Misfit Vapor X Review

Here is the Misfit Vapor X review. We have investigated its features together with its pros and cons.

If you think you are different from the crowd, this is the gadget for you. The inspiration behind starting the company was to represent being different from the rest of the people. Some of the products released by this company include; the Misfit Shine, Misfit Flash, Misfit Ray, and the Misfit vapor. We are going to study the Misfit Vapor X. We will look at some of its unique features, its benefits, and drawbacks.

Our Verdict

Why we like it:

  • Comfortable to wear.
  • A large storage capacity.
  • Automatically adjusts its screen brightness.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • Track the menstrual cycle.
  • Heart rate sensor.
  • Can replace the silicone straps.

Why we hate it:

  • Short battery life.
  • The Random Access Memory capacity is low.
  • Expensive.
  • No USB connectivity.

The Misfit Vapor X is a product of a company called Fossil Group Inc. The product has particular features that make it stand out from the rest.


The Misfit Vapor X has an aluminum alloy casing. Its slim and lightweight profile makes it comfortable to wear anytime. It weighs about 43 grams and has a thickness of 12mm.

The smartwatch has silicone straps that look like rubber material. The design of the silicone straps is well-thought. The gap left between the strap and the body serves the purpose of ventilation. The little details on the strap make it look elegant. The strap is interchangeable. The strap size is 20mm. You can easily remove and replace your strap.

Misfit Vapor X Design

The watch has buttons on its side. The top and bottom buttons help you to access Google Fit and Google play respectively. The rotary button in the middle of these two buttons is used to scroll through the menu.

The 43mm body is surrounded by a bezel. The bezel adds to the aesthetics of the smartwatch. The aluminum body comes in different colors including gold, metal, steel, champagne, and black.


The display is of the smartwatch is an AMOLED panel. The screen display is 1.19 inches. You can either scroll using the touchscreen or the rotary switch.

Misfit Vapor X display

The circular screen is protected by a glass top. The screen is bright enough to use in any lighting setup. The Misfit Vapor X smartwatch has a screen resolution of 390 X 390 pixels.

The black background makes the characters bright enough to see. The display has a light sensor that automatically changes the screen brightness as the light changes.

The display has an always-on display mode. This mode combined with the bezel around the screen makes the screen readable even when you are in the sunlight.


  • Accelerometer

The Misfit Vapor X has an accelerometer that measures any speed changes. The accelerometer comes in handy during outdoor workout activities.

  • Altimeter

The Altimeter in this device measures altitude which helps the GPS to lock on faster.

  • Ambient light

The Ambient light sensor measures the amount of light in the surrounding. The information helps the device to automatically adjust the brightness to improve your readability.

  • Gyroscope

A gyroscope helps the device to determine its orientation relative to the ninety degrees angle. The device can tell when you are upright and when you are lying down.

  • Heart rate

A heart rate sensor can measure your electric pulses and track your blood using light.

  • Microphone

Misfit Vapor X has a microphone. However, it does not have a speaker for receiving a call. The microphone is used for picking up commands for the Google assistant.

  • NFC

Misfit Vapor X has an NFC chip. NFC stands for Near field communication. It enables you to make secure transactions with a simple touch. The Chip will help you in making payments using the Google pay service.

  • GPS

The Misfit Vapor X has a built-in GPS. The GPS receiver enables you to know your location, speed, and time by receiving signals from a GPS satellite. The GPS provides good route tracking.


Misfit Vapor X Software

  • Apps

You will be required to link your watch to a Google account when you are setting it up. You can search for the app on the Wear OS and install it on your smartwatch.

  • Heart rate checker

Misfit Vapor X has a heart rate sensor. The Misfit activity app uses the sensor to monitor your heart rate. The stats are recorded on your smartwatch for future review.

The Misfit app also allows you to manually measure your heart rate.

  • Sleep tracking

You will need to download a third-party app to track your sleep. The app tracks your body movement when you are asleep.

  • Menstrual cycle tracking

The smartwatch tracks your menstrual cycle and predicts when your next period will start.


  • Replacement straps

Misfit Vapor X has replacement bands that are easy to install. The straps are available in different colors. The available colors are gold, metal, steel, champagne, and black.

  • Charger

The charger unit consists of a USB wall charger and a USB cable clipping that is around 100 cm long.

  • Screen protector

The screen protector will protect your smartwatch from scratches and damage. It is ultra-thin and does not reduce touch responsiveness. You can place it on the screen yourself since it is easy to install.


Misfit Vapor X Performance

Operating system

The Misfit Vapor X uses Wear Os. Wear Os allows you to synchronize your smartphone with your phone. You can sync your watch with either an android phone or an iPhone.

Alongside the wear Os, the device also uses the Snapdragon wear 3100 chipsets. Newer versions of the Misfit Vapor X have a cortex-Mo co-processor. This particular processor increases power efficiency by handling low-intensity tasks.

Battery Life

Your Misfit Vapor X can stay a whole day before running out of battery. The device has a battery rating of 310 mAh. It can last u

p to 25 hours with light use. The device needs an hour to fully charge it.

You should remember that the Misfit Vapor X has the always-on display mode. Switching off the display and disabling other features can increase the smartwatch's battery life.


The Misfit Vapor X has a built-in GPS. The GPS helps to tell your exact position. Signals are sent to and from your device. The GPS helps you to track your outdoor workout activities.

Always on display mode

The Misfit Vapor X has the Always-on display mode. You can manually turn it off. It works perfectly with the ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness of your watch face.


The Misfit Vapor X has a storage capacity of 4GB. However, only 1GB is available to store your apps. The 512 RAM is sufficient to run all the tasks.

Screen Resolution

The Misfit X has a screen resolution of 390 X 390.


We went ahead to compare the Misfit vapor X and the Misfit Vapor 2. Misfit Vapor X is the upgraded version of Misfit Vapor 2.

Specifications Misfit Vapor X Misfit vapor 2
Display OLED display AMOLED display
Battery 300 mAh 300 mAh
Screen size 1.19 inches 1.39 inches
Microphone Has a microphone Has a microphone
Payment Google pay using NFC NFC chipset for Google pay
Smart assistant Google assistant Has Google assistant
Always-on display Always on Always on


Misfit Vapor X is a decent smartwatch. It has a slim design with a bezel around the screen to give it an elegant look. The silicon straps leave a gap for ventilation during your sweaty workout sessions. The device’s battery can last for a whole day. It has a charger with cable clippings. It only needs an hour to fully charge it.

The display used an OLED screen. The unique feature of the screen is its ability to automatically change the brightness based on the light. The built-in GPS, third-party apps, and the operating system work together. They bring out an outstanding performance.

It has ample storage capacity. The RAM is not so bad itself. If you are thinking of adding a quality smartwatch to your collection, The Misfit Vapor X is a perfect choice.

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