40 Stylish Bay Window Ideas

Have you ever thought of having the view of a lifetime? Are you ready to make your living room a living dream? Stay tuned for my 40 stylish bay window ideas that will blow your mind.

Bay window is a protruding window that is projected outward from the walls of a building. These types of windows make a beautiful bay in the living room with an astounding view from inside and outside. They can be angular or curved or maybe can run over many floors.

Most of them were used in the Baroque era to add an ornamental addition to the buildings. They always make the room visually appear bigger than it is and give the most amazing views from the outside that you will never achieve with a regular flat window.

Don’t go anywhere because I am about to present the most stylish 40 bay window ideas to give you an idea on how to make your living room and outer part of the house stunning.

1. Luxuriously Breathtaking

Luxuriously breathtaking

These unique bay windows are so simple, but at the same time, they give a fantastic kick to the living room. They compliment the beautiful grey sofa with hints of burned orange and amazing patterned draperies.

With plain white frames, the black columns in between add amazing contrast. The view, though, is perfect and totally on point.

2. Brick and bay, a Combination that Slays

Brick and bay- a combination that slays

These wooden bay windows are the perfect addition to the bricks and the wooden door. They have white columns in between on the lower glass and pretty patterns on the upper glass.

An excellent idea if you have a house with bricks to make it more stunning, plus you’ll have the view of your dreams.

3. Wake up; it’s not a Dream

Wake up; it’s not a dream

I mean, I would give anything for a living room like this. Imagine waking up and drinking the morning coffee sitting on the comfy armchair while sunrays gently warm your face.

These white bay windows are just perfect for this kind of living room. They add enough light for your daily vitamin D intake. And the spot? The spot is breathtaking.

4. In Simplicity, I Believe

In simplicity, I believe

If you are a minimalist but want to spice up your living room just a little bit, then this type of bay window is the perfect choice. They are curvy with white frames; the lower glass is plane and allows for the natural light to lighten up the room.

On the other hand, the upper glass has a pattern with yellow, pink, blue, and turquoise colors, making the room less boring.

5. Bay Window with Shutters

Bay window with shutters

I love how these bay windows give refreshment to this living room. The dark wall color and the deep brown floor need something white to brighten up the whole picture.

The shutters are a great addition if you want more privacy. The windows are plain and straightforward with the white frame, but somehow, they are the star in this room.

6. Victorian Style Makes me Smile

Victorian style makes me smile

I just love these vintage Victorian-style houses with gorgeous bay windows. The bay window is a great addition to the brick façade and black door; they complement each other.

The view from the outside is fantastic; I can imagine what it's like from the inside. You can never go wrong with a white bay window, as it blends everywhere.

7. Rectangular Bay Window

Rectangular bay window

This rectangular bay window goes very well with the rectangular flat window on the upper floor. It has white frames with vertical white columns in between to add more style. If you are not a fan of the curvy bay windows, then this is the one for you.

Also, the rectangular shape complements the triangular porch, making this house unique.

8. Design so Divine

Design so Divine

As I already mentioned, brick façade and bay windows are a combination of a lifetime. The white frames on the window and black top add a pop of color to the overall design.

The top also complements the black wall lantern on the porch, and the green plants give this house a fresher look.

9. Black and White, Such an Amazing Sight

Black and white, such an amazing sight

Yes, yes, black and white is always the right choice, especially with the multicolored rug; it is a contrast on point.

The bay window is simple white with white shutters, and it somehow creates a fantastic sight along with the armchair. If you ask me, this is the perfect reading spot.

10. Beauty in San Francisco

Beauty in San Francisco

This gorgeous building in San Francisco has the most beautiful bay windows, and the elliptical-shaped windows are the perfect addition to the whole design.

The white curtains picking from the inside create outstanding visual beauty. These amazing windows complement the pointed roof and give you the feeling that you live in a castle.

11. Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire

Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire

The style of this living room in the castle looks so refined and luxurious. This bay window with its wooden frame and wooden columns in between gives the 19th Century vibe but with a modern touch.

The marbled wallpapers on the walls and the beautiful mustard-colored sofa make this design burst with style.

12. Living Room that Screams Elegance

Living room that screams elegance

If you are still not convinced about bay windows on whether you need them or not, look at this photo, and you will get your answer. This is a living room with carefully implemented ideas that make it one-of-a-kind.

