Is Fortnite Still Worth Playing in 2022?

Fortnite remains one of the world‘s most popular games continuing to evolve and lead industry trends. For both new players and existing fans, Fortnite offers engaging gameplay, constant content updates, and a lively social experience that makes it very much worth playing even six years after launch.

Fortnite by the Numbers: A Massive Cultural Force

Let‘s examine some key statistics that quantify Fortnite‘s staying power:

  • Over 250 million monthly active users logging in to play, socialize, or participate in events.
  • $5.1 billion total revenue generated in 2021.
  • Over 5 billion gameplay hours logged by players across a single year.
  • Peak concurrent players of over 12 million during live events.
  • 800+ developers at Epic Games working to support Fortnite.

Fortnite is not just the biggest game in the world, but a massive cultural force.

The Genius of Fortnite‘s Evolving Business Model

Fortnite‘s free-to-play model and use of cosmetic microtransactions fuels its accessibility while maintaining a massive revenue stream. Players are more willing to spend on "fun" skins and emotes versus pay-to-win mechanics.

Limited time cosmetics and Battle Pass FOMO retain players over long periods. Fortnite made $5.1 billion in 2021 even without any upfront box cost or subscription.

Epic Games‘ 30% store cut also disrupted the industry by offering developers a more favorable revenue split. Fortnite‘s business model innovations keep players invested and drive overall growth.

Fortnite vs. The Competition

Fortnite has maintained strong player engagement despite competition from games like Apex Legends, Valorant, and Call of Duty Warzone.

Smart evolutionary gameplay changes and collaborations with Marvel, Star Wars, and other pop culture IP differentiate Fortnite from flavor-of-the-month shooters.

No other live service game can match Fortnite‘s social experience – validated byhigher retention of casual players. According to surveys, 72% of players say playing with friends is the main appeal.

Monthly Active Users Over Time

Game 2020 Players 2022 Players
Fortnite 350 million 250 million
Apex Legends 70 million 100 million
Warzone 75 million 100 million

Fortnite has declined some but remains far above competitors in total playerbase.

Optimized and Accessible Across Platforms

Unlike PUBG and other early battle royales, Fortnite is well-optimized and playable on lower-end hardware. Minimum specs are quite reasonable.

Cross-play works fluidly across PC, consoles and mobile. Players can stay connected to their friends regardless of platform.

Even just dropping into the lobby offers a mini-experience to keep players engaged while matchmaking. Fortnite loads fast and smooth whether you have cutting edge tech or not.

Fortnite as a Social Platform, Not Just a Game

Fortnite‘s Party Royale mode emphasizes the game‘s social appeal with no combat allowed. Players can explore the island, chat, and attend concerts and events together.

Over 12 million concurrent players attended the Travis Scott virtual concert in 2020. 10 million watched the season opening event for Chapter 2.

These social gatherings transcend just gameplay – they are cultural moments that demonstrate Fortnite‘s evolution into an online place for young people to congregate.

Constant Content Keeps the Experience Fresh

Frequent updates add new weapons, items, cosmetics and map changes to keep Fortnite novel. Here are some examples since Chapter 2 began in 2019:

  • New ranged weapons like Dragon Breath Shotgun, MK-Seven Assault Rifle.
  • New healing items like Chili Chug Splash, Shield Keg.
  • New themed locations like The Daily Bugle, Covert Canyon.
  • New traversal mechanics like mantling, sliding, sprinting.
  • Limited time modes like Air Royale, The Getaway, Floor is Lava.

With each new Battle Pass season, loyal players return to uncover fresh content.

The Best Days Still Lie Ahead

Fortnite is the rare game that seems to only grow in scope and ambition rather than trailing off. The switch to Chapter 3 and new mechanics like sliding reinvigorated players.

The Zero Build mode also lowered the skill barrier for lapsed or new players overwhelmed by building. There is always some new idea on the horizon.

Given Epic‘s track record, it‘s safe to say the most transformative evolutions of Fortnite likely still lie ahead.

The Verdict: Still Worth Playing For All

Given Fortnite‘s staying power across metrics like player count, revenue, engagement, and cultural impact, the verdict is clear – Fortnite remains a game very much worth playing today for both new and returning gamers.

No other game can match the vibrant Fortnite ecosystem. For a shooter fan, trying it out is a no brainer. For a former player, jumping back in will reveal a changed and exciting experience.

Fortnite sits in rarified company among the most impactful video games ever. It has already earned its place in history. But the ride is far from over. Hop on the Battle Bus and see what all the fuss is about!

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