Does Walmart Sell Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards In 2023?

The short answer is no, Walmart does not sell physical or digital Victoria‘s Secret gift cards in their stores or on

I know it can be confusing trying to find the right gift card from the right retailer, so I‘ve done the research to help explain why Walmart doesn‘t offer Victoria‘s Secret gift cards, where you can buy them, and the best gift card alternatives for Victoria‘s Secret shoppers. Keep reading this gift card guide to get the full scoop!

Why Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards Make Great Gifts

Before we get into where to buy them, let‘s look at why Victoria‘s Secret gift cards make such popular and coveted gifts in the first place:

Luxury Shopping Experience

Victoria‘s Secret is all about treating yourself to sexy, elegant lingerie, sleepwear, beauty products, clothing, and accessories. It offers a luxurious shopping experience that makes you feel special.

A Victoria‘s Secret gift card gives the recipient the experience of shopping at a premium retailer without spending their own money. It‘s like giving them a mini spa day!

Huge Selection of Merchandise

With over 1,600 retail stores globally and a vast online store, Victoria‘s Secret has an enormous selection of items to choose from.

Bras, panties, pajamas, swimsuits, athletic apparel, fragrances, makeup…the possibilities are endless for what you can buy with a Victoria‘s Secret gift card!

Beloved Brand

Victoria‘s Secret is one of the most recognizable and beloved brands. It has highly loyal customers who can‘t get enough of their products.

VS fans will be super excited to shop with a Victoria‘s Secret gift card. It‘s like giving them a license to indulge in their favorite brand.

Gift Card Statistics: Who Buys and Uses Them

Let’s look at some interesting gift card statistics to understand who is buying and using gift cards:

  • 81% of gift card recipients redeem their gift cards within 3 months of receiving them.
  • 27% of gift card purchasers buy 1-2 gift cards per month.
  • The average consumer spends $47 on a gift card.
  • Men account for 43% of gift card buyers.
  • 53% of people said gift cards allow them to buy something they wouldn‘t normally splurge on.

It’s clear that gift cards like Victoria’s Secret are popular gifts used by a wide range of consumers to spark joy and treat themselves.

Do People Check Gift Card Balances Frequently?

Speaking of using gift cards – most people are eager to start taking advantage of their new gift card.

  • 70% of consumers check the balance on a gift card within a week of receiving it.
  • 15% check the balance within just 1 day of getting a new gift card!

Checking the balance helps people determine their gift card spending budget. So make sure to save that Victoria’s Secret gift card receipt to reference the complete balance.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Sell Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards?

Now that we know why Victoria‘s Secret gift cards make great gifts, why doesn‘t Walmart sell them?

The reason comes down to competition. Walmart sees Victoria‘s Secret as a direct competitor for shoppers, especially for clothing basics like bras, panties, pajamas, and loungewear.

Walmart has their own private label brands such as No Boundaries, Athletic Works, and Secret Treasures that offer similar products to Victoria‘s Secret.

If Walmart sold Victoria‘s Secret gift cards, they would essentially be promoting one of their biggest competitors. It doesn’t align with Walmart’s business interests for customers to take their money and spend it elsewhere.

That’s why you’ll find gift cards at Walmart for many top retailers…except Victoria’s Secret.

What Gift Cards Can You Buy at Walmart for Victoria’s Secret?

Alright, so Walmart won’t sell you an official Victoria’s Secret gift card. But you aren’t totally out of luck! Here are some gift card options you can purchase at Walmart to spend at Victoria’s Secret:

Walmart Gift Card

The Walmart gift card can be used towards the limited Victoria’s Secret products that Walmart sells, mainly accessories, beauty items, and apparel. The recipient can also use the gift card balance anywhere else at Walmart.

A $25-$50 Walmart gift card can cover a nice chunk of Victoria’s Secret purchases available at Walmart.

Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards

A prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift card from Walmart provides the most flexible spending for Victoria’s Secret.

It can be used in Victoria’s Secret stores, online, in the PINK brand, or literally anywhere else that accepts the major credit cards. Load it with $50-$100 for ample VS shopping.

Sephora Gift Card

Sephora gift cards are great for makeup, fragrance, skin, and beauty purchases at Victoria’s Secret. There is significant crossover with beauty products between the VS and Sephora brands.

Pick up a $25-$50 Sephora gift card and it can be partially or fully redeemed at Victoria’s Secret’s beauty selection.

Where To Buy Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards

Okay, let’s get into the key places where you can directly purchase Victoria’s Secret gift cards, either online or in stores:

Directly from Victoria’s Secret

Purchasing Victoria’s Secret gift cards directly from their website at or their retail stores is always a safe bet. You can choose digital or physical cards in amounts from $10 to $500.

