Does Walmart Have Layaway in 2022? Your Complete Guide to Holiday Layaway

As a smart shopper looking to save money during the expensive holiday season, you might be wondering – does Walmart have layaway in 2022?

The good news is, yes! Walmart brings back its holiday layaway program each year, typically starting in August and running through mid-December. I‘ll explain everything you need to know about layaway at Walmart this year so you can decide if it‘s the right payment option for your holiday shopping needs.

Here‘s the quick scoop on Walmart layaway 2022:

  • Layaway Dates: August 28 – December 14
  • Minimum Purchase Price: $50
  • Down Payment: 10% of total purchase or $10, whichever is greater
  • Payments: Any amount, any time before December 14
  • Cancellation Fee: $10

Keep reading this guide to understand the ins and outs of Walmart layaway for this holiday season. I‘ll share tips to use it properly, what to watch out for, and how it compares to layaway at other major retailers like Target and Best Buy.

Let‘s start with answers to some common questions about Walmart layaway 2022.

Does Walmart offer layaway year-round?

Walmart only offers holiday layaway seasonally, from late August through December 14 this year. The exception is layaway on jewelry purchases – some locations offer jewelry layaway year-round. Check with your local store‘s jewelry counter to see if they offer year-round layaway.

Outside of the holiday season, Walmart does provide installment financing options through Affirm. So if you need to make payments on a big purchase in say, April or July, Affirm is an option but charges interest between 0-30% APR. More on installment financing later in this guide.

When does Walmart layaway start in 2022?

This year, Walmart layaway starts on Sunday, August 28, 2022. Most locations nationwide open up layaway services on the same date each year. But I recommend calling your local store to verify their start date before showing up with items to put on hold.

Mark your calendar for August 28 if you plan to use layaway for 2022 holiday shopping. By starting in late August, Walmart gives customers over three and a half months to pay off balances before the December 14 end date.

When does Walmart layaway end in 2022?

To get your items in time for holiday gift giving, all layaway balances must be paid by Wednesday, December 14, 2022.

This year‘s layaway program at Walmart runs 108 days total from start to finish. I recommend tracking your payment deadlines on a calendar so you complete the payments on time. If not paid in full by December 14, Walmart will cancel the order and return the merchandise to stock per the layaway agreement terms.

How does layaway work at Walmart?

The basics of Walmart‘s holiday layaway program are pretty straightforward:

  1. Shop for items in-store you want to put on layaway

  2. Bring items to layaway counter or customer service desk

  3. Make down payment of $10 or 10% of total purchase price

  4. Make additional payments any time before December 14 payoff deadline

  5. Pick up items once balance is paid in full!

One of the great things about Walmart layaway is you can pay any extra amount toward your balance on any store visit. So if you have an extra $20 or $50 on a usual shopping trip, just pay it at any register toward your layaway. This flexibility makes it easy to budget your holiday spending.

Walmart also offers text and email reminders about open balances. I highly recommend signing up for the alerts so you don‘t lose track of layaway payment deadlines.

How much does Walmart layaway cost?

This is one of the best parts about Walmart layaway – there are zero interest charges or account maintenance fees. The only fee you will pay is $10 if you choose to cancel the layaway. Other than that, you simply make your down payment, pay the remaining balance, and get your items home for the holidays!

Many retailers charge monthly service fees for layaway or interest on the balance owed. But with Walmart you pay the same total price as you would upfront. Layaway just breaks it down into more manageable chunks across 3+ months.

What can you buy on layaway at Walmart?

Luckily, a huge assortment of Walmart‘s products are available through the holiday layaway program. According to Walmart, here are the top categories eligible for layaway:

  • Electronics – TVs, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles (no service plans)
  • Toys of all types
  • Small kitchen appliances – mixers, air fryers, etc
  • Large furniture – mattresses, bedroom sets
  • Auto electronics – speakers, GPS units
  • Sporting goods – treadmills, golf clubs, exercise gear
  • Fine jewelry

You cannot put items like cell phones, wireless plans, or items requiring activation on layaway. And exclusions can vary by location – for example, some stores won‘t allow bikes on layaway. Check with an associate before assuming an item is eligible.

