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Since the last 10 years, there have been increasingly compelling arguments from researchers over the benefits of weight training when it comes to achieving overall health. However, it seems people are still not sure if they should add this essential factor to their exercise routine.

Resistance exercise challenges the body in a great way but many individuals are, however, not spending enough time on resistance exercises. Many people don’t know that resistance training doesn’t have to include spending several hours in the gym lifting heavy weights with intimidating machines.

A very good option for performing resistance training is to make use of resistance bands. Including resistance band in your exercise routine gives you a perfect way to mix things up without harming your wallet. With these bands, there is a wide variety of exercise you can try. The same way there is an app for virtually all things, there is also a resistance band that perfectly works for every type of workout you may want to try.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to build strength and definition in your legs, arms, abdomen, or glute, there is always a perfect band to get the job done; only if you know how to choose well. The versatility, portability, and cost-effectiveness of these fitness bands have made it a go-to for many fitness enthusiasts that are serious about achieving their resistance training goals. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or much space before you can add a strength challenge to your workout. Resistance band is portable and effective and can be easily carried along when traveling.

From pilates to yoga to your own at-home workout program, resistance bands are perfect for helping you engage muscle groups in a gentle but productive way. And one thing I will also want you to know about these bands is that they are not only great for achieving overall wellness but also contribute greatly when you are trying to recover from injury or whatever physical therapy requirements your body may need.

Therefore, just as I always do, I have also gone to the market again to get some trending and cost-effective resistance bands. I have thus chosen the best five based on their effectiveness, versatility and customer reviews. Below are the top 5 resistance band you should consider and also followed is a comprehensive buying guide to help further help your decision when investing in a resistance band.

Resistance bandshundreds presently on the market to make it easier for you to decide

​Best Resistance Bands Reviews

​Products ​Material ​Resistance ​Length ​Packaging (No of bands) ​Price
Limm Natural Latex 40 Lbs. 12” 5
Tribe 11pc Premium Natural Latex 35 Lbs. 48” 5
Fitness Insanity Rubber 150 Lbs. 1.2 m 5
InMaker Latex 60 Lbs. 12” x 2” 5
Athleema Set of 3 Latex 20 Lbs. 10” x 2” 3

​1 .

Perfect For A Variety Of Exercises

>> ​ ​Limm Resistance Band


  • Set of 5 straps and color coded
  • Each strap are 12 inches long
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Workout eBook and printed manual

Limm Resistance Bands Exercise Loops Set of 5 to 12 inch Workout Flexbands for Home Fitness Stretching Physical Therapy

Having had a great experience with the Limm Jump Rope, I knew the Limm resistance loop band will also be a hit. For several years now, I have been a fan of resistance band and I knew I am going to write a review on them someday.

The Limm resistance loop band is one of the most affordable yet effective resistance band on the market. I will say it simply gives you the worth of your money. There are 5 different bands in the set and each of the bands are uniquely color coded and also come with their own resistance levels. This makes the Limm resistance band a perfect choice for both beginners and professional athletes.

You can gradually increase your workout intensity starting from the X-light (Yellow) 4-10 lbs and gradually progress to the X-heavy (Black) 35-40 lbs. I found the loop to be a perfect choice for strengthening your legs, back, arms, and glutes without needing to add any additional equipment whatsoever.

Activities and exercises you can easily engage yourself anytime 1

The Limm resistance band contains a set of flexible bands that are very ideal for a wide variety of exercises ranging from Pilate to yoga to physical therapy. Another perk of this band that all traveling fitness enthusiasts will like is its portability. It doesn’t take up space and so makes it super easy to travel with, throwing them into your backpack and ready to hit the road.

However, combing through various reviews of customers about this product, I can say the major drawback to the product is the absence of ankle clips or other accessories to enhance grip when in use. But considering the price of the bands (how cheap it is), this should not be a problem at all.