And if there wasn’t this fantastic bay window, trust me, this would have never looked the way it looks now, sophisticated and elegant.

13. Getaway Space on Point

Getaway space on point

Everyone needs their getaway space sometimes to read some book, take a quiet moment, or catch up on the rays of the sun. Either way, this bay window with nook is screaming relaxation.

Not to mention that the contrast with the white walls and windows with the black nook and dark brown floor are stunning. An incredible idea to enjoy and dedicate a moment to yourself.

14. Vintage Brick House with Bay Windows

Vintage brick house with bay windows

This Edwardian-style brick house looks absolutely adorable with these white bay windows. As I mentioned before, bricks always add a special touch to a house façade, and they go perfectly with the bay windows.

Especially with the pointed top above the window, it looks like a rocket about to launch, which adds a futuristic touch to an old-style house.

15. Stunning, Elegant, and Sophisticated

Stunning, elegant, and sophisticated

This is a gorgeous bay window with Corinthian cornice and fluting that looks amazing. The wrought iron fence adds additional beauty to the whole design.

The wonderful chandelier peaking through the window gives a luxurious feeling, and it is a match made in heaven with the bay window.

16. Bay Nap for a Winner

Bay nap for a winner

Okay, let’s talk about how astounding that looks. I mean, this wooden bay window with the stained glass on the upper side looks so good.

The nook with all those colorful pillows is a perfect place to relax and take a nap and enjoy the view. But I definitely imagine myself writing this article on that table right now.

17. Coffee Time

Coffee time

I would like to teleport myself there right now because I am about to drink my coffee, and this spot is perfect for that.

The bay window is big and beautiful, and the retro-styled curtains are just what this design needs. Amazing how the chair and the table are the most important finishing touch.

18. Aluminum Bay Window

Aluminum bay window

This is a very pretty aluminum bay window with a Georgian bar on the glass. It has a simple and minimalistic style, but at the same time, it is beautiful.

The brick façade adds a touch of color to this design, and the white aluminum window brings elegance. Bricks are always the right choice.

19. The Difference is a Bliss

The difference is a bliss

This is a whole lot different bay window that we have seen before. It’s almost all glass with cubic design and with a breathtaking view. The nook is so spacious, so you can relax and enjoy peeking through the glass.

The outdoor chairs' colors perfectly blend with the colors of the bay window and bright beige brick façade.

20. I got Chills; they’re Multicolored

I got chills; they’re multicolored

That is a bold approach to making something colorful, and let me tell you, it looks incredible. These bay windows are bold with dark red, almost burgundy red-colored frames.

The colors on the façade have the same undertone, but they are all different, and magically they go together like a charm—a modern design with carefully selected colors.

21. Once upon a Time

Once upon a time

With this kind of nursery, everyone would love to be a baby. Such a fantastic curved bay window that looks like a portal to a fairytale.

The perfect combination of colors and the draperies are the piece of the puzzle that was missing. Shutters are a must for your little one to have the sweetest dreams ever.

22. Beauty from Within

Beauty from within

Everything in this living room is perfect, starting of course with the “winner” – his Majesty the bay window. That bay really looks like a royalty space for the king and queen to drink their morning tea and eat their croissants while watching that breathtaking view.

All of the colors are matched perfectly, and the vintage rug gives that “old but gold” feeling.

23. Napping Time

Napping time

I mean, yes, this is all you need for some nap. Like, my oh my, look at that incredible view, that wooden bay window on the perfect spot.

The nook with the mattresses is the real deal here because of the comfort you get while watching that view or napping. The colors are on point, and the bookshelves on the left make this cozy spot flawless.

24. Woof Woof Window

Woof woof window

This amazing bay window is enormous, and the spot is spacious and gorgeous. It has white frames and black columns on the glass. Even doggies can’t resist enjoying the comfortable space and watching that beauty from the inside.

The only thing that is missing in this photo is snowy weather.

25. Cozy Bedroom

Cozy bedroom

This bedroom has that wow factor with the amazing bay window, the hanging chair, and the matching colors. Grey and pink are like Jing and Jang, and together they create the most beautiful harmony.

The hanging chair is placed right where it belongs to peak through the bay window easily.

26. Stunning Pop of Colors

Stunning pop of colors

This Victorian-style building is a fantastic creation with beautiful and bold colors with gorgeous floral designs. The bay windows are stained glass with colors and designs that match the whole building.

