Best Olap Tools

Are you wondering how to easily organize and analyze data by nesting the information in graphical or tabular formats? These top best OLAP tools help you break down data into dimensions and make data analysis and data organization easy for you.

Analyze your data with the top best OLAP tools

Currently, business intelligence is growing exponentially. Over the next 3 to 4 years, it is expected that the predictive analytics market would rise to 10 billion. To satisfy future needs, several software keeps improving their functionalities by introducing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and complex algorithms to enhance decision-making and perform forecasts.

What is OLAP?


OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing. OLAP is a computing method that responds to multidimensional analytical questions rapidly and more smoothly. It is regarded as a unit of BI (Business Intelligence). OLAP offers various database features such as reporting, data mining, and relational database. It consists of data reporting and mining and RDBMS.

OLAP tools allow users to examine multidimensional data from different views.

Below is a curated list of the top best OLAP tools.

Top 30 Analytical Processing (OLAP) Tools

1. Phocas BI

Phocas BI 

Phocas is a cloud-based organization specialized in data analytics for retail, distribution, and manufacturing industries.

The tool uses sector expertise to integrate key business data from common AR/AP, CRM, and ERP systems to make it easier to access company-wide insights via predictive and historical analysis.

Phocas’ core philosophy is to make its software easy to use. This has made the tool popular among many people in an organization, business, and non-technical analysts alike.

Phocas provides its users with reporting and tracking on key KPIs and metrics that are unique to roles and industry. However, it also enables users to customize to meet the special reporting needs of their companies.


BOARD - Ahead of Business Intelligence

This tool is built to integrate business intelligence, corporate performance management, and business analytics. BOARD is a full-featured BI solution that represents medium-sized and enterprise-level businesses across a wide spectrum of industry segments.

Its reporting features enable you to extract from almost any data source and produce complete self-service reporting.The tool supports the exportation of reports to various formats like HTML, CSV, etc. It also possesses comprehensive multilingual features. This makes it suitable for businesses that need to produce reports in another language.

It has a dashboard application that enables you to create a completely customizable experience, featuring drill-through and drill-down features, including many different data visualization options. By integrating the data collection and analysis features of BOARD, businesses can view data in a relevant manner that helps drive smart business decisions.

You can deploy this tool on-site or in a cloud depending on various architecture needs.

3. TrenData

TrenData - Regional Healthcare Provider

TrenData is an OLAP tool and a cloud-based BI (Business Intelligence) tool designed for medium-sized companies across a wide variety of industries. The solution provides a range of HR analytics and workforce management functionalities like talent management, HR metrics, succession planning, and compensation plan modeling.

The Analytics view of TrenData enables users to monitor trends and their workforce’s performance over a particular time frame. It also offers youmodeling capabilities and predictive analytics that help you predict/modify business-related decisions.

Also, TrenData provides features for turnover tracking, labor projection, and leave and absence reporting.  The solution interacts with several third-party applications like Ultimate Software, PeopleSoft, Workday, Deltek, Kenexa, Oracle, etc.

4. Toucan Toco

Toucan Toco - Toucan named Leader

This tool has an application studio that allows companies to build and display customized business intelligence apps. It then deploys them to various devices using its adaptive design. Tucan Toco has major features such over a hundred pre-built data connectors, embedded and in-depth analytics, and an application design studio with a range of deployment solutions.

Toucan Toco also enables you to customize any part of a data application. It uses a guided system to do this. Irrespective of ifit is shown as a printable PDF version or fixed as a visual graph on an internal dashboard,you can choose the deployment option for each application.

Toucan uses integrated glossary and configurable views to enable you to quickly drill down data storytelling.

This OLAP tool is capable of collecting and centralizing all business data. It uses optimized data connectors to do this. You can easily schedule queries and link data from various third-party appslike Google Analytics, NetSuite,SalesForce, etc.

5. Etleap

Etleap - Perfect data pipelines

This OLAP tool is a cloud-based AWS database management platform that enables you to analyze data from various sources.

Etleap allows users to modify or add new data sources and apply custom transformations to their datasets. The tool functions with analytical tools like Zoomdata, Tableau, Periscope Data, Metabase, Looker, and ChartIO.  Etleap offers end-to-end encryption and a single sign-on service. The dashboard displays data pipelines’ status and enables you to drill into individual pipeline properties and data processing activities.

Etleap offers data access controls that enable you to determine the data to extract, analyze, and load to a data warehouse. The tool incorporates data sources like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Marketo, Salesforce, S3, Postgres, MySQL, etc.

6. Infor Birst

Infor Birst - Infor Birst

Birst is an Infor Organization and a Business intelligence (BI) solution that integrates insights from different teams. InforBirst helps you to increase the business data model practically without undermining data governance. It also provides a single semantic platform that preserves key metrics and standard definitions.

The tool has an Automatic Data Refinement that enables you to extract data from various sources to a single semantic layer. It also supports the integration of both bottom-up and top-down manner.

The tool enables users to access self-service analytics via predictive analytics, mobile tools, visual discovery, reporting, and executive dashboards. It has an Open Client Interface that is also incorporated with R, Excel, and Tableau.

Birst has three majorforms: end-customer, business or department unit, and per-user fee.

7. Incorta

Incorta - Incorta helps leading enterprises unleash

This toolfunctions as a single data analytics system.Incorta enables companies to make decisions rapidly and precisely based on easy and large data sets.

This tool integrates the most important enrichment tools, data analytical tools, and data science tools, data pipeline toolswitha true self-service data experience. You can use its intuitive designed dashboards to easily check the statistics of your KPI.

This tool has a direct dapping engine that strengthensvarious data sources into a single point of reality. With this tool, there’s no need for optimization, aggregations, cubes, or data modeling of anyform. In less time (rather than days or weeks), you can complete the process.

Incorta is accessible to many businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East for the financial services, health care, retail, manufacturing, and technology industries.

8. Style Intelligence

Style Intelligence - Style Intelligence

This is an OLAP tool and a BI software application that enables users to carry out reports, visual analyses, and build dashboards using a data mashup engine. This data engine is a tool which incorporates data from various sources such as spreadsheets, relational databases, ERP application Web services, and OLAP servers.

This tool containsa data block tech from InetSoft. The technology allows you to perform data mashups in actual-time. You can easily access the generated information through exceptional alerts, scorecards, enterprise reports, and interactive dashboards. There is a wide variety of charts accessible to you, such as personalized geographical mapping.

You can access this OLAP tool in the cloud or on-premise.  If you deploy the tool on-premise, it is configured to have aneasy footprint on organization systems such that other important applications run uninterrupted.

You can also access Style Intelligence on mobile platforms. It comes with a variety of options that are easily customizable. The tool is bestfor medium and established organizations.

9. Dundas BI

Dundas BI - Crush your analytics goals

Dundas BI functions as a data visualization and business intelligence application that provides data analytics, reporting tools, and integrated dashboards. Dundas enables end-users to run ad-hoc queries, develop interactive, customize dashboards, create reports, and drill down/evaluate data and the metrics of their performance.

It has a framework that is versatile and allows you to connect to and interact with any data source on any device. Dundas has a responsive design and touch-based interface that enable users to build reports and access dashboards on any device from mobile to desktop.

This OLAP tool supports organizations of different sizes and across business verticals. Dundas BI was developed to offer anexcellent level of integration support and customization via its open API and programmable framework, offering JavaScript, REST, and .NET APIs. You can run this tool on the cloud (like Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure) or on-premise.

10. ClicData

ClicData - Managing and analysing data

This OLAP tool is a BI (Business Intelligence) dashboard solution developed for use mainly by little and medium-sized enterprises. The tool allows you to build dashboards/reports.

The tool has a drag-and-drop connection that iscreated for easy use. It helps you connect to both on-site and cloud-based data.With ClicData, youcan analyze data from different sources such as Dropbox, MySQL, Oracle, Salesforce, Facebook, and Google Analytics.

Also, it allows users to build dashboards. It also facilitates data processing functions such as data transformation, data merging, and history management. With ClicData, businesses are also able to control and organize their data.

This tool is also created for cooperation. That is to say that you can easily share or send dashboards and reports to various groupsviaClicData interface.With the interface, your dashboards can alsobe published/embed in the websites of other web applications. You can also access reports and dashboards from your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.


HUBSPOT - Learn and grow with award

This tool is a special BI tool of its kind. HUBSPOT doesn’t track financial or client information the way other tools do. It analyzes the inbound marketing efforts of the organization. This is the best-suited investment return method for diverse marketing aspects, such as blogging and email marketing. HUBSPOT is a perfect marketing platform.

