What Is Amazon Digital Charge In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Hey there! Have you ever been checking your credit card statement and seen a strange fee from "Amazon Digital Services" that you don‘t recognize? I‘ve been there myself, wondering "what is this Amazon digital charge?" When you buy a lot on Amazon like I do, these mystery digital charges can be super confusing.

After doing some digging, I put together this 2700+ word guide to explain everything you need to know about Amazon digital charges this year. I‘ll answer:

  • What is Amazon Digital?
  • Where do these charges come from?
  • How much are the fees?
  • How to prevent charges
  • What to do if you see an incorrect charge

Let‘s dive in!

What is Amazon Digital?

Amazon started as an online bookstore, but it‘s grown into a massive technology and digital media company. Beyond just ordering physical products, Amazon offers subscription services like Prime Video, Kindle Unlimited, Audible, and Amazon Music.

As Amazon expanded into these membership and digital content services, it opened up new revenue streams beyond retail sales. In fact, Amazon makes billions from digital:

And these services each bring in huge money too:

When you pay for Prime, Kindle Unlimited, Audible, or make other digital purchases, the charges show up as "Amazon digital."

Where Do Amazon Digital Charges Come From?

When you get an Amazon digital charge, it relates to one of their subscription services or media purchases. Here are the main sources:


Amazon‘s ebook reader and ebook store sees millions in digital sales every quarter. Some charges come from:

  • Kindle ebooks – Purchase cost from $.99-$14.99
  • Kindle Unlimited – $9.99/month for unlimited reading
  • Kindle FreeTime Unlimited – Kids content subscription

Prime Video

Video streaming is a major digital focus for Amazon. With over 175 million global viewers, charges include:

  • Included with Prime – Access to thousands of movies/shows
  • Rentals & purchases – Pay per movie/episode from $1.99 – $5.99
  • Channels – Add-on subscriptions like HBO, Showtime, Paramount+


As the internet‘s largest seller and producer of audiobooks, Audible accounts for many digital charges:

  • Audiobook purchases – Between $10-$30+ each
  • Audible membership – $14.95 per month for credits
  • Audible Plus – $7.95 per month for unlimited listening

Amazon Music

With over 10 million subscribers globally, Amazon is the second biggest music streamer. You may see charges for:

  • Amazon Music Unlimited – Individual ($7.99/month) or family ($14.99/month) plans
  • Music purchases – Average $.99-$1.29 per song

Prime Membership

This main subscription provides free shipping, Prime Video, discounts, and more for $139 per year. The membership fee is a common digital charge.

Apps, Games & Software

Amazon has a huge digital marketplace for apps, games, and software downloads that can produce one-time charges.

Other Digital Content

You may be charged for ebooks, movie rentals or purchases, magazine subscriptions, and other media accessed through Amazon apps and services.

So in summary – the main sources are Prime subscriptions, Kindle and Audible fees, Amazon Music plans, and one-time digital purchases. Keeping track of these subscriptions and buys is key to recognizing Amazon digital charges.

Where Do You Find Amazon Digital Charges?

When you use Amazon‘s digital services or make digital purchases, the charges appear in Your Account > Payments. You can view these charges:

  • On the Amazon website by going to Your Account > Payments
  • In the Amazon mobile app under Your Account > Payments
  • On your credit card or bank statement

The charge will show up with a description like "Amazon Digital Services" "Amazon Digital Order" or "AMZN DIGITAL."

Here‘s a quick example of what an Amazon digital charge might look like on your statement:

Date Description Amount
1/23/22 Amazon Digital Services $14.99

So checking both your Amazon Payments and credit card statements allows you to closely track any digital charges.

How Much are Amazon Digital Charges?

The amount of an Amazon digital charge depends on the service or content. Some typical fee ranges:

  • $1.99 – $14.99 for one-time purchases like ebooks, movies or apps
  • $7.99 – $14.99 for monthly subscriptions like Audible or Amazon Music
  • $119 for the annual Amazon Prime membership fee
  • $49.99 or more for software purchases or video game downloads

According to a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners report, the average Amazon customer spends:

Service Average Spend per Month
Prime membership $19.21
Prime Video $6.38
Amazon Music $5.23
Audible membership $21.36
Kindle books $4.75
Total $56.93/month

So the typical Prime member spends around $57 a month on Amazon digital services! No wonder these charges can pile up.

Understanding how much each part of Amazon digital costs helps avoid surprises. For instance, a $14.99 Audible charge every month might not raise eyebrows if you know you signed up for the membership.

How Do You Prevent Amazon Digital Charges?

Unwanted Amazon digital charges can happen surprisingly easily. A few clicks can lead to a purchase or accidental subscription. Here are some tips to avoid surprise fees:

Review Your Account Settings

Under Your Account:

  • Confirm your 1-Click settings – Turn off to prevent impulse buys
  • Check all active subscriptions – Cancel any unused services
  • Confirm your default payment method – Remove old/unused cards

Don‘t Forget Free Trials End

Lots of Amazon digital services offer 1 month free trials. But then paid subscriptions kick in, so set reminders to cancel trial memberships if you don’t want to pay.

Enable Purchase Approvals

You can require a password or approval for digital purchases:

  • Amazon Parental Controls – Restrict purchases and content
  • Password Protect Purchases – Adds a password popup before buying media

Monitor Your Transaction History

Get in the habit of routinely checking your Amazon Payments for unknown charges. This allