The 8 Best Travel Pillows – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For those people that travel a lot, it is hard to catch up on the much-needed sleep. Flights, trains, buses, and cars can be a very uncomfortable position to sleep. However, with the great invention of neck pillows, people have found enough support to be comfortable and sleep.

If you are looking to buy one for your travels, then this guide has everything that you need to know about them. The best travel pillow reviews will help you get an idea of the variety in the market to pick the right one. Every other piece of information will help you in understanding the various focal points of the pillow.

Let’s find out!

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Compare Best Travel Pillows

Product Name Cleaning Stuffing Full wrap Shape Price
J Pillow Machine wash Foam No – one-sided and chin J- shaped
Trtl Neck Support Machine wash Fleece Yes Scarf
Travel rest Hand wash Memory foam No Elongated Comma
Cabeau Evolution Hand washable cover Memory foam Collar U shaped
Travel Machine washable cover Memory foam Collar U shaped
BCOZZY Machine washable BPolyester foam Yes Scarf
PUREFLY Hand washable cover Velvet, foam Collar U shaped
Air Comfy Hand washable cover Micro-velvet, memory foam Collar U shaped


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Our Top Picks – Best Travel Pillows Reviews

1. J Pillow – Best for Air travel

J Travel and Neck Pillow for Airplanes

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The J Pillow is a unique style for a travel pillow that provides ample support to the neck while falling asleep during traveling. The chin support is made to ensure that the chin does not lean forward and the jaw does not hurt while you fall asleep.

The unique design of the J pillows allows users to have to cushion on one side of the head without stiffing their neck in the process. The chin support allows the jaw to remain soft and supported throughout the process of sleeping. This pillow is perfect for people who travel a lot and tend to miss sleep because of their schedules. It is also ideal for people that fall on the front while sleeping and their jaws grind to cause further problems.

For sanitary purposes, the pillow is designed to be easily washed in the washing machine without sagging or losing its comfort. The feature allows you to use this anywhere and simply wash it to make it as good as new.

  • The pillow takes care of sanitation by being easy to clean in the machine
  • The shape allows better chin and jaw support than the regular design of traveling pillows
  • J pillow is easy to compress and fit inside a bag or in the suitcase
  • The cushioning and design allows the head to be in a better position as well
  • It provides support only on one side of the head
  • It does not drool-proof which means that it cannot be wiped clean, you will have to wash it entirely
The J pillow is designed to be easy to carry while air traveling. It is made to be easily compressed so that you can fit it into your bag while you are traveling. The loop also helps in making it latch to luggage in case you do not want to put it inside your bag. The highly convenient ways to carry them make these pillows a much better option than regular travel pillows.

2. Trtl Neck – Best for Neck and collar support

Trtl Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

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The Trtl Neck support pillow is a lightweight pillow design that can compete with any kind of travel pillow and still be the light and most easy pillow to carry around while traveling. It is also small in size which makes it quite convenient.

The Trtl pillow is perfect to help you through rough travels and long sleepless nights while traveling. The pillow can be flexed around the neck for maximum support while being light in weight. The soft and comforting position around the neck allows users who sleep unpredictably and those whose head falls in any direction, to find most support and benefits.

To ensure that the pillow is always hygienic, the fleece material and the pillow overall is made easily washable. After usage, just toss it in the machine and let it wash and dry to be sanitary again for another use.

  • The Trtl pillow is easy to wash and dry in the machine
  • You can wrap it around to suit your head and neck position
  • It is very light and compressed in weight
  • The material is super soft for added padding and comfort
  • The fleece material can be warm if used in hot climates.
  • The braces only flex lightly so they cannot be compressed and fit into the back entirely
Unlike memory foam pillows that are huge and they contour your neck and head shape, this pillow can be wrapped around in a position that is suited to you’re without being huge. It helps acquire any shape that you sleep in and whether you fall front, back, or on your sides, you will find this pillow to be supportive of you.

3. Travel rest – Best for lateral support

Travelrest Ultimate Travel and Neck Pillow

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The travel rest ultimate travel pillow is an inimitable design in travel pillows. This pillow is inflated easily which allows better portability. With just a few breathes and easy deflating, this pillow is one of the most portable pillows out in the market.

The travel rest pillow is truly the ultimate because of the unique shape. This pillow can give support to your whole upper body to provide a much more comfortable experience than regular pillows. The design and the properties allow people that sleep facing one direction only to benefit from this the most

One of the features that you can find in this unique travel pillow is the ability to be washed anytime. You can simply throw it in the washing machine and bring back a new like pillow. The overcover can also be changed to suit the sanitary need and personal preferences.

  • The pillow is for support of the head, neck, and even the upper body
  • The overcover can be changed and even washed
  • It can be inflated and deflated easily to be travel-friendly
  • There are many colors available in this pillow
  • The material and stuffing makes the pillow quite hot
  • It only provides one side at a time
The best part about this travel pillow is that it not only supports your head and neck, but it also provides lateral support so that you can be comfortable and your muscles are not sore when you reach your destination. The dual positioning allows you to simply wear it for frontal support or wrap it around the neck for head and neck support. This feature allows users to be more comfortable and can have a hassle-free traveling experience.

4. Cabeau Evolution – Best Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

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The Cabeau Evolution travel pillow is an exclusive design that can shrink to about a quarter of its size so that it is more travel-friendly than others.

One of the best things about this pillow is that it has the potential to be highly supportive because of the thick and flat back. It comes with memory foam earplugs so that you can have the perfect travel-friendly setting for sleep. The design and the memory foam makes this pillow perfect for people whose head falls backward while sleeping during traveling.

The cover of this pillow is one of a kind. It is made with soft and comfortable material along with being easily removable and washable in the machine. This ensures that the pillow always looks new and remains clean.

  • The pillow can be collapsed to a very small size for traveling
  • The unique design allows better support to the back
  • Memory foam allows better contouring of the pillow according to each individual
  • The cover is versatile and can be washed and replaced easily
  • The pillow becomes too warm after a while
  • It is very stuffy and not for claustrophobic people
This traveling pillow is made with memory foam. The foam and the design allow better support of the neck regardless of the position it is at while falling asleep. The back of the pillow is a flat design for the neck and it is made to ensure that if your head leans backward, it stays there comfortably. There are also memory foam earplugs for comfort and a picture of serenity while you relax.

5. Travel mate – Best Adjustable Travel Pillow

Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

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The travel mate memory foam neck pillow is a soft and plush memory foam pillow with the cover equally comfortable. The cover is washable and is made to ensure that it remains comfortable on the skin.

One reason why the travel mate is perfect is that it has features that are constantly working together to provide maximum support and proper posture to the users. Its padding is the best feature which makes them suitable for people that sleep on any angle and every angle. Adjustable height along with the memory foam provides more comfort than many others can offer.

Another feature that makes this pillow better is that it holds memory foam inside it. Memory foam is one of the leading foams in the world since they tend to adjust themselves according to the pressure exerted and target pressure points accordingly.

  • The memory foam inside the pillow helps achieve personalized support
  • Insert padding allows people to adjust the height of the pillow according to their neck
  • The cover is removable, washable, and very soft on the skin
  • An elastic strap helps make it easy to carry anywhere
  • The pillow cannot be compressed which decreased the mobility
  • It is not suitable for people who fall front while sleeping
Travel mate’s technology for this pillow makes it highly unique than others. The pillow has inserts that can help you in suggesting the thickness of the pillow according to your preference and the support that you would like. This feature works great for everybody since people tend to have different neck structures and ideally they should have support according to their neck.

6. BCOZZY – Best travel pillow for Children

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

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The BCOZZY travel pillow is made in various sizes for children, adults, and XL adults. This feature makes it perfect for everyone as the pillow takes measures to fit along the neck of individuals.

The BCOZZY chin supporting traveling pillow is made to ensure that your child and you can have the perfect relaxing position even when you are traveling. It is highly suitable for children that fall asleep during car rides and long flights and with a shock their neck falls into a position which can cause serious injuries. The BCOZZY is also most ideal for people that fall frontwards while they sleep.

The portability of this pillow is very high as well. It can easily be compressed to be carried in a bag; it can be latched on to your luggage or can be attached to your carry on with the snap strap feature.

  • There are several different sizes for everybody including children
  • The pillow can be wrapped around your neck for 360 degrees support
  • Snap Strap feature makes it easy to carry around anywhere
  • The pillow is washable in the machine
  • There is no pillow cover with this traveling pillow
  • This traveling pillow is very hot after a while of usage
The BCOZZY travel pillow has a design which allows the user to wrap the pillow around the neck making it perfect to support the chin and every other angle. You can adjust the tightness of this pillow and make it in a perfect position for you. This feature suits children especially because they tend to sleep during traveling, a shock can snap their necks.

7. PURELY – Best Inflatable Travel Pillow

PUREFLY Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

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The Purefly travel neck pillow is made to be easy to be carried around. It has the potential to inflate with just a button which makes it very easy to prepare.

The Purefly traveling pillow is your perfect partner because of the lightweight design that allows you to carry it anywhere. It is perfect for people that have a problem in keeping their head upright during sleeping or otherwise. The properties of easily being inflated and deflated allow the pillow to be more comfortable and easy to handle while traveling. A cherry on top is the small pouch that can fit this in it and be used for mobility. .

The cover of this traveling pillow is made with soft velvet which will ensure that you stay warm in colder temperatures and it feels soft against your skin.

  • The cover is soft and made durable
  • The pillow can be easily inflated and deflated to be carried around
  • The design ensures that the head remains upright
  • An additional sack is given to carry this around more conveniently
  • The velvet can get very warm for places that are not lower in temperature
  • It is not suited for those who fall frontwards while sleeping
The design of this Purefly neck pillow is made specially to ensure that you can get maximum comfort. The raised neck support is a unique style that ensures that the head remains upright and the natural posture and alignment remain intact. The design ensures that when the head falls back, it does not snap and there are least chances of injury.


8. Air Comfy – Best Overall Travel Pillow

AirComfy Daydreamer Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow

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The air comfy neck traveling pillow is the perfect partner to be around you when you are traveling. It has a design to support the neck to be in an upright position all the time which makes it great product.

The air comfy pillow allows you to travel with the comfort of a pillow that is perfect to use for people who have their heads falling backward while sleeping. The pillow is made to be hygienic and easy to carry around without any strings attached. The unique design and features make this pillow a perfect partner to your travel diaries.

You can keep this pillow hygienic with the help of the cover that is microfiber velvet. It is also washable which makes it much more sanitary in use especially for people that are sensitive to allergens.

  • The microfiber velvet cover is comfortable and washable
  • The unique design keeps the head upright and tight
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate for portability
  • The pillow comes with a small pouch for handiness
  • It does not wrap around the whole head
  • Velvet lacks in proper circulation
Neck pillows are not usually very small to carry around but this one can easily be inflated with a push of the button and deflated by squeezing it. The lightweight feature helps in making it more convenient to store in the bag. A pouch also comes with this pillow to make it handier during traveling.

Travel Pillows – Buyer’s Guide

Which travel pillow is suitable for me if I’m traveling

By air

If you are traveling by air, then it is suitable to get a J-pillow. The pillow supports one side and the chin that allows you to be more comfortable. The J pillows are usually filled with memory foam or can be inflatable as well. They remain cool since they are not wrapped around the neck entirely.

By rail

If you are traveling by rail or by train, then the class U shaped pillow is perfectly suited for you. You might be sharing a seat with about 2 or 3 more people that mean you will not necessarily get a wall to help you support even a little. U shaped pillow will bring about complete support.

By Car

Car seats are considered the most uncomfortable out of all the modes of transportation. Hence, for the car, you need more than just support on your neck. Pillows that are shaped like an L have one long end that is used for the upper body. These ones are perfect if you have a long car ride. They will not make you tired of sitting in one position and will provide support to the head and the upper body.

By bus

If your traveling is by bus then it is important to carry the scarf-like a pillow that is compressed yet it wraps up around your neck and provides support to a 360 degree. Buses usually take more shocks while riding that is why your neck may change its position more often and it needs support from all ends. They are also comparatively more compressed than the other kinds.

Which travel pillow material is suitable for me?

There are many different materials that are used to fill the travel pillows with; a few of them are mentioned below and can be chosen according to preference.


Foam or usually memory foam is one of the most common fillings. Memory foam allows better support since it acquires the shape of the individual’s body and provides pressure against those points. However, both of them can be really warm if they are not made breathable enough.


Beads or microbeads are tiny Styrofoam beads that fill the traveling pillow. These beads are soft and slowly slide to make room according to the exerted force or according to the neck type. This makes them highly supportive. They have room to be breathable which makes them cool as well. However, they can be loud at times.


Polyester or artificial cotton is a soft and comfortable filling for travel pillows. This stuffing is usually found in stuffed animals and can be very enjoyable. However, it tends to get flat over time and does not provide much support besides just being soft.


Wool is the least common yet the most comfortable of the kind. It is one of the oldest fillings and is highly durable. Wool fillings keep the pillow plushy for a long time. Wool also helps in making sure that the pillow bounces back every time the head is jerked on it for added comfort. The only drawback is that wool is very warm.


If you do not find any of these fillings suitable then you can always get the inflatable one. You either have to blow in it or the new kinds have a button that can help it blow automatically. Either way, they are comfortable and cool. The drawback here is that they are not usually very durable.

What are the famous shapes of travel pillows and which one should I choose for my travel?

Travel pillows come in many different shapes to make them more comfortable and better supported. The following are the most popular types and their uses;


These are shaped like a horseshoe and they are worn around the neck. They can have any type of stuffing to provide comfort. It is not ideal for claustrophobic people at all. These ones provide support to all areas of the neck except the frontal part.


The J shaped pillows are shaped like an arch or a ‘J’. These pillows have a pillow like a cushion on one end and chin support on the other which is the arch part. It helps in to provide support to people who fall in the front.


Cylinder-shaped pillows are a little hard to carry but they can provide ample support on the back of the neck only. They can be filled with any stuffing and be very comfortable. Bolster pillows are the bigger version of these pillows.

Collar Shaped

Collar shaped pillows are like the U shaped pillows but they are raised on the collar end. These are so that they can provide ample support on the back of the neck and help the head remain upright straight. These are perfect for people that have a problem in keeping their head straight even when they are awake. It provides support to the back of the neck and the collar.


The cushion designs work exactly like regular cushions or pillows. They do not provide much support but they are highly comfortable and allow users to have a comfortable sleeping surface.

Travel rest

Travel rests look like seat belts and is probably the most comfortable and supportive form of travel pillows. They provide support to the neck and they go down to help the upper body as well. They can be fit on the back, front, or even wrapped around the whole neck.


After reading this write up you must have understood the various types and uses of the different traveling pillows. These pillows have made it easier and safer for people to enjoy their travels. They are also perfect for people that suffer from a problem such as keeping their neck in a straight position.

Our product reviews will give you a detailed insight into the market and what it has to offer. You can take a look at the guide and make your decision according to your needs and preferences accordingly. Next time you travel, make sure to take your pillow with you.

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