Best Kettlebells

Kettlebells have now turned out to be the perfect exercise tool that can be used by both men and women of all sizes, shapes, and fitness levels. They are ideal for a variety of weightlifting routine and has been found to be effective for performing ballistic exercises, throws, squats, snatches, and the infamous kettlebell swing. Whether you intend to have a full body workout in a very short time or you want to focus on certain muscle groups at a time, kettlebells are just perfect for you.

Effectiveness for ballistic exercises of kettlebell

With every use, kettlebells can help you burn some excess calories and body fat, and in the same vein, they are perfect for building strength and can help you quickly get in the best shape of your life. The fitness equipment allows you to try a variety of training routines as well as enjoy a ton of good physical and health benefits. You wouldn’t have to bother about paying for a gym membership at a local gym or get yourself stressed out with the back and forth travel time to the gym every week. With kettlebells, you are not limited to a particular place to use it, you can start your training session right in the comfort of your own very home.

However, even though investing in a kettlebell is a worthwhile decision that will more than payoff, the so many brands and models of kettlebells out there on the market can make the job of choosing the right kettlebell extra difficult. Simply because of the nature of this fitness equipment, as they are all relatively similar to each other, narrowing down to the right one that suits your fitness requirement during shopping thus becomes more difficult.

I have, however, put this review together to help you out when it’s time for you to make a choice. There is also a buying guide at the end of the review to show you some things to look out for in kettlebells before making an investment. Below are the 5 best kettlebells for 2018 based on their properties and customer’s reviews.

Best Kettlebell reviews and comparison

If you have planned to own a kettlebell to give your fitness a push, these are the top 5 kettlebells available out there on the market for 2018 to help you make the best decision. The review has been put together based on careful consideration of the properties of the equipment and also customers review. Now choosing the kettlebell that best meets your fitness goals can be much easier than you have thought.

​Product ​Design ​Weight ​Range ​Warranty ​Price
AmazonBasics Cast Iron Cast Iron 10 to 70 lbs. 1 year
Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Cast Iron 5 to 80 lbs. 60 days
Tone Fitness Cement and vinyl coated 5 to 15 lbs. 1 year
CAP Barbell Cast Iron Cast Iron 10 to 80 lbs. 30 days
Rep Fitness Gravity Single-cast Iron 2.2 to 106 lbs. 90 days

​1 .

Affordable and Cheap

>> ​ ​AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell


  • The kettlebell supports a wide range of resistance training exercise
  • Comes with a textured wide handle for a better grip and comfort
  • Made of solid high-quality cast iron
  • Painted surface for better durability and corrosion protection

AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebells

I don’t think Amazon again needs any special introduction, and at the same time, it’s probably not that much of a surprise that they sell fitness equipment that is their own. The AmazonBasics line of product belonging to Amazon span across multiple markets, and it excites me to have one of their products on this list of top 5 kettlebells for 2018.

AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell

No doubt, the AmazonBasics has been the choice of many fitness enthusiasts as well as fitness beginners and as so featured on the review list of many fitness equipment. Therefore, seeing the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell make this list is not so much of a surprise. The kettlebell has a very simple design and I would best describe it as a “kettlebell with no frills”, which makes some sense when you consider it’s from the AmazonBasics line. However, in this review we will be looking into what makes the AmazonBasics Cast Iron kettlebell find its way here, considering its construction, durability, performance, price and much more.

Firstly, the AmazonBasics Kettlebell is just exactly as the brand had described it. It is basic, simple and d comes with no additional frills, and again, it is super affordable. The kettlebell will be a perfect match for the general fitness enthusiast who enjoys kettlebell training, as well as those in the market to buy their own equipment to build a home gym. It also comes with a 1-year warranty from AmazonBasics making another great perk on the highly competitive price of the kettlebell.

When it comes to design, this kettlebell is exactly how I would describe your run of the mill standard kettlebell. It is cast with a high-quality cast iron which makes it to be standard across the board for kettlebell construction. Even though I did not feel so much difference between the iron construction of the kettlebell and others I have tried from companies who are completely fitness focused, it is still worth mentioning that AmazonBasics has done a good job with the construction of this kettlebell.

