10 Window Washing Tools for Professional Window Cleaner

‘Spic, span and streak-free’. That’s how you want your windows to be all the time. Right? But exactly how do you keep your windows as spotless as lilies? Worry not, this blog discusses all the tips you need to clean your window.

The Best Way to Clean Windows

Nothing brightens your home like clean windows. It is everyone’s desire that their windows remain as spotless clean as the day they were installed. Clean windows not only allow more light into your home, they also make you feel more connected to the outside.

Cleaning windows can be a difficult task. There is always the danger of streaking and scratching. The big question is: how do you maintain sparkling clean windows without streaking? There are plenty of ways to bring the shine back to your window panes. Read on for pro tips.

They say mama always knows best, don’t they? First off, let’s take a look at the old and trusted ways of cleaning windows:


clean windows with newspaper

When you are done reading through the daily newspaper you can put it to good use by using it to clean your windows. When scrunched into a ball shape, newspapers are more effective at cleaning glass than paper towels. Just make sure you use the newspaper together with an environmentally friendly glass cleaner.


clean windows with Vinegar

Vinegar is an environmentally friendly ingredient that has many uses and benefits in your home. When used with a clean microfiber cloth, white vinegar will give you spotless clean and streak-free glass panes. The only downside of using vinegar for window cleaning is that it doesn’t kill off harmful microorganisms.

Soap and Water

clean windows with soap and water

Simple as it sounds, good old soap and clean distilled water will do a far better job when used to clean your windows.

Jeweller’s Rouge

The jeweler’s rouge is mostly used with elbow grease to remove scratches on your window. Add water to the rouge, use a soft cloth to apply it on the glass and start rubbing. Rub until the scratches disappear.

How to Clean Windows Without Streaking

How to Clean Windows Without Streaking

It is not enough to just clean windows, you have to do it without leaving streaks. The key to streak-free window cleaning lies in the techniques and tools you use. Below are a few tips that you should always keep in mind:

  • Use Distilled Water

Hard water is usually contaminated with impurities such as magnesium and calcium that can cause a streaky mess when combined with a glass cleaner. Distilled water doesn’t have all the minerals like normal tap water, so it won’t leave any streaky deposits on your glass window.

  • Never Use a Razor or Any Other Blade to Remove Stubborn Stick -on Materials

Avoid Razor

Blades can cause permanent scratches and leave your window more vulnerable to damage in future.

  • Never Use Ammonia or Alcohol-Based Glass Cleaners

The truth is that alcohol-based glass cleaners do not produce an intense clean as you may have been made to believe. In fact, they leave a thin film on the glass that can attract dust and moisture.

  • Use Vinegar

Cleaning Windows with Vinegar Without Streaks

Vinegar is an all-purpose ingredient found in almost every house. The fact that it is an all-natural product makes it a popular choice. Plus, it costs practically nothing! If you are out of your usual glass cleaner, just mix white vinegar with warm distilled water and you will be good to go.

  • Avoid Paper Towels

You know what the cold, hard truth is? You should banish paper towels on your window cleaning day. Sounds hard, right? When used on glass, paper towels leave linty streaks. Instead you should use a microfiber cloth or towel- it is a cleaner option.

  • Remember to Always Rinse the Glass with Clean Water

it is possible to still get a streak even after observing all the above tips. It happens, don’t beat yourself too hard. Should this happen, rinse the glass with clean distilled water.

A Simple Window Cleaning Guide

Nobody likes repetitive chores. Window cleaning can be a tedious task if it is to be done over and over again. If you stick to this simple guide, you won’t have to redo the work.

  • Do This Job on a Dry and Cloudy Day

Clean Windows on Dry and Cloudy Day

If you do this job on a sunny day, the cleaner will dry on the panes before you get to wipe it off leaving messy streaks.

  • Remove the Dirt and Dust First

removed dirt from the window frame

First off, use a brush to sweep dirt from the window frame. This prevents the dirt from becoming a muddy mess when mixed with the glass cleaner.

