How to Easily Change Your Grocery Pickup Person at Walmart (2022 Guide)

Walmart’s convenient online grocery pickup service allows busy shoppers to skip going up and down the aisles and lugging bags to your car. And if something comes up where you can’t pick up the order yourself, you can easily change the designated pickup person right from your Walmart account.

This detailed guide will explain how to add or modify the pickup person for a Walmart grocery order in just a few quick steps.

Whether you’re home sick, stuck at work late, out of town, or just need some grocery help from your spouse or roommate, you’ll learn exactly how to update your pickup details so someone else can grab your groceries for you.

Why You May Need to Change Your Walmart Grocery Pickup Person

Life happens, and plans change! Here are some common reasons you may need to edit the pickup person for your Walmart grocery order:

  • You get sick and are unable to drive and pickup your order.
  • Work meeting or project goes late, and you won’t make it to the store on time.
  • You have to go out of town last minute for a family emergency or work trip.
  • Your spouse or roommate already planned to be out running errands near the pickup time.
  • You don’t have a car or drive, so need someone give you a ride to do the pickup.
  • As a Carey, you get stuck in traffic or delayed getting across town to the store.
  • Bad weather makes driving difficult, so you ask a family member or neighbor to grab your groceries.
  • You’re elderly or disabled and require assistance with store pickup.

These are just a few examples of why modifying the pickup person can be helpful. Walmart makes the process quick and easy so you can focus on your situation and know your groceries will be picked up by someone you trust.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Popularity Continues to Grow

Store pickup for online grocery orders is surging in popularity across all major food retailers, especially amid the pandemic. And Walmart is leading the way.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Growth Statistics:

  • 3,450 Walmart stores offered grocery pickup in 2021, up from 1,600 in 2018.

  • Walmart grocery pickup sales hit $10 billion in 2019.

  • 70% of Walmart’s online orders are picked up in stores.

  • Walmart offers pickup at over 3,000 locations versus just over 600 for Target.

  • Walmart grocery pickup customers spend on average 30% more per order.

As these impressive stats show, Walmart has heavily invested in scaling its pickup service to meet exploding consumer demand. Enabling shoppers to easily change their pickup person helps ensure this convenience option remains useful for customers when needs arise.

How Walmart Pickup Compares to Other Grocery Retailers

Walmart’s policies for in-store grocery pickup provide a lot of flexibility for shoppers:

Retailer Minimum Order Same Day Pickup Change Pickup Person
Walmart $35 Yes Yes
Target $35 Yes No
Kroger No minimum Yes Yes
Safeway $30 No No
Whole Foods $35 No No

As you can see above, Walmart has many consumer-friendly options for its pickup service. The ability to easily change the pickup person even after checkout sets Walmart apart and offers added convenience.

Next, let’s look at how Walmart’s grocery pickup works and key details to know when changing your designated shopper.

Step-by-Step: How Walmart Grocery Pickup Works

Before learning how to edit your pickup person, it helps to understand the overall Walmart grocery pickup process:

1. Place Online Order

  • Add items to your cart on the Walmart website or mobile app.
  • Eligible products are labeled for pickup.
  • Checkout when complete and select in-store pickup.

2. Choose Pickup Time

  • Pick a pickup time slot from 8am to 8pm, often same day.
  • Some locations offer next-day pickup if same day is full.

3. Get Ready for Pickup Notification

  • You‘ll receive an email when your order is ready.
  • This means it is prepared and waiting for you in-store.

4. Arrive for Pickup

  • Park in designated grocery pickup parking spaces.
  • Notify store you have arrived via app or call.
  • Provide pickup person‘s name and phone number.

5. Associate Loads Order

  • Store associate will bring order out and load in your car.
  • They will confirm identity prior to handing over groceries.

6. Pickup Complete!

  • Associate hands off order and you‘re all set.
  • Enjoy the time savings and convenience!

Okay, now that we’ve covered the basics of how Walmart grocery pickup functions, let’s get into the steps for changing your designated shopper…

How to Change Walmart Grocery Pickup Person

If you need someone else – spouse, family, friend, neighbor – to pickup your Walmart grocery order, you can easily change the pickup person in just a few minutes:

1. Log Into Your Walmart Account

First, log into your Walmart account online or in the mobile app. Access your account details and order history.

2. Select Your Order

Go to “My Orders” or “Order History” and select the upcoming order you need to modify.

3. Click “Edit” Next to Pickup Person

In order details, find the “Pickup Person” section and click the “Edit” button.

4. Update Pickup Person Info

Enter the new pickup person’s name, phone number, and relationship if needed.

5. Save the Changes

Double check the updated details and click “Save” to finish editing.

6. Allow Time for Update

It can take up to 4 hours for changes to fully process in Walmart’s system.