If you are into this style and want to be unique, grab the idea for these bay windows.

27. Timeless Beauty

Timeless beauty

These kinds of bay windows never get out of style. They are simple and classic, with white frames and they open sliding upwards.

Their shape is angular, and they are the perfect addition to the brick orange façade. Green plants will always look vibrantly pretty under your bay windows.

28. Stylish Curved Bay Window

Stylish curved bay window

I know that we have seen a lot of brick façades, but what can I say? They are a classic. On the other hand, the curved bay window is a perfect addition to the arched windows on the left.

The color of the frames is dark grey, and they open again, sliding upwards. The plants, though, give a breathtaking view if you are resting on the bay.

29. Cute Little Bay Window

Cute little bay window

Not so big, not too small, this bay window is the perfect size and the most simple but pretty design. The shape is angular, and it has white frames with white columns on the glass; therefore, you can play with the colors in your living room.

Also, you are going to have the ideal natural light through the window.

30. Big, Bright, and Stunning Sight

Big, bright, and stunning sight

The big bay window, the cornicing, and high skirting boards are the match made in heaven for this look. That colorful carpet goes with those curtains like a charm.

The windows are simple white PVC, and the rays of the sun are perfectly lightning the room.

31. Green me Up

Green me Up

It’s an astonishing creation and an ideal match of colors with a sophisticated look. This bay with mint green color is stunning along with the pretty table and chairs also with a green colored marbled effect.

The plants and the books are the best detail of this design. Amazing idea for your living room if you are a fan of the green color.

32. Different and Unique Bay Window

Different and unique bay window

This bay window is different from the others and is the most interesting one I have ever seen. It has a small window glass in the middle, and on the sides is like an imitation window out of bricks.

For the people that are more into the vintage style, this is a great idea.

33. Ah, so Perfect

Ah, so perfect

Let me tell you, I already fell in love with this bay. The big curved bay windows are to die for, and the curved nook with those multicolored pillows is lovely.

It’s a perfect spot to relax with your family and enjoy that exquisite view. That recessed circle ceiling makes this place visually bigger.

34. Classic Remains

Classic remains

Wood will always remain classic because of the rustic look it creates. It’s not always about modern architecture; sometimes, these kinds of historical designs break the monotony.

The wooden framed bay looks fantastic with the stone façade. Overall, the color contrast is on point, and it is a simple design with the ancient touch.

35. Let the Adventure Begin

Let the adventure begin

Striking combinations along with the gorgeous and spacious bay window. The seat looks so pretty with all those pillows, books, and framed pictures. Sometimes details are what make the whole picture perfect.

The color is white, which I like; you can never go wrong with white paint. It can always be matched with any color you want.

36. Dreamy Portal Bay

Dreamy portal bay

This bay window looks like a tiny house, with an interesting pattern like fish scales. The pointy part, or should I say “the roof,” has a beautiful decoration that makes this design flawless.

The beige color of the “tiny house” is the perfect addition to the brick façade on the house.

37. Beauty Overload

Beauty overload

This small Victorian-style house has the most breathtaking bay window and decorative corbels. The iron fence that surrounds the lawn and the landscaping is amazing.

Bay window is curved with, and the glass is arched on the upper part, making this design “old but gold.” For people into this Victorian style, you can steal this idea to make some changes to your home.

38. Simple but Dramatic

Simple but dramatic

To me, it looks like a frame with a photo, and that is gorgeous. The drama that charred larch creates is perfect. The contrast between the bricks and the black “frame” makes it look spectacular.

The glass is big with a fantastic view. The knitted pillows from the inside give this look a little bit of “oomph.”

39. Adorable Little House

Adorable little house

It is incredible how this bay window creates something special from the outside. The angular shape fits perfectly, and so are the columns in between the glass.

The plants and stony vases are just the ideal addition to the whole picture. Not to mention, the bricks give a special touch to this design.

40. Last, but Most Definitely not Least

Last, but most definitely not least

This baroque-style museum has the most interesting bay window, and it is just a spectacular construction. The multiple decorations on the glass and frames and the overall building make it look so luxurious.

There are stylish iron fences with interesting patterns. It is most definitely out of my comfort zone design, but it is the idea of a lifetime for people who want to spice up their lives.

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