I recommend asking, "Do you have any holiday deals on electronics I could put on layaway?" This opens the door for the sales associate to share what‘s available in electronics for layaway shoppers.

How does Walmart layaway compare to other retailers?

While Walmart is arguably the most well-known layaway provider, many other stores offer similar pay-over-time programs during the holidays. Here‘s how Walmart layaway stacks up against key competitors:


  • Layaway Dates: Oct 9 – Dec 16
  • Minimum Purchase: None
  • Down Payment: $5 service fee
  • Payments: Weekly or bi-weekly required
  • Cancellation Fee: $10

Target also offers an interest-free layaway program for holiday shoppers. Their policy differs by requiring fixed weekly or bi-weekly payments instead of flexible amounts. So the payment schedule is less flexible than Walmart.

Best Buy

  • Layaway Dates: Typically Oct to mid-Dec
  • Minimum Purchase: $50
  • Down Payment: 10% of total purchase
  • Payments: Every 2 weeks required
  • Cancellation Fee: $25

Best Buy also provides seasonal layaway but has higher minimum purchase and cancellation fee amounts than Walmart and Target. The bi-weekly payment requirement is also less flexible than Walmart‘s pay-as-you-go setup.


  • Layaway Dates: Typically Oct 15 to mid-Dec
  • Minimum Purchase: $100
  • Down Payment: 10% of total
  • Payments: Monthly payments required
  • Cancellation Fee: $25

Compared to other major retailers, Lowe‘s has the highest layaway minimum purchase amount at $100. They also require fixed monthly payments, so less flexibility than Walmart.

As you can see, Walmart offers one of the most flexible, affordable layaway programs in terms of costs, required payments, and product availability. Just be aware layaway is only available seasonally, unlike installment financing.

7 Tips for Using Walmart Layaway Effectively

If you‘ve made the decision to use Walmart layaway this holiday shopping season, here are my top 7 tips to make the most of it:

1. Know the cancellation policy – Keep in mind there is a $10 cancellation fee. Avoid putting lower cost impulse buys on layaway that you may later change your mind about.

2. Understand the payment deadlines – Having penalty-free flexibile payments is great, but be realistic about what you can pay by December 14. Don‘t bite off more than you can chew.

3. Sign up for reminders – Get email or text alerts so you never miss notification about an upcoming payment. This avoids losing your downpayment and items.

4. Come prepared with layaway slips – Keep your layaway receipt handy to make payments quickly without looking up your account. Time is money during the busy holiday season.

5. Ask about price adjustments – If an item you put on layaway goes on sale, request a price match at customer service for that item to adjust your balance.

**6. Compare prices – Just because you can put something on layaway doesn‘t mean it‘s the best deal. Still price compare to find the lowest price.

7. Pay off early if possible – Ideally, try to pay your balance quicker than the December 14 final due date so you have gifts in hand earlier.

Following these tips will help make your layaway process smoother. You‘ll ensure you complete payments on time, get the best pricing, and pick up gifts well before the holidays.

The Bottom Line: Is Walmart Layaway Right for Me?

Now that you know the full details, is layaway at Walmart a smart choice for your 2022 holiday shopping strategy?

The right answer depends on your personal situation. Here are a few final pros and cons to weigh when deciding if Walmart layaway fits your needs:


  • Pay over 3+ months with no interest fees
  • Flexible payments in any amounts
  • Reserve hot holiday gifts now, pay later
  • Free to cancel with small $10 fee
  • Shop 1000s of eligible items in-store


  • Limited to in-store purchases only
  • No guarantee items remain in stock
  • Time commitment to make payments
  • Risk losing downpayment if canceled
  • Need storage room for large items until fully paid

For savvy holiday shoppers on a budget, the flexibility and affordability of Walmart layaway likely outweigh the drawbacks. But fully consider whether you can commit to the payment plan before putting any gifts on hold.

I hope this comprehensive guide answers all your questions about Walmart layaway 2022. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions as you start your holiday shopping journey!

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