The kettlebell has a maximal width coming around 8.8” and its height around 10.6”. Even though Amazon did not explicitly list the diameter of this kettlebell’s handle, but I could see it felt similar to most competition kettlebells offering around 33mm in diameter. This is a great advantage as it will be a perfect match for multiple types of strength athletes when it comes to hand sizes. It has a handle that is designed slight taller than what is seen in some other models, this will enhance gripping the handle from several angles, including gripping the sides for goblet squats.

If you are presently out of chalk for workout or you are probably not a fan of chalk, I think you will no doubt, be happy with the performance of this kettlebell. It has a glossy paint which is somewhat slick and doesn’t hinder your ability to grip the kettlebell. More so, to further enhance performance, Amazon has also included small grooves in the handle. However, according to most reviews from customers, the only concern is the friction as a result of prolonged use because of the smooth texture, but that only occurs in extreme scenarios.

Prolonged use of AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell

Another important factor to consider when opting for any fitness equipment is the durability of such equipment. No one will want to keep replacing their kettlebell every 3 months but over the course of this review, I couldn’t sense any issue with the durability of this AmazonBasics Iron Cast Kettlebell. It looks strong and with a quality and simple design, unless you drop it on concrete, I really can’t see it breaking down quickly.

In terms of price, when compared to some other kettlebells on the market and with the same weight, AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell seems to be at a pretty good price. You can get one for a personal use in your home gym without breaking your wallet and the Amazon 1-year warranty that comes with it as a perk is a great addition to the already super affordable price of the kettlebell.

The AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell also comes in a variety of sizes making it easier to choose the size that best suit your fitness goals. You can choose from 10 pounds up to 70 pounds with an increment over either 5 or 10-pound increment. You can choose the optimal amount of weight you need for a specific type of exercise to accommodate your individual fitness level.

Even though I did not have so many specific expectations going into this review because Amazon is not really a company that is “fitness-focused”, but looking at this kettlebell, I could say Amazon has really done a pretty job. The AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell may not be as nice as some other high-end kettlebells I have tried so far as hand feel, but I thought it great and very much fit the bill for the general fitness enthusiast. And in addition, it is competitively priced.

If your main concern is simply to own a kettlebell and you are impartial about the specifics of kettlebells, then I think the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell would be a great fit for you.

What I liked about the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell

  • It’s affordable
  • Comes with a simple design
  • Smooth and glossy finish
  • Varying choice of sizes

What I don’t like about the kettlebell

  • Comes with too basic design
  • High friction handle

​2 .

Perfect For Endurance And Strength Training

>> Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell


  • Solid cast iron superior grip
  • Comes with a slightly textured handle
  • Has no seams or welds

Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells for full Body Workout

The Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell is making the second kettlebell on this list and as well the second cast iron kettlebell. For some years now, cast iron kettlebells have been in the market and have been well praised for their strength and durability. When the Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell was introduced, it was good news to every lover of cast iron kettlebells. Unlike the AmazonBasics, this kettlebell is more complex in design. It was designed using a custom fit design for endurance and strength. It comes with steel handles having the kind of texture that will provide a firm and comfortable grip. Having a diameter of 1.25 inches, I see the fitness equipment as perfect for indoor use. So, if your goal is to buy it for a home gym, you are just on the right path. However, let’s look into more features of this kettlebell to see why it made the list of the top 5 kettlebells for 2018 in the first place.

Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell

Considering the construction of the Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell, it was built with a solid cast iron that has no joint seam, defective or weak spots, so I can say it is indeed sturdy. The resilient powder coating used to cover the kettlebell is the type that can not chip away but provides a better and firmer grip, especially if you are also the type that sweats a lot during workouts.

If you engage in some exercise that requires a flat bottom kettlebell for stability on the ground, the Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell has a flat bottom to satisfy that need. The kettlebell has a smooth handle with the kind of texture that will provide optimum comfort when you hold it.

You don’t really need chalk to use the kettlebell. However, when I put chalk on the bell, it performed decently well. Chalk actually doesn’t play so much role when it comes to grip enhancement because the handle is a steel handle but it still adds some perks to the grip.

Considering the performance of the bell, the Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell looks strong and perfect for a wide range of workout exercises. Because of its sturdy nature, the bell will also work great for cardio and strength exercises, so if you are looking to build some strength, power, stability, as well as lean muscles and also burn fat, the kettlebell is an ideal fitness equipment to help you achieve all of these in a short while.

