Best Sleeping Position For Better Sleep And Pain-Free

It is all about the best sleeping position for better sleep. How comfortable is your sleeping time? And how do you sleep? Where do you sleep? These are the questions that when answered correctly, you will find a lasting solution to your sleeping problems. We have a well-defined and researched article to help many across the globe find permanent solutions to all sleeping problems irrespective of race, religion, or status. We all sleep and we must all have a more comfortable sleep. That is what we have here for you…

Sleep is not just moments we have to rest-off all the tedious activities of the day. There is more to it as we’re just about to find out as we explore the best sleeping position to take. Sleep is one activity that cuts across all walks of life. Everybody social status, race, or religion notwithstanding, we all fall asleep. When sleep comes you can’t resist it. And as the wise say, everything that has a beginning must have its end.

Therefore, when sleep comes, we must approach it well from the beginning to the end when we wake up. How then do we approach it? That is what this article is going to address by defining the best sleeping position.

good sleep position

There are many reasons why a good sleep that begun well ends up in pain the following morning. The solution to that will entails identifying a good sleeping position, adequate sleeping time, and good sleeping equipment.  For this article, we will narrow down to sleeping positions. But before we get there, briefly let us understand the underlying reason for turning a good sleep into a painful and tiring one. Some of the issues include:

  • Too much or too little of physical activities (exercises)
  • Health-related issues like a sickness.
  • Inflammations in the body.
  • Old age among others.

With that brief discussion of the underlying issues for a good and comfortable sleep, all the issues above must be addressed depending on the person. Back to our topic, depending on the individual, there are many good and best sleeping positions including the following:

Lateral Sleeping Position/Sleeping on the Side

This sleeping position aligns the neck and the spine with the rest of the body. It must, however, be noted that this position must be accompanied by the right sleeping equipment (beddings like pillow and mattresses) for it to remain beneficial. Like for instance, the pillow must be friendly to the neck aligning both the neck and the head right in between the shoulders.

Lateral Sleeping Position

The posture is good for people who snore but this may not be the same with people suffering from arthritis.

Scientists researching the health of the brain have recently established that sleeping on the side is good for the brain since the brain eliminates waste much faster when sleeping.

Other than the benefits stated this sleeping position has its shortcomings too. Like for instance, because of the pressure on the face, while resting your face on the pillow, facial wrinkles are likely to be inevitable bring you to the aging bracket mush faster. And for women, this may also bring about sagging breast when the breast ligament stretches periodically.

Supine Position/Sleeping on the Back

back Sleeping Position

This sleeping position has been recommended by medics for people struggling with neck and low back pain to help them keep such pain to check by spreading the pain through to other areas of the body. When sleeping on the back, the head and the neck needs to rest on a firm pillow tailored to conform with the neck aligned with the spine and to the rest of the body.

This posture isn’t appropriate for people with underlying low back pain as it will worsen the situation. And for pregnant women, this is not appropriate.

Fetal Position

Fetal sleep Position

For many people, this is the most desired. Though it has more in common with sleeping on the side, in this case, the whole body is curled up with both hands stretched in front of your body to help keep the upper body in the right position and avoid any neck pain.

Fetal position is recommended for pregnant women as it improves blood circulation for both the mother and the unborn baby. It also helps minimize any pressure coming from the neck and both upper and lower back.

Sleeping Position Suitable During Pregnancy

For a pregnant mother, it is never advisable to sleep on your stomach or the back. Sleeping on the side becomes most appropriate as it promotes smooth circulation of blood. To relieve back pain and more comfort, putting a pillow under the stomach and in between the legs respectively would be advisable.

Sleeping Position Suitable During Pregnancy

Caution must be taken when it comes to the safety of the baby. Sleeping on the back even for just a short time adversely affects the baby's breathing system. When this is done, the baby position changes to a position where enough oxygen circulation will be hindered and this can be fatal.


Sleep is inevitable. We all fall asleep. The only difference is how comfortable is your sleep? And how pain-free do you wake up? It is important that when you sleep you should enjoy that sleep. The best sleeping position should make you have a good rest after a traitorous long day’s activities. Therefore, any hindrance in your sleep time must be avoided at all costs.

One of the ways of getting a peaceful and comfortable sleep is in how and where you sleep. How you sleep is based on your sleeping position and where you sleep is all about the sleeping equipment (beddings ling the pillow and the mattress). Different people will have comfort in different sleeping positions.

So, depending on your situation, everybody needs to choose what is working for them. Do you have a problem with making that choice? Is your sleeping position serving you better? What about your sleeping equipment’s are they the right ones for you? Keep reading to find out.

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