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In combination with the right diet, exercise is a vital factor we need to take into consideration to live healthy. It is recommended that we should all endeavor to get moderate-intensity exercise for at least 150 minutes in a week. However, despite the fact that we are all aware that we should exercise regularly, it is unfortunate to know that only a small percentage actually have enough time to get enough exercise as required. Our busy daily schedules have taken away the bulk of our time that exercise no longer has a place in our daily lives.

However, a great way to still meet the mark without leaving the comfort of your home has an exercise bike. The only hassle here is getting the right exercise bike. Because of the numerous variety of bikes on the market, it can be very confusing when it comes to opting for the right bike, especially for a first-time buyer. Even though there could be hundreds of exercise bikes with different models and makes on the market, it is not all of them that worth your money.

We have taken our time to do the job for you. Based on various relevant parameters and sources, we have put this review together to help you decide when it’s time for you to get a stationary exercise bike you can use at home. Therefore, it is recommended that you check this review, as well as the buying guide that follows before you make an investment in an exercise bike.

What Type of Exercise Bike Is Best for You?

There are 3 basic types of indoor bikes and include the upright bikes, the recumbent bikes, and the spinning bikes.

  • Upright exercise bikes: these set of exercise bikes are the most affordable and the most common among users. You are required to sit in an upright position when using these bikes and not crouched forward like it used to be on a road bike. The fell of paddling on this type of bike is slightly different from getting on a regular bike because the resistance in it is created using magnets or electromagnetic induction.
  • Recumbent exercise bikes: these set of exercise bikes can come with either an enclosed flywheel as in upright bikes or with weighted flywheel like in spinning bikes. However, recumbent bikes are much more comfortable for long workouts because they are reclined and have backrests. This makes them perfect also for people with lower back pain. Recumbent bikes are a bit more expensive due to their size and extra parts.

Spinning exercise bikes: also referred to indoor-cycling bikes, these sets of bikes gives a close experience to that on a regular bike. You will have to crouch forward on spinning bikes because the handlebars on these bikes are lower.

5 Best Exercise Bikes and Buyers Guide 2

Why Should You Even Bike in the First Place?

These are few reasons biking is a perfect means of meeting your exercise requirement:

  • Easy to learn and doesn’t require a personal trainer before you get on one. No tricks and no learning curves
  • Indoor biking is a good way to get fit, both physically and emotionally
  • It keeps boredom and stress at bay. All you need is to just get on the bike and pedal those worries away!
  • You are less prone to injuries on bikes as it is a low impact form of exercise
  • You can exercise at your own pace and convenient times
  • The equipment is not only adaptable but also economical

Best exercise bikes reviews

You can spend half the money budgeted on exercise bikes and yet get twice the function in them. Below is the list of the top 5 picks exercise bikes available out there for 201​9:

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike Folding upright 300 Lbs. Yes 43 Lbs.
Marcy ME 709 Recumbent 300 Lbs. Yes 60 Lbs.
Schwinn 230 Recumbent 300 Lbs Yes 82 Lbs.
Sunny Health and Fitness Spinning 275 Lbs. No 97 Lbs.
Body Rider Fan Bike Recumbent 250 Lbs. Yes 48 Lbs.

​1 .

Beginner bike for home use

>> ​ ​Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

For several years, Exerpeutic has been a company known to be a very dedicated company when it comes to delivering quality exercise tools. Their products have always been the choice of many users, and this Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is also no exception. It is an exercise bike that comes with a pulse option, making it super easy for you to take the measurement of your heart rate while on the bike.

5 Best Exercise Bikes and Buyers Guide 3Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

The design of this bike sets it apart from the numerous exercise bikes on the market today, and it has been enlisted on Amazon as a top-selling exercise bike for many months. It is designed to carry as much as a 300 pounds user and with height adjustment from 5’3’’ to 6’1’’.

Its magnetic resistance system offers up to 8 stages of resistance, and the large seat that comes with it makes working out on the bike extra-comfortable. Below are few other features that set the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike above its contemporaries.

8-Levels Magnetic Resistance

The Exerpeutic Bike comes with an 8-levels magnetic resistance system that makes it easy for beginners to use. With this exercise bike, you can start riding from the first few levels to get your muscles adapted to workouts. After some time, you can then proceed to higher levels of resistance where you will be required to put in more effort. With this type of resistance system, you can be sure of a never-boring workout. Also, this will prevent your body from getting used to the exercises as it is constantly faced with a new challenge every day. There is nothing as motivating as seeing yourself, on a daily basis, beat the resistance challenge.

Handlebars with Pulse Track

During your workouts, it is important that you constantly monitor your heart rate. The handlebars of the bike have a pulse track to provide you with information about how your heart race, this makes it easy for you to detect when your heart goes beyond average.