I have tried some exercises with this bell and I found it to be really great, including Turkish get up, deadlifts, swings, squats, snatches, military press and body weight training.

The Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell is perfect for beginner strength athlete as the wider handle of the bell provides a good option for them to properly learn kettlebell movements that may be more subject to grip errors. The iron cast of the Yes4All kettlebell protects the bell from breaking or chipping prematurely as a result of being dropped. So if your worry is about the longevity and durability of your fitness equipment, the Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell could be a good option. Also, just as the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell, this kettlebell also comes with a 1-year warranty to further provide assurance on the durability of the bell.

AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell and strength of a athlete

The kettlebell is also pretty affordable. The price is good enough for what the bell has to offer. You may ask, “is it a competition kettlebell?”. The answer is No, but the bell does have features that could benefit multiple training population.

The Yes4All Cast Iron Kettlebell is a solid kettlebell that provides endurance and strength. It is very durable and allows you to use it for a wide range of workout exercises. If you are actually looking for a sturdy kettlebell that can be used in burning fat and muscle building, the Yes4All Cast Iron Kettlebell is a great choice to consider as it is perfect for helping you achieve your goals.

What I liked about the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell

  • It is affordable
  • It’s versatile and comes with a flat bottom
  • It durable

What I don’t like about the kettlebell

  • Some users reported that the handle can have rough edges

​​3 .

Choice of Most Female Fitness Enthusiasts

>> Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell


  • Engages several parts of the body for a complete body workout
  • Kettlebell is available in varying weights
  • Comes in different colors
  • Vinyl coated, cement filled for durability.

Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell for strength training exercises

This is a kettlebell sculpt by one of the leading fitness equipment suppliers; the CAP Barbell. The kettlebell was designed initially for Russian Red Army soldiers and world-class athletes. But today, the Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell is now being used by almost everyone that desires to top their fitness goals; both by fitness enthusiasts or beginners just learning the rope. Females in the market for the search of a light-weighing and very appealing kettlebell will surely like the Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell.

The bell is made of cement unlike most equipment on this list which is made from cast iron. It is however covered with vinyl to offer some protection for your floor. You need to test out the Tone fitness kettlebell. It is just as its name describes – it is designed to help you increase your agility, develop balance, build strength and as well improve your endurance.

The Tone Fitness Kettlebell

What’s more about this kettlebell? It also has a comfy, smooth and big enough handle that allows you to perform several workout exercises. It is big enough to allow both hands to fit into perfectly for enhanced effectiveness and is reinforced for durability.

The Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell is a 15 pounds bell that comes in a variety of colors, including lime, pink, and orange, making it easier for you to choose the color that best suit your taste. The bell is perfect for both advanced athletes and beginners as it could also come in a varying weight of 5, 10 or 15 pounds, so you can use the best one depending on your current fitness levels as well as your ultimate goals.

With the Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell, you wouldn’t have to bother about comfort during workouts. It has a smooth surface that will allow you to work out for extended periods of time with having to worry about discomfort or irritation.

However, I also need to let you know that the Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell has some chemicals you may need to avoid if you are allergic to such – one or more phthalate chemicals. And also, some users reported that working out with the bell do causes them to sometimes lose their grip while doing some exercises because of the smooth nature of the handle.

Tone Fitness Kettlebell and the choice of women

When it comes to performance, the Tone Fitness Vinyl kettlebell is a great fulfillment. Using it regularly for your workout will allow you tone your entire body. And if you wish to tone some specific muscle groups, it is also a go. Many users also attest to the effectiveness of the kettlebell. If you are looking to achieve an optimum effectiveness with your workout and over a minimal period of time – perhaps due to your busy life, then the Tone Fitness Vinyl kettlebell will be a great investment for you.

The kettlebell is also very economical, especially when compared to traditional cast iron made kettlebells. This hence, makes the Tone Fitness Vinyl bell a perfect one for people on a budget. If you are also just starting out and still not sure if it’s worth investing so much upon, you are surely going to like the kettlebell.

It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and also with an exercise chart which could be of great help to kettlebell exercise beginners.

In all, if you are looking for a cheap kettlebell that can also help you tone your body, I will recommend the Tone Fitness Vinyl kettlebell. It will be a great addition to your home gym as it is an affordable, convenient workout tool.