  • Choose the Right Cleaner

Choose the Right Windows Cleaner

And be generous with it if your windows look extra dirty. To completely wipe away the dirt, you’ll need plenty of cleaner to suspend and dissolve the dirt.

  • Use a Microfiber Cloth

clean windows with microfiber cloths

Yes, difficult as it may be, banish paper towels. Reusable microfiber clothes are super absorbent and leave your window panes streak-free. They also have the advantage of being washable.

  • Avoid the Squeegee

Avoid the Squeegee while clean windowsEven though they are preferred by most professional window cleaners, squeegees are only useful if you clearly know how to use them. Plus, they are more useful for bigger and larger panes and I’m guessing your panes are not as big and large.

  • Divide the Job Up

The job of cleaning your windows becomes easy if you break it down and do it room by room. It even becomes easy to tell when streaks form, if when cleaning, you wipe one side of the window horizontally and the other vertically.

10 Professional Window Washing Tools for Better Cleaning

Professional Window Washing Tools for Better Cleaning

Any window cleaning method can give you the best result as long as it is used with the best products possible. Lucky for you, this blog has got some lined up to help you keep your window sparkling and streak-free:

Window Squeegee

This is a must have tool if you want sparkling clean windows. A window squeegee is used like a mop to remove fluids from the window. The squeegee can be a 10-12 inch or 14-inch channel depending on the size of your window.

Window Squeegee

A window squeegee consists of three parts: the handle, the channel and the rubber. Traditional models had a brass handle which helped maintain the blade pressure on the window.  Contemporary designs are made with light-weight aluminum and plastic. They also have quick-change features therefore allowing you to work with less strain on your wrist.

T-bars and Sleeves

T-bars and Sleeves

T-bars are specially designed bars shaped in the image of letter T. They are mostly used by professional window cleaners for cleaning up liquids from windows. However, T-bars cannot function without Sleeves. Sleeves soak the liquid.

It is important to remember that even though these parts work together, they are sold separately.

Window Scrapper

Window Scrapper

This tool is similar to the window squeegee except that the scrapper has a more durable and sharper blade. A window scrapper is mainly used to remove stubborn dirt on the window glass that cannot be removed by the squeegee or any other tool.

Tool Belt

Tool Belt

Professional window cleaners use tool belts to carry their must-use tools. Tool belts don’t have to be fancy as long as they serve their purpose. A tool belt saves you from the hassle of having to go back and forward for other cleaning tools.


Ladder for window cleaning

If you want to clean windows at height then you definitely need a ladder. A good ladder should be solid and stable. A triple ladder gives you the option to detach one section from it and make it light weight. Though not used often, ladders are a good substitute for a water-fed pole system or extension pole.

Cleaning Soap

A window cleaning soap is a special soap that is capable of removing dirt without any complications. Window cleaning soap is also used to clean other window cleaning tools.


window cleaning Towels

A microfiber cloth is recommended for cleaning windows. Microfiber cloths and towels are attached to squeegees in order to provide the best results when cleaning windows. It can also be used for many other cleaning functions.


window cleaning bucket

It is pretty obvious that you cannot clean a window without a bucket. Buckets don’t have to be expensive; you can buy any from your nearest hardware. You need at least a rectangular bucket that is large enough for your widest T-bar.

Extension Poles

Extension Poles

Extension poles are a must have when cleaning tall and hard-to-reach windows without a ladder or lifts. A good extension pole has ergonomic grips, an easy locking mechanism and replaceable tips.

Most extension poles are made out of lightweight carbon fiber or aluminum.


Brushes for window cleaning

The window brush is the best substitute for window squeegees and window scrappers. Window brushes can either be sold separately or in combination with water fed pole system. Whether a brush will damage the window or not depends on the firmness of its bristles. Lastly, the brushes can also be used to apply solutions on the window.

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