How Many Pikachu Illustrator Cards Were Made and What Is a PSA 10 Copy Worth? The Complete Guide

Only 39 Pikachu Illustrator Cards Were Ever Created

The highly coveted Pikachu Illustrator card has gone down in history as the rarest and most valuable Pokémon card of all time. But exactly how limited is its circulation? As experts will confirm, only 39 copies were ever produced as prizes for CoroCoro Comic‘s illustration contests in 1997 and 1998. This minuscule population has fueled intense competition among collectors to own a piece of Pokémon history.

With the average trading card print run well into the thousands, the Pikachu Illustrator‘s double-digit population places it in truly elite company. With so much demand and so little supply, it‘s no wonder that prices for graded Illustrator Pikachus have skyrocketed into the millions. Let‘s explore the card‘s origins and mythic rise to holy grail status.

The Card‘s Creative Concept Dreamed Up for a Contest

So how did the Pikachu Illustrator come to be? The story traces back to the fledging days of the Pokémon franchise in Japan. Seeking to engage fans, the manga magazine CoroCoro Comic launched the Pokémon Card Game Illustration Contest in 1997.

For the following year‘s contest in 1998, they commissioned an exclusive promotional card as a prize for winners. The result was the Pikachu Illustrator, depicting everyone‘s favorite electric mouse painting at an easel. The fitting concept aligned perfectly with the artistic nature of the contest.

CoroCoro Comic awarded copies to the top prize winners over both years of the contest. In all, only 39 cards made their way into collectors‘ hands through this niche promotion. Right from the start, the logistics of the giveaway cemented the Pikachu Illustrator‘s legendary aura of exclusivity.

A Population Report That‘s Virtually Unchanged in 25 Years

But how many Pikachu Illustrators are actually left in circulation today? According to the grading service PSA, they have certified a total of just 23 copies to date. One collector is also known to own an ungraded example. That means the card‘s population essentially remains at 39 after 25 long years.

For context, PSA has graded over 75,000 1st Edition Base Set Charizards and over 200,000 Shadowless examples. Yet a quarter century later, less than 2 dozen Pikachu Illustrators have passed through the grading labs – a true testament to its incomparable rarity.

Card Total PSA Graded Population
1998 Illustrator Pikachu 23
1st Edition Shadowless Charizard 201,363
1st Edition Base Set Charizard 75,771

The Pikachu Illustrator Defined an Era for Pokémon Collecting

For 90s Pokémon collectors, the Pikachu Illustrator exemplified the pinnacle – a trophy card that felt borderline unobtainable even when first released. Decades later, that sentiment has only intensified as the card‘s value has risen exponentially.

Owning an authentic Illustrator Pikachu offers membership into an incredibly exclusive club of collectors. There‘s a reason Logan Paul and other influencers have placed such a premium on acquiring this prize. It represents the crown jewel of any Pokémon collection.

Record-Shattering Prices: How Much Is a PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator Worth?

Given the unmatched scarcity of the Pikachu Illustrator, it‘s no surprise collectors have paid staggering sums at auction to claim ownership. But exactly how much is the world‘s rarest Pokémon card worth today? Let‘s examine some recent sales.

$5.275 Million – The Pinnacle Purchase of a PSA 10 Gem

In February 2022, YouTuber Logan Paul shocked hobbyists worldwide when he acquired the coveted PSA 10 Illustrator Pikachu for a monstrous $5.275 million. This established a new record price for the card, and any Pokémon card for that matter.

Paul‘s private purchase has made him the sole owner of the lone PSA 10 Illustrator in existence. For collectors, a perfect 10-grade represents the ultimate prize. Given the delicate, thin cardstock of the Illustrator Pikachu, finding flawless Gems proves incredibly challenging even decades later.

The next closest contender is the $900,000 sale of a PSA 9 copy in 2021. That massive price difference demonstrates the tremendous premium placed on pristine condition.

Average Sale Price: $2 Million for PSA 9 Examples

While the PSA 10 price remains astronomically high, collectors can still expect to pay seven-figures for PSA 9 copies. Here are some recent examples:

  • Feb. 2021 – PSA 9 – $375,000
  • July 2021 – PSA 9 – $910,000
  • Sept. 2021 – PSA 9 – $900,000

Based on these sales, the market value for PSA 9 Illustrator Pikachus seems to have settled around $2 million on average. However, there could be room for future growth as more collectors compete for the coveted 9s.

Only a handful of PSA 10s exist of any card from the 1990s. Given that reality, collectors are willing to pay a massive premium for the 9s of the Illustrator Pikachu – the closest substitute to perfection.