12. Jmagallanes

Jmagallanes - The open source project JMagallanes

Jmagallanes is an open-source application. It is an OLAP Dynamic Reporting Framework for the End User. Jmagallanes is written in J2EE and Java programming language. The tool can read data from various sources such as Excel, XML,and SQL and combines data to produce charts, pivot tables, and reports.

Jmagallanes produces reports in a range of output formats like XML, PDF format, or any other application-specific files.

13. Phpmyolap

Phpmyolap - OLAP tool for PHP-MySQL systems

Phpmyolap is a PHP OLAP framework for performing analytics in MySQL databases. No Java-based web services are required to perform operations. It doesn’t even rely on the MDX language. Phpmyolap is a self-sufficient and independent program.


NECTO companies grow revenues

NECTO is an OLAP tool that provides reporting, data mining, and spontaneous data views without running the report first. It enables users to create dashboards and visual presentations. NECTO has specific features, such as collective decision-making and one-click reporting.

15. Bizzscore

This tool is popularly known as a Dutch performance management tool. Bizzscore is a BI solution that comes within the classification of niche and innovative products. Bizzscore seeks to develop basic elements of business intelligence. It focuses mainly on performance management.

It supports multiple performance and quality management frameworks such as EFQM, Balanced Scorecard, INK-models, etc.

16. Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics - Fast & Easy No Training

Clear Analytics is a breakthrough in the self-service analysis. It has amazing features such as data access to all, safe data analysis, Power BI, etc. All of these make it have an edge over others. The tool has a powerful self-service BI that allows anyone to conduct a power analysis without the need for manual intervention.

It centralizes all spreadsheets in simple analytics, and the data is completely auditable.


HOLOS - learning experiences

This OLAP tool was developed by a holistic method that is an influential OLAP tool. HOLOS is the foremost tool to offer hybrid OLAP. It has a very flexible mechanism for managing metadata, dimensions, and large data cubes.

18. DBxtra


This is a unique report designing program. You can use DBxtra to distribute and build interactive dashboards and reports in a very short time. Its users do not need to have web technologies and SQL queries knowledge. DBxtra has made it easy to design and distribute ad hoc reports.

19. SAP AG

SAP AG - Design your own

SAP AG is an OLAP tool and a renownedprovider of enterprise-wide business apps. The tool is developed on a client-server system in the software business.This tool has two main competitors such as Baan and Oracle.

R-3 SAP component  is used by Oracle database. This makes SAP the primary seller of Oracle products.

20. Jedox

Jedox - Streamline Your Planning Process

Jedox is an OLAP tool that also acts as a structured data analysis platform. The tool offers BI solutions. Jedox has a uniquely-built-multidimensional-analytical-processing server and a cell-cnetered core.

This OLAP tool is primarily designed for several purposes, such as data consolidation, data planning, and data reporting. Jedox uses Microsoft spreadsheets and Excel as its UI. It streamlines organizational forecasting and budgeting. Jedox connects to the general ledger of user system, ERP systems, and operational systems.

Jedox supports multidimensional query processing and stores data in its cache for quicker processing. The tool has built-in APIs that enable you to incorporate your database into various environments.

21. JsHypercube

JsHypercube - powerful instruments

This tool functions as an OLAP database server. It is written in programming language such as Java. JsHypercube is a lightweight database. The tool is ideal for any application that requires the incorporation and aggregation of metrics to serve the primary purpose of dynamic charting.

JsHypercube offers the ability to easily dice and slice datasets in real-time. It allows you to perform OLAP functionalities on low-latency data. The tool is an n-dimensional database and has strong aggregation capability.


OBIEE - Oracle Business Intelligence

OBIEE is an acronym for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). It is a unique platform that allows its customers to gain a deeper insight into the data. It also enables you tocarry out informed decisions more quickly. OBIEEprovides visual analytics through unique interactive dashboards. The tool can provide powerful operational reporting, timely alerts, and metadata searches.

Oracle BI 12c is a robust solution with brilliant in-memory computing and well-streamed device management. It decreases the cost of ownership and raises revenue for the company.

23. Mondrian

Mondrian - Mondrian is a general purpose

This tool is a very engaging tool. It has excellent functionalities and strengths, such as its ability to deal with categorical data, large data, and geographical data. Mondrian is a complete data visualization software. The tool is made up of connected plots and queries.

Previously, Mondrian concentrated mainly on visualization strategies for categorical data. Over time, however, an entire set of visualizations for multivariate and univariate data was been added. Its relation to R provides fantastic statistical processes.

