Best Pull-Up Bars

Pull up bars presents one of the perfect ways to get your upper body worked and well exercised properly right in the comfort of your home. They are quite effective in this regard, portable enough to be placed anywhere that you so wish within your apartment without being bothered about space. They are low-priced that anyone that is really interested in upper body building can easily afford it.

Best Pull Up Bars for body building

Depending on the type, you can either mount them on your door frame or on the ceiling. Some users also reported that they just decide to leave them free-standing. Using these bars, you will have to pull your body weight against the bar using your muscles. Generally, they are made of metal, however, there are some that have either a foam or a rubber grip which thus make them vary in quality and features. The several varieties of pull up bars present on the market have made it a bit more challenging for users to choose a pull-up bar that perfectly meets their fitness demands, especially if you are also the type that wants nothing but the best!

Against this backdrop, in this review, I have carefully highlighted the features of the best 5 pull bars on the market based on their features and several users’ reviews. This will serve as a guide whenever you want to get a pull-up bar for yourself.

Best Pull up Bars reviews and comparison

Without the right information, you are bound to make the wrong choice. The following is a list of 5 selected Pull up Bars:

Product name Weight capacity Grip positions Mount option Price
Iron Gym 300 Lbs. 3 Doorway 24” to 32”
Prosource Multi-Grip 300 Lbs. 12 Doorway 24” to 36”
AmazonBasics 220 Lbs. 3 Doorway 24” to 32”
Sportneer Multi-Grip 330 Lbs. 12 Doorway 24” to 36”
Weider Power Tower 220 Lbs. 12 Work Station

​1 .

Perfect for targeting several muscle groups at a time

>> ​ ​Iron Gym Pull up Bar


  • Strong steel construction
  • Rubberized door frame protection
  • Comfortable foam grips
  • It gives room for several workout options
  • Fits doorway width of 24″ to 32″
  • Max user weight: 300 lbs
  • Assembly tools included

Iron Gym Pull up Bar Perfect for targeting several muscle groups at a time

The Iron Gym Pull up bar stays at the first position with its multifunctional features, it stands out of all work out bars listed in most online stores. Having this kind of tool at home is one of the easiest ways to be consistent with your muscle building regime. You are sure to see the muscles of your arms, chest, and abdominals respond positively to your efforts. So, if you are the type too busy for the gym and you are really serious about staying fit, the Iron Gym Pull Up bar is worth investing your money on. I don’t think you should have any regrets doing that!

As a doorway pull up bar, you can use it without having to drill holes or use screws or any form of fasteners and also eliminates all worries pertaining to space. It uses the leverage, made available as the leverage bar rests on the edges of the doorframe. This ensures that the workout bar is fixed and firm such that the weight is directed downwards, as you do your pull-ups.

Though very simple as confirmed by many customers, it is also strong, tough and resilient such that you can use it even though you weigh about 300 pounds. Apart from being inexpensive, this fitness tool is versatile and the reason is not far-fetched. It can be relocated to the ground and used to perform dips to build the triceps muscles or used for pushups and sit ups to build the biceps and abs respectively. And that’s one of the features that had attracted many users to the Iron Gym pull up bar because you can use it for different workout regimens. It’s a multifunctional bar that has it all in itself.

One distinctive feature of the Iron Gym pull bar is its portability and I personally love this feature. I remember having mine dismembered while leaving town so that I won’t miss my pull up routines. This is not just my own experiences other users can attest to this fact as stated in their review of this great product. A good number of the reviews that I have scanned through had most users stating that the portability of this pull-up bar is really a motivation for them and had helped them increase their pull up counts faster than when they used other types of pull up bars.

So, if you are on the move and still want to keep fit, the Iron Gym pull up bar is just perfect for you, having it around makes it super-easy to work your muscles any time you want and thus keep your body in shape.

Did I mention is comfortability? YES. The Iron Gym pull up bar has a foam padding that makes it comfortable to use. This makes gripping at a various position easy and doesn’t cause blisters.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

However, some users complain that the Iron Gym pull up bar does not perfectly fit into some doors of their homes, especially the bedroom door frames, it was few inches shy from a perfect fit. Since the bar is not adjustable, it becomes important to take time to measure your door frame before placing an order. This, however, does not dispute the fact that the Iron Gym pull up bar fits into standard modern door frame, which a good percentage of users have confirmed.

