Walmart Returns Hours In 2023: Everything You Need To Know As A Shopper

As an avid Walmart shopper, you may have found yourself needing to return an item at some point. Trying to return something when the customer service desk is closed can ruin your day!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know as a shopper about Walmart‘s return hours and policies. I‘ve got the key facts on the best times to visit, how to return with or without a receipt, and tips to make the process fast and easy.

Let‘s start with the basics…

When Are Walmart‘s Return Hours?

As a Walmart shopper, the first thing you’ll need to know is when you can actually make a return. Customer service and return desk hours vary slightly by location, but follow this general schedule:

  • Monday-Friday: 7 AM to 11 PM
  • Saturday: 8 AM to 10 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Some locations may have extended hours from 6 AM – midnight Monday to Saturday, and 10 AM – 10 PM on Sundays. I recommend looking up your specific store‘s hours on the Walmart store locator before heading over.

Key Things Every Walmart Shopper Should Know About Returns:

  • You can return items to any Walmart store, regardless of where it was purchased originally. Just bring your receipt.
  • Most new, unopened items can be returned within 90 days of purchase.
  • Opened electronics have a shorter 15-day return window.
  • Returns without a receipt require a valid photo ID. You‘ll get a gift card refund based on Walmart‘s verification process.
  • For most items with a receipt, you’ll get a full refund in your original payment form.

When Are The Best Times For Walmart Shoppers To Return Items?

As a shopper, you’ll want to choose the right time to return your items to Walmart to avoid long waits. Here are the best times to visit based on consumer data:

  • Weekday mornings: Get there right when the desk opens around 7-8 AM. Avoid lunch rush hours from 12 PM – 1 PM.
  • Weeknights: 8 PM to close around 11 PM tends to be quieter.
  • Weekends: Shoot for Sunday or Saturday mornings around 8-10 AM.

Returns start slowing down about 30-60 minutes before the customer service desk closes for the night. I don’t recommend trying to squeeze in a return in their last 30 minutes – associates are trying to close out their registers.

Here’s a look at the least busy return days based on foot traffic data:

Day Average Returns
Tuesday 7% below average
Thursday 5% below average

And the busiest return traffic days:

Day Average Returns
Saturday 25% above average
Monday 15% above average

As a rule of thumb, visit on Tuesday mornings and avoid Saturdays for the fastest service.

Can Walmart Shoppers Return Items After Service Desk Hours?

Walmart prefers returns go through the customer service desk during their posted hours. But some stores may allow returns at cash registers after the desk has closed.

I don’t recommend this though – it can create headaches for staff trying to close down. Always check with a manager first if you missed the return desk hours.

Attempting a return in the 30 minutes before closing risks being asked to come back the following day. As a shopper, it‘s best not to make returns right up until closing time.

Breaking Down Walmart‘s Return Policy

As a regular Walmart shopper, here are some key details you’ll want to know about their return policies:

Returning With a Receipt

Returning with your original receipt makes getting a refund or exchange a breeze. Walmart can look up your purchase method and issue the refund accordingly.

Most new, unopened items can be returned within 90 days of purchase. The exceptions are cell phones (14 days) and electronics requiring activation (15 days).

You can also return opened items in new condition within 90 days for most categories. Some key exceptions are:

  • Electronics – 15 day return period if opened
  • Computer software – Must be unopened
  • Baby formula – Has to be sealed

As long as you have the receipt, you‘ll get a full refund in your original payment form – cash, credit, etc.

Returning Without a Receipt

Walmart does allow returns without a receipt, but your options are more limited. You‘ll need to do an even exchange for another item, or get a Walmart gift card for the refund amount.

To determine the refund value, Walmart will verify the purchase using your photo ID or payment card used at the time of purchase. They‘ll check:

  • Original item category, condition, and return timeframe
  • Current resale value

For any no-receipt return over $25, you’ll need to show a valid photo ID. The standard 90 day policy applies, except for 14-15 day electronics.

Exchanging for a gift card is the most flexible no-receipt option. But there are some gift card limits:

  • Max 3 gift card exchanges allowed in any 12 month period
  • Individual gift card value not over $25

Returning Opened Items

Yes, you can return opened items to Walmart within 90 days as long as they are in new condition – with some exceptions. Electronics, software, and baby formula typically must be unopened.

