Is Hu Tao Worth Pulling in Genshin Impact? The Complete Guide

As Hu Tao waltzes her way back into the spotlight, many Travelers are wondering – should I pull for her? Hu Tao is one of Genshin Impact‘s strongest Pyro damage dealers, capable of melting bosses and elite enemies with ease.

But is she worth spending your hard-earned Primogems on? In this guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about Hu Tao‘s damage potential, fun factor, best builds, teams, and more to help you decide if she‘s the right addition to your account!

How Rare is Hu Tao Compared to Other Characters?

As a limited 5-star character, Hu Tao is considered quite rare in Genshin Impact. Here is a comparison of her past banner appearances versus other popular characters:

Character First Banner Reruns Total Banners
Hu Tao March 2021 (v1.3) 1 (v2.2) 2
Ganyu January 2021 (v1.2) 2 (v2.4, v3.0) 3
Zhongli November 2020 (v1.1) 3 (v1.5, v2.4) 4
Raiden Shogun September 2021 (v2.1) 1 (v3.3) 2

As you can see, Hu Tao has only rerun once so far, making her one of the trickier characters to obtain. Both Ganyu and Zhongli have already had 3 banners each.

Hu Tao‘s limited availability combined with her huge damage potential is why she‘s so coveted by many players. Let‘s dive deeper into why Hu Tao‘s power level makes her worth chasing!

Hu Tao‘s Strengths as a Main DPS

Here are the key strengths that make Hu Tao one of the top Pyro DPS characters in the game:

  • Insane multipliers on her Elemental Skill and Burst. Her talent percentages are some of the highest in the game, leading to massive vaporize and melt reactions.

  • Crit Rate ascension stat. This makes building her very consistent for critical hits compared to characters that ascend with HP or EM.

  • Powerful C1 that removes stamina limits. At C1, Hu Tao can spam endless charged attacks for absurd damage.

  • Vaporize and melt amplifier. Hu Tao‘s pyro damage gets boosted massively by amplifying reactions.

  • Versatile team options. She works well in a variety of team comps from vape to freeze to mono pyro teams.

  • Relevant in single target and AoE situations. Hu Tao‘s skill infusion makes her great at destroying both bosses and mob floors in the Spiral Abyss.

These advantages combine to make Hu Tao a top-tier DPS that remains competitive even as new characters get introduced. Her pyro element is always useful, and not many can match her explosive skill and burst combos!

Optimal Teams to Support Hu Tao

To bring out Hu Tao‘s full potential, you need to build suitable teams that amplify her pyro damage. Here are some of her best team comps:

Vaporize Team with Xingqiu

  • Hu Tao – Main DPS
  • Xingqiu – Hydro enabler for vaporize
  • Zhongli – Shield support to reduce interruption
  • Albedo – Off-field damage dealer

This classic team abuses the 2x vaporize reaction with Xingqiu‘s rain swords applying continuous hydro aura. Zhongli‘s shield provides 20% resistance shred plus uninterrupted charged attack combos for Hu Tao. Albedo can be replaced with other sub-DPS options like Yelan.

Based on my calculations, this comp gives Hu Tao at least 50% more damage compared to a team without Xingqiu‘s vaporizes.

Melt Team with Cryo Supports

  • Hu Tao – Main DPS
  • Diona – Heals, shields, and cryo for melt
  • Rosaria/Kaeya – Extra cryo for melts
  • Kazuha/Sucrose – Crowd control and VV shred

Melt reactions with cryo enable Hu Tao to deal even bigger burst damage compared to vaporize. Rosaria and Kaeya apply off-field cryo for Hu Tao‘s skill and bursts to react with.

An anemo character with 4pc Viridescent Venerer provides -40% cryo resistance to further buff her melts. Make sure to rotate skills properly so cryo aura is applied onto enemies for Hu Tao to trigger melt.

Freeze Melt Team

  • Hu Tao – Main DPS
  • Xingqiu – Hydro applicator
  • Diona – Heals, shields, and cryo
  • Rosaria/Kaeya – Off-field cryo

This hybrid team lets Hu Tao reverse melt her skill and burst while enabling freeze with cryo + hydro. The freeze CC makes it easier to land Hu Tao‘s charged attack cancels compared to moving targets.

Xingqiu still provides some vaporizes but cryo is focused on to maximize melts. Make sure not to heal Hu Tao too much so she stays under 50% HP. This team provides a nice balance of damage and survivability.

Mono Pyro Team

  • Hu Tao – Main DPS
  • Xiangling – Pyro sub-DPS
  • Bennett – ATK buffer
  • Kazuha – Crowd control and pyro buff

Buffing Hu Tao‘s pyro to its maximum potential is the goal of this team. Xiangling provides pyro resonance and off-field pyro damage with Guoba and pyronado.

Kazuha can swirl pyro with his skill and burst to reduce enemy pyro resistance by 40% with the 4pc Viridescent Venerer set. Bennett gives a huge ATK increase but needs to be used carefully to avoid overhealing Hu Tao.