Large Bright LCD

Keeping track on your progress during a workout is a great motivation on its own. The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike comes with a large LCD that allows you track your progress as you exercise. It shows some features such as the calories burnt already, speed, distance covered, scan, time, and the pulse rate, making it easier to know which specific areas still need improvement and require you to put more effort.

Foldable and Easy to Assemble

Unlike many other exercise bikes, carrying or storing this bike is not a problem at all. It is easily foldable to a small size for easy storage. This feature also makes it easy to transport in your small car boot. You also wouldn’t have to worry about how to assemble this bike; the clear instruction guide that comes with has made the job easier.

Large Seat for Optimum Comfort

One of the features of this bike that has received so much praise from users is the large, well-padded seat that comes with it. The seat is large enough to accommodate big people, and at the same time well-padded for optimum comfort during exercises.

High Weight Accommodation

The bike is built to carry a user of up to 300 pounds. The sturdy construction of the seat has made it a perfect fit for rugged use, even with any form of abuse that may be encountered from heavy-weight individuals which should have caused a depreciation after a short time of use.

High Torque Crank

You can be sure of a very comfortable and smooth workout as a result of the high torque generated by the crank system of the bike.


Things we liked about Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Very affordable
  • Varied resistance level
  • High weight accommodation

Things we didn’t like about the bike

  • Its pedals are too forward, making a bit uncomfortable for taller people

​2 .

Best bike for seniors and experienced trainers

>> Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you have been looking everywhere for an affordable exercise bike, then the Marcy ME 709 is no doubt, your best pick. This budget-friendly bike from Marcy is a smart choice for experienced trainers and seniors. As a matter of fact, it is suitable for all ages. But a particular feature of the bike that made it a perfect choice for older fitness buffs is its ‘step through’ design. This kind of design makes it much easier to get on and off the bike.

5 Best Exercise Bikes and Buyers Guide 55 Best Exercise Bikes and Buyers Guide 6

The Marcy 709 comes with some noticeable features like a monitor for tracking workout progress, adjustable resistance, and strong frame construction. The bike is suitable for a wide range of users as it has a higher weight holding capacity than many other bikes in its category and price range.

Marcy company is a reputable company that is also known for quality and durable exercise tools. They have long built that reputation and its still holds on all their exercise products. Below are more features of the Marcy ME 709 that is worth showcasing.

8-Level Resistance

The Marcy ME 709 also comes with 8 different levels of resistance. Again, the level of the bike can easily be adjusted with the use of a knob, making the bike suitable for virtually every age categories. While starter and young fitness enthusiast can start getting their muscles adapted to the exercise by working out at lower levels of resistance, it can easily be adjusted to higher and tougher levels as their muscles cope with exercise.

It Comes with Variable Handles and Foot Straps

The variable handlebars and foot straps that come with this recumbent exercise bike provides additional comfort while exercising on the bike. While the handlebars can easily be adjusted to your preferred position, the foot straps can be adjusted to safely hold your feet onto the pedals. Therefore, you can be sure of 100% safety and non-slip experience while working out on the bike.

LCD Monitor

The LCD that comes with the bike makes it easy to track your progress levels on the bike and therefore, make appropriate improvements to certain areas that need it. The LCD allows you track your speed, the calories burnt, time, and distance covered during a workout.

Counterbalanced Pedals

Do you wish to cycle in both forward and reverse motions, the Marcy ME 709 allows you enjoy your ride in both directions with the help of the counterbalanced pedals on it? This helps your joints becomes stronger and more flexible as you regularly use the bike.

Adjustable Seat

The bike also has a large, well-padded seat that comes with it and helps provide additional support during long hours of workout. The seat is also adjustable. The pedal-to-seat distance of the bike can be adjusted to make it easy for you to reach the pedals at the comfort of the seat. This feature is especially helpful to people less than 5’ and 6’.

Transport Wheels

It is very easy to carry the bike from one place to the other with the use of the transport wheels that comes with it. So, whenever you feel like rearranging your exercise room, relocating the bike will not be an issue at all.


The two years warranty on the frames of this bike give you a quality assurance on the type of bike you have invested into. Even if there is any natural issue after purchase, the manufacturer will be 100% liable for it.


Things we liked about Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

  • Sturdy construction
  • LCD for progress monitor
  • Affordable
  • Very stable
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Very comfortable

Things we didn’t like about the bike

  • Tough monitor installation
  • Doesn’t come workout programs

​​3 .

Top of the line brand

>> Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn is no doubt, a famous name when we talk about bikes. The company has remained one of the manufacturers of bike that has registered its name in the heart of many people. If you desire to opt for a brand that is popularly known by all, the Schwinn 230 recumbent bike is the ideal one to go for. It is a bike whose design falls within a mid-range and so doesn’t cost too much.