Buying straight from the source guarantees authenticity and provides the easiest access to their full selection of gift card designs.


Major grocery chain Kroger, with over 2700 locations across the U.S., sells $10-$500 Victoria’s Secret gift cards right at the checkout lanes.

I like Kroger for picking up gift cards because you can grab a card conveniently while grocery shopping instead of making an extra stop.

Best Buy

Surprisingly, electronics retailer Best Buy offers a nice variety of third party gift cards, including Victoria’s Secret! You can buy VS gift cards in denominations from $10 up to $500.

If you’re already planning a trip to Best Buy, take a look at their gift card section for easy one-stop shopping.

Rite Aid

At over 2,400 pharmacy locations across the U.S., Rite Aid is another reliable source for finding Victoria’s Secret gift cards in stores. Their cards range from $10-$500 like other major retailers.

Next time you’re picking up prescriptions or health and beauty supplies at Rite Aid, check if they have VS gift cards available.


In the Midwest region of the U.S., Meijer supercenters sell $10-$500 Victoria’s Secret gift cards right on site.

Meijer is a great option for Midwesterners to conveniently pick up a VS gift card at their neighborhood store.


HEB gift cards are available at HEB’s over 340 grocery stores throughout Texas. Look for them right alongside their wide selection of other third party gift cards.

Texans, grab a Victoria’s Secret gift card during your regular HEB grocery trip and conveniently knock out two tasks at once.

Online Gift Card Marketplaces

Popular online gift card marketplaces like and CardCash are additional options for buying Victoria’s Secret gift cards.

You can often find discounts on these third party gift card sites, sometimes up to 20% off the face value. Just be aware discounted gift cards usually cannot be personalized.

Can You Use a PINK Gift Card at Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret and PINK are sister brands, so their gift cards can be used interchangeably.

If you receive or purchase a PINK gift card, you can use it at Victoria’s Secret stores and online, and vice versa. This gives you the most flexibility in shopping across both brands.

Basically, treat Victoria’s Secret and PINK gift cards as equals. The gift card funds can cross over within the brands seamlessly.

Check Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Balances

If Santa leaves a Victoria’s Secret gift card in your stocking this holiday season, you probably can’t wait to shop till you drop with your new gift money!

Before indulging, take a quick minute to check the balance so you know exactly how much you have to spend. Here are easy ways to check a Victoria’s Secret gift card balance:

  • Call Customer Service: Dial 1-877-659-5777. A representative can assist with checking balances.

  • Check Online: Visit and select “Gift Cards” then “Check Balance”. Enter the gift card number and pin.

  • Refer to Receipt: Your original Victoria’s Secret gift card receipt will show the complete gifted balance.

Knowing how much remains on your Victoria’s Secret gift card helps prevent any payment surprises at the register. You can shop confidently for that new bra and panty set knowing your full budget.

Use Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards Online

One of the best perks of Victoria’s Secret gift cards, unlike some other retailers, is that the full balance can be redeemed online for any available products.

You aren’t limited only to in-store purchases. To use a gift card online at

  • Shop for items as usual and add to your cart
  • At checkout, select “Gift Card” as the payment option
  • Enter the full gift card number and security pin
  • The balance will be applied to the order
  • Any remaining amount can be paid with another payment method

Buying online with a gift card allows you access to every single product Victoria’s Secret offers. I love the flexibility of shopping from the comfort of home in my PJs!

Let’s Shop! Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Tips

Alright, let’s recap the key tips for ensuring your Victoria’s Secret gift card experience is seamless:

  • Buy from VS Directly: Purchasing gift cards straight from Victoria’s Secret stores or website guarantees authenticity and full selection.

  • Check Other Retailers: Kroger, Best Buy, Rite Aid, and regional chains like Meijer and HEB also sell VS gift cards.

  • Know the Balance: Check your gift card balance before shopping so you know exactly how much you have available to spend.

  • Shop Online: Redeem your gift card conveniently online at for access to every single product.

  • Enjoy the Experience! Most importantly, relax and indulge as you treat yourself with your new gift card. Happy shopping!

Now that you know where you can buy VS gift cards and how to use them, you’re ready to shop like an expert. Surprise your Victoria’s Secret superfan with a gift card so they can bask in an indulgent shopping trip.

The Bottom Line

While Walmart doesn’t sell official Victoria’s Secret gift cards in stores or online, you have plenty of convenient options for purchasing gift cards straight from the source or other major retailers.

Gift cards let the recipient delight in selecting their own perfect lingerie, clothing, beauty products, and more. Consider giving the VS lover in your life a special treat this year with a Victoria’s Secret gift card!

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