TOP Big Data Companies

Are you wondering how you can handle big data and take large sets of complex data from various channels and analyze them to find problems, patterns, trends, and offer opportunities to gain actionable insights? These top best big data companies are the right choices for you.

Gain Actionable Insights with the Top Best Big Data Companies

Big data is also used in the technological and business world. In summary, it is a method of gathering and analyzing extremely huge complex data from different sources to identify patterns, trends, challenges, and opportunities to achieve actionable insights. It is absolutely useful, but there's still a lot to do with traditional software.

big data

In recent times, different organizations have developed strategies for wrangling large datasets and knowing the relevant details within them.

Others offer powerful tools for data analysis, while others organize and compile datasets into accessible forms.

Below is a list of the top best big data companies.

Top 41 Big Data Companies

1. Jcommerce

Jcommerce - Big Data Companies

JCommerce is a tech company headquartered in Katowice, Poland. It has its offices in six other Polish cities. JCommerce was established in 2005 and has about 318 team that specializes in custom software development, IT staff augmentation, and BI and Big Data Consulting and SI. They work mainly with the mid-market, concentrating on information technology, manufacturing, and financial services.

This data company worked on the development of insurance platforms for an IT transformation organization. It also provided long-term mobile and web platform development services. It has developed a new platform that uses JavaScript on the frontend and Java architecture on the backend.

2. Dataart

Dataart - Big Data Companies

DataArt is a software engineering company based in Munich, Germany; Zug, Switzerland; London, England; and New York. Established in 1997, approximately three thousand employees serve primarily small and medium-sized business clients in the financial, healthcare, and IT sectors. Its services include UI/UX design, enterprise application modernization, and custom software development.

DataArt offered QA services to a financial institution. To promote seamless transition, their team checked credit card purchases, billing, and other automated features. Their work received positive reviews and helped to find bugs and issues.

3. Jelvix


Jelvix is a global technology consultancy assembling top-notch engineering teams for innovation-driven businesses worldwide. It was founded in 2011. Jelvix team has deep experience with cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, ML, AI, AR/VR, IoT. Jelvix Big Data developers could help you gain control of your data from all sources and make it work for you.

Having a wide range of expertise, Jelvix accelerates their clients’ growth for different industries, including logistics and transportation, healthcare, financial services, retail, and more. Jelvix specializes in complex, sophisticated software development to help companies digitally transform their business and their industry.

4. Sciencesoft

Sciencesoft - Big Data Companies

ScienceSoft is an IT consulting and software development firm based in McKinney, Texas. Since 1989, ScienceSoft has assisted Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies worldwide to address complex digital problems. The company specializes in end-to-end product creation, cyber-security, data analytics, QA and testing, platform-specific services like L1-L4 support, help desk services, Magento, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Salesforce.

ScienceSoft has helped the IT services training and software organization scale its operations through software, app, and web development. It began by building out the client's content delivery framework using MySQL and PHP and built native iOS and Android apps. It was then tapped to create the client's main software products, for which a range of development frameworks was used. The client was fascinated by the range of their expertise.

5. Hatchworks Technologies

Hatchworks Technologies - Big Data Companies

Hatchworks Technologies is a digital technology Services Company headquartered in Atlanta. It was founded in 2016. The company currently has about 18 workers on its team. Hatchworks Technologies offers AI and IoT development, mobile application development, SI cloud consulting, BI and Big data consulting, and custom software development.

The consulting firm wanted to break down part of the business and set up a healthcare start-up. Hatchworks Technologies has undertaken comprehensive market research to better understand how best to build a prototype. Eventually, the team completed the final site development in PHP and node.js, which is hosted on AWS.

6. Intellias

Intellias - Big Data Companies

Intellias provides software development services. It is based in Ukraine with distribution offices in Saudi Arabia, Poland, and Germany. Intellias was established in 2002 and now has more than 1,600 employees and supply Fortune 500 companies and tech innovators worldwide with solutions in the automotive, financial, agriculture, transport, telecommunications, edtech, healthcare, and retail sectors. It offers services such as cloud solutions, IoT, ML/AI, Big Data, and custom software development.

Currently, the company is developing a location data system to become a global leader in location-based services. The platform is driven by real-time HD maps, and the engineers are responsible for the cloud-based architecture and robotaxi technology that aims to allow self-driving cars in the future.

7. Prime Tsr

Prime Tsr - Big Data Companies

Prime TSR is a Chicago-based boutique tech consultancy with a team of about thirty-four professionals. Since it was established in 2013, BI & Big Data Consulting & SI, Custom Software Development, and Cloud Consulting & SI solutions have been offered to clients ranging from start-ups to enterprises. They're acquainted with cloud services like Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS.

