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As a hardcore Assassin‘s Creed fan whose sunk countless hours into these games over the years, I‘ve played through all the Valhalla DLCs extensively. If you can‘t get enough of exploring historic eras and brutal combat as a Viking raider, then I‘d say the DLCs are absolutely worth picking up, especially with the season pass. But more casual fans may be satisfied sticking with solely the base game.

Overall the season pass is a great value for devoted players eager to further immerse themselves in the Viking saga and get their money‘s worth. You‘re looking at around 80 extra hours of content for just $40, essentially doubling the available gameplay. The DLCs provide solid excuses to keep returning to the world of Valhalla and offer new territories, gear to collect, and enemies to fight.

However, if you found the base game a bit bloated or repetitive already, more of the same style of open world gameplay may not appeal as much. The DLCs deliver iterative rather than innovative experiences. Aside from Dawn of Ragnarök‘s shift to Norse mythology, they provide entertaining new lenses on familiar systems rather than game-changing revolutions.

But let‘s dive deeper into what each expansion adds to the experience.

Wrath of the Druids – A strong expansion with the most varied setting

Wrath of the Druids brings a refreshing new region with rolling green hills, forests, and bustling Irish cities that feel distinct from England‘s terrain and architecture. The environments are a highlight, from gloomy bogs to lively monasteries.

The 15-20 hour story revolving around a druidic cult adds some welcome new flavor. As you uncover occult rituals and battle magical zealots, it shifts the tone into almost a dark fantasy that we haven‘t seen much of in AC. The climax is steeped in Celtic lore and feels fittingly epic as you take on a final legendary foe.

Beyond the druid-focused plot, the expansion provides:

  • A deep trading system to manage settlements – not just superficial resource gathering, you can lose yourself for hours growing your wealth and political influence through smart management. It‘s addicting!
  • New weapon types like sickles and atgeirs keep combat feeling fresh.
  • The Berserker skill tree lets you channel pure rage, tearing through enemies like paper.
  • Bewitching new druidic spells summon banshees and ethereal crows for ranged attacks. The magic abilities add some welcome variety to your toolbox.

And dedicated players have plenty to chase after, with new settlements to build, armor sets to collect, and decoration options to unlock.

The only real downside is that moment-to-moment gameplay remains very similar – don‘t expect radically new systems. But the Irish setting helps differentiate it enough to warrant the purchase. At $25 it‘s worthwhile for an extra 15 hours or so of quality content.

The Siege of Paris – A smaller but still satisfying expansion

The Siege of Paris brings Eivor to Francia to undermine the occupying forces that have Paris under siege. While smaller in scope than Ireland, the DLC still provides a healthy new chunk of content set in a distinct region.

The French fortresses and castles you get to infiltrate provide awesome backdrops for large-scale assault missions that feel epic in scope. Unleashing a barrage of arrows upon unsuspecting guards from the ramparts is a highlight.

Some of the more interesting additions here include:

  • New trap abilities that allow for more stealthy sabotage and poison tactics.
  • Infiltrating massive fortresses guarded by challenging Zealot bosses.
  • A heightened difficulty that encourages careful assassination plans and use of the new poison build. Rushing in axes swinging isn‘t always the best idea here!
  • Gothic architecture and ornate cathedrals that capture medieval France beautifully.

However, while sieging Paris delivers some cinematic moments, the DLC doesn‘t innovator too much on what you‘ve experienced already. The poison build encourages slowly weakening foes rather than direct combat, which isn‘t for everyone.

And while the French castles are a sight to behold, the map doesn‘t have quite the same diversity or density of content as Ireland. At $25 it may be slightly pricey for the 15 or so hours of additional gameplay.

But if you crave more enemy fortresses to knock down and Paris itself is a cool medieval setting, you‘ll enjoy the expansion. It just doesn‘t stand out as much as Ireland.

Dawn of Ragnarök – A mythology-fueled twist refreshing the formula

Dawn of Ragnarök is undoubtedly the most ambitious expansion, putting you in Odin‘s shoes as he journeys across the mythical dwarven realm of Svartalfheim. It shakes up the standard AC mold by injecting more fantastical elements and new RPG abilities.

Some of the most notable additions include:

  • Guiding lost souls to Valhalla in an atmospheric new side activity steeped in lore.
  • Clever environmental puzzles and navigation challenges reminiscent of earlier AC games.
  • Odin‘s teleportation and animal transformation powers, which enable creative new tactics as you can swiftly dash between enemies.
  • Epic boss fights with towering mythic foes like Surtr the giant wielding a blazing sword longer than a bus!

The more colorful, alien setting of Svartalfheim filled with molten lakes and mushroom forests is also a visual treat. And while the hacking and slashing combat isn‘t particularly complex, chaining together Odin‘s flashy abilities feels uniquely powerful.

DLC Additional Hours New Setting New Gear New Abilities Cost
Wrath of the Druids 15-20 Ireland Weapons, Armor sets, Tattoos, Decorations Berserker skills, Druidic spells $25
Siege of Paris 15-20 Francia Weapons, Armor sets Poison traps and arrows $25
Dawn of Ragnarök 35+ Svartalfheim Divine armor and weapons Odin transformation powers $40

While not as robust or lengthy as a full new game, the 35+ hour DLC really delivers enough content to justify the steeper $40 price of entry in my book. If you‘ve already exhausted the base game, it may be just the thing you need to refresh the experience.

The only real downside is the combat lacks the nuance of the core games, but unleashing Odin‘s satisfying abilities in a fantastical realm more than makes up for it in my eyes. Fans of Norse mythology will find it especially captivating.

Is the season pass worth it? Here are my tips

Given you‘re getting around 80 additional hours of content for just $40, the season pass is easily worth it if revisiting Valhalla‘s world and style of gameplay still appeals to you.

The DLCs don‘t necessarily reinvent the wheel – they offer entertaining new lenses on familiar systems rather than revolutionary changes. But more quality content and gear to chase after is hardly something to complain about if you just can‘t get enough of glorious combat as a Viking warrior.

To help decide, here are some key questions to consider:

  • Did you eagerly complete every arc, artifact and mystery in England?
  • Do you take your time to fully complete regions rather than just rushing the main quests?
  • Do you enjoy challenging enemy fortresses and castles?
  • Does Celtic mythology and magic appeal to you?
  • Are you fascinated by medieval Paris and French history?
  • Do you enjoy equipment hunting and settlement building?

If you answered yes to most of those, then the season pass is practically essential. $40 for 80 more hours is a steal – that‘s as much content as many full games!

The varied new settings, enemies, and stories will keep you happily occupied. And Dawn of Ragnarök may be the most distinct AC experience yet, putting a creative twist on the gameplay you know and love.

But if you found Valhalla bloated or mundane, more of the same probably won‘t wow you. Wrath of the Druids is arguably the safest buy for some fresh Irish flavour.

So in summary, I highly recommend the DLCs for devoted fans hungry to keep expanding the epic Viking saga with new foes, realms, and gear to uncover. But more casual players just looking to see the credits roll may not need to splash out on the season pass when the base game already offers so much.

Hope this deep dive helps you decide fellow warrior! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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