Aside from this, many fitness trainers are of the opinion that the Iron Gym pull up bar is a fitness tool of exceptional functionality and quality and should be owned by many since it is available at a good price and delivered very promptly from Amazon.

What I love about the Iron Gym Pull up Bar

  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent design, easy to use
  • One bar that allows several workout options
  • Great foam padding, no blister worries
  • Quite inexpensive and portable
  • Suitable for users about 300 pounds
  • Opportunity to work out any time of the day

What I don’t like the Iron Gym Pull up Bar

  •  Plastic safety clip could break.
  • Dipping bar is too low
  • Requires a rather thick door frame lip (3 inches)

​2 .

Sturdy and Durable

>>  ProSource Multi-Grip Pull up Bar


  • Very sturdy and lightweight
  • Total bar width: 41-inches
  • Has an instructional guide
  • Mount on a door frame or fix with J brackets
  • Durable with a lifetime warranty
  • 10 ProSource foam grips, 2 PVC textured handles
  • Suitable for doorway widths: 24″ to 36″
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

ProSource Multi Grip Pull up Bar Sturdy and Durable

If you are interested in having a mini gym in your house or converting your house to a high-quality work-out station, then having ProSource Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar installed in your home is the right step to take. Considered the ultimate pull bar in some quarters due to its sturdiness, you can never go wrong having it at home. Just as the Iron Gym pull-up bar, it is popular and tasks every muscle of the body even though in a more serious manner. So if you want to be having more serious chin ups and pull ups, don’t hesitate in getting ProSource Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar for yourself.

Also hung in the doorway, this device has its frame made of high-quality steel coated with grips made up of plastic at its edges. These grips also serve as fasteners to the frame of your doors. The grips are padded with foam cushions to avoid blisters. Although numerous customers complain that they usually wear off, you sure can remedy that by padding them further with a soft-textured material or wrap them with a T-shirt to ensure that they last longer for you and this makes it quite more comfortable for you while you use it.

Heavy Duty Doorway Trainer for Home Gym

Although not as portable or versatile as the Iron Gym pull up bar, it has various grip positions from few inches away from the center, to positions, a shoulder width apart, past shoulder-width apart as well as positions in the U-shaped support. These several grip positions make movement easier on it when working out.

Since it is durable, tough and firm considering the material it is made from, there is no need to worry or be afraid of injuries. It has the capacity to withstand the pressure of lots of weight; even if you weigh as much as 300 pounds you can still use it.

Of course, I also considered the price of this pull-up bar before featuring it on the list. It is one of the most affordable pull-up bars on this list and so you won’t have to break the banks to get one. This means even if you are a bodybuilder in your earliest stage, having this at home would surely help hasten your upper muscle development. Another great thing that interests me about the pull-up bar is the reviews I found about it. Most of them attest that aside from the lifetime warranty on the fitness equipment, they confirm the high durability feature of the pull-up bar.

multi grip pull up bar

However, it seems there is nothing good that doesn’t also have its downsides. Most users reviewed some downsides about the pull-up bar, especially the complaint about the difficulty in assembling it, they linked it to the poor diagrams and instructions that were not easily understood. Also, although it is easy to install, if you don’t have a good knowledge of tightening screws, it will not fit into any size of door frame, unlike the Iron Gym that is easily assembled and fit more traditional doors.

What I like about ProSource Multi-grip Pull up Bar

  • Very cost effective
  • Strong and durable
  • Different grips that make workout sessions comfortable

What I don’t like about the Pull up Bar

  • Not so easy to assemble due to poorly written guides
  • Only fits sturdy door frames b between 24” and 36”
  • Makes black scruffs on doorways.

​​3 .

Versatile and Cost-effective

>> AmazonBasics Pull Up Bar


  • Firm and sturdy bar
  • Three grip positions
  • Foam padded grips

AmazonBasics Pull Up Workout Bar

The AmazonBasics Pull, just as the name suggests, it is an upper body workout bar from Amazon. Not only is it portable, it is very affordable and happens to be the cheapest on this list. Its presence in the list is not accidental, because regardless of its cost-effectiveness it is quite functional, very effective and provides balance for a sufficient number of pull-ups for the development of your muscles in the upper and other parts of the body.

