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Do you want the best data center company that offers reliable storage without any portable technology glitches? These top best data center companies help you improve efficiency, cut costs, and protect power.

What is Data Center?

Data centers are facilities that organizations use to store their critical data and applications. They are also regarded as centralized repositories of information.

This includes server farms and networking equipment that saves, processes, and distributes large quantities of data to clients. Data centers also provide services such as data storage, data insights, data warehousing, etc.

Data Center

Also, and contrary to common belief, data centers are dropping in number every year. Data centers were estimated to be 8.4 million in 2017 and are expected to fall to 7.2 million in 2024. Nevertheless, this is even more due to the decrease in average server prices due to declining component costs.

Below is a list of the various top best data center companies

Top 22 Best Data Center Companies

1. Cascade Divide Data Centers

Cascade Divide Data Centers

This company performs colocation, cloud, and excellent data with managed IT services. It also offers a broad range of power, highly efficient cooling environments, and seismic stability. Cascade Divide Data Centers provides facilities and services from the NUS (Northwestern United States) secondary markets.

2. Call Tower

Call Tower

This data company operates to help people easily connect to business communications. It has been a leading cloud-based provider, enterprise-class Unified Communications solutions for growing companies worldwide since its inception in 2002. The company offers, supports, and integrates Collaboration, Unified Communications, cloud-based, industry-leading solutions, including Office 365, CT Cloud Boost, CT Cloud UCaaS, Native Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, Unified Communications Manager, Cisco HCS and CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom Video Communications for Business Customers.

3. Ascent Data

Ascent Data

Ascent Data offers IT managed services that enable small and mid-sized companies in the Pittsburgh region to become more secure, more competitive, and more effective on-premise, in the cloud, and in its own SOC2 audited data center. Ascent Data offers better performance more cost-effectively than other businesses would do internally.

Several organizations that come to Ascent Data typically have between twenty and five-hundred employees, and they have top executives who understand that their whole business works at a disadvantage without superb IT management and execution. They have modest IT departments with tight budgets, or they have a person outside who comes to fix or maintain equipment.

4. 6×7 Networks

6x7 Networks

6×7 Networks is renowned as the world's only completely encrypted multinational telecommunications carrier.It serves the data communications needs of industry, finance, healthcare, government, business, and national interests around the globe for more than 26 years.

6×7 Networks is on-net in more than 100,000 commercial buildings and 1,000 data centers in the US.

CallTower strengthens its clients' strategic and organizational capabilities by combining global network solutions, cloud services, contact center, collaboration tools, video/audio &web conferencing, instant messaging, unified messaging, email hosting, mobile applications, and VoIP service into a single, secure platform.

5. 4D Data Centers

4D Data Centers

4D is a cloud, colocation, and connectivity provider. The company has helped organizations minimize costs and boost productivity in various fields with special expertise in Software Houses, Healthcare (NHS and private sector), Finance, Accounting, and Law. 4D Data Centers continue to spend time researching and developing its services but committed to customer support that draws companies back to 4D year in year out.

6. 165 Halsey Street

165 Halsey Street

This data center company is a dedicated 1.2M sqft data telecom/colocation/center carrier hotel with more than 80 MW of power. The building has been running a carrier-neutral colocation company for over fifteen years and currently occupies over 180,000 square feet, without MRC cross-connect fees and direct access to more than 60 networks. 165 Halsey Street is located just 13 miles from Manhattan. The company is owned and run separately, and SSAE 16-certified.

7. 1547 Critical Systems Realty

1547 Critical Systems Realty

1547 Critical Systems Realty is one of the leading developers and operators of custom-designed data centers with more than eight hundred thousand square feet of data center space in Kapolei, HI, CA, San Francisco, ON, Toronto, WY, Cheyenne, IL, Chicago, New York, and Orangeburg. Central to the company's strategy is the ability to uncover the true value of opportunistically developing world-class assets. In 2011, the company was founded 2011by a group of prominent executives from the financial and data center industries to harness their collective expertise to produce market-leading data center development projects. Together, the team has more than seventy years of experience in operating, renovating, and developing data center space. This wealth of expertise enables 1547 Central Systems Realty to be ideally placed on acquiring, building, and operating custom-built and strategically-located data center properties.

8. 365 Data Centers

365 Data Centers

365 Data Centers was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in Connecticut, USA. It operates 11 data centers nationally and has almost 81 employees.

9. Cyxtera Technologies

Cyxtera Technologies

Cyxtera was established in 2017 and has its headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, USA. The company has almost 1150 employees and operates in 9 countries. It has 60 data centers all over the world.

10. Verizon


This data center company was established in 1983 and has its headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA. Verizon has almost 139,400 employees. Its services are present in almost 150 countries, and it has almost 40 data centers.

11. Coresite


Coresite was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA. It has almost 454 employees. It currently operates about 22 data center facilities in eight countries.

12. Telehouse/KDDI


Telehouse/KDDI is a merger of two firms. KDDI was established in 1953, while Telehouse was established in 1988. KDDI has its headquarters in Tokyo and the Telehouse in London. They have a total of 40 data centers and work in 12 countries. Both companies have a total of 35.000 workers around the world.