The Limm resistance band set also comes with a free “Home workouts” eBook to make planning your own workout plan easier and your fitness goals easier to accomplish. The eBook will make it possible for you to gradually increase your exercise intensity.

The bands are made of 100% high-quality natural latex which thus makes them durable, strong, and ideal for all fitness levels. Sure enough, the resistance loop bands are also perfect for the use of the whole family. When you desire to tone up your resistance training with resistance bands without breaking your wallet, the super affordable and effective Limm resistance bands should be your choice.

What I love about the Limm Resistance Bands

What I love about the Limm Resistance Bands

  • It is made from strong and durable high-quality latex material
  • Perfect for a wide variety of workout routines
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Perfect for enhancing recovery
  • Easy to clean and maintain

What I don’t like about it

  • Band resistance may be too low for professional bodybuilders
  • Absence of ankle clips
  • May appear thin, but the compact design is appreciated by users

​2 .

The Best Band For Biceps

>> Tribe 11Pc Premium Resistance Band


  • Set of 5 straps and color coded
  • Each strap are 48 inches long
  • A medium sized drawstring bag
  • Ankle Straps
  • Handles
  • A door anchor

Tribe 11Pc Premium Resistance Band The Best Band For Biceps

The Tribe 11pc Premium resistance band is another super affordable resistance worth its price on the market. Just like the Limm resistance band, the Tribe resistance bands also come in 5 different color-coded bands and each of them has a unique resistance level. This feature makes the bands perfect for both beginners and experienced trainers. So even if you are using resistance bands for the first time, the Tribe is a good companion to help you learn the rope.

Straight out of the box, the bands look beautiful in their unique colors. Each of the bands is 48 inches in length and comes in a high-quality 100% natural latex with high elasticity and super thick top-grade silicon that won’t snap, dry out, or deform. That is a good part I love about the Tribe resistance band.

Apart from the 5 bands; the 5 lbs. (Yellow), 15 lbs. (Green), 20 lbs. (Red), 30 lbs. (Blue), and the 35 lbs. (Black) bands, the set also comes with some other accessories like two soft ankle straps, one door-safe anchor, two cushioned soft-grip handles, a carrying bag, and a workout guide that will help you get started with your exercises.

The Tribe 11pc Premium resistance band comes with a 100% money back guarantee, providing a better assurance that the bands are surely made to last and not deform or snap anytime soon.

Limm resistance band contains a set of flexible bands 1

Another intriguing aspect of the bands is that they are stackable from 5 lbs. straight up to 80 lbs., what this means is that you can actually combine their strength for a variety of exercises and can also be used by different users.

However, on the downside, reviews, as well as my experience with the resistance bands, shows that the clasps to which you can attach the ankle straps and handles are a bit small and hard to open. This means you may need to put a bit of more effort to remove and attach the handles.

The Tribe 11pc premium resistance band will be a good addition to your gym either you are a beginner or a professional athlete looking to give your training that extra push. It will help you achieve a faster and more effective result in no time. They are great for biceps, butt, glute or leg training, so I can say they are made for all.

What I love about the Tribe 11pc Premium Resistance Bands

  • It has 5 different resistance levels that can also be combined
  • It is sturdy
  • Comes with many accessories for a greater variety of exercises
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee

What I don’t like about it

  • Bands have small and hard-to-open clasps
  • Limited ankle size on straps

3 .

Comes with The Highest Resistance Levels

>> Fitness Insanity Resistance Band


  • Includes 5 color-coded bands
  • Each band is 1.2 meters long
  • The set comes with 4 exercise guide manual e-Book
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Fitness Insanity Resistance Band Comes with The Highest Resistance Levels

With this resistance band set, you are sure to get a correct exercise set option that will help you increase your strength and also boost your workouts. The set features bands of varying resistance just like the Limm and Tribe resistance bands earlier reviewed, and also, it has the resistance written on each of the bands. You can also stack the bands up for a combined resistance if that is what you like. It is a very durable yet a highly affordable band set that also comes with lots of nice bonuses.