The big data company has redesigned the databases of a healthcare corporation. It used MySQL to upgrade and integrate new databases with its business processes, without much input from the company itself. It also incorporated the company's custom applications for accessing and maintaining databases. The organization is in a position to run operations with new databases.

8. Vmware

Vmware - Big Data Companies

VMware offers cloud infrastructure. It has various services whichcut across different sectors such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, banking,andeducation to serve both corporate and technical needs.

9. Unacast

Unacast - Big Data Companies

Unacast helps to develop Real World Graph, based on information collected from volumes of data points between places, people, and sensors spanning millions of locations and devices. Unacast provides users access to a larger picture of the information. It provides context for companies, offers greater clarity, and ensures that the data are used completely.

10. Teradata

Teradata - Big Data Companies

Teradata fucntions as a data and software provider. It offersvarious products. It does this to assist with analytical problems. Teradata offers analytics on a scale that enhances user experience. Several brands (such as Warner Brothers, American Red Cross, Columbia Sportswear, P&G, and Verizon).

11. Striim

Striim - Big Data Companies

This big data company functions as a streaming integration solution. It is used to transfer real-time data to databases, data warehouses, etc. It allows companies to build data channels for data integration and cloud data, detect fraud, security threats, and other real-time risks.

12. Sap

Sap - Big Data Companies

The data management suite of SAP works on the cloud. Thisenables free movement between applications and data systems while offering a single data view for improved analytics and monitoring.

13. Reltio

Reltio - Big Data Companies

This data company is used by organizations and businesses in sectors ranging from healthcare and finance to oil and life sciences. Reltio organizes all forms of data on an infinite scale, incorporating analytics and unifying databases for business processes and operations.

14. Qubole

Qubole - Big Data Companies

This data company acts as a self-optimizing/self-managed data activation tool. By consistently learning about an organization's data, Qubole is designed for any individualthatoften communicates with data, allowing them to improve communication and concentrate on business results.

15. Oracle

Oracle - Big Data Companies

Oracle is a big data company that offers a wide range of database solutions and products. Its cloud platform enables companies to make useful data via predictive analytics and visualizations.


Noodle - Big Data Companies

The has a data science and supercomputing platform that helps identifies trends within the company's internal and external data. Its mathematical modeling helps to identify the most excellent operating model with vast opportunities.

17. New Relic

New Relic - Big Data Companies

This data company helps monitor the app performance solution. It is deployed as a product of SaaS. New Relic also lets IT teams, developers, and businesses analyze vast data volumes and process real-time insights.

18. Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma - Big Data Companies

Mu Sigma is one of world's largest analytical solutionsproviders. Its platform enables businesses to scale decision-making and problem-solving via a virtual stream of operationalization, execution, analytics, and mapping.

19. Mapd

Mapd - Big Data Companies

This data company helps businesses transcend scale and performance limitations that they occasionally find with huge datasets. To manage these large amounts of data, MapD uses both CPU and GPU processing to improve scalability.

20. Informatica

Informatica - Big Data Companies

This data company has an intelligent data system that gathers data from various sources, whether it is fragmented or not, and then models it into an accessible and secure data set. Informatica’s flexible platform gives businesses versatility to scale and incorporate management products as data increases.

21. Datameer

Datameer - Big Data Companies

This company functions as a hybrid cloud system. It enables data scientists and business analysts to construct pipelines easily from any place and any data source. Several organizations such as telecommunication, finance, and health industries use the products of Datameer to provide action-driving data.

22. Cohesity

Cohesity - Big Data Companies

Cohesity provides a hyper-converged storage network. The company helps consolidate secondary data and eliminate the secondary storage silos. It is used by enterprise customers. It conveniently backups, stores all data, in a single place. This made it earn the name “Cohesity”.

23. Salesforce

Salesforce - Big Data Companies

This data company is among the most popular CRMs in the world. Salesforce enables businesses to analyze, manage, and log customer data, activities, and information. You can access the platform from anywhere. It also enables marketing and sales teams to collaborate through devices and applications. This is to make sure that all importantclient data is stored in a singleplayform.

24. Ibm

Ibm - Big Data Companies

IBM provides analytics solutions that enable businesses to process data effectively. IBM focuses on data so as to make sure it is developed on a sound basis asit makes it easy to access with scalable insights. This data company is among the biggest technology firms. This makes itprovides its clients with large data solutions.

25. Hortonworks

Hortonworks - Big Data Companies

Hortonworks offers modern data solutions and open data systems to organizations such as Samsung, Progressive, Mac,Freddie, and Nissan. Hortonworks is developed on Apache Hadoop. It enables customers to control their data assets anywhere they are.

26. Google

Google - Big Data Companies

Over the past years, Google has improved exponentially from search engine to the global corporation. Google useshundreds of goods and services to store a huge amount of data and information that it organizes and makes available to its various users. This big data company has alsomade use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and large-scale data to accelerate innovation and develop existing products.

