Best Ab Wheels

If you ask anyone to know which part of their body they are obsessed with at the time of their fitness routines, up to 80% will tell you it’s their abs. this is not only true for men; even women desired to have a well-toned abdominal. Do you also wonder why? The abdominal section of the human body tends to be the most vulnerable to lack of fitness than any other part of the body. It is the same area that sag and bulge noticeably if you are not leading a healthy lifestyle.

Best Ab Wheels and Buy Guide

Also, this area of the body has also turned out to b the toughest nut to crack, when we talk about getting a desired body shape. You may ask fitness gurus around you; they will tell you that getting those amazing six pack abs is nothing easy; it takes lots of hard work and sweat. Yet, having those amazing abs still remains the top priority for many people that work out. That is why we now have different workout machines on the market that targets this particular group of muscle. You can check out a lot more fitness exercise at

One of the major equipment on the market for the abdominals is the ab roller wheels. It is a piece of equipment that has pride itself with its effectiveness and easy to use by virtually anyone. The wheel allows you exercise your core strength without the risk of straining your back in any way. Because of their ingenious, yet simple construction, ab roller wheels have gained so much popularity; not only among the workout enthusiasts but also among those that are just in for the fitness the wheels provide, compared to what it used to be in the last ten years.

However, with lots of wheels on the market today; with each having its own unique features, it could be a bit challenging to rightly pick the wheel that will best suit us. While many of these ab wheels are lagging behind in terms of convenience, some of them doesn’t provide enough balance while using them. Therefore, it good you take a look at the 5 ab roller wheels as we have handpicked them based on many factors and declare them to be the best roller wheel on the market today. The article will show you some things to look out for before opting to invest in any ab roller wheel.

What is an Ab roller and how does it work?

The ab roller or wheels are small, round fitness machine that has a handle on each side to assist you easily perform abdominal exercises. It has a spring or mechanism at the center that allows you roll forward, back, or sideways while applying tension. This allows you exercise your abdominal while in a crouched position.

People use ab wheels today because it does make workout easier while increasing difficulty. Your obliques, which appears to be one of the most stubborn areas of the body are easily toned with the combined use of your body weight and the ab roller wheels.

Best AB Wheel reviews and comparison

​Below is the list of the top 5 picks of ​Ab roller available out there for 2019.

Ab wheel Weight Comfort levels ​Design Price
Perfect Fitness 5.5 pounds Non-slippery handles Ultra-wide wheel
Elite Sportz 1.37 pounds Non-slippery handles Dual wheel design
Valeo 1 pound Easy-grip handles Dual non-skid wheel design
Wacces 1 pound Rubberized grip handles Dual non-skid wheel design
Iron Gym Speed 1.1 pound Rubberized grip handles Rugged and extra-wide wheel

​1 .

Ultra-wide Roller, Perfect for Core Workout

>> Perfect Fitness Ab Carver

This is one of the ab roller wheels with the best design on the market. The extra width of the wheel provides optimum stability during workout routines. The soft rubber handle provides additional grip and makes the wheel super comfortable to hold. When it comes to getting comes to originality, this wheel gets high marks, and the design of the ab wheel has definitely put it in a league of its own.

Carbon spring mechanism

Just as said, this ab roller wheel scores well over many wheels on the market, thanks to the advanced steel carbon spring mechanism that comes with it. The coiled spring guarantees greater resistance when having your workouts. This, together with the extra width of this roller, it becomes much easier for you to pivot to the sides, allowing you to put all the ab muscles to work, and also do it in a more efficiently.

Uniquely designed grips

This is another significant feature that has pivoted the Perfect fitness ab wheels to the top among its rivals. It has these unique grips covered with rubber on the sides. They help provide additional grip while using the equipment. It is designed in such a way that it comes with a bit waved design which, together with the rubber grips, help keep the balance when you roll in and out. You wouldn’t have to bother about falling off while exercising when you move back towards your knee, the coil spring in the wheel unravels and thus makes return motion much easier.

Quality material

Compared to most ab wheels, the material used for the Perfect Fitness ab wheels are of superior quality. The contact parts of the wheel are made of rubber. It also comes with a 21-day downloadable workout plan that provides help and support for users of all fitness levels.

Smooth motion

Another amazing feature of the Perfect Fitness ab wheel is its smooth motion. According to many reviewers, when it comes to smooth movement, compared to other wheels they have used in the past. While other ab rollers can be jerky during movement, the perfect fitness wheel has asolid,nice flow movement.

