanism’s quality.

Most critics hold that since the watches are assembled in Hong Kong, the movement mechanism used in the watches will be Chinese. The brand has not exactly debunked this rumor but says some of its watches use the Japanese quartz mechanism and the swiss movement mechanism. However, none of its timepieces bear the ‘Swiss-Made’ tag; hence, it is difficult to believe that the brand uses the Swiss movement mechanism in its watches.

Another reputation that most fashion specialists associated with the Stuhrling brand are the affordability of its products. Some watches cost around $100 (or less) from the Stuhrling brand. These watches look beautiful and have some of the most pleasing aesthetics and designs. So this fueled rumors that the Stuhrling brand watches would not last long.

It is important to state at this point that the Stuhrling brand produces mid-level fashion timepieces. Its watches may look like the popular and high-end watch brands; they do not have the functionalities or last like the high-end brands. However, the price of Stuhrling watches corresponds to the quality and functions that you get from them.

Style and Design

Stuhrling Style and Design

The Stuhrling brand watches feature an exciting and beautiful design. With every Sturhrling watch that you buy, you get a piece of artistically designed fashion accessory. The watches look good, stand out while sitting comfortably on your wrist. And despite these designs, the prices of the Stuhrling brand watches are not exorbitant.

The case back of most Stuhrling brand watches is stainless steel of high quality. However, some limited edition collections or premiere collections use a ceramic case instead of a stainless steel case.

The companion straps are rubberized bands made from silicone. There are also top-grain leather and stainless steel straps. These straps also feature interesting designs. So you should not be surprised to see a Stuhrling brand watch with an alligator or crocodile strap.

Apart from the straps, some Stuhrling brand collection watches also have interesting designs. An example is the Stuhrling Tourbillon watch, which features a skeletonized design. So if you are game for interesting designs, you may want to get the Stuhrling brand Tourbillon watch. And like the other Stuhrling watches, the Stuhrling Tourbillon is not expensive. So you can have a popular and historical watch type for as low as $1500.

The straps of the Stuhrling watch are also easy to remove and replace. You can get new straps from Sturhrling or other watch stores.

Accuracy and Lifespan

Close up of Luxury man wrist watches placed on timber in brown b

This is another aspect of the quality and durability of the Stuhrling brand. The Stuhrling brand’s accuracy is usually under question as the movement mechanism of the watch is reported to be from China. To quell the rumors, the Stuhrling watches are accurate and precise. The movement mechanism used in the watch is top-notch and makes the timing of the Stuhrling timepiece accurate.

However, after some time, there may be some errors or lag noticed in the Stuhrling watches’ accuracy. This lag has been reported by some critics and users of the Stuhrling brand watches. While we have not noticed this lag in any of the Stuhrling watches reviewed, the lag may be due to the movement mechanism used in the watches.

As to the lifespan of the Stuhrling watches, it is also the same story. There is no reason for the timepieces under the Stuhrling brand not to last long enough. Thus, you can rest assured that your Sturhrling watch will last more than a year with adequate use and maintenance.

However, you should not expect that the watch will last as long as other popular and high-end watch brands. These high-end brands’ cost allows them to use materials and components that last longer and perform better than cheaper watches.

Stuhrling Warranty and Returns Policy

When you buy a Sturhrling watch, it comes with a 2-year international warranty. This means that you can return the timepiece to Stuhrling if you notice any damage to the watch’s body or function within the 2-year bracket. By returning the watch, you may have it repaired, replaced, or checked.

If your Sturhrling watch uses a quartz movement, the warranty extends to its battery for one year. In line with the watch industry’s tradition, the warranty does not include any damage to the strap, bracelet, crystals, or case.
This warranty policy is another testament to the lifespan and durability of the Stuhrling watch. It implies that Sturhrling stands by their product and are liable for any factory induced damage for two years.