This is also a pull-up bar that you can easily attach to the door frame of the doors in any room in your apartment, totally eliminates your reliance on the gym before working out. If your door has a dimension of 24 to 32 inches wide, doorway trim up to 3.5 inches wide, this device can be adjusted to perfectly and firmly fit in for your workout session. You can fix the top part of the metal, sturdy bar to the top side above the door frame on one side and then have the lower side of the bar fit into the other side of the door frame.

With its slip-in design, it capitalizes on the leverage to stay firm and has no need of screws for support as you build your muscles. So, if you want to remove the bar from the door frame, all you need do is to simply raise the bar up and bring it out. This is a unique feature when compared with other pull up bars in its category.

Pull Up and Upper Body Workout Bar

The AmazonBasics pull up bar is not just great among low cost pull-up bars, it also competes with most high-end bars like the Iron Gym and the rest when it comes to versatility. Sturdy and versatile, it can be positioned in different places for a comprehensive workout. Therefore, if you are also the type interested in having dips, pushups regularly like many of us do, all you need do is to exploit this feature and bring this device to the ground and you are sure to have a more steady grip and freedom to move in diverse angles. Unlike the proSource Multi-grip pull bar, AmazonBasics gives the body the required balance and alignment for sit-ups and crunches when you place your feet below the broad lower section and the upper section, you can always try that out.

One of the important features of the AmazonBasics pull-up bar is its three grip positions which are wide, neutral and narrow. This feature gives you the opportunity to properly utilize the workout sessions to effectively build different muscles as you assume different positions by changing grip positions. The three grip positions are well-padded with cushion foam pads, to ensure a firm grip preventing blisters or any form of injury and guarantees comfort during use. However, several reviews by customers reveal that cushion pads easily wear off, this can be averted by using a soft-textured material on it as well to ensure it last longer.

AmazonBasics pull up bar is its three grip positions

Unlike the bulky pull-up bars, this device as confirmed by many of its users is a space saver. You are sure to keep fit at any time without having your room congested. AmazonBasics has simply provided a cheap alternative to the gym when it comes to keeping your upper body toned.

What I love about the AmazonBasics Pull Up and Upper Body Workout Bar

  • Very affordable
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble
  • 3 different grip positions and various work out options
  • Perfect for pull-ups, crunches, dips, and others
  • Versatile and very cheap
  • Fits door frame that 24 to 32 inches wide

What I don’t like about the AmazonBasics Pull Up and Upper Body Workout

  • Lacks stability, therefore can easily snap

​​4 .

Best Targets the Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps Muscles

>> Sportneer Multi-grip Pull-up Bar


  • Easy to install, slip-in design fits standard doorways
  • Ideal for chin-ups, triceps dips, and pull-ups
  • Holds up to 330 pounds
  • Has 12 Grip positions
  • Constructed from high grade and heavy-duty steel
  • Perfect for pull-ups, triceps dips or chin ups
  • Effective for different muscles
  • Foam padding to protect your doorframe
  • Assembly guide included

Sportneer Multi grip Pull up Bar Best Targets the Chest Shoulder and Triceps Muscles

The last on the list is the Sportneer Multi-grip Pull-up Bar, which is another doorway pull-up device. it has amazing features that made it find its place on the list of the 5 best pull up bars for 2018. If you are considering a pull-up device for your home, this is a popular alternative offering great quality and great value for your money.

Even though it is a doorway pull up bar, you have no need to worry about the damage it might cause to your doors frames, as it has no need for fittings and fixtures that will be permanent. You also don’t have to use any power tools; however, you might just need to tighten the bolts. I will recommend that you leave it loose till you are sure they are well positioned, to avoid any form of twisting or cross threading which could be dangerous.

From its dimensions, it is quite longer than its counterparts in the category, as it can fit into your doorways if they are 24 to 36” wide and also if your doors are 5.5 to 6.3 thick with the molding inclusive. The length of this fantastic fitness device is 41 inches, it is tough, made of high-grade steel, with U-shape handles. The handles are well-padded and form two parallel grip positions which will give you a firm grip and make it easy for you to perform neutral grip pull ups. The padded handles eliminate the possibility of injuries and keep you comfortable even as you perform different workout options.

