5 Best White Noise Machines for Good Night’s Sleep

Struggle with bad sleep because of noise? A white noise machine might help you. Find out more about these helpful devices in this article.

White noise machines are a must-have when you want to block environmental sounds when you sleep. They help many people have a good night’s sleep, and some others even use them in the daytime to concentrate. Due to its unique ability to block out all external sounds, these machines are useful for people who easily get distracted. Infants can also have a better sleep if you use a white noise machine. If you feel you don’t get enough sleep because you wake up from every sound, the white noise might help you.

Why Use White Noise Machines

White Noise Machines uses

How exactly can the machine help you sleep? Sounds usually disrupt sleep, but not all of them. Most people fall asleep well when they hear the rain, and the sound machine has just the same principle. While some sounds like dog barking can disrupt your sleep, white noise helps to calm your brain down. White noise blocks out all other sound disruptions and relaxes your brains. Due to these qualities, white noise machines can help different purposes.

White noise for sleep

This is the most widespread use. If you live in a noisy apartment and can’t get enough sleep because of the sound, try using a noise machine to help you sleep. Also, if you have insomnia or other sleep problems, doctors often recommend the use of white noise.

White noise for babies

For fussy babies, using a noise machine can benefit sleep. Babies can wake up from the slightest sound, so blocking out all distractions can help their deep night’s sleep. White noise machines for babies have extra safety measures and natural soothing sounds for the tender baby’s ear.

White noise for the office

Noise machines are sound-proof, which means they can sound isolate a certain area. If you want to have a confidential talk at the office, use a white noise machine in the room to ensure privacy. White noise can also improve your productivity in open-space or noisy conditions.

For concentration

If you work at home or the office with many sound distractions, a white noise machine can help you isolate and concentrate. Noise, light, and movement are some of the most frequent distractors, so blocking at least one of them will benefit your work.

For animals

If your cat or dog is afraid of loud sounds, you might use a noise machine to soothe them. For example, if your pet fears thunderstorms or renovation sounds next door, use a white noise machine to calm them down.

Types of Noise for Sleep

Types of Noise for Sleep

If you have noisy neighbors or wake up when your partner comes home late when you sleep, a noise machine can be the right option for you. Most of the devices use brown, white, or pink noise. They have the same principle but are a bit different to fit all sleepers.

Pink Noise

This kind of noise has all the frequencies the human can hear. Still, it is not as loud as the original white noise, because the energy of frequencies distributes unequally across them. Pink noise is at lower frequencies and is more intense, so it creates a deeper sound.

Pink Noise

There are many natural sources of pink noise, such as wind, steady rain, heartbeats, and rustling leaves. The human ear perceives pink noise as “even” or “flat.” Pink noise has powerful potential as a sleep aid because it reduces brain waves and increases the stability of sleep. It supports memory and helps you feel better in the morning.

White noise

White noise

White noise includes all the frequencies a human ear can hear. Still, these frequencies have even distribution, so it is more intense than other types of noise. It creates a humming sound, like radio and television static, whirring fan, humming air conditioner, or hissing radiator. It also has the potential to mask sounds that can stimulate your brain and disrupt your sleep. People with insomnia can benefit from such noise, and it can help people with sleep disorders and difficulties.

Brown noise

red noise

This type is also called “red noise.” It has higher energy and lower frequencies, so it’s deeper than white and pink noise. Brown noise in nature is thunder, strong waterfalls, and roaring. These sounds are similar to the human ear. There is no scientific data on brown noise for sleep, but many people successfully use brown noise machines for sleep and relaxation.

5 Best White Noise Machines

Letsfit White Noise Machine

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This machine is multifunctional and suits both babies and adults. You can use it for home and office. It has many soundtracks for every need: 5 natural sounds, 3 lullabies, 3 white noise, and 1 fan sound effect. With this machine, you can always choose another track if you got tired of the previous one.

The machine has an adjustable night light that is perfect for new mothers and fathers. You can care about your baby at night without turning the light on. The machine has timer and memory functions, as well as auto-off timer settings. Also, it remembers the last volume and sound, so you don’t have to set it each time.

KAHE Sound Machine for Sleeping

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This highly functional machine has 36 high-fidelity soundtracks that include 11 natural sounds, 11 music tracks, 7 different fan noise, and 7 different white noise options. This machine fits every taste and can be best if you like to change the tracks often.

There are also 7 night light options. You can choose from various colors and can adjust brightness according to your needs. This is helpful for night baby nurseries. This machine is CE, FCC, and RoHS approved. It is from toxic-free, safe material, so both you and your baby are in safety. This machine is one of the best options today on the market.

Marpac Hushh Portable White Noise Machine

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This machine is extremely portable and weighs only 3.7 ounces. This white noise machine fits in a backpack or a diaper bag for later use and has a safety clip to attach anywhere you need it. It has three natural soothing sounds that best fit babies.

You can choose deep white noise, bright white noise, or gentle surf. Volume control is available, as well as a gentle amber nightlight. This machine is USB rechargeable. One recharging is enough for a whole night’s operation. The machine helps soothe fussy babies and benefits the parents, helping a good night’s sleep.

Sound Oasis S-001 World’s Smallest White Noise

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This noise machine is the smallest on the market today. It is just the size of a small music player and comes with earbuds for those who like full sound isolation. It best fits individuals who often travel or enjoy compact devices, as it is small and user-friendly with easy charging by standard USB cable.

The Sound Oasis machine provides up to 30 hours of use and has 10 different tones from higher to lower pitches. It also gives relaxing sounds without loops for those who are tired of repeating melodies.

HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine

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This white noise machine suits for home therapy, office, baby, and travel use. It has four relaxing sounds: Ocean Waves, Summer Night, White Noise, and Rain. The machine has an auto-off timer that you can set for 45, 30, or 15 minutes.

This machine is battery-powered, it is lightweight and compact, so you can take it with you while you travel. The price is affordable, so if you want to try using a noise machine but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, this variant might be for you.

How to Choose Sound Machine

Choose Sound Machine

There are plenty of sound machines available today. So, how to buy one that works for you?

Consider your budget

Affordable sound machines range can provide you with basic functions. More advanced ones usually go with many natural sounds, light, timers, and other features.

Find the type of noise you need

You can try pink, brown, or white noise by listening to it on your smartphone or computer.

Choose how to listen

You may feel comfortable with headphones, earbuds, or playing noise out of the dynamics of your noise machine.

Consider the age of the listener

Machines for adults and children will have different noise selection and design variations.


There are many types of noise machines that can emit various specters of sound. White, brown, and pink sounds can be suitable for different people. You can use these machines for sleep, concentration, office, calming animals, or soothing a baby. There are many options on the market, and all of them fit different purposes, tastes, and budgets.

Choose the Letsfit sound machine if you strive for the best and value diversity of functions and sounds. Our runner-up, KAHE, may also be suitable for those who value advanced machine options. Those who want to calm a baby will find the Marpac Hushh model useful. If you often travel and like compact devices, Sound Oasis S-001 is best for you. Finally, if you search for an affordable option, the HoMedics machine will provide you with great price and functionality.

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