Different sets of Tone Fitness Kettlebell

What I liked about the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell

  • The vinyl coating helps protect the floor
  • Can be a great alternative to cast iron kettlebell
  • The smooth and comfy handle is a great advantage
  • It does not require any assembly

What I don’t like about the kettlebell

  • User can easily lose grip while using it because of the smooth handle

​​4 .

Best Competition Kettlebell

>> CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell


  • Suitable for everyone
  • Has an exceptional appearance
  • Made from a quality machine-finished cast iron
  • Comes in various weights

CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell

This is another CAP Barbell kettlebell and it is no exception to the quality and reliability that the company is known for. The CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell is one of the best competition kettlebells you can ever purchase. Constructed with a solid piece of cast iron, the bell is incredibly durable without any weak spots. The back smooth back of the equipment is also an additional advantage to users as it offers a more comfortable grip.

Carefully looking into the kettlebell over the course of this review, I could see that the solid finishing used by CAP Barbell for this bell helps it protect the floor against damages and at the same time, reduces the likelihood of developing skin irritation and calluses. The kettlebell has the kind of handle that ensures longevity and provides users a strong grip.

Whether you are a hardcore fitness enthusiast or just a trainer, it will please you to know that the CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell is made for everyone. While the proportion of the rounded kettlebell ensure the bell doesn’t rock, stability is ensured by the proportion of the handle.

The CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell

The first thing you are likely going to notice about this bell, and which is probably one of the things that set it apart from other color-coated weights in the market is the streamlined look of the kettlebell. The bell has a matte black powder coating finish that will make it look great on the floor or rack of any gym.

The powder-coated, machine-finished cast iron used in making the kettlebell is a perfect one to ensure durability of the bell and as well guarantee a risk-free purchase. The CAP Barbell kettlebell is also available in varying weights – up to 13 which thus makes it super convenient to invest in the model that best suit your fitness goals. This is also perfect for beginners as it allows them to gradually upgrade to a heavier kettlebell as they get more experienced.

Another intriguing feature of this kettlebell is the color-coded handle it has. The color is built into the handle and doesn’t look like it’s going to come off any time soon. This, combined with the powder coating, the kettlebell is quite a pleasant one to see and use.

The kettlebell also comes at a very affordable price when compared to some other kettlebells in the market. The CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell is really worth investing in as it does not only help you get your heart pumping, it also improves your flexibility and strength. It has been reported by many users to be an amazing fitness equipment able to get you amazing and instant results.

Side lunge with the CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell

However, a few users complain about the rough patches on the bell causing uneven spots on the handle. This could make it a bit difficult for you to grab on the bell, hence leading to peeling skin, redness and irritation.

Overall, I see the CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell as a great investment just as it is considered as one of the best competition kettlebells in the market. However, if you are a beginner, you need to consider the perks of this kettlebell very well before you opt for it. If you are also on a limited budget, you may consider investing in some other brands or probably start off with some kettlebells that seem lighter.

What I liked about the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell

  • Comes with a color-coded handle for easy sorting
  • It’s durable and effective
  • It comes in varying weights
  • Has a wide, flat base that doesn’t rock

What I don’t like about the kettlebell

  • Rough patches on the bell

​5 .

Perfect for Every Type of Strength Athlete

>> Rep Fitness Kettlebell


  • It has multiple weights available from 2.2 pounds to 106 pounds
  • It comes with a 90-day warranty
  • Has smooth handles
  • Matte powder-coated finish for longevity
  • Color band for easy sorting

Rep Fitness Kettlebells for Strength and Conditioning

The Rep Fitness Kettlebell is the last kettlebell on this list and it is a kettlebell produced by the Rep Fitness. As a matter of fact, the kettlebell is the main bell model of Rep Fitness. The company has been a well-known strength equipment company that designs lots of products, including kettlebells. So let’s see what make the Rep Fitness Kettlebell stand out from the numerous kettlebells on the market.

The kettlebell is indeed perfect for every type of strength athlete. With its several functions, it can benefit almost any goal you are aiming to achieve with it. How much you can make out of this bell is only limited to your creativity in programming. It’s a “no frills” kettlebell with a simple nature and design. It’s a nice bell to start with and doesn’t have things like competition dimensions which tend to increase the price.