Doorway Trainer for Home Gym

However, considering the reviews from different customers, there were complaints that the padding usually wears out due to pressure from consistent use. This complaint is quite common with most doorway pull up bars but can be curtailed by doubling the padding or getting another pull up bar that allows you to spread your weight like the Iron Gym pull-up bar or the sturdy ProSource Multi-grip pull-up bar to ensure a comfortable work out session.

Apart from the neutral grips, it has other grip positions which equal 12 in total. These positions allow for different workout options ranging from underhand and overhand pull ups, chin ups, sit ups and abs and crunches as well as other workout options that are quite effective for the back and triceps muscles. So getting this pull up bar will help you have a complete workout working most muscle groups in your body.

lightweight design of this device

Most customers’ reviews agree that regardless of the lightweight design of this device, you can still use it even if you weigh as high as 330 pounds. Due to its lightness, you can have a workout session away from the door; do your push-ups, dips on the floor targeting your shoulder, chest and triceps muscles.

What I love about the Sportneer Multi-grip Pull-up Bar

  • Strong and sturdy frame
  • No need for permanent fittings
  • Rest firmly on the door frame
  • Easy to assemble with available tools
  • Has various grip positions
  • Gives room for work out sessions anytime

What I don’t like about the Sportneer Multi-grip Pull-up Bar

  • Leaves black marks on the door frame
  • Fits only to door frame with mouldings less than 2” wide.

​5 .

Offers Great Value for Money

>> The Weider Power Tower


  • Push-Up Station with padded hand grips
  • Vertical Knee Raise with padded hand grips and cushioned armrests
  • Dip Station with padded hand grips
  • Sturdy materials and vinyl cushions for comfort

The Weider Power Tower Offers Great Value for Money

If you are the type that is consistent in the gym, you must have seen a couple of Weider gym equipment. Weider has remained a brand well-known for its high-quality items. So including the Weider power tower on the list is a good decision. However, before I tell you about the Weider power tower, you should know that this fitness equipment may take a considerable space in your home. It has a footprint that is approximately 41 inches wide, 84 inches tall, and 57 inches deep. Which means if you are the type that has a very limited space in your home, this may not be the best pull up bar to go for.

Unlike many pull up bars I have included on this list, the Weider Power Tower is not a doorway pull up bar but a workstation. The tower has a sturdy design and it’s built from good quality materials which means you can practically use it day-in-day-out without the worry about its stability. However, some users reported that being on the heavier side weighing more than 220 lbs., they do feel some slight movement in the station during use of the dip and pull-up bars. But in that case, you can get a protective lightweight gym flooring to improve stability of the station when using it. That will also protect your floor from getting damaged. You can as well place a couple of sandbag over the base if the movement is much. Does that mean you can’t use this if you weigh over 220 lbs.? Of course, you can. Even if it does move a little while using it, it has a load capacity of 300+ lb. so it definitely won’t bend or break.

The Weider Power Tower station is otherwise built from good quality materials. All the bars and handles that come with the station are easy to grip and also easy to hang onto, even when you start to sweat. The dip, pull up and push handles are padded to help you have a comfortable workout on it.

Just as many users have attested, you are certainly going to also find the Weider Power Tower super easy to use. However, because of its large dimensions, dome exercises on it may require a bit of practice before you finally have a hang of them. In this area, the pull-up equipment has received some low ratings.

Weider Power Tower

Also, the station is quite tall having the pull-up bar at more than 7ft off the ground. Therefore, if you are the short type, you may have to jump to reach the pull-up bars. Many users find this very annoying about the pull-up equipment. However, these are just minor flaws that you would get improved over after some time, therefore, they are never a deal breaker.

Even though the Weider Power Station is not the cheapest on this list, it is a pull-up station that offers great value for money. However, before I close the review about this equipment, I need to also tell you about what most people thought about its assembly. Its assembly is not an easy task. Most users complained that the assembling instruction is not clear enough which thus leads to wobbles after assembly.

doorway pull up bar but a workstation

Some users also complain about a bad packaging and also about missing parts. However, they get those parts after getting in touch with the support fast. But in all, if you are looking for a fitness bar that will tone several muscle groups in your body, choosing the Weider Power Tower is a smart choice.