Make sure to bring back all original parts, pieces, manuals, packaging (if you have it) when returning opened items. Missing pieces may reduce the refund amount.

Price Adjustments

Luckily, Walmart offers price match refunds within 14 days if an item you bought goes on sale. Just bring in your receipt showing the new lowered price.

Returning Grocery Items

You can return unopened food, drinks, and consumables within 90 days for a full refund, as long as over half the shelf life remains.

For health reasons, Walmart can’t accept returns on opened food or perishables. Check expiration dates before returning.

Returning Electronics

Heads up – electronics like phones, laptops, or TVs have a shorter 15 day return window if opened. If unopened, 90 days.

You must bring back all original parts, manuals, accessories, packaging etc when returning opened electronics. Walmart will inspect item condition before approving a refund.

Returning Without the Original Box

Good news – you can do returns at Walmart without the original box or packaging. But having it makes the return faster.

Returns without boxes or packaging may be subject to additional inspection by Walmart associates. Missing items could mean a reduced refund amount.

Returning to Any Store

No need to return to the original purchase location – returns can be done at any Walmart. Just bring your receipt.

For online purchase returns, take your invoice or packing slip to any Walmart service desk. Super convenient!

Restocking Fees

Walmart does not charge restocking fees for most returns – hooray! The exception is a $45 fee for opened cell phones.

Refund Methods

If you have the receipt, refunds go back to your original payment method – cash, credit, or debit. No receipt means an even exchange or Walmart gift card.

For no-receipt returns over $25, be ready to show your photo ID to verify purchase history.

Refund Processing Timeframes

Here‘s how long it takes Walmart to process return refunds:

  • Cash or debit purchases: Instant refund
  • Credit card refunds: 2-7 business days
  • Check refunds: 10-14 days by mail

Can You Return Amazon Purchases to Walmart?

Since Amazon has different policies, you can’t directly return Amazon items to Walmart. But you have some options if you need to return an Amazon purchase in-person:

  • See if your local mall has an Amazon return counter
  • Initiate a mail return to Amazon and get a gift card
  • Rebuy the item at Walmart first, then return to Amazon once received

Only purchases directly from or in a Walmart store can be returned to Walmart locations. Returns must go back to the original seller.

12 Pro Tips For Smooth Walmart Returns

Here are my top 12 tips for easy, stress-free Walmart returns as a shopper:

  1. Know the hours. Confirm your local return desk hours before heading over to avoid issues.

  2. Keep receipts! Having your receipt makes returns a breeze.

  3. Bring your payment card. The original card used may help lookup purchase history if no receipt.

  4. Leave tags on. Keeping tags and packaging helps associates process returns faster.

  5. Return accessories too. Bring instruction manuals, parts, remotes, etc for a full refund on opened items.

  6. Carry ID. Be ready to show photo ID for any no-receipt returns over $25.

  7. Know gift card balances. Check your balance before getting a new gift card refund to avoid problems.

  8. Bring online order invoices. Have your invoices handy when returning online purchases.

  9. Go during off-peak hours. Shoot for Tuesday mornings or Thursday nights.

  10. Research return options. Know policies for exchanges and gift card refunds in case you need them.

  11. Check return timeframes. Ensure you‘re within the standard 90 day window, or 15 days for electronics.

  12. Avoid the last 30 minutes before closing to return items stress-free.

A Quick Guide to Walmart Return Timeframes

Here are the key return and refund deadlines to know as a Walmart shopper:

  • Regular return window: 90 days for most new, unopened items
  • Opened electronics: 15 days
  • Price match adjustments: 14 days from original purchase date
  • Online returns: Up to 90 days from shipping date
  • Receipt lookup period: 90 days after purchase
  • Max gift card exchanges without receipt: 3 per every 12 months
  • Refund processing times: Cash and debit immediate, credit cards within 2-7 days, check 10-14 days

The Bottom Line

As a Walmart shopper, you can return thousands of items conveniently thanks to their accommodating policies. Just be sure to know the customer service desk hours for your local store.

To make returns fast and easy, go during weekday mornings or weekend nights when service is quickest. Have your receipt, original accessories, and packaging ready if you can.

As long as your items are new and unopened – and not restricted products like opened cell phones – you should have no issues getting a quick refund or exchange at Walmart.

So next time you need to return something to Walmart, use this guide to make it a smooth, painless process! Let me know in the comments if you have any other Walmart return tips.

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