10 Best Bamboo Window Shades of 2023 – Bamboo Roll Up Blinds

Bamboo is the perfect option if you want to use natural wood in your own home, particularly if you'd prefer to use sustainable wood. There are a variety of ways you can use bamboo in any room in your house. Below are the top ten bamboo roll up blinds for your home decor.

Odds are you among the thousands of people who seem to be drawn to the bamboo roll-up shades not only because it's just made from sturdy materials, but also because of its stylish look in your home.

Bamboo window product is an exquisite window shade for a roll-up blind. It is simply for the lover of nature. Bamboo window shade screams nature and style. They are woven to ensure maximum privacy for the homeowners. And if you want outdoor blinds, then this is a good variety to choose from. They can withstand the elements of nature better than the other types of blinds.

Bamboo Roll Up Blinds

It’s a very common window shade because it can keep the light out in the warm months and warm in the winter months in blinds. Bamboo roll shades are available in many designs and models, although the different designs are identical. You can use the bamboo shades to filter through natural sunlight or you can have a cover to allow full privacy and filter out all light.

Seta Direct, Natural Bamboo Slat Roman Shade with Valance

This is a very unique bamboo window shade design that gives an overall relaxed look to the interior and exterior outlook. If you're looking for bamboo blinds that will offer a little more privacy, Seta Direct offers that and more.

Seta Direct Natural Bamboo Slat Roman Shade with Valance

The bamboo here is backed with a fabric lining which helps keep out light. This is not a blackout, but it will reduce the light reflection and keeps the house at a cool temperature.

However, there are concerns about the fabric’s durability. You will find better choices if you are searching for a blind window in full light.

It's built to roll up and the mechanism is very straightforward. Only pull a cable up and lower it on one side. Pull the cord down and right to hold it in place when the level is needed.

The Seta Direct It is available at a length of 24 to 95 centimeters.

Installation is quite easy by just screwing any wall hooks into the wall. Also, hang the blinds just up and you're ready to go when they're in place.

Lewis Hyman White Roman Bamboo Blinds

Lewis Hyman Radiance Cordless Bamboo offers nice privacy with its weaved Roman Shade Driftwood. Its natural color emits warm tones to your Inside and Outside Window. Also called the natural shades for its stylish filter light that protect home furniture from fading due to excessive exposure to sunlight.

Lewis Hyman White Roman Bamboo Blinds

However, it doesn’t block the rays of light in entirety and night it a bit of exposure and minimal privacy with its sunshine filtering ability.

Like many other bamboo window shades, installation is quite easy to set up. It’s advisable to avoid using them altogether. By simply drilling straight through the header bar and attaching it to your wall with long screws will achieve a greater result.

Bamboo Venetian Window Blinds

Bamboo Venetian Window Blinds

The bamboo Venetian window blinds are horizontal slats without the fabric. The slats are made with wood, aluminum, or pieces of vinyl which are stacked neatly together when raised. Venetian blinds allow sunlight penetration when the slats are rotated to open top to bottom.

The slats can be set at an angle to regulate the amount of light entering the room. Using a bamboo Venetian window shade allows room temperature.

Thy Trading Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind

Thy Trading Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind

This is a special design that comes in a single color and available in only one size – 60 cm wide and 72 cm drop. However, it is easy to trim it with a hacksaw if it's too large for your window frame. The bamboo shade must be divided very carefully and the line must be held straight to allow light to enter the room.

The standard installation of the window shade requires all the necessary equipment to mount the blind. It is ideal for both indoors and outdoors and can take half an hour for the whole operation to be completed.

Radiance Cordless Bamboo Roman Shade

Radiance Cordless Bamboo Roman Shade

The radiance cordless Roman blind comes in a fresh and warm shade of brown“cocoa”. That uses flat-stick bamboo for a smooth finish. With a length of about 64 inches, you can install on either side of your window frame.

You can easily raise and lower the blind by simply pulling the center of the shade. There are no cords to pose a risk to children or pets.

It’s very easy to install and popular as an indoor window blind.

Arlo Blinds Cordless Tuscan Bamboo Roman Blinds

Arlo Blinds Cordless Tuscan Bamboo Roman Blinds

Arlo Blinds Cordless Tuscan Bamboo Roman Shade comes in a width size of 31 x 60, with an Innovative Cordless Lift System that guarantees safety and ease of use.  Each Arlo shade measures 31 inches wide. For the inside mount, the window must have a length of  31.25 widths or greater.

The ArloStyle Bamboo shades can only be described as a sensible choice for their rich textures and beautiful color variance of natural bamboo. They provide an exquisite and natural elegance to any room.

Chicology Cordless Bamboo Roman Shades

Chicology Cordless Bamboo Roman Shades

This is a 100% bamboo design window shade that is available in different colors.  It comes equipped with a 6-inch valance, cord control, and cord cleat. It is great for all-day use and it is an incredible choice for everyone whether you are a countryside or a beach homeowner. The installation is process is quite easy.

Asian Home Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind

The Asian home bamboo window blind

The Asian home bamboo window blind is a very effective control shade against sunlight and wind.

It’s made with high-quality real bamboo that conforms to C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines and very easy to install. The Asian bamboo window blind is mounted on the indoor window frame, and outdoor.

It comes with all necessary hardware included. It can be used indoor or patio, smoothly roll up or down to control sunlight and wind in your room.

Passenger Pigeon Bamboo Roller Shades

Passenger Pigeon Bamboo Roller Shades

The Passenger bamboo design shade is a beautifully crafted work of art with 100% natural materials bamboo roller shades, Its bamboo comes from mountains with thousand years of history of handcraft. Roll up roller shades come with 6-inch matching valance, fine light filtering, and Ultra-Violet rays’ protection. It’s a suitable window shade for both indoors and outdoors.

It is simple and easy to install in houses and perfectly suitable for houses in a sunny climate.

ZY Blinds Bamboo Roman Window Blinds

ZY Blinds Bamboo Roman Window Blinds

ZY Bamboo shades and blinds are the best options you can make if you are looking for an eco-friendly and beautiful window covering solution. They are available in a large number of tones and sizes, so it should not be so difficult to find the right ZY window bamboo blind shades for your homes. While the blinds of traditional bamboo are a tan shade, other styles like the mahogany, the sweetie hues, the parchment, or a light brown can also be found. When you buy a ZY bamboo blind.

The ZY bamboo can filter light and reduce heat, but it won’t give privacy. So while this is great for a conservatory or living room, you may prefer to choose a different option for your bedroom.


It’s believed that bamboo is a long life and is also used to shield evil spirits.
The elegance of bamboo creates a vintage, comfortable ambiance for your home. In oriental cultures, bamboo has always been utilized at homes as great partitions or blinds to allow the cool breeze in. Besides, these types of shades or blinds add to the ethnic theme and charm of home interiors.

In the construction of buildings, windows, utensils, fencing, instruments of music, furniture, and floors, Bamboo is commonly used. It is also been used for decorating gardens and houses.

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