Convenient for use

The perfect fitness ab carver seems to be easier to use for individuals of all fitness levels as it comes with a high-density foam knee pads that increase comfort while exercising. Therefore, if you are the type that does have pains in your knees while doing ab wheel exercise, the amazingly soft pad is there to help you out.


The wheel supports up to 300lbs weight and also has rubber rolls on it to protect your floor or carpet. So, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about the wheel damaging your floor. However, it is recommended you don’t use the wheel continuously in the same spot because it could leave patterns on the floor due to the effort and weight during the exercise.

Increased wideness

This is another plus to the wheel. It has a wide surface than normal treads which helps keep you in balance and also allows you use it at an angle. This is the ideal way of stimulating the oblique muscles (side abs).

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

What we liked about the ab wheel

  • Unique built-in resistance
  • Engages the body core, back, arms, and chest
  • Comes with high-quality carbon spring system
  • Offers maximum work out results
  • Comes with a foam knee pad
  • Gentle on the floor

What we don’t like about it

  • Cheap knee pads
  • Too bulky
  • Not very friendly for beginners

​2 .

Perfect for toning the core muscles effortlessly

>> Elite Sportz Ab Wheel

When it comes to getting an ab wheel that serves its purpose, the most important thing to consider is its quality. A good wheel has to be stable, need to have a foam-based and non-slip handle bar. It also should have a knee-mat. The Elite Sportz ab wheel is a very flexible and stable ab wheel. It comes with two super stable wheels conjoined together to make a single solid wheel. This unique construction of the wheel allows it offer the best stability that you could ever receive from a single wheel design. This goes as far as boosting your confidence level during exercise. The following features are what makes Elite Sportz ab roller/wheel a must-considered ab wheel to opt for.

Unique design

The spacing between the two wheels and the balance of the smaller diameter has been the major feature providing this ab wheel its unmatched stability. The smaller wheels have been a point of enthusiasm to many users as they are always surprised by how much it helps with stability during exercise. This feature does not only offer stability but it also altogether makes the whole exercise much more challenging. There have been countless amazing reviews from users who have ever used this ab wheel.

Sturdy and ergonomic construction quality

The quality of this ab wheel has over and over been upvoted by users as a result of the perfect combination of the simple design, ergonomic grips, and construction built into it. Another interesting thing that has made this ab wheel people’s choice is its sturdy construction, as well as its ability to take abuse for several hours.

Provides extra comfort

When it comes to using an ab wheel, comfort is another important thing to ensure it provides. The Elite Sportz ab wheel has an incredibly smooth-rolling, non-slip and sturdy handles which ensure your comfort while using it. The handles are made of a perfect combination of soft rubber and hard plastic for the best grip possible.

Very affordable

Do you still wonder why users prefer this ab wheel? Apart from the fact that it has several amazing features that deliver results in a short time, it is also very affordable compared to other ab wheels on the market. It is not as expensive because it wasn’t built completely with rubber materials. Rather, it was built with a regular wheel overlay and appropriate form on the handles. Therefore, the Elite Sportz ab wheel is a perfect choice for fitness experts looking for a good and affordable ab wheel to help them have that shredded abdominal.


What we like about the Elite Sportz ab Wheel

  • It is very affordable
  • Comes with sturdy, non-slip handles
  • It is guaranteed to give results
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Provides optimum stability during exercise
  • 100%money back guarantee

What we don’t like about it

  • Some users complain that the wheel has a slightly flimsy feel.

​​3 .

Great for Optimum Stability During Exercise

>> Valeo Ab Roller Wheel

When it comes to developing top-notch and affordable fitness equipment, Valeo is no doubt a big name to mention. Just as trusted as they have always been with their products, the Valeo ab roller wheel will also not disappoint you. This ab, with its features, is guaranteed to give you the stability and comfort you need in your exercise. To spice things up, the wheel also comes with a fitness guide which contains the various kinds of exercise you can use it for.

The Valeo Ab wheel, even though like many traditional wheels, it is far better in many ways. It comes in black and red colors with its wheels providing an amazing performance with maximum stability.

Unique design

The Valeo Ab wheel comes with a two-wheel system with a nonskid track. These features enable it to deliver superior stability when rolling in and out with the wheel. The grip handles that come with this ab wheel has a contoured finish allowing for easy grip and also protects you from slippage.