13. NTT Communications

NTT Communications

This company is known as a communication and information technology solutions provider. It is also the biggest data center organizationsituated in Japan and around the world. Corporate client services provide a wide variety of solutions like CRM communication, server operation, security solution outsourcing, data center services, contact center, data/IP networktransmission services, web communication, and broadband video.

14. IBM


IBM is renowned as being among the biggest data center and information technology firms. It has recently focused heavily on its data center infrastructure and cloud services. IBM focuses significantly on companies that seek to modernize traditional workloads. It has set up eighteen newly developed datain different nationsacross the globe. Currently, It possesses more than two thousand six hundred Gbps connectivity speeds between network PoPs and data centers. IBM's network also possessestwo thousand five hundred Gbps transit internet speeds.

15. China Unicom

China Unicom

China Unicom was established in 1994. It was initially established as a GSM operator. Presently, it has developed into renowned data center and telecommunications provider in the world.The company currently stands asone of the most popular data centers in the Chinese cloud industry. China Unicom currently offers a wide variety of services such as Internet services, IP telephony, GSM mobile networks, and data communications. It has recently built the two biggest data centers which have over six hundred thousand square meters and more than twelve thousand IT racks.

It built the hyper-scale data centers to offer unique data center facilities and cloud storage solutions to corporations, finance firms, etc.

16. China Telecom

China Telecom

This data center company is among the world's renowned integrated telecommunications services providers. It has expanded steadily these past years withits services found inHong Kong,  Europe, and America. Currently, the company’s branches are located in more than twenty-sevennations, together with sixty-three overseas POPs. The organization also has funding for thirty-three submarine cables.

17. Apple


Over the years, Apple has impacted digital music and mobile devices. This is evident in its most common premium products, iTunes, iPad, iPhone, and iPod. However, this data center companytogether with the smartphone industry, is increasingly growingthe infrastructure of its data center to manage its existing and potential Internet servicessuch asiCloud. Apple runs data centers in Oregon, North Carolina, Nevada, and California.

18. Microsoft


Microsoft is a data center company that has been managing and developing data center facilities for over twenty-five years. The company's state-of-the-art cloud data centers offer the foundational technology and central infrastructures for over two hundred services, including Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, Bing, Xbox Live, Skype, Office 365, and MSN. Microsoft's infrastructure consists of a large portfolio of fiber optic networks, 1 million servers, edge computing nodes, content delivery networks, and more than hundred data centers, serving over one billion users worldwide via its cloud system.

This data center company of the pioneers in the data centers market. It has clients from world's biggest corporations and governementpersonnel to individuals/start-up businesses. Its Microsoft Azure cloud platform is designed to develop and manage applications and services across a large range of Microsoft data center network.

19. Digital Realty Trust

Digital Realty Trust

Digital Realty Trust has become one of the world's largest wholesale data center providers. The toolserves both foreign and domestic customers over a wide variety of vertical sectorssuch as internet and energy businesses, manufacturing,financial services, and information tech. ItsREIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)contains over 101 properties of more than twenty six million sq. Ft of cost-effective space containing applications that are essential to the routine operation of technology enterprise customers and corporate enterprise data center customers.

20. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

This data center company has been part of cloud-computing since 2006. Amazon Web Services help you create a cloud platform that enables companies to build and evolve more rapidly.

The organization has been continuously innovating its data center structures and designs by performing third-party audits,creating automated systems, and introducing controls to secure them againstcommonrisk.

Presently, Amazon's web services possess low-cost and extremely secure cloud computing system.The system helps services several companies across a hundred and ninety countries with data centers located in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, and Europe.

21. Google


Over time, Google has emerged as the leader in the data center market. It has also appear as the leading stage for the landscape in terms of the size, accuracy, and reliability of its worldwide network. Google uses its data centers which act as the largest facilities to offer services such asrunning software related to load balancing and fault tolerance, environmental controls(specifically cooling and dehumidification), processing nodes, external and internal networking, and digital storage.

Google uses several applications in its data center infrastructure. They include Google F1, Spanner, BigTable, Google File System, GWS storage platforms, etc. By the end of 2018, Google had decided to construct 5 new data platforms and3 sub-sea cables in 2019. This was to extend its worldwide network.

22. Equinix


Equinix is one of the ever-growing data center companies that began in 1998 with the goal of creating an online marketplace where the information-driven ecosystem will expand and flourish. Today, the organization is protecting, powering, and connecting organizations' digital economyacross several vertical industries, such as cloud and financial services, digital media, networking, and enterprise, in more than 45 markets across the EMEA, Americas, and Asia-Pacific regions.

The company’s customers include content providers (such as DIRECTV, Netflix, and eBay), IT and cloud services (such as,, and Microsoft), and network and mobility providers (such as BT, AT&T, and Comcast). Today, Equinix operates about 200 data centers worldwide, with multinational customers responsible for more than 50 percent of sales.


All the Data Center Companies we have examined in this article are centralized sources of information that provide core services.

Owing to the advent of state-of-the-art technologies, increasing global demand, new constructions, and trends, the data center industry has been booming and experiencing historic transformation over the last few years, while leading data center firms are developing at a significant pace.

Indeed, the increasing popularity of IoT (Internet of Things), cloud storage, and other cloud-based technologies is pushing the largest data center providers to remain highly adaptive. As a result, the data center industry has become highly competitive and is experiencing wave mergers and acquisition (M&A) operations.

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