The bands are made from high-quality and eco-friendly latex stronger than what you can get with most resistance bands on the market and still stretches further. The durable rubber inside it makes it a strong product you can always rely upon for your challenging workouts. It is perfect for sports, fitness, injury rehabilitation, body shaping, physical therapy, and weight loss.

It has a gentle design which is comfortable, easy and soft on the skin. It tends to produce less odor. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t really produce any odor so you are safe using the bands even if you have some kind of allergy or the other, which can be easily triggered by smell and odor.

The Fitness Insanity Resistance band comes with lots of nice perk features, therefore, I consider it as an all-around set option. You can either make use of the bands in the set individually or stack them together to give your resistance training an additional push it requires. There are also 4 exercise manuals that come with the resistance set to get you started and going on your exercises. Like the Tribe resistance set, this set also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Though offers you an all-round set capable of guiding you through your exercises regardless of whether you are just a beginner or a professional fitness enthusiast, some users complain about the 10 pounds jumps between resistance levels as not been too comfortable compared with other resistance bands in its category.

Addition to a traditional weight training program 1

However, the lifetime warranty that comes with the resistance band set, the durable design of the bands is a great shoulder to lie upon and help you get a lot out of the bands. That is indeed a great thing about the resistance band.Enter your text here…

What I love about the Fitness Insanity Resistance Bands

  • Bands can be used for a variety of exercises
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • They come in handy when it comes to saving you a gym membership
  • It is economically affordable
  • They are strong and durable
  • Grips and bands are of high-quality materials

What I don’t like about it

  • 10 pounds jumps between resistance levels

4 .

Best Resistance Band For Stronger Legs, Hips, And Glutes

>> Inmaker Resistance Band


  • 5 durable resistance bands in each set
  • Drawstring bag
  • Workout instruction
  • Instruction sheet
  • Online videos

Inmaker Resistance Band Best Resistance Band For Stronger Legs Hips And Glutes

One of the major concerns of most fitness beginners, especially the busy types, is having the time to hit the gym for their training. They wish they have a way to get their mild workout even in their offices, and that’s one of the reasons this resistance band was featured on this list of the best resistance bands to opt for.

InMaker resistance band are perfect for toning your legs, glutes, and hips even in your office. The company offers two high-quality sets of bands to help you with your fitness. Also, each of the band sets comes with some helpful accessories to make it easier for you to achieve your goals. The Funda pack is the first InMaker resistance band set, and that seems to be the best option for beginners as it comes bands of lighter resistance ranging from 10 to 40 pounds.

In the Funda pack, each of the bands comes in varying resistance including 10 lbs. straight up to 40 lbs. you can also decide to opt for their Pro V. pack as it provides a more challenging option than the Funda pack. The Pro V. pack contains 5 resistance bands that come in a higher resistance range of 20 to 60 lbs.

Each of the 5 bands in each set is 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. They look strong and durable, which means you can use them for a longer time without the fear of being snap anytime soon. This also makes the bands perfect for any weight loss or strength training routine.

Each pack comes with some accessories like a complete workout instruction guide to help get you on the right track on your exercises, a travel carrying pouch, and an instructional manual. Just like many other resistance bands on the market and featured in this review, the InMaker resistance bands are also color-coded with their unique resistance levels written on each.

Whether your goal is just to stretch, strengthen those quads and hamstrings, or perform rehabilitation exercises, the InMaker resistance bands is a perfect option that comes in handy.

Another great and amazing thing I found about this resistance band is that you can actually use it to spice up your popular workout programs like Muscle Carving, Crossfit, HIIT, Pilates, P90x, Yoga, and many more. It is also mild enough to be used by mother-to-be to keep both the mother and the unborn baby fit and healthy.

What I love about the InMaker Resistance Bands

  • Bands can be used for a variety of exercises
  • Bands are portable with a small bag
  • Comes with a 40-page eBook and a workout manual
  • Bands offer 5 different levels of resistance

What I don’t like about it

  • Limited exercises for taller people

5 .