What I love about the Weider Power Tower

  • It supports a user of over 200lbs
  • Low price for a Power Tower
  • It combines both style and versatility
  • Comfortable design for the armrest
  • Has a great variable resistance

What I don’t like about the Power Tower

  • Arrives in pieces and takes time to fix parts
  • It takes a bit of space

Buyer’s Guide to Pull Up Bar

Buyer’s Guide to Pull Up Bar

However, that a pull-up bar is less expensive does not make it the best pull up bar on the market. Therefore, in this guide, I’m going to be showing you a few things you should know before opting for any pull up bar to tone your upper body right in the comfort of your home and remain fit.

What Is the Right Type of Pull Up Bar?

This is usually a very difficult question to answer because the best type of bars for me may not be the best type for you. The reasons why I may desire a particular pull up bar type may be different from why you want it. While I may not like a free standing pull up bar because of my height, it may perfectly fit your need if you are not as tall as myself. So, you have to consider your own options and make your personal decision. The following are the different types of pull up bar available for you.

1. Doorway pull up bar

Doorway pull up bar

Using this type of pull up bar, simply place the bar between the door frame and hang on it for your pull-ups. The benefit associated with this type of bar is that it supports itself on your door frame, and so it makes it easy to store away. However, this type of pull up bars are really only suitable for the smaller individuals.

2. Free standing pull up bar

Free standing pull up bar

With this type of bar, you are almost purchasing a complete gym because this pull up bar types has options for extra exercises, such as jumps or sit-ups and can also enable you have a complete body exercise. The main disadvantage is that they are always more expensive to purchase and require sufficient space to store your standing unit. Dismantling it can also be difficult if you decide to put your free standing pull up bar away in a cupboard after use.

3. Wall mounted pull up bar

Wall mounted pull up bar

With this type of pull up bar, you can simply screw the bar straight into the wall. The good thing about this pull up bar is that it provides a range of height option, therefore making it ideal for people who are a bit taller like myself. However, the problem is that there it is a permanent fixture without the ability to remove it every day after use. And because it is a mounted pull up bar, you have to make sure you have a brick wall where you can screw it into and it can stay there.

What’s the Benefit of Using A Pull Up Bar?

Pull up bars are a great source of exercises as it allows you work a few areas of your body at the same time and at a very short time. The only exception is that you can’t work out your legs.

The best thing about the pull-up bar is that it does not require additional weight because you are using your body weight already. This means you do not put extra pressure on your body as you would do when trying to lift weights.

What Areas of The Body Do Pull Up Bars Work?

Your latissimus Dorsi (Lats)

These are the muscles running from your shoulders down the outside of your back. It is usually the key muscle used when you do pull up motions.

Your rhomboids

These are the muscles supporting your lats and represent an important benefit to keep your back free from back pain.

Your biceps

As you bend your arms while pulling up, you will normally be making use of biceps, however, you will also make use of your triceps and forearm, which means that they effectively train all the muscles of the arm.

Your cardiovascular system

Doing sets of pull up for about 30 minutes at a time, it is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness in a very short period of time.

Areas of The Body Do Pull Up Bars Work

How to Use A Doorway Pull Up Bar

Generally, the doorway pull up bars are very easy to use, but there is a big difference between ease of use and correctness. Therefore, to prevent physical damage and waste of time, these are the few steps to take in order to achieve the perfect pull up.

Step I: Warming up

It is a good idea to get completely warm up before you start any physical exercise. Cold muscles are like any cold object, they are fragile and can often make you hurt yourself if you do not try to warm your muscles in advance and stretch them out ideally.

Step II: Preparation

First, you must make sure that you stand with your hands above your head. Ideally, get hold of the bar with your hands making sure the width is in the same proportion with your shoulders and pull, which means your feet are off the floor.

Step III: Hang

While hanging, raise your feet slightly. It really helps maintain your balance and prevents you from drilling when you try to lift or pull up.

Step IV: Pull up

As you hold your hands evenly, pull back until your chin strikes at the top of the bar. It is necessary to ensure that the elbows move downward directly and not to the sides. When you pull up, your body weight develops resistance and this puts pressure on your shoulders, chest, and arms.

Step V: Training

The fifth step refers to repetition, this statement is very accurate because you will have to do at least five repetitions per set and you will ideally have five sets in your training in order to truly benefit the toning of your muscles.

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