The wheel has two ab wheels that fit together to provide you a better balance, as well as an increased resistance. Easy to assemble (in a matter of 30 seconds) and are of very high quality.

Stability and durability

Looking for a high-quality ab wheel and yet at an affordable price? Your best bet is the Valeo ab wheel. With its two non-skid wheels, it is guaranteed to provide you the extra stability you need for your ab workouts.


The wheel provides optimum support and comfort. Its easy-grip handles ensure you a comfortable grip and prevents your hand from slipping off when in sessions. This is an important feature of the wheel.


The Valeo ab roller is made from a high-density and high-quality plastic which makes it fits together securely. This material also ensures it doesn’t rattle when put through its paces. The Valeo ab wheel also provides you a great shoulder, arms, and back workout and at the same time, help reduce the risk of injuries in the case of beginners.

Valeo Ab Roller Wheel

What we like about Valeo ab wheels:

  • Comes with two wheels for extra stability
  • It comes with a free exercise guide
  • Comes with a strong rubber grip
  • Smooth rolling
  • Strong handles

What we don’t like about the wheel

  • No spring resistance

​​4 .

Very Simple Design and Affordable

>> Wacces AB Power wheel

The Wacces ab wheel is very similar in look to the Valeo wheel, beautiful and attractive, but offers outstanding results. However, unlike many other ab wheels on the market, Wacces ab wheel doesn’t have a fancy or very complex design. Instead, it comes with a very simple look that is effective to stimulate the abs. the dual wheel system of the wheel makes it perfect for beginners as it doesn’t wobble while training. It’s smooth and effective for working out your abdominal and back. With this wheel, it is quite easy to train without expending much energy.

If you have been looking everywhere for a roller wheel that provides you with impressive results, but yet inexpensive, it is a wise decision to consider the Wacces ab power wheel. The wonderful features that come with the wheel assure better stability and comfort that won’t disappoint you.

Stability and durability

The Wacces ab wheel comes with two wheels instead of one. Therefore, the stability it offers can only be compared to a very few wheels on the market. Together with that, the wheels are non-skid and joined to a solid metal bar. When using the Wacces ab wheel, you definitely won’t have to worry about stability at all.


This wheel offers extra comfort as its handles are covered with cushioned rubber foam grips to make it super comfortable while in use. Even though many ab wheels on the market are lagging behind when it come sot offering comfort, the Wacces has earned so much high rating and reviews from users because of the comfort it provides.


Most users that use this ab wheel, their reviews have always proved the wheel to be an effective one. Who can argue the results anyway? The customers are getting the results they wanted,and that seems to be a great thing.

Easy Assembly

This ab wheel is super-easy to assemble,and many users have testified to that. As a matter of fact, a review from a user recently attests that it only takes 10 seconds to assemble it out of the box.

Excessively affordable

The Wacces ab wheel is such an attention grabber. It is one of the cheapest and effective ab wheels you can ever get. Customers have been very satisfied with the price and its evident in most of their positive reviews. It is in fact, the wheel with the lowest cost on our list. There is nothing else not to love in a wheel that delivers effectiveness and yet doesn’t ruin your wallet.


What we liked about the Wacces ab wheel

  • It is very affordable
  • The wheel comes in different colors
  • Ergonomic design
  • Strong and sturdy wheel
  • Comes with rubber foam handles
  • Non-skid and non-slip

What we don’t like about the wheel

  • Some users say its treads come off easily
  • Uneven wheels

​5 .

Safe on All Floors

>> Iron Gym Speed

Do you want a quick and noticeable result in your abdominal? The Iron Gym Speed ab wheel is just what you need. It is a perfect ab wheel for individuals of all fitness levels; ranging from beginners to the advanced level. It is a wheel that provides the exact core workout that you need. It is a robust, hard-wearing device and comes with a heavy-duty wheel. The Iron Gym Speed ab wheel allows you target the upper and lower abs together with your oblique. With this wheel, you are guaranteed to burn fat more quickly and also get to show some shredded abs.

It comes with a very sturdy and durable design. You wouldn’t have to bother about your weight as the durable steel axle together with its handle can support heavy weight bodies without any hassle. The handles are rubberized and padded with foam.

