How to Unlock All Cyberpunk 2077 Endings – A Comprehensive Guide

As an avid Cyberpunk 2077 player, I‘ve explored all of the game‘s endings. Navigating the branching narrative paths and making the key choices to see each conclusion can be really tricky! In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through how to unlock all of Cyberpunk 2077‘s main story endings, provide tips for the secret ending, and analyze whether siding with Arasaka corporation is ultimately worth it.

Overview of Cyberpunk 2077‘s Endings

Cyberpunk 2077 has 4 main story endings, plus an additional "secret ending" that is harder to get. Here‘s a quick overview before we dive into the details:

  • Where is My Mind? – Go with Arasaka, upload your mind.
  • All Along the Watchtower – Go with Panam and the Aldecaldos.
  • New Dawn Fades – Go with Rogue, Johnny takes over.
  • Path of Glory – Go with Rogue, you become a Night City legend.
  • Secret Ending – Ally with Johnny, assault Arasaka alone.

To reach specific endings, you‘ll need to complete certain sidequests and make particular dialogue choices at key moments. Your relationships and actions throughout the game will shape the outcomes.

Most endings have 2 variants based on a final choice during the climax. Different romance options also impact the ending epilogues you‘ll see.

Now let‘s dig into how to get each one! I‘ll provide step-by-step instructions for the requirements.

How to Unlock Each Ending Path

Where is My Mind? (Go With Arasaka)

This is the "default" ending that you can choose without many requirements. It involves teaming up with Hanako Arasaka against Yorinobu.

How to Get It:

  • Take the pills from Johnny during the "Nocturne Op55N1" mission.
  • Select the "Think trusting Arasaka is worth it" dialogue option.
  • Complete the "Search and Destroy," "Totalimmortal," "Where is My Mind?" main jobs.

Ending Variants:

  • Upload Mind: Agree to Mikoshi program, your mind is preserved.
  • Return to Earth: Refuse Mikoshi, return to Earth to live out remaining days.

All Along the Watchtower (Go with Panam)

For this ending, you‘ll need to complete Panam‘s sidequests and gain her as an ally. She‘ll help you break into Arasaka instead of going with Rogue or Hanako.


  • Complete Panam‘s storyline up until the "Queen of the Highway" quest.
  • In "Nocturne Op55N1," call Panam, ask for help.
  • Finish "We Gotta Live Together," "Forward to Death," "Belly of the Beast" main jobs.

Ending Variants:

  • Ride Off: Let Johnny take over your body as you fade away.
  • Path of Glory: Johnny is removed, you live 6 months happily with the Aldecaldos.

New Dawn Fades (Go with Rogue)

To unlock this ending possibility, you‘ll need to complete Rogue‘s side jobs and gain her as an ally. Then you can get her help breaking into Arasaka.


  • Finish all Rogue‘s sidequests including "Ghost Town" and "Where is My Mind?"
  • In "Nocturne Op55N1," offer to go with Rogue.
  • Complete "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "Knockin‘ on Heaven‘s Door" main jobs.

Ending Variants:

  • Legend of Night City: Johnny gives you back your body, you become a Night City legend.
  • Path of Least Resistance: You let Johnny take control, becoming an engram.

Path of Glory (Go with Rogue)

As mentioned above, completing Rogue‘s arc unlocks this ending path too. The key difference is in your final choice during the climax.

How to Get It:

  • Same requirements as "New Dawn Fades" ending.
  • At climax, select "Path of Glory" when prompted to get this specific epilogue.

Secret Ending ("Don‘t Fear The Reaper")

This ending has more complex requirements and is considered the "best" ending by many players.

How to Unlock It:

  • Max out Johnny‘s friendship/relationship meter.
  • Select right dialogue options when speaking to Johnny at his grave in "Chippin‘ In."
  • Wait 5 minutes during "Nocturne Op55N1" until Johnny calls you.
  • Complete the secret "Don‘t Fear the Reaper" finale mission.


  • Maxing Johnny‘s relationship requires certain dialogue choices in key missions.
  • Selecting wrong dialogue even once in "Chippin‘ In" locks you out!

This ending is really rewarding but trickier to get. Look up more detailed friendship guides to max out Johnny properly.

Should You Trust Arasaka and Hanako?

One of the most important choices is whether or not to believe Hanako Arasaka and agree to work together. She promises access to Arasaka resources and technology to remove the Johnny biochip and save your life. But can she be trusted?

Potential pros of working with Arasaka:

  • Gain access to the Mikoshi facility and Soulkiller technology
  • Opportunity to take down Yorinobu Arasaka
  • Chance at survival by preserving your mind digitally

Potential cons of working with Arasaka:

  • They are an untrustworthy megacorporation
  • High risk assault on Arasaka Tower
  • Strains your relationship with Johnny Silverhand
  • Dangers of Soulkiller tech and personality death

My Take:

While the promise of access to Arasaka‘s advanced tech is tempting, I don‘t think it‘s ultimately worth trusting them. Going with Panam and Rogue provides other more honorable paths. In my playthroughs, I found the Aldecaldo ending to be most fitting. But choose the option that you feel fits V‘s relationships and integrity.

Final Thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077‘s Endings

With multiple endings and final choices, Cyberpunk 2077 offers great replay value. I‘d encourage exploring all the variations and storylines fully to get the most out of the game. Maxing Johnny‘s hidden friendship path unlocks special dialogue even at the very end!

I hope this comprehensive guide gives you insight into unlocking all of Cyberpunk 2077‘s endings for yourself. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to dig into discussions around Night City‘s complex narratives and character arcs.

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