The Rep Fitness Kettlebell

The Rep Fitness Kettlebell has a smooth, slightly textured handle, and the grip is so incredible that you can use it even without chalk. It has a machine-flat bottom that allows you to conveniently do a multitude of different workout exercises with it.

The kettlebell has a single-cast gravity casting in its design which is a casting method involving the use of gravity to create an even mold. This gives the kettlebell an additional advantage over many kettlebells that is made from sand casting method. the single-casting of the kettlebell which means only one type of iron was used for its design also creates a flat bottom that promotes the bells ability to sit flat on several surfaces. If you are the type that works out on rubber surfaces, this will be a great feature that will enhance the bell’s stability.

Looking into its handle, it has a similar handle to the CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell as it also uses the matte black in its finishing. That is, of course, a nice touch for grip and performance. So even if you are new to kettlebell, you can expect this kind of texture to provide something like a very-very light sandpaper feeling enhances grip with or without chalk.

The Rep Fitness Kettlebell for grip and performance

The Rep Fitness Kettlebell is available in a wide variety of weights. This allows you to choose the perfect weight for you; ranging from 2.2 pounds all the way to 106 pounds.

The kettlebell is strong and durable. It is a single-cast iron bell and you should expect it to fair better than many other cheaper multicomponent counterparts when it comes to longevity. It feels solid with no impression of breaking down quickly upon purchasing. The matte black finish used also or its design is surely a great sign of resilience to early rust.

However, the only thing worth noting about the durability of the kettlebell is the prolonged usage in humid climates. The kettlebell is iron, so there is a tendency of rust over long periods of time in such weather. Therefore, if you are using this kettlebell in your home gym and setting it on the ground, or using it in damp climates, you may want to keep an eye on rusting over time.

Coming to the price of the kettlebell, it is a bit priced on the high side, especially for the lower weight versions. However, a 90-day warranty is issued with the purchase of the kettlebell.

In conclusion, I could say the Rep Fitness Kettlebell will be a great fitness equipment to add to your gym. It promises a great durability because of its design and the matte black finish that comes with it. However, checking through the reviews of customers that have used the kettlebell, reported the handle of the bell is also slightly larger than 39mm which could be a turn off for athletes having smaller hands and grip issues.

If your aim is to get a standard cast iron kettlebell that is also not too priced, the Rep kettlebell from Rep Fitness could be a great option to consider.

What I liked about the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell

  • Provides a firm grip
  • Single-cast for maximum durability
  • Wide range of weights available to fit several fitness levels

What I don’t like about the kettlebell

  • Slightly large handles difficult for users with small hands to use effectively
  • Prolonged usage could cause rust

Complete Guide To Buying Kettlebells

The different types of kettlebells

It is not out of place when people ask about the ideal kettlebell to buy or what size is the best. However, we shall begin by looking at the various types of kettlebells, the kettlebell weights you need, features to look out for, and then a few of the recommended brands for you.

The different types of kettlebells you can purchase

Going through, you can find different shapes and sizes such as;

  • Adjustable Kettlebells
  • Vinyl Coated Kettlebells
  • Kettlebells with a Gorilla Face
  • Cast Iron Kettlebells

and many others

Theoretically, these kettlebells would be perfect for any of the following exercises;

  • Slingshot
  • Single Arm Deadlift
  • Single Leg Deadlift

These exercises do not require excessive interaction with the kettlebell itself. This is the reason these kettlebell types mentioned would be appropriate. Again, they are suitable for the kettlebell swing exercise provided the handle does not have a bad finish or vinyl which could cut up the hand.

So if you intend to just swing the kettlebell while performing the three (3) kettlebell exercises above then all the mentioned kettlebells will do the job.

However, you should be more careful with your kettlebell buying decision particularly if you intend to develop and perform a lot more of the 50+ kettlebell exercises available

The 2 Recommended Types of Kettlebells You Should Buy

Your choice of kettlebell should be one that will not damage your forearms, wrists or leave a cut on your hands if you are going to take your kettlebell training a little more seriously.

