Is The Witcher 3 Complete Edition Worth Buying? A Friendly Guide for New and Returning Fans

As someone who has sunk over 200 hours into The Witcher game series, let me be clear up front – in my expert opinion, The Witcher 3 Complete Edition is absolutely worth buying. For new fans eager to dive into this acclaimed open world RPG, it bundles together the massive base game and two expansions for the definitive Witcher 3 experience. And for longtime fans like myself, revisiting the Complete Edition is the best way to get lost once more in one of gaming‘s most immersive fantasy realms.

An Epic Story and Unforgettable Characters

Now, let‘s dig deeper into the key reasons why The Witcher 3 stands tall among the great RPGs of the last decade. At its heart lies an epic, emotionally charged narrative full of unforgettable characters who truly grow on you. Geralt of Rivia makes for a compelling protagonist, world-weary yet loyal, with a dry wit. Seeing him reunite with his on-again, off-again lover Yennefer shows rare nuance and depth.

The writing and voice acting bring characters like Geralt, Triss, Ciri and Yennifer to life in a way few games manage. Some quests will stay with you long after you‘ve forgotten their rewards. Moments like Geralt‘s reunion with Ciri after long separation pull the heartstrings. Few fictional characters feel as human and realized as those in The Witcher 3.

Freedom to Explore a Rich, Beautiful World

The continent of Northern Realms sprawls before you, ripe for exploration. Blustery winds howl through the isles of Skellige. Sunbeams pierce misty forests where deadly beasts lurk. The vibrant hub city of Novigrad overflows with quest givers. From war-ravaged towns to remote away, the variety never lets up.

Nearly everywhere, thoughtful writing brings added depth. Small touches add flavor, whether you‘re chatting with someone after the funeral of his son or checking on the stonemason whose wife has just left him. My favorite moments came from stumbling upon little stories that added personality to this world.

From windswept coasts to dark monster dens, the scenery impresses with both scope and detail. I often found myself stopping just to pan the camera around and take it all in. Between the art design and technology powering the visuals, The Witcher 3 is a sight to behold.

Satisfying Action-RPG Gameplay

While the narrative and world design shine brightest, solid gameplay completes the package. The responsive melee-focused combat starts simple but expands as you unlock new skills and abilities. Landing blows and parries feels meaty, with lots of challenging foes to test your combat prowess against.

Crafting gear, preparing potions and applying oils before hunts make Geralt feel like the monster slayer he is. Side activities like horse racing, card games and fist fighting offer fun distractions. The mixture of questing, exploration, collecting loot and growing stronger should satisfy RPG fans.

Throughout your journey, meaningful choices both big and small add a sense of agency. The Bloody Baron quest line provides an excellent example. How you handle plot developments can lead to starkly different outcomes for him and his family. While far from revolutionary, the gameplay does its job very well.

Well Worth the Time Investment

The sheer size of the world and wealth of content is incredible. The main story offers at least 50 hours of playtime. Adding all the side quests, monster contracts and miscellaneous activities doubles that easily. Completionists can spend 200 hours uncovering all secrets and still not have had enough.

Yet even playing over 100 hours, the variety of locales, enemies and stories keeps The Witcher 3 feeling fresh. It undoubtedly stands among the longest and most content-rich RPG experiences ever created. The value for money is off the charts compared to games half as long.

How the Expansions Enrich the Experience

Now let‘s examine what the Complete Edition adds. The Hearts of Stone expansion sends Geralt on a thrilling new adventure against an immortal enemy. Its 10 hours tell an eerie, mind-bending tale with captivating characters and stories.

The Blood and Wine expansion transports you to a fantastical new land rife with knights and corrupted nobles. Its massive scope dwarfs many full games, adding over 30 hours of content. New activities like dyeing armor and weaponry add customization, while higher levels let you keep advancing Geralt.

Both expansions recapture the magic of The Witcher 3‘s world and enrich key characters in satisfying ways. They rank among the finest game expansions anywhere thanks to the quality storytelling and production values. Investing in the Complete Edition including these expansions is highly advisable.

How The Witcher 3 Stacks Against the Competition

Having played other sprawling RPGs like Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn and Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3 stands tall thanks to unmatched narrative depth and wonderfully realized characters. Its world brims with meticulous details that make it feel alive. Quests constantly surprise with emotional weight and moral subtlety.

In terms of scope and value, The Witcher 3 is virtually unrivaled. Excellent post-release support added loads of free content before the expansions raised the bar further. Simply put, no other massive open world RPG can match The Witcher 3 for completeness of experience and consistent quality throughout.

Replayability for Returning Fans

Even having already experienced the base game‘s compelling journey, it‘s worth replaying the Complete Edition. The expansions provide good excuses to become immersed once more in one of gaming‘s most detailed worlds. And the compelling characters and stories hold up wonderfully.

Seeing friends like Yennefer and Ciri again is reason enough for fans to dive back in. There are enough quest variations and choices to keep subsequent playthroughs feeling fresh. And the Pure New Game mode lets you clear out collected items and currency for a real challenge. With hundreds of hours of content, replay value is quite high.

A Modern RPG Classic Worth Savoring

Rather than a checklist of activities, The Witcher 3 invites you to savor its fantasy realm. Let the immersive ambience sink in. Linger on the emotional moments with characters you‘ve come to care about. Roam off the beaten path for hidden surprises. Take your time roleplaying a professional monster slayer.

New players and enthusiastic returning fans alike should play The Witcher 3 Complete Edition. With the base game, expansions, free DLC and extras bundled together, it‘s the definitive way to experience one of the most outstanding RPG feats in modern gaming. For hundreds of hours across war-torn realms and fantastical domains, Geralt of Rivia‘s complete adventure awaits. The path you follow and tales you forge will stay with you long after the final credits roll.

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