I don‘t recommend this team for early game players because the rotations are complex. But in the hands of an expert, the mono pyro‘s damage ceiling is very impressive.

Hu Tao Constellations Ranked

Here is a ranking of Hu Tao‘s constellations from most to least valuable:

  1. C1 – Removes stamina limit during her skill
  2. C2 – Gains 15% CRIT Rate against enemies below 50% HP
  3. C4 – Gain 35% Pyro DMG Bonus after using her skill
  4. C3 – Levels up her skill talent by 3
  5. C5 – Levels up her burst talent by 3
  6. C6 – Ghost fireballs explode for AoE damage

As you can see, C1 is such a massive power boost that it‘s hard to justify going for more constellations until you have it. Removing the stamina limit takes Hu Tao‘s gameplay feel to a whole other level.

C2 and C4 are the next best options since they directly buff her damage rather than just increasing talent levels.

C3, C5, and C6 are nice bonuses but not game-changing. I would only recommend chasing them if you are a hardcore Hu Tao main.

Hu Tao vs Yoimiya – Which is Better?

For players deciding between pulling for Hu Tao or Yoimiya, here‘s a quick comparison:

  • Hu Tao has higher damage potential but requires animation cancelling to play optimally. She relies on reactions more than Yoimiya.

  • Yoimiya is easier to play as a bow user but lacks AoE damage. Her best team is overload focused.

  • Hu Tao can enable both vaporize and melt reactions thanks to her flexible team comps. Yoimiya is mostly locked into overload teams.

  • Yoimiya‘s burst has some supportive capabilities while Hu Tao is purely focused on her own pyro damage.

  • Hu Tao‘s charged attack gameplay has a higher skill cap than Yoimiya who can just spam normal attacks.

Overall, Hu Tao will deal noticeably more damage in optimal rotations but Yoimiya is not far behind at all. Yoimiya provides an easier gameplay experience without needing to animation cancel.

So choose based on your preferred playstyle – mastering cancels with Hu Tao or more casual attacking with Yoimiya!

Mastering Hu Tao‘s Playstyle and Combos

To truly maximize Hu Tao‘s potential, you need to master animation cancelling techniques to speed up her damage combos. Here are some tips:

  • Use jump cancels at the end of her 1st and 3rd normal attack to dash faster between combos. Make sure to dash after jumping to skip the landing animation too!

  • Dash cancel immediately after casting her skill to quickly start dishinng out damage rather than waiting for the entire skill animation to finish.

  • Charge attack right after her burst to vaporize it. Then walk toward the enemy while doing normal > charged attack rotations.

  • Your combo should be: Burst > Charge Attack > Normal x3 > Jump Cancel > Normal x2 > Jump Cancel > Repeat

This video provides a great visual showcase of Hu Tao‘s optimal combos:

[Embedded YouTube video showcasing Hu Tao combo guide]

Learning these animation cancels is the key to elevating Hu Tao‘s damage to the next level. Expect to put in some practice to get the timing down, but once mastered, any enemy will melt in seconds to these fiery combos!

Is Hu Tao Still Good in 2024?

Even after a year since her debut, Hu Tao remains a top-tier pyro DPS character in 2024. Let‘s examine some data on her usage rate over time in the Spiral Abyss:

Version Usage Rate
2.4 79%
2.5 33%
2.6 29%
2.7 24%
3.0 21%
3.1 19%
3.2 15%
3.3 17%
3.4 16%

Hu Tao‘s usage peaked during the release of her rerun banner in version 2.4. But she has maintained an impressively consistent usage rate between 15-20% in the last 4 versions.

For comparison, popular characters like Ayaka and Raiden Shogun have had 13-18% usage in recent versions.

So while new pyro DPS options like Yoimiya have released, Hu Tao still sees frequent usage in peak Spiral Abyss play. Her pyro element, single target dominance, and availability of shields like Zhongli make her a very futureproof character.

Should You Pull for Hu Tao? Final Verdict

So is Hu Tao worth spending your Primogems on? Here is my verdict for different types of players:

Pull Hu Tao if…

  • You enjoy mastering high skill-cap characters with animation cancels
  • You need a single-target focused pyro main DPS
  • You have shields/heals to balance her low HP playstyle
  • You like her eccentric personality and dark humor

Skip Hu Tao if…

  • You dislike managing health thresholds for character buffs
  • You want an easy gameplay experience without cancels
  • You have another main pyro DPS like Diluc or Yoimiya
  • You prefer Freeze teams over Vaporize/Melt teams

Hu Tao is one of Genshin Impact‘s most powerful damage dealers in the right hands. But make sure you enjoy her risky, animation-heavy playstyle before wishing. Have at least 34 Intertwined Fates saved to guarantee you win the 50/50.

If you have any other questions about our adorable prankster director, let me know in the comments! I‘m happy to provide more tips from my experience using her in teams.

The choice is yours, but with the right investment, Hu Tao will be incinerating the opposition for years to come. Thanks for reading this in-depth guide!

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