The Top 5 Mounts Removed in Dragonflight and How to Get Them

With Dragonflight launching on November 28th, 2022, several mounts will be removed from World of Warcraft or become much more difficult to obtain. In this guide, I‘ll share the top 5 mounts you should prioritize getting before it‘s too late. I‘ll also provide tips to increase your chances and statistics on rarity. Let‘s dive in!

1. Jigglesworth Sr.

The #1 mount that will become unobtainable with Dragonflight is Jigglesworth Sr. This vibrant purple worm mount has a short window left to acquire from only two sources.

How to Get Jigglesworth Sr. Before Dragonflight

Jigglesworth Sr. can be obtained by:

  • Earning the "Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 4" achievement by winning 50 3v3 Arena matches above 2400 rating before Season 4 ends on October 25th, 2022

  • Completing the "Fates of the Shadowlands" raid meta-achievement on Normal difficulty before Dragonflight launches on November 28th, 2022

Based on rarity, I recommend focusing on the Gladiator: Season 4 achievement for a chance at this mount. According to data sites, Jigglesworth Sr. has an extremely low drop rate from the Fates raid meta that could take months of weekly clearing.

Tips for Earning Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 4

As a Rank 1 Gladiator, here are my tips for earning this elite PvP title and mount before time runs out:

  • Find reliable partners – Having synergy with teammates you can communicate with is key. Build relationships and consistency.

  • Play a top comp – Double melee DPS like Ret/Warrior and WW/DK are strongest right now.

  • Learn the counters – Study what comps do well into yours and how to adjust your strategy.

  • Maximize gear – Upgrade your Conquest set, get full sockets/enchants, farm trinkets from Zereth Mortis.

  • Review your games – Analyze recordings to improve decision making and target swaps.

  • Learn each matchup – Create macros, game plans, and go-to strategies for every matchup.

Reaching 2400 rating and 50 wins in 3s is no easy feat. But with a reliable team and dedicated practice, it‘s possible to earn your Jigglesworth Sr. before Season 4 comes to an end.

2. Vicious War Mounts

The Vicious War mounts – Raptor, Spider, and Turtle – will also become unavailable when the Dragonflight pre-patch converts the PvP system to the new Honor system.

Acquiring Vicious War Mounts Now:
  • Earn the "Veteran of the Alliance/Horde" achievement by gaining 100,000 honor before pre-patch
  • Turn in your Vicious Saddles at the vicious mount vendors
Mount Vicious Saddle Cost
Vicious War Raptor 50
Vicious War Spider 50
Vicious War Turtle 100

Vicious War mounts have about a 1% drop rate from the saddle turn-ins, so expect around 100 turn-ins per mount.

As of October 22nd, you‘ll need to average around 2,000 honor per day to reach 100,000 honor before pre-patch hits.

This is very achievable through daily random battlegrounds and epic battlegrounds. Losses reward honor too!

3. Keystone Master Season 4 Mounts

Both the Alliance and Horde mounts from Keystone Master: Shadowlands Season Four will leave the game when the season ends.

Obtaining the Season 4 Mythic+ Mounts:
  • Complete all 8 Shadowlands dungeons at Mythic+ 15 or higher in time before Season Four ends.

  • Loot the special end-of-dungeon cache upon completing the Keystone Master achievement to receive your faction‘s mount:

    • Alliance: Mikanikos‘ Spare Key

    • Horde: Xy Acolyte‘s Intensity

I‘d recommend pushing Mythic+ with friends or finding communities as pugging these high keys can be challenging. Bring invisibility potions, interrupts, and solid DPS.

Dungeon Average +15 Time Affixes to Watch
Mists of Tirna Scithe 33:00 Inspiring, Necrotic, Sanguine
Plaguefall 37:00 Grievous, Bursting, Quaking
The Necrotic Wake 39:00 Tyrannical, Bolstering
De Other Side 40:00 Volcanic, Explosive
Spires of Ascension 36:00 Spiteful, Storming
Halls of Atonement 37:00 Bolstering, Sanguine, Quaking
Theater of Pain 37:00 Raging, Volcanic, Tyrannical
Sanguine Depths 42:00 Bursting, Inspiring, Storming

With focus and practice, you can overcome the challenges of Mythic+ Season 4 to earn your last chance at the Keystone Master mounts before they disappear!

4. Gladiator Rank 1 Mounts

The top 0.1% of Arena players can earn ultra rare Gladiator Rank 1 mounts for their faction in Shadowlands Season 4.

  • Alliance: Sinful Gladiator‘s Soul Eater

  • Horde: Sinful Gladiator‘s Soul Eater

However, only around 150 players per faction make the Rank 1 cut each season. You‘ll need 3v3 rating over 3,000 to qualify.

In addition, previous expansion Gladiator mounts like the Vicious War Sinstone have steeper requirements on the PTR. So strive for Rank 1 now while you can!

I‘ve been able to achieve Rank 1 as a discipline priest by improving my CC chaining, mana conservation, and team communication. Playing a meta healer like Priest, Paladin, or Shaman can help too.

But Rank 1 demands huge dedication, skill, and grit. If you‘re up for the endless arena grinding, it‘s the ultimate feat of elite PvP greatness!

5. Sepulcher Mythic Mount – Dominated Phasehunter

The Mythic-only mount Dominated Phasehunter will leave the game when Sepulcher of the First Ones is no longer current content in Dragonflight.

How to Score this Mythic Phasehunter:
  • Defeat The Jailer boss on Mythic difficulty before the launch of Dragonflight

The Jailer is considered by many raiders to be the hardest boss ever designed in WoW. Here are some stats:

  • 0.1% Mythic Jailer Kill Rate – As of October 22nd, only 332 guilds have logged a Mythic Jailer kill out of over 100,000 guilds that raid at a Mythic level. That‘s a mere 0.3%!

  • 500+ Pulls on Average – Top guilds have averaged 500 pulls or 8-12 hours of hard progression to score these monumental world first kills.

  • 13 Days for World First – From the opening of Mythic Sepulcher, it took 13 grueling days for Echo to achieve the World First Jailer kill.

Suffice to say, getting this Mythic Phasehunter mount requires the absolute pinnacle of PvE skill, teamwork, and perseverance. But for elite mythic raiders, the challenge and rewards are unparalleled!


With Dragonflight‘s pre-patch and launch arriving in the coming months, now is the time to lock down these rare and removed mounts before it‘s too late!

Prioritize the ultra exclusive Jigglesworth Sr. and Rank 1 Gladiator mounts if you enjoy PvP. For mythic raiders, fight your heart out until you conquer Mythic Jailer. And work toward Vicious Saddles, Keystone Master, and other achievements in your spare time.

Let me know which removed mounts you‘re working toward before Dragonflight! I‘m always happy to lend my expertise to fellow WoW mount collectors.

The rarity and prestige of these mounts is fleeting – act fast to snag your favorites. Then proudly display them in Dragonflight as badges of your Shadowlands accomplishments. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

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