How Much is the Former CEO of G2 Esports Worth?

To directly answer the question – Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez‘s net worth is estimated to be between $5-10 million. As the founder and former CEO of G2 Esports, his wealth stems largely from his ownership stake in one of the world‘s most valuable and successful esports organizations.

Let‘s take a deeper look at Ocelote‘s career, G2‘s impressive growth, and how it has contributed to his substantial personal fortune.

From Professional Gamer to Visionary Entrepreneur

Long before building his business empire, Ocelote established himself as one of Europe‘s best League of Legends players during his pro gaming career from 2010-2014. He competed for renowned organizations like SK Gaming and Fnatic, gaining valuable experience in the esports industry.

After retiring as a player, Ocelote had the visionary idea to start his own esports organization. He founded G2 Esports in 2014, naming it after his gamertag “Gamers2.”

Starting with just a League of Legends team, Ocelote has built G2 into a diverse, multi-title organization spanning over 15 game titles. Under his leadership as CEO, G2 evolved into one of the world’s premier esports brands, cultivating elite talent and winning championships.

G2‘s Meteoric Growth and Business Success

Ocelote‘s superb management has made G2 one of the most valuable organizations in the booming esports industry. According to Forbes, G2 was worth $105 million in 2019 – making it the 8th most valuable esports company globally at the time.

With esports‘ continued expansion, G2‘s current valuation likely far exceeds that figure. To put it into perspective, Cloud9 was valued at $400 million in 2022. As a top rival to C9, G2‘s value is estimated to be well over $200 million presently.

G2 has secured high-profile partnerships with brands like Red Bull, BMW, and Ralph Lauren – providing revenue through lucrative sponsorship deals. The company also benefits from merchandise sales, league profit sharing, and media rights from G2‘s Youtube channel with over 3 million subscribers.

By the Numbers:

  • Over 150 players signed across 15 esports titles
  • 18 championship titles won across multiple leagues
  • $5.25 million in prize money won by G2 teams in 2022 alone
  • 3.3 million Youtube subscribers and over 560 million views
  • 12.6 million combined followers across social media

This phenomenal growth is a testament to Ocelote‘s strategic acumen and vision for building the G2 brand. As founder and major shareholder, G2‘s success directly contributes to increasing Ocelote‘s personal net worth.

Leaving on Top

In September 2022, Ocelote stepped down from his role as G2‘s CEO following controversy over associating with Andrew Tate. He later sold his entire stake in the company he founded.

While no longer at the helm, Ocelote leaves G2 as a esports titan, having developed elite teams and partnerships that will continue to drive profits. Despite exiting, Ocelote remains a hugely influential figure in the industry.

Ocelote‘s Net Worth Compared to Other Esports Owners

With an estimated $5-10 million net worth, Ocelote ranks among the wealthiest team owners in esports, including:

  • Andy Miller (NRG CEO): $20 million
  • Ben Spoont (Misfits CEO): $18 million
  • Steve Arhancet (Team Liquid Co-CEO): $12.5 million

As G2 grows, lucrative future investment or entrepreneurial opportunities could see Ocelote‘s wealth rise even higher. Given his experience building G2 into an esports giant, his earning potential remains immense.

At just 32, Ocelote has already led an extraordinarily successful career as both a pro gamer and business strategist. With a reported net worth now in the millions, he departs G2 having more than accomplished his mission of establishing it among esports‘ elite.

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