At present, this tool supports geographic data with the aid of effective interactive maps. The tool operates with standard ASCII files (tab-delimited and comma-separated).

In connection with R, this OLAP tool provides unique statistical features such as PCA (Principal Component Analysis), density estimation, MDS (multidimensional scaling), etc.

24. Pentaho BI

Pentaho BI - Data Management and Analytics

This tool fucntions as a strong open-source tool. It offers major business intelligencefunctionalityies such as dashboard/reportingcapabilities, ETL (extraction-transfer load), data mining, and data integration.

This OLAP tool is built on a Java platform. It operates on Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

25. icCube


icCube is a corporation based inSwitzerland. It hasa BI (Business Intelligence) software that has similar name.

icCube is a tool that sells an online analytical processing server. This server is implemented in Java according to J2EE models. icCube also functions as inbuilt OLAP server. The tool easily works with any data source that processes the data in tabular format.

The tool consists of built-in plugins. The plugins support HTTP stream, file access etc. icCube possesses a special web interface that helps you perform tasks such as dashboards,server monitoring, Multidimensional expression queries (MDX), and cube modeling. The tool functions as a visualization tool and also a quality-focused/unique data analytical tool.

Pentaho has two major editions, which are Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise edition consists of additional support functionalities and services. Pentaho is a very versatile business intelligence tool and has an excellent comprehensive functionality.

26. Apache Kylin

Apache Kylin Big Data

This OLAP tool functions as an open-source tool. The tool is designed to offer MOLAP and SQL interface in line with Hadoopin order to enablehuge data sets.

27. Palo OLAP Server

Palo OLAP Server

Palo is a multidimensional online analytical processing server (MOLAP). The tool functions as a business intelligence tool for differentpurposes such as budgeting, controlling, etc.

With the help of Palo OLAP Server, multiple users can share a centralized database. This database serves as a one source of truth. It hasa flexibility that helps you manage complicated data models; and it allows you to gain a deeper statisticsimsight.

The tool functions with real-time data. It can easily rewrite or consolidated data using multidimensional queries. To provideusers with faster data access, the tool stores run-time data in memory.

28. Micro Strategy

Micro Strategy

This OLAP tool is located in Washington. Micro Strategy offers BI and mobile software services. It allows organizations or  companies to analyze vast amounts of data and deliver business-specific insights across the company.

The tool provides dashboards and reports to users. It enables analysis to be carried out and shared through mobile devices.

This OLAP tool is available in both on the cloud and on-premise. MicroStrategy enables you to carry out effective decisions and establish a better enterprise.

29. IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos - software and solutions

This OLAP tool functions asan integrated analytical system. IBI Cognos is operated by IBM. Cognos consists of a toolkit for monitoring metrics, score carding, reporting, and analysis.

IBI Cognos also provides various built-in modules that enable you tomeet the different information requirements of a company.

These inbuilt components are primarily windows-based such as IBM Cognos connection, map manager, IBM Cognos Transformer, cube designer, and IBM Cognos Framework Manager.

You can use the IBM Cognos Report Studio to generate reports that are shared with information processing departments. This provides the flexibility to produce reports such as repeat function, maps, lists, and charts.

You can also use the IBM Cognos Analysis Studio to check background information on an event or  action and conduct the analysis huge data sources. You can use major OLAP functionalities such as drill-down and roll-up to gain a unique understanding of information.

30. Xplenty

Xplenty - Leading data

This OLAP tool is a full data pipeline toolkit. Xplenty offers functionality for the preparation,integration, and processing of business intelligence data. The tool consists ofno-code, low-code, and coding capabilities.

You can effectively build ETL pipelines with the low code and no-code options.Xplenty’s API component offers versatility and advanced customization.

This scalable  andflexible cloud systemhelp you manage maintenance, security, scheduling,monitoring,and deployment. Xplentypossessesasponteneous graphical interface that you can use to implement replication, ELT, or ETL. The tool offers marketing, sales, customer support, and developer solutions. Xplenty offers support via online, phone, chat, and email meetings.


It is imperative to always identify and design a predictive analytics strategy first according to the current systems used in the company, whether it is ERP, human resources, CRM, marketing organization, or any of the sectors supply chain management system.

Many of the tools discussed above will work well for all lines-of-business users.

Interactive reports, energy efficiency, user-friendly interface, ownership cost, and execution speed are other additional features that enable users to choose the best-suited tool.

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