The Simplest and Most Affordable

>> Athleema Set Of 3 Resistance Bands


  • 3 stackable and durable resistance loop bands; Green, Blue, and Red
  • Convenient carry bag

Athleema Set of 3 Loop Resistance Bands

The Athleema Set of 3 Resistance is another great product of the series of resistance bands produced by Athleema and, of course, the last pieces of bands on this review list. Straight out the box, the Athleema resistance bands looks good and durable, made of a high-quality latex material that seems to be snap-resistant.

When laid flat, the 3 bands in the set is 10 inches by 2 inches each and they are going to be a great option for working the legs, as well as the glutes and hips. The material from which the resistance band is made is a durable one, and combined with the lifetime warranty that also comes with the product, you can be sure it’s going to serve you for a very long time without the need for any replacement.

The set consists of 3 bands with each of them having unique resistance levels and colors; the Green, Blue, and Red having a light, medium, and heavy resistance respectively.

You can use the bands individually or combined them to give you up to 7 different resistance level options. The Athleema Set of 3 Resistance band is perfect for a wide variety of workouts, including CrossFit, P90x, general exercises, Pilates, Yoga, Rehabilitation and physical therapy. Users that have used the bands attest that it can be used for over 100 different exercises, including the ones that will help you work your shoulders, arms, legs, back, hip and stomach.

If you are a professional fitness enthusiast, a beginner, or even an expectant mother, the 3 bands in the set are perfect enough for you to give an extra push to your resistance training. They are portable and so very easy to tuck in your pocket to work.

You can easily combine it with other equipment to spice up your normal workout routine. With this resistance bands, you can easily workout on the road and in your office.

However, on the downside, some customers complained it doesn’t provide enough resistance, even the heavy resistance band. If you wouldn’t be needing a lot of resistance or training for a competition, I’m sure the resistance band is perfect enough for you. But if you want a serious resistance, I will recommend you consider some of the other bands earlier mentioned in this review.

What I love about the InMaker Resistance Bands

  • Bands can be used for a variety of exercises
  • They are made from a durable material and comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a carry bag

What I don’t like about it

  • Bands may loosen with intense use
  • May not be perfect for a serious resistance trainer

Resistance Band Buying Guide: Choosing And Using Resistance Bands

When you think of an alternative to weights that don’t require a lot of equipment, or a lot of money, to build muscle, the resistance bands should come to mind. They are a great addition to a traditional weight training program and work your muscles in a completely different way than the conventional free weights.

Resistance effectiveness versatility 1

Though the resistance bands are versatile and inexpensive, some of us don’t get them. Why? This could be due to the fact that the resistance feels different as a result of the tension in the resistance bands making it feel harder as you try to keep the band in alignment throughout the exercise. Again, the bands may not pose strong challenge as the dumbbells or machines. Also, some of us don’t just know how to use the bands because we find them confusing and challenging when trying to put them to use.

There are a few other reasons that make people shy away from making use of the resistance brands but we shall be taking you through the actual importance of the bands and why you should try them out.

Why You Should Try Resistance Bands

Though you may be bothered with the challenges of the resistance bands, did you know that the muscles respond to strength exercise with the resistance band exactly the same way they do for free weights like the dumbbells as well as other equipment?

In addition to the positive effect on the muscles, it is also good for that the bands are portable and travel well. This implies that you can have them easily packed in your suitcase for travel. This is perfect especially when don’t have access to your usual equipment or you’re short on time.

1​. They increase coordination

The need to continually stabilize the body due to the tension throughout the exercise, the bands help with balance and coordination as well as engage more muscle groups.

The resistance band allows you to change your positioning in multiple ways as opposed to the weights where you’re often limited to how many exercises you can do. With the bands, there is a significant change to how an exercise feels and how your body works.


2​. They’re inexpensive

The bands are relatively affordable which makes them a perfect option for you if you are on a budget. They are also versatile as you can simply stuff in a suitcase, under your bed or just anywhere.