7. Confirm Before Pickup

Log back in before pickup to confirm changes were saved.

And you’re all set! With just those few simple steps, you can change the pickup person on your Walmart grocery order.

Now let’s look at some additional tips and important considerations when changing your shopper…

Tips for Modifying Your Walmart Grocery Pickup Person

Follow these tips and best practices when adding or changing the pickup person for your Walmart order:

  • Add early – Make changes as soon as possible to allow time for processing before pickup.

  • Confirm pickup – Log back into your account before pickup to verify changes saved.

  • Inform store – Call ahead to inform staff of pickup person change.

  • Share notifications – Forward your “Ready for Pickup” email to new person.

  • Remove old pickup – If desired, remove any past pickup persons no longer authorized.

  • Review guidelines – Check Walmart’s latest pickup policies and FAQs.

  • Provide reminders – Give new pickup person parking directions, store contact, order number, etc.

  • Thank your helper! – Show appreciation for their grocery pickup assistance.

By keeping these tips in mind, your pickup swap will go smoothly. Both you and store staff will be on the same page.

Step-By-Step Guide to Change Your Pickup Person

To recap, here is a step-by-step checklist you can follow to update your Walmart grocery pickup individual:

🔹 Log into your Walmart online account

🔹 Go to your Orders page and select the upcoming order

🔹 Click “Edit” next to Current Pickup Person

🔹 Add the new pickup person’s name and contact info

🔹 Click Save to update the pickup person

🔹 Confirm changes processed before pickup time

🔹 Call store to inform them of pickup person change

🔹 Provide reminders and order info to new pickup person

And that’s it! Just those simple steps allow you to seamlessly change the pickup person on your Walmart grocery order when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Changing Walmart Pickup Person

Here are answers to some top questions about changing your Walmart grocery pickup person:

Can I change pickup person up until the time I’m supposed to pick up my order?

Yes, you can change the pickup person right up until your scheduled pickup timeframe. Just try to make updates as early as possible to allow time for changes to process.

What if I realize I need a different pickup person after already changing it once?

Not a problem! Just log back into your Walmart account and repeat the steps above to pick a new, different pickup person as needed.

Can my spouse and I both pick up my order without adding them?

No, both you and your spouse would need to be added as pickup persons in order to pick up the groceries.

What info does my new pickup person need to provide when they arrive?

They will need to provide their name and phone number, along with the order number, so staff can confirm they are authorized.

If I have kids, can I send them into the store alone to get my order?

Walmart requires an adult 21 years or older to pickup grocery orders. Kids would need parental supervision.

What if I want to change my order from pickup to delivery instead?

Unfortunately you cannot change an existing pickup order to delivery after checkout. You would need to cancel and re-place the order for delivery.

Changing your Walmart grocery pickup person is super simple right from your account. Just follow the steps in this guide for pickup person success!

Scenarios for Changing Your Walmart Pickup Person

To help understand how this works in action, here are some example scenarios for changing your Walmart grocery pickup person and how to handle them:

You get sick and ask your neighbor to pickup

Log into your Walmart account and update the pickup person to your neighbor‘s name and number. Call the store to let them know of the change. Text your neighbor the order number and pickup details. Make sure to get some rest!

Your daughter offers to pickup your order on the way home from school

Follow the steps to change the pickup person to your daughter‘s name and number. Remind her of the store location and where to park. Have her text you when she is on her way so you know the order is in good hands.

You are stuck working late and ask your husband to get your groceries instead

During your lunch break, edit your order to list your husband as the pickup person. Give him a heads up so he can work it into his schedule. Feel less stressed knowing your order will be picked up on time!

Your friend was already headed to Walmart and offers to pickup for you

Quickly login to your Walmart account and update the pickup person information with your friend’s details. Shoot them a text with the order number and timing. Then relax knowing your groceries are handled!

Key Takeaways for Changing Walmart Pickup Person

A quick summary of the key points for changing your Walmart Grocery Pickup person:

  • Login and edit order details to update alternate pickup person

  • Make changes as early as possible to allow processing time

  • Pickup person must provide name, number for ID check

  • Call store to give them head’s up of new pickup person

  • Have order number, reminders ready for new pickup person

  • Can edit pickup person up until your scheduled pickup time

  • Kids under 21 require adult supervision for pickup

  • Cannot change orders from pickup to delivery after checkout

With these tips in mind, you can seamlessly assign a new pickup person for your Walmart grocery order! No more worrying about missed pickups or wasted groceries.


Walmart makes it quick and convenient to swap out the designated shopper for your online grocery order. By following the simple steps to change the pickup person in your account, you can avoid pickup headaches.

Next time you’re unable to get your Walmart groceries yourself, just update your pickup person and focus on whatever important matter arose. Walmart pickup takes the stress out of grocery shopping!

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