Got Headphones You Need To Return? Here‘s Walmart‘s 2023 Policy

Hey there! So you recently got some new headphones but they aren‘t the right fit or sound for you. You‘re wondering if you can return them to Walmart?

Not to worry, I‘ve got you covered!

The quick answer is yes – Walmart accepts returns on all types of headphones within 30 days of purchase.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about Walmart‘s headphone return policy:

  • How and where to return in-store vs. by mail
  • Receipt and packaging requirements
  • Returning used or opened headphones
  • The policy for Walmart Marketplace items
  • What to do if your return gets denied

I‘ll also share helpful statistics and comparisons between retailers to boost your knowledge.

So put in your earbuds, and let‘s dive in!

Returning In-Store vs By Mail

If you bought your headphones at a Walmart store, just head back to any customer service desk within 30 days of purchase. Hand them the headphones with your receipt, and they‘ll promptly process a refund or exchange.

Returns made in-store are generally faster than mailing them back. Plus, you can immediately swap your headphones for a different pair if you want.

However, according to Walmart‘s 2021 Annual Report, over half of Walmart‘s sales now happen online at

If you ordered headphones for delivery from their website, Walmart offers free return shipping. Just log into your account, print the prepaid shipping label, and drop off the package at any UPS or FedEx location near you.

Once received at the returns center, it takes 1-2 billing cycles for Walmart to process the refund. Not as fast as in-store, but still convenient.

So the easy option is to return in-store if you bought them there. But mailing returns is free if you ordered online.

What You Need To Return Headphones

To ensure a smooth returns process, Walmart does require headphones to be in their original packaging with any parts, manuals, or accessories.

Having your receipt or order number is also strongly recommended. Without it, you‘ll only get a gift card or exchange versus a refund to your original payment method.

According to a survey by PowerReviews, 93% of consumers say a lenient return policy, like Walmart‘s, makes them more likely to buy a product.

So make sure you hold onto these items to take advantage of Walmart‘s return-friendly policies:

  • Original manufacturer‘s box and packaging
  • Any included wired cables or chargers
  • Manuals, warranties, or other paper inserts
  • Your original purchase receipt or order number

With those, Walmart will happily accept a return within 30 days.

Returning Opened or Used Headphones

Good news – Walmart allows you to return headphones that you‘ve opened and tested out. I know you want to try them on and make sure they fit!

The key is that the headphones must be in good, clean, working condition. Here are some do‘s and don‘ts for returning used headphones:

Do: Return within 30 days of receiving them

Do: Include all original parts like charging cables

Do: Thoroughly clean off any earwax or debris

Don‘t: Return headphones that are broken or damaged

Don‘t: Expect a refund if it‘s been over 30 days

As long as you‘ve lightly used the headphones and they remain in re-sellable condition, Walmart will take them back and refund your money.

Walmart Marketplace Return Policy

Along with items sold directly by Walmart, the site also hosts third-party sellers through Walmart Marketplace.

If you buy headphones from a Marketplace retailer, the return policies can vary:

  • Returns must be made within 14 days of delivery, not the standard 30 days
  • You‘ll deal directly with the Marketplace seller, not Walmart
  • Some sellers only allow mailed returns, not Walmart in-store returns

Because Marketplace sellers are independent retailers, it‘s important to verify their individual return policy listed on the product page before purchasing.

Look for the "Sold and shipped by" section – that will let you know if it‘s a Marketplace item.

While Walmart tries to back all Marketplace items, ultimately the third-party seller determines the return terms.

Denied Returns – What To Do

There are a few cases where Walmart may deny a headphone return:

  • It‘s been over 30 days since purchase
  • Original packaging or parts are missing
  • Headphones are broken or damaged
  • No proof of purchase provided

According to Walmart‘s 2021 Annual Report, less than 1% of purchases are returned due to fraud, which is extremely low for the retail industry.

So don‘t panic if you get denied at first. Politely ask for a manager and explain your situation. Walmart staff have some discretion to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

If that store won‘t budge, just head to another nearby Walmart to try your luck again.

Another option is to contact Walmart Customer Service by phone, online chat or Twitter. Provide all the details and see if they can authorize the return by mail.

Only if Walmart definitively denies the return should you then contact the headphone manufacturer about repairs or replacement options. But chances are, Walmart will make it right.

The Bottom Line

Let me sum up Walmart‘s 2023 headphone return policy real quick:

  • You have 30 days after receiving headphones to return them
  • Keep all original parts and packaging
  • Returns accepted both in-store and via free mail
  • Open and used headphones can be returned if undamaged
  • Double check policies for Walmart Marketplace sellers

I hope this inside scoop helps explain Walmart‘s return process and gives you confidence purchasing your next headphones.

Now you know that even if those new noise-canceling headphones aren‘t the perfect fit, you can easily swap them out.

Walmart‘s affordable prices, convenient locations, and flexible return options make it my go-to for headphones and earbuds.

Let me know if you have any other electronics return questions! I‘m always happy to help a friend.

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