3. They’re perfect for all fitness levels

All fitness levels ranging from the beginners to the more advanced exercisers can actually use the bands. There are no restrictions. You can use them to add intensity to the conventional moves or as basic moves.

Now, you can easily agree that the resistance bands worth a try. However, though there are lots of varieties you can find almost everywhere, there is still the need for a guide to making the best buy, especially for the beginners.

Let us consider a few things you should note when going for the resistance bands thus;


Tips for Buying Resistance Bands

  • Buy a variety of bands. it is best to buy at least the three categories; light, medium and heavy as marked by color codes according to tension level. This is because your different muscle groups will require different resistance levels.
  • Buy easy to use and comfortable bands. You should go for resistance bands with padded handles and ensure that you won’t have to change them out. Those made of hard plastic or with handles larger than normal make using your bands more difficult than normal.
  • Buy accessories. Having different ways to attach the bands is one key to using them. You can go for door attachment particularly if you don’t have a stair rail or sturdy pole in your house to wrap the band during exercises like the seated rows or chest presses. Other accessories include different handles, ankle cuffs and more.

For the beginners, you have to stick with your basic long tubes with handles. You have to keep it simple as much as possible. You may want to buy other types later once you figure out how to use it.

Now, let us take a look at some of the resistance band activities and exercises you can easily engage yourself anytime.

Benefits of weight training with essential factor to their exercise 2

Some Resistance Band Activities and Exercises

You can incorporate both strength and cardio exercising while traveling with one piece of equipment. With the resistance band you can engage in a few exercises that will get your heart rate up thus;

  • Front and back double leg jumps, – Here, you put the resistance band on the floor at your front in a straight line from right to left. Jump over the band with both feet to land in front, then with motion to the right, jump diagonally back. Using the band as a marker for the length of the band before coming back., continue jumping forward and back
  • Band Jumping Jacks – with both hands holding the band over the head, pull the band down as while you engage in jumping jacks.
  • Side to Side Band Lunges – with the band wrapped around your back, grab on to each side under the armpits, just below the handles. Then, pivot and turn to the right, with left leg taken out into a straight leg lunge and the left hand forward pressed to straighten the band. Repeat on the other side from the origin.
  • Side to Side Double Leg Jumps – With each handle facing the front and back of the room, Lay the band down on the floor crosswise next to your right foot. Jump with both feet over the band starting on the left side of the band, while landing on the other side. Repeat for 30-60 seconds by Jumping back over.

These exercises require a little require a little time and involve some form of repetitive patterns but are sure to engage different groups of your muscles just as the free weight exercises would do.

Strength Training Using a Resistance Bands

Getting started with basic exercises you’re already familiar with may be easier if you’re ready to try your resistance bands. Let’s go through a few of them thus;

  • Rotating Chest Press – with the band wrapped around a sturdy object, loop one handle through the other and pull tight. Build enough tension on the band by stepping away from the anchor beginning with the right side towards the anchor. While pivoting on the feet, rotate the body, to bring the right around and touch the left fingers. 16 reps should be repeated for on each side.
  • Chest Press – this exercise requires you to wrap the band around a support, either a chair, rail or door, and at tight at about the chest level. You try to move far from the support until you get constant tension on the band. You can push back and out for about 16 reps. It is a perfect exercise to build your muscles for strength.
  • Band Rows – with the band looped under your feet, grab and pull the band so that your abs are in and your back is flat. Pull the elbows to the torso gradually for tension. Lower and repeat motion for about 16 reps.

Other strength training exercises include the band triceps extensions and the bicep curls which engage different muscle groups as obtained in the weight exercises.

Though most of us are familiar with the weight exercises, it does not rule out the fact that the resistance bands offer just the same effects on your muscles and even more. Choosing the bands is a perfect move especially if you are on a budget as it is inexpensive, easy to transport and can be used at all exercise levels.

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