Stability and Durability

The Iron Gym Speed ab wheel is not only a heavy-duty wheel, but it also comes with a steel coil to provide extra durability. When on the way out, the core is there for you to provide resistance, and as well help you during the reverse motion. It has an extra wide wheel and is also non-skid, allowing you get better in your exercise sessions. It is floor-friendly and so can be used in any type of floor.

Excellent Build Quality

The Iron Gym Speed ab wheel feels and looks very rugged. It comes with a fat rubber tire that features a lot of grip; it is just like that of a motorcycle. The wheel can support user of up to 300lbs in weight. The wheel has springs inside it that providea resistance when you pull out from your body. The springs also provides slight resistance when you return it as the springs uncoil.

Rubber Grip Handles

The ergonomic design of the handles is what appeals most to many users. The handles are thick and detachable. Unlike many wheels that have thin handles that often result in fatigued and hurt hands, the handles of the Iron Gym Speed ab wheel are super comfortable and doesn’t fatigue users. The handles are wide and come with a firm rubber gripping surface.


The rubberized handles ensure maximum comfort as it reduces fatigue and reduces the risk of slips.

It Is Also Affordable

Just like other ab wheels, the Iron Gym is also not going to break your wallet. It only cost a few dollars. The cost of the wheel really represents a very good value for a spring-loaded wheel that also comes with such a thick wheel.

Best Ab Wheels and Buy Guide 9

What we liked about the Iron Gym Speed ab Wheel

  • Thick rubber wheel
  • Contoured handles
  • Spring-loaded resistance / assistance
  • Detachable handles
  • Curved wheel tread
  • Safe for any floor

What we don’t like about it

  • No knee pads
  • Spring breaks

Buy Guide for Ab Wheels

Best Ab Wheels and Buy Guide 10

Investing in an Ab wheel is a worthy decision to make when it comes to getting shredded abs that waws everyone. But because of the wide variety of these products on the market, it can sometimes be very difficult to make a decision. The price is not only the thing to look out for when purchasing a wheel; while a cheap wheel doesn’t mean it is not effective, a high-end wheel also doesn’t guarantee durability or comfort. However, below are few things to consider before opting for any ab wheel or roller.

  • Stability

The most important thing to look out for in ab wheels is how stable it is when in use. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is; if it doesn’t provide enough stability, it is not worth going for. Comfortable rolling will become very difficult when your ab wheel is not stable. This could also expose you more to injuries as the wheel wobbles. Therefore, it is recommended you choose the rubber tire wheels as they seem to work well on virtually all surfaces.

  • Material

The wheel will be bearing your huge weight from time to time, so it has to be made of a quality material that can withstand this constant pressure. It should be solid and durable. The best combination to go for is a heavy-duty plastic and metal.

  • Type

As this may seem not to be very important, there are still 2 types of ab wheels, including the single and the double wheeled ab rollers. While the single wheeled is better for building endurance, the double wheeled is recommended for a skid-free, stable, and easy-to-use experience. The double wheeled are easier to control, unlike the single wheeled ones that make you work harder.

  • Comfort

On a final note, you need to remember comfort is also important to your fitness exercise. That those fancy and beautiful wheels look great in commercials doesn’t mean they will also be comfortable. You have to ensure you are going for a comfortable wheel. You can look out for the ones with padded handles and choose them over the plastic ones.

Best Ab Wheels and Buy Guide 12

FAQ about ab wheels

  • What Exercise Can I Use Ab Wheels For?

The ab wheels are effective fitness equipment used for exercise such as planks, knee tucks, rollouts, oblique rollouts, and bridge holds. These exercises could also vary due to your fitness level, so make sure you consider that before opting for any of such exercises.

  • What Muscles Does an Ab Wheel Work?

The major muscles that are being toned by ab wheels are the abdominals and the obliques. However, they also work more than these two muscles, they can also work your entire core, flexors, and hip.

  • Are Ab Wheels Really Effective?

If used properly and in combination with proper diet and fitness plan, the ab wheels are guaranteed of helping you have a ripped midsection in no time.

  • Are There Any Risks Associated with Its Use?

If not properly used, it could expose you to some risks. So, ensure your lower body is not sagging down whole using it as this may place significant pressure on it and thus results in injury and pain.

  • How Soon Will I Start Seeing the Results?

Actually, the answer could vary from one individual to another. It is a factor of how often you use it, your fitness level, how intense your workout is and many other factors. However, you should just concentrate on how to improve your rep and burn more fat rather getting too anxious about when results are coming.

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