Projected Value: Where Will Prices Go from Here?

With the trading card hobby rapidly expanding, market analysts see plenty of upside ahead for even the lofty Pikachu Illustrator. More investors are viewing rare cards as alternative assets, while celebrities and influencers consistently vie for the top prizes like the Illustrator Pikachu.

Speculation around Logan Paul‘s record-setting purchase price ranges from $10 million to $15 million over the next decade. However, some experts believe the card could eventually become a $50 million-plus asset based on continued upward momentum. Its mythical allure as the hobby‘s undisputed holy grail makes the Illustrator Pikachu a sound long-term investment bet.

The Nuances: What Makes the Pikachu Illustrator So Valuable

Aside from sheer scarcity, there are several important factors that drive the immense value of the Pikachu Illustrator for collectors and investors:

Unique Artwork Adds Character

As the only Pokémon card ever illustrated by Atsuko Nishida, the artwork itself holds special significance. Seeing Pikachu paint portraits of its fellow Pokémon adds creative flair fitting of the contest it was created for. Nishida‘s recognizable art style further connects the card to Pokémon‘s origins.

Mythic Reputation as the Holy Grail

Collectors universally acknowledge the Pikachu Illustrator as occupying the top spot in the hobby‘s hierarchy. It‘s extremely limited circulation and legendary narrative in the hobby bestow almost mythical appeal. For Pokémon fans, owning an Illustrator Pikachu represents the ultimate pinnacle.

Perfect Grades Are Virtually Impossible

Unlike spells in Pokémon, grading magic doesn‘t exist. As cards age, small flaws naturally develop even when carefully stored. Achieving the flawless surface, centering and corners required of a PSA 10 becomes exponentially harder over time. For a 25-year-old card issued on flimsy stock, finding a 10 seems nothing short of miraculous.

Celebrity Catnip for Influencers

From YouTuber Logan Paul to entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, the Illustrator Pikachu has immense allure for celebrity collectors. As their unboxing videos gain millions of views, the card‘s mythical reputation expands further. Influencers have proven more than willing to pay seven-figures for the prestige of owning this ultimate grail.

Investment Appeal as an Alternative Asset

With trading cards increasingly seen as alternative investments, the Pikachu Illustrator offers reliable value. Given its tiny population and outsized demand from wealthy collectors, prices for the Illustrator seem likely to continue appreciating at a rapid pace. As the world‘s most desirable card, it makes an extremely sound investment.

Tips for Collectors: Safely Storing and Authenticating Your Purchase

For the handful of collectors fortunate enough to own a Pikachu Illustrator, preserving both the condition and legitimacy of the card presents an understandable concern given its extraordinary value. Here is some expert guidance on storage and authentication best practices:

Secure and Insure Your Investment

Keeping your Illustrator Pikachu protected in a safe or safety deposit box is well warranted given its ability to command seven-figure price tags. Maintaining insurance coverage is also essential in case of potential loss or damage during handling and transportation. You want reliable protection for your investment.

Double-Check Authentication at Purchase

Fakes and counterfeits are a real threat in the collectibles market, especially for such limited items. When making a purchase, have reputable grading companies like PSA and Beckett confirm the card‘s authenticity before finalizing any transaction. Their qualified opinions are indispensable.

Handle With Care During Display and Transport

Always lightly grip an Illustrator Pikachu card by the edges and corners when handling, and avoid touching the delicate holo surface. For long-term storage, use an inner sleeve and protective top loader case. During any required transport, cushion the card securely to prevent vibration and jostling that can cause wear.

Maintain Ideal Climate Conditions

Trading cards are vulnerable to humidity and drastic temperature swings that can accelerate deterioration over time. Storing your Pikachu Illustrator in a consistent climate between 65-70°F and 40-50% relative humidity is ideal for preservation based on grading company research.

Closing Thoughts on the Legacy of the Pikachu Illustrator

For Pokémon collectors worldwide, the Illustrator Pikachu represents the ultimate treasure – the rarest of the rare. Decades after only 39 copies were awarded as contest prizes, its value has reached astronomical heights. No other Pokémon card has achieved the same mythical aura surrounding the Illustrator.

Given its unfathomably limited circulation, celebrity appeal, and flawless PSA 10 grade, this micro-population card should only continue gaining value with time. As the undisputed holy grail for Pokémon enthusiasts, the Illustrator Pikachu‘s legacy as the hobby‘s most important card seems assured for generations to come. Its seven-figure price tag reflects a crowning achievement for collectors.

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