However, this warranty does not include any damage induced by regular use (such as wear and tear). Also, if the Sturhrling watch is not water-resistant, the warranty will not cover any water-induced damage. To enjoy this warranty, you need to fill in and provide all the information required from the warranty card. The card must be stamped and authorized before you can claim the warranty.

Thus, the warranty policy of the Stuhrling brand is straightforward and easy to use. However, it is not without some negative features.

While repair or replacement through warranty is at zero cost to the buyer, you may need to pay about $20 (for customers within the US) or $40 (for customers outside the US) for shipping the watch back to the manufacturer to claim the warranty. So, if your watch costs less than $100 and you stay outside the US, it may not be a wise financial move to ship back for a warranty.

On the brighter side, you can reach out to the company to find out more about the warranty and return policy. The channels provided include an email address and a telephone line.

Who’s this for?

The Stuhrling watches are predominantly made for the middle class. If you wish to look fashionable without breaking the bank, you should consider the Stuhrling brand. The brand has numerous watch collections for both males and females; thus, you are most likely to find a watch that fits your style and class. And these watches are affordable, despite their beautiful and exciting designs.

If you are also a watch collector, you may find some historical watch models for lower prices at Stuhrling.

Stuhrling Model

This watch is one of the prominent men’s watches from Stuhrling. The watch features a pleasing design and impressive functionality features.

Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Leather Strap (881)

Starting from its design, the watch sports a 42mm case back. This is then followed by a beautifully crafted and polished bezel with a screw design. The dial of the Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Leather Strap (881) is one of its most exciting designs. It features a matte finish spoke style. Other watches under the collection feature a Guilloche-like stamped flower center dial. Both of these dial designs are exciting and visually pleasing.

The Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Leather Strap (881) ’s dial then uses Roman numerals to signify hours with the aid of a stick-like design. The case back features a Stuhrling logo crafted beautifully.

The strap that comes with this watch is leather-made from quality leather material. The strap also features an alligator embossed design. It measures about 22mm wide and has a stainless steel tang buckle for fastening.
The Stuhrling Original Men’s Watch Leather Strap (881) is resistant to water up to about 50 meters and uses a Swiss Quartz movement mechanism.

Stuhrling Original Watches Men’s Pro Diver Watch

The Stuhrling Original Watches Men’s Pro Diver Watch is one of the watches under the Stuhrling Aquadiver series. This timepiece features exciting designs and functionalities that the brand is known for. One of the features that are sure to excite you about the Stuhrling Original Watches Men’s Pro Diver Watch is its water resistance. The timepiece is water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters. With this feature, it plays right into the name, Prodiver.

The watch sports a 42mm case and an adjustable bracelet. Not only can you adjust this bracelet, but you can also swap it for other strap options. However, instead of a Swiss Quartz movement system, you get a Japanese Miyota movement mechanism with the power station.

The designed bezel blends perfectly with the blue dial background to give an ambiance of the sea diving.

Stuhrling Original Women’s Dress Watch

The Stuhrling brand is not solely focused on providing watches for men. Women will also get an appropriate fashion accessory from Stuhrling. One of the collections dedicated to female fashion is the Vogue series, under which the Stuhrling Original Women’s Dress Watch is.

The Stuhrling Original Women’s Dress Watch is more of a fashion item than a utility item, and the design of the watch reflects that. The designs of the watch resemble that of Rolex and Cartier. From the dials to the straps and watch case, the Stuhrling Original Women’s Dress Watch is a perfect fashion item for women in general.


The niche where Stuhrling operates within the watch business is not a saturated one. Thus, it does not have a lot of competitors in the industry. One of the competitors that can vie with the Stuhrling brand is MVMT. MVMT also provides fashion items for people with lower income rates.

MVMT offers numerous watch collections for both male and female fashion at affordable prices.

However, there is a bit of an issue with the quality of its products. Also, the shipping policy of the mVMT brand is a bit problematic, which you won’t find with Stuhrling.


From the review, it is evident that one of the popular brands that cater to the middle-income class’s fashion needs is Stuhrling. Its products are beautiful, durable, and functional.

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