Best Exercise Bikes and Buyers Guide

The Schwinn 230 exercise bike is a very affordable bike for home use. Despite its relatively low cost, it has up to 22 preset workout programs, speakers, heart rate monitor, and many more amazing features that come with the bike make it worth much more than its present price. Many home gyms have made the Schwinn 230 their favorite because of its adjustability and dual user profile. You wouldn’t have to bother about your weight as the bike could carry a user as heavy as 300 pounds with the durable and reliable frame used for its design. Below are key issues that make the bike found a place in our top 5 list.

Built-In Fitness Programs

The bike comes with lots of training supports through the built-in programs in the bike which are up to 22 programs in all. In combination with the nine profile workout included in it for both beginners and advanced levels, there are also eight heart rate control workouts for both levels.

Walk-Through Design

The Schwinn 230, Just like many other recumbent exercise bikes is super easy to access. It has no bar to obstruct your way to the chair, and unlike upright bikes, it has its chair closer to the ground for easy access.

Several Resistance Levels

The bike keeps your muscles continually challenges with its different resistance levels. It has up to 20 resistance levels which you can easily choose from. it also comes with a quiet eddy brake resistance as an added benefit.

Sturdy Design

Schwinn 230 is not a heavy bike at all. It only weighs around 82 pounds. Yet, it is designed in such a way that it can carry a user of up to 300 pounds in weight. For extra stability, the frame of the bike has a center support.

Heart Rate Monitor

The bike makes it possible and easy for you to keep an eye on your heart rate and efficiently train your target zone. Thanks to the contact heart rate monitor set into its handlebars.

Two User Profiles

This bike has become a choice for home gyms because of this feature. The two profiles feature of the bike makes it easier to share among member of the family. After a workout session, the bike allows each user to save their workout information and custom programs.

Dual LCD Monitor

The Schwinn 230 exercise bike comes with two backlit screens that allow you track your progress levels and make necessary improvements as you work out on the bike. The monitor displays information about your speed; distance covered, pulse rate, heart rate, calories burned, workout intensity, and resistance level.

5 Best Exercise Bikes and Buyers Guide 8SCHWINN 230 RECUMBENT BIKE

Things we liked about Schwinn 230 Exercise Bike

  • Easy assembly
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Adjustable seat
  • Dual LCD monitor

Things we didn’t like about the bike

  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Manual monitor not good
  • Seat is uncomfortable

​​4 .

Perfect for low-budget trainers

>> Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

This exercise bike is a basic and very affordable bike when compared with other bikes found within its price range. Despite its relatively low price, this cycling bike has been a popular choice for people who desire to meet their fitness goals without necessarily breaking their wallet. It is a high-quality and durable exercise bike you can always trust even for extreme workout regimes.

It has a sturdy and portable design to complement its transportation wheel that allows easy transportation of the bike. Even though this bike may appear not to be the most feature-rich bike on the market, it is perfect for people looking to spin and push themselves to high levels of resistance. It comes with a fully adjustable seat and handlebars that provides additional comfort and compatibility. With the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Bike, exercising in the comfort of the home has never been so convenient, easy, and fun!

different types of exercise bikes

Very affordable

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor bike is just too good for its price. Despite the build quality and durability, the bike goes for an extremely affordable price which has made the bike the best spinning bike at that price range.

Reliable quality

When we talk about reliability, this bike ticks all boxes. It comes with high-quality frames and is unlikely to have any issues once set up. There is a 90 days warranty, which looks shorter than what is offered by competitors. However, the quality of this bike is good enough to last you a lifetime without any hassles. Therefore the 90 days warranty is no big deal at all with Sunny Health & Fitness Pro.

Easy-to-control resistance levels

The bike is perfect for both beginners and advanced trainers as it offers different resistance levels which are easily adjustable with a tension knob located under the handlebars. This feature is a wonderful feature of the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Bike compared to other exercise bikes whose resistance levels can only be controlled using an electronic LCD panel.

Stability and Quality

This is a very sturdy bike that comes with a 40 pounds flywheel which gives the bike extra stability even at high resistance levels and speed. It could be very surprising that such a low-priced bike could come with such quality.

Super comfortable seat

The bike comes with an adjustable seat that can move forward and backward, and also up and down to provide great comfort while you concentrate on achieving your fitness goals. The handlebars are also fully adjustable, and the bike is also built to accommodate all sizes and shapes.


Things we liked about Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Exercise Bike

  • Sturdy and well built
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with resistance knob
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars

Things we didn’t like about the bike

  •  Requires periodic oiling
  • No inbuilt heart monitoring console

​5 .