27. Alation

Alation - Big Data Companies

Alationgives organizations a shared data catalogs to gather and comprehend the most important information for their businesses. Alation integrates with big data systems such as Teradata, Cloudera, MySQL,IBM, and Oracle to create a single resource for employees in a company. The company has products that some of the biggest finance companies used globally. The said products are also used by big brands such as Pfizer, Square, and eBay.

28. Crunchbase

Crunchbase - Big Data Companies

This data company offers major news and information about global businesses, investment, and industry trends. It has an online environment that provides a wide variety of tools and data from major acquisitions/start-up funding news to data integration productsfor businesses.

29. Domo

Domo - Big Data Companies

Domo enables company’s employees to carry out decision-driving data. The platform offers real-time data with more than 300 interactive charts and dashboards. Companies such as MasterCard, and DHL use this data company to improve efficiency.

30. Databricks

Databricks - Big Data Companies

This data company is fucntions as an analytical tool that incorporates data science and data engineering. The solutions of this company help you connect machine and learning data and also minimize infrastructure complexities. Big corporations such as Cisco, Samsung, Edmunds, Live Nations, and HPuse Databricks.

31. Cloudera

Cloudera - Big Data Companies

Clouderaprovides a cloud system for both machine learning and analytics that are developed by individuals from big companies such as Oracle, Facebook, Yahoo!, and Google. The technology provides organizations with a holistic view of their data in a singleplatform, offering better security and insights.

32. Bigpanda

Bigpanda - Big Data Companies

BigPanda provides organizations (such as Cisco, Shutterfly, Riot Games, and Macy's) with independent digital operations solution.. This data company allows IT Ops organizations to streamline workflows, automate incident response, and integrate operational alerts and data.

33. Tableau

Tableau - Big Data Companies

Tableau is a data company that creates applications to enables people graps their data via sharing, analysis,and visualization across several devices. Tableau has organized and interactive dashboards that it uses to facilitate collaboration and offer the strategic perspectives needed to make decisions and answer questions.

34. Alteryx

Alteryx - Big Data Companies

This data company functions as an analysis systemthat provides end-to-end solutions for business analysts and data scientists. Technology helps several comapnies to collaborateand find solutions within their data. This data company works with leading systems integrators, analytics specialists, and developers to support and train its clients to achieve good business results.

35. Bigid

Bigid - Big Data Companies

As data breaches become more popular, BigID offers companies tools to manage and protect the privacy of their personal data. This data companyprovides solutions that integrate businesses with GDRP: an acronym for General Data Protection Regulation.

36. Trendkite

Trendkite - Big Data Companies

Trendkite provides analytics and data solutions. PR teams can use these provided solutions to evaluate the effect of their work. The tool has a flexible dashboardsthat enable businesses to prove ROI and assess media influence via PR attribution metrics and SEO impact.

37. Civis Analytics

Civis Analytics - Big Data Companies

This company provides cloud-based analytical tools so that organizations can build their businesses and address importantqueries. Civis Analytics has proprietary algorithm that connects data and makes sure that datasets are clean/ready for modeling. The company partners with influential non-profit companies to leverage data to address a wide variety of problems.

38. Qumulo

Qumulo - Big Data Companies

This data company is well-known as the developer of Qumulo File Fabric. Qumulo File Fabric was the foremostglobal file-storage system. Itsavesseveral files as you need, irrespective of their sizes. It transfers data wherever needed. This makes it available on-premise or in the cloud.

39. Tamr

Tamr - Big Data Companies

Tamr offers data unification solutions to companies such as Toyota, GSK, HP, and GE. Organizations use this big data company for customer and clinical analytics so as to spend little time processing data and more time identifying client behavior and using established clinical expertise.

40. Fivetran

Fivetran - Big Data Companies

This data company enables you to mechanize data integration for an effective data analysis. Fivetran includes features such as pre-built connectors, incremental batch updates, SQL-based transformations, and ready-to-use schemas that enable data teams to save valuable time and resources. DocuSign, Square, and Optimizelyare only a couple of the bigorganizationsusingFivetran to simplify and handle large data integration.

41. Segment

Segment - Big Data Companies

This data companyfunctions as a consumer data portal. Segement gathers data from various events: mobile applications and web. It gathersthe collected information in a singleplace to offer deeper insights to engineering teams, product, and marketing. Segement is a big data company that gathers userinformationacross different platforms and savesthem in a signle place. It does this for both data and marketing teams to gain insight into consumer preferences. Several big brands such as Instacart, Atlassian, Docker, and IBM use Segment to handle and capture large data.


This article has been able to explore the various top best big data companies. Each of these companies has its specification. With these big data companies, you will be able to handle big data while you make better sense of your business and solve new problems.

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