Sleeping on Plane: Best Tips for Travelers

Are you a regular traveler? Having trouble with sleeping in plane? Then read this article may help you. Keep reading…

It does not go without saying that traveling is an outstanding way of spending your vacations or encounter solo time. While reaching the desired destination, you have to pass hours in the plane and sleeping for a couple of hours are necessary. Without any doubt for most of the travelers sleeping on a plane is an arduous task because of the fears.

It has seen that around 80% of accidents occur within 5 minutes of landing and taking off, so this fear does not allow a person to sleep. In contrast, other people can peacefully sleep during long fights. If you fall in the first category, then there is no need to feel low anymore. For a reason, you can also take a nap on the flight by following the given tips.

Choose your seat position carefully

Sleeping On Plane with some freedom

The location of your seat can also determine the possible hours of sleep you can take on an airplane. For the fact, your seat position has a significant role in the quality of your sleep. According to a random survey, 65% of the passengers face difficulty in searching for appropriate seat position on economy flights.

In this regard, the lean-back position will aid you in a sleeping state. You can do this by reclining your seat to upright posture. As the purpose is to exert less pressure on your back so try to look for a flat seat position. However, make sure not to put your head on a meal tray since it might hurt your lower back. The 135-degree angle of your seat works well as it applies less pressure on the spinal cord.

Have enough legroom and reduce your hand-carry luggage

When you have decided to spend your time peacefully on the flight, then you have to pack your luggage prudently. To magnify the legroom reduce your carry-on luggage as much as possible. It has seen that having enough legroom can let you sleep well while your legs are not scrunched.

Give your feet some freedom

Sitting for an extended period on a flight can create hindrance in limb circulation which is not harmful. It happens because sitting in a particular position can increase the pressure in your feet causing soft tissues to swell. However, you can get rid of foot swelling during a flight by keeping specific factors in mind.

Taking a walk might not a new thing for you. But it is by far the most significant activity to give your feet some relaxation during the flight. On the other hand, you can also perform various foot exercises on a flight to get relief from pain. It is surprising to know that travelers who exercise during a flight have 61% better journey than those who did not.

Bring a pillow for your neck

While having other carry-on luggage, the neck pillow is also one of the essential things that can be quite beneficial. The neck pain is another issue that you might encounter just like foot problems in an airplane.

It is utterly true that airplane seat is not the same as your sofa. Thereupon, you have to plan something as long as you want a pain free experience during a flight. On that account take a neck pillow to support your neck and let you stay asleep for long.

Learn more about Best Travel Pillows if you want to see the details before purchasing.

Use some sleeping aids

Of course, when no option works on a flight, then you have to use some sleeping pills to calm yourself. However, this can be a bit risky particularly for those who like to travel alone. It is due to the reason sleeping pills have different compositions with adverse effects, and that can make you groggy. For adjusting the biological clock in our body, there is a need for melatonin which is a naturally occurring hormone. So you can take the dose of melatonin before your flight.

Skip your caffeine intake before boarding

Most of you have this question in your mind that is caffeine intake safe during the flight? The answer to this riddle depends much on the personal perspective. Since, because for some it is helpful for waking you up and for others it aids in sleeping.

Apart from this, being a nervous flyer, you should skip caffeine intake before boarding as it may elevate the anxiety level. Some studies show that caffeine intake can lead to panic attacks, manic episodes, and delusions.

Recline your seat but don’t disturb others

One of the distinct yet necessary tips for better sleep is to have a lean back position. Every passenger has a right to travel with tranquility and without discomfort. Doing so does not mean to disturb the rare passenger since it is against basic etiquette.

It is essential to inform them beforehand to let them support the food on the metal tray. Other than this, avoid reclining during the mealtime as it may spoil the fellow passenger's experience.

Keep the lights off and use headphones for light music

Listening to soothing music let you spend long-haul flights in peace that may also allow you to have enough sleep. While you purchase, some travel essentials do not forget to get yourself noise-canceling headset.

You can even make the experience enjoyable by keeping the lights during a flight. So, before you board plan a music list that includes your favorite songs. Plus keep in view selecting the offline application that is simple to use.

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Set the alarm before landing

It is correct to say that deciding your sleep routine depending upon the destination help you sleep well. It will, in turn, keep you miles away from jet lag. In this regard try to wake yourself up half an hour before you land.

As waking up at the last minute might make things complicated and leave you in regret. By putting an alarm, you can freshen yourself and have enough time to use the bathroom. In short, from packing your luggage to the sleep schedule plan accordingly.


After considering all of the above, you must have known how to take a nap during your long flight. In most of the cases getting less sleep during a trip can be psychological hectic than that of physical issue. However, reaching to the cause of the problem can prepare you to eradicate it while you are traveling.

You can also take advice from a traveling expert to spend the time in flight peacefully. Besides this, parents who travel with children are also unable to manage their sleeping schedule on a plane. We suggest them to follow the tips mentioned above to have stress free experience during a flight.

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