Is Forbidden West worth it?

Absolutely – Horizon Forbidden West is a must-play adventure for PS5 and PS4 owners. Guerrilla Games has delivered an open world masterpiece that improves upon the original Horizon Zero Dawn in virtually every way. Keep reading as I break down exactly why Forbidden West is more than worth the cost of entry.

What the Reviews Say

Forbidden West currently has an impressive 88 score on Metacritic, based on 96 critic reviews. This makes it one of the highest rated Sony exclusives this generation. Here‘s a quick snapshot of reactions from major gaming publications:

  • IGN – 9/10 – "An open-world masterpiece"
  • GameSpot – 9/10 – "The definitive PS5 experience"
  • GamesRadar – 4.5/5 – "Awe-inspiring world and incredibly fun gameplay"
  • Polygon – Unscored – "One of the most beautiful games ever made"

It‘s clear there is critical consensus that Forbidden West improves upon Zero Dawn and stands as one of the PS5‘s best exclusives so far.

Sales Success

In its first two weeks, Forbidden West sold over 5.1 million copies worldwide. This makes it the second biggest launch ever for a new Sony IP, trailing only the 2018 Spider-Man game.

Forbidden West now ranks as the 12th best-selling PlayStation exclusive game ever. The appetite for more Horizon is clearly strong, with Forbidden West outpacing its predecessor‘s launch by a wide margin.

Horizon Game Launch Window Sales
Horizon Zero Dawn 2.6 million
Horizon Forbidden West 5.1 million

A Visual Showcase

Simply put, Forbidden West represents a new high water mark in visual presentation and technical graphics on PlayStation 5. The varied biomes across the frontier showcase stunning attention to detail from Guerrilla.

In their technical analysis, the experts at Digital Foundry called Forbidden West "a visual masterclass in open world rendering." From the intricate character models to lighting, fog, and particle effects, Forbidden West leverages the PS5‘s power to create an unparalleled level of immersion.

I‘d urge anyone skeptical about its graphics to watch a 4K clip on a big OLED TV. The HDR implementation and image quality here live up to the hype.

Expanded Open World Gameplay

Forbidden West improves traversal, combat, and progression in almost every way compared to Zero Dawn. Here are just a few standout upgrades:

  • The grapple hook Pullcaster lets Aloy reach new heights and opens up vertical platforming gameplay
  • New weapon types like the shredder gauntlet add build variety and choice
  • Melee combat is faster and more fluid with customizable combos
  • Valor Surges add powerful buffs to amplify your damage
  • More mounts like the Sunwing provide unique traversal abilities

Whether you enjoy tailoring your perfect build or experimenting with fun new toys, Forbidden West has no shortage of tools to support different playstyles.

Tells an Emotional Story

Without getting into spoiler territory, Aloy‘s journey in the Forbidden West expands the mythology and worldbuilding of this universe in compelling ways. Her personal stakes make for an emotional narrative with some heartfelt moments.

Returning characters like Varl and Zo receive more screen time and development. For sci-fi fans, learning more about the ancient past and technology behind the machines remains fascinating.

While light on romance, the relationships and connections Aloy forms are meaningful. Forbidden West finds a perfect balance between an epic save-the-world story and quiet, personal character beats.

In Conclusion

Thanks for sticking with me on this guided tour! Horizon Forbidden West checks every box:

  • Jaw-dropping visuals that push boundaries
  • Best-in-class open world gameplay
  • An engaging story fans will love
  • Huge world packed with content

Simply put, Guerrilla Games has delivered one of PlayStation‘s best exclusives. Forbidden West is a must-play adventure for PS5 and PS4 owners. Its combination of technical mastery and unforgettable moments cement it as a modern classic.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to offer advice so you get the most out of your time and money gaming.

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