Hence, you can consider these 2 basic kettlebell types and recommended exercise forms

  1. Competition Kettlebells

One good thing about these kettlebell types is that the limited space doesn’t allow your hand to slide around. Again, you can easily get used to the size even with the changes in weight.

limited space competition kettlebells

Competition Kettlebells

The main issue with these types is that you can only use them with one hand which makes learning the basics difficult. This means that there won’t be any two-handed swing exercises such as the goblet squats. You must have mastered all the two-handed exercises and probably wish to enter into competitions before considering this type. However, the competition kettlebells are not recommended for beginners.

  1. Cast Iron Kettlebells

Cast Iron Kettlebells with double handed exercises

With these, you can engage in all those double handed exercises. The cast iron kettlebells are more diverse in their usage which makes them recommended for beginners. However, there are still a few more things you need to know if you have chosen to go for the kettlebells.

7 Things to Avoid When Buying Kettlebells

When you’re buying or upgrading your kettlebell it is important to consider these few top tips on what to look for.

1. Super Thick Kettlebell Handles

A handle that’s too thick will be a bit difficult to wrap your fingers around it for firm grip which will make your arms get tired quickly. So, don’t go for kettlebells with thick handles.

2. Kettlebell with Narrow Handle Width

For beginners who may be performing a lot of two-handed kettlebell exercises, it is recommended that you go for a kettlebell with a handle you can get both hands through. Avoid those with narrow handle width.

3. Kettlebells with Feet or Bases

It is best to avoid kettlebells with round rubber or plastic feet on them because they are going to dig into your arm and your body during exercise. There shouldn’t be any attached plastic or rubber base.

4. Kettlebell with Sharp Handle

It is important that you observe kettlebell handle with sharp bits of paint or small nicks that can cut into your hands. You can employ sandpaper to sand those edges down.

5. Completely Round Kettlebell Body

I would recommend that you do not go for round ball kettlebell that has a sharp handle stuck right at the top. This is because when you are in the racked position or top position of the overhead press, it will dig into your forearm. Go for kettlebell with a bit of smooth continuity from the body into the handle.

Working out with kettlebells

6. Kettlebell Handle with Narrow Spacing

Again, look out for the spacing between the kettlebell’s body and the handle. If it’s too big, the kettle will be far from your arm which will dig into your forearm. If it’s too small, then when you assume the overhead or racked position, it will dig into your wrists

7. Vinyl or Plastic-Coated Kettlebell Handles

Though the coating of kettlebells with vinyl or plastic is common to avoid markings on the floor, it can get slippery when your hands are wet with sweat. The seams where they have been coated can cause damage to your hands.

What Size Kettlebell Weights to Buy

Generally, Kettlebells are available in the weights below:

  • 8kg (17lbs)
  • 12kg (26lbs)
  • 16kg (35lbs)
  • 24kg (53lbs)
  • 32kg (70lbs)

But recently there has been weight sizes in-between the listed.

Making the right purchase means that you will only need to buy a few kettlebells which will last for as long as possible.

Kettlebell Weights for Women, What You Need

I will recommend all women to go for these 3 kettlebell weight sizes thus;

8kg (17lbs): it is perfect for a start. You can easily learn the basic movements and later Turkish get-ups

12kg (26lbs): ideal start for the two-handed swing and then other exercises later on.

16kg (35lbs): perfect for a more advanced two-handed swing where you can complement the 12kg

A lady needs nothing more for her kettlebell training with these 3 kettlebell weights.

kettlebells Weights for swings and many single handed exercises

Kettlebell Weights for Men, What You Need

For the men, I will recommend these 3 kettlebell weights to buy:

12kg (26lbs): this is for beginners with no lifting experience and perfect for learning Turkish get-ups

16kg (35lbs): it is ideal for swings and many single-handed exercises

24kg (53lbs): this is great for advancing with the two-handed swing to other single-handed exercises

Conclusion on Buying Kettlebells

For beginners who only need to perform a few simple and basic exercises, almost any kettlebell is good.

However, you will need to choose a good quality kettlebell if you are actually interested in getting the most out of kettlebell training and probably progress to more advanced kettlebell exercises.

Specifically, the cast iron kettlebells are perfect for beginners who are interested in learning only the basics. But for the more experienced ones who wish to strictly focus on single-handed exercises, the kettlebell may be ideal.

If you are really serious about your kettlebell training then buying the right kettlebell is a vital decision.

Go for the correct kettlebells that will enhance your exercise experience last you a lifetime.

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