Perfect for lower body exercises

>> Body Rider Fan Bike

The Body Rider Fan Bike as proved to be a perfect replacement for traditional workout bikes and also provides effective lower body exercises. This bike encourages you to lose extra calories as it comes with dual-action arms which help get your upper body worked when moving back and forth during workouts.

The bike gives you the perfect opportunity to have light cardio exercise in the comfort of your home. It also comes with a resistance knob that allows you to tune the intensity of your cardio exercise to achieve the optimum workout benefit while on the bike. Body Rider Fan Bike is very durable, affordable, and comes with high-quality material manufactured by Body Champ; a company known for quality fitness equipment.

 Bikes and Buyers Guide

Adjustable resistance

The bike makes it possible for you to adjust the resistance to your preferred workout intensity with the use of a resistance knob. Even as a beginner, the bike allows you workout at lower levels of resistance and gradually move to higher levels as you get used to working out.

Sturdy construction

The hardened steel used to make the frame of this bike has made it super sturdy and also durable. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to bother about replacing the bike so soon, as it will last you for several years before replacement.

Fan wheel for cooling off

No doubt, having a cooling sensation while working out is an added advantage to keep you motivated with your fitness goals. The fan wheel on the bike provides a cool breeze while you work out, therefore making it possible for you to workout for a longer time without getting exhausted.

Digital display

This exercise bike also comes with a digital display that allows you to easily track your fitness progress. You can monitor your speed, distance covered, calories burned, and time. This also allows you to make appropriate improvement in certain areas that needed it and hence makes you reach your fitness goals more easily.

Dual action

The dual functioning of this bike enables you to engage both your upper and lower body, therefore allowing you to get a uniform fitness in every area of your body.

Supports up to 250 pounds user

This bike has a sturdy frame that doesn’t bend easily even when it carries a user of up to 250 pounds in weight. Therefore, making it a perfect exercise bike for a wide range of users.

BODY RIDER FAN BIKE5 Best Exercise Bikes and Buyers Guide 12

Things we liked about Body Rider Fan Exercise Bike

  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Adjustable height
  • Affordable
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Easy to assemble

Things we didn’t like about the bike

  • Uses belt resistance and not magnetic resistance

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Exercise Bike

5 Best Exercise Bikes and Buyers Guide 13

That a bike is expensive doesn’t make it the best bike for you to invest your cash, and at the same time, cheap bikes do not mean they can’t help you achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your home. You only need to watch out for some certain features when getting an exercise bike. Below are a few things you need to put into consideration before opting for any brand or type of exercise bike.

​1. Budget

Even though there could be several kinds of exercise bikes available on the market, the best bike you should go for is the one that fits into your budget. This should be the first thing to consider before making a purchase.

​2. To Fold or Not to Fold

This is important to put into consideration when going for a bike you want to use in your home. If you have limited space in your home, you should consider going for a folding exercise bike rather than a bike with fixed frames.

​3. Fitness Level

You also need to identify how fit you are currently and the level of resistance you expect from your bike. This is because it is not all exercise bikes that offer the same kind of resistance. You should choose your bike based on how much you are used to exercising. However, opting for a bike that has a wide variety of resistance levels is the best.

​4. Weight Bearing Capacity

You need to also consider your weight and compare it with the weight bearing capacity of the bike you want to purchase. While some bikes can bear a user weighing up to 400 pounds, some of them can only bear 250 ponds user. So, ensure you put this into consideration before making a commitment.

​5. Height Adjustment

Are you taller or shorter than average? You need to make sure the bike you are going for has a feature of easily adjustable height. Don’t forget; you should be able to reach the pedals without any difficulty.

​6. Seat Comfort

The next point of consideration before selecting an exercise bike is the kind of seat that comes with the bike. You will be able to have a longer workout time on the bike when the seat is comfortable. However, you should also know that exercise bike seats can be changed or replace with more comfortable options, provided the option fits into your budget and won’t break your wallet.

​7. Pedals

The pedals of your bike should also offer an easy and smooth operation. Today, many models of exercise bikes now come with foot straps that allow your feet to safely stay in place while working out on the bike. If possible, you can consider going for such bikes.

​8. Additional Features

There could also be some extra features that could come with an exercise bike. These features all work together to enhance your exercise routine. Some of these features include LCD monitor to track your fitness progress, pulse option to track your heart rate, brackets to hold your phone and tablets, water bottle, etc.

All these features have to be taken into consideration before you make a final decision, especially if they are features you will need to reach your goals. However, even though it looks as if you will not be using a particular feature, it is better to buy a bike that has the extra feature as you may later decide to use such. Getting this type of bike will prevent you from having to replace your bike when the time comes for you to use such features. However, be sure it fits into your budget.

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