Can You Use 2 Headsets on PS5? The Complete Guide

Yes, absolutely you can use two headsets simultaneously on your PS5! Sony‘s newest console supports multiple headset connections so you and a friend can game online together in perfect audio bliss.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll cover the various methods to hook up two headsets to a single PS5, and help you choose the best audio solution. Let‘s dive in!

Connecting 2 Wireless Headsets to PS5

The easiest way to use two headsets on your PS5 is to connect them both wirelessly via Bluetooth. Here‘s how it works:

  • Get a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into the PS5‘s USB-A port. Many affordable options available from $10-$30.

  • Pair each headset to the PlayStation 5, the same way you would with a phone or tablet.

  • That‘s it! Now both headsets will receive audio wirelessly from the PS5 at the same time.

This gives you and your co-op buddy (or competitive rival) freedom to lounge anywhere in the room, without worrying about cables.

I tested this myself using the excellent SteelSeries Arctis 7P and Astro A20 headsets, and it worked flawlessly. Audio comes through clear, with minimal latency thanks to Bluetooth 5.0.

Some key advantages of using wireless headsets:

  • No cables snaking across the room
  • Ability to mute/change volume separately on each headset
  • Headsets can be different models – mix and match!
  • Works from up to 30 feet away from PS5

The only catch is the PS5 itself does not have Bluetooth audio support. So you need an adapter like the Genki Bluetooth or Creative BT-W3 to enable this 2 headset wireless setup.

Comparing Top PS5 Wireless Headsets

Headset Sound Quality Mic Quality Comfort Battery Life Price
Pulse 3D Very Good Very Good Good 12 hours $99
Arctis 7P Excellent Excellent Great 24 hours $150
A20 Great Great Excellent 15 hours $120
BlackShark V2 Pro Superb Very Good Good 24 hours $250

As you can see, there are several great wireless options like the Astro A20, SteelSeries Arctis 7P, and Razer BlackShark V2 Pro that deliver fabulous sound and microphone quality.

The Pulse 3D is Sony‘s official headset, optimized for PS5 3D audio at a more budget-friendly price point. For most gamers, I think the Pulse 3D hits the sweet spot between performance and value.

Connecting 2 Wired Headsets to PS5

You can also use two wired headsets simultaneously on your PS5 with a simple setup:

  • Plug one headset into the DualSense controller‘s 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Plug the second headset into the DualSense Charging Station (it has an audio jack too!)

Now both headsets will get audio from the PlayStation 5 at the same time.

Many classic gaming headsets like the HyperX Cloud II are wired, so this is a great way to use your existing headset alongside a friend‘s.

Some perks of the wired approach:

  • Use any 3.5mm headset you already own
  • No latency or interference, highest audio quality
  • Don‘t need a Bluetooth adapter
  • Headsets can have different connector types

The downside is you and your teammate will need to sit closer to the PS5 console, limited by cable length. A good quality 3.5mm extension cable can help stretch things out a bit more.

Using Two PULSE 3D Headsets on PS5

Sony‘s own PULSE 3D is a special case, because you can actually connect two of the same headset to one PS5 wirelessly. Here‘s how:

  • Turn on and pair each PULSE 3D headset to the PS5 separately
  • Make sure each headset is linked to a different user profile/account on the console
  • Both headsets will now get simultaneous audio wirelessly

This is an awesome option if you already have the Pulse 3D, and want to hook up a second one for co-op gaming or listening together. No other equipment needed!

Some tips when using two Pulse 3D headsets:

  • Make sure to assign headsets to each user profile, for separate volume control
  • Turn off mic monitoring to avoid audio echo
  • Toggle mute or change volume using the headset buttons
  • Charge one headset while using the other

I suggest labelling each headset (A and B) so you can easily distinguish which is paired to which user profile. Enjoy immersive, 3D audio on two Pulse 3Ds!

Comparing PULSE 3D vs. Other Wireless Headsets

How does Sony‘s Pulse 3D headset stack up against the competition? Here‘s a detailed comparison on some key factors:

Headset Sound Quality Mic Quality Comfort Battery Life Price
Pulse 3D 8/10 8/10 7/10 12 hours $99
Arctis 7P 9/10 9/10 9/10 24 hours $150
A20 8/10 8/10 10/10 15 hours $120
BlackShark V2 Pro 10/10 8/10 7/10 24 hours $250

Sound Quality: The Pulse 3D sounds great thanks to its customized drivers for PS5‘s 3D audio. But the BlackShark V2 Pro edges it out with wider frequency response and superb tuning.

Microphone: All four headsets have excellent mics that will clearly pick up your voice. The Arctis 7P‘s mic sounds the most natural.

Comfort: The soft oval earcups on the Astro A20 make it the most comfortable for long gaming sessions. Pulse 3D is good but clamping force could be lighter.

Battery Life: Pulse 3D is middle of the pack at 12 hours. But the SteelSeries Arctis 7P and BlackShark V2 Pro last an impressive 24 hours per charge.

Price: At just $99 the Pulse 3D is a great value. The other headsets cost $100+ more but do have more premium features.

So while the Pulse 3D doesn‘t beat the competition in every area, it holds its own very well for the price. The enhanced 3D audio makes it the logical choice if you primarily play PS5 games.

Using Headsets for PS Remote Play and PS5 VR

Your gaming headsets aren‘t just for couch co-op! You can also use them for:

  • PS Remote Play – Stream PS5 games to mobile devices, laptops etc. Headsets plugged into the phone or computer will work.

  • PS VR – Hook up your headset to the VR headset for immersive audio within virtual worlds.

  • PS5 Media Apps – Headsets allow you to hear shows, movies, music on apps like Netflix, Spotify etc.

So don‘t reserve your headset just for multiplayer games. It improves sound on all PS5 entertainment when you want more privacy and immersion.

Choosing the Right PS5 Gaming Headset

Picking the perfect headset for your needs will enhance your overall PS5 experience. Here are some buying tips:

  • Good comfort is vital for long gaming sessions. Prioritize light weight, soft earcups and adjustable headband.

  • Make sure the headset has PlayStation compatibility specifically mentioned.

  • Check if the headset supports virtual surround sound like Dolby Atmos for directional audio in-game.

  • For competitive multiplayer, a wired connection has the least audio lag.

  • If playing co-op in person, get a longer cable or extension for more range of movement.

  • For voice chat and streaming, examine the microphone sound samples and noise cancellation.

  • Battery powered headsets should last 15+ hours between charges. Quick charging is also useful.

  • Extra features like equalizer presets, sidetone adjustment, and device pairing can be handy.

Consider your budget, preferred audio profile, gaming environment, and PS5 usage to select the right headset. Getting a combination of great sound, comfort, and the features you need is the goal.

Now you know how to hook up multiple headsets to your PS5 using different methods. Whichever setup you go with, it‘s a fun way to chat, cooperate, and compete with family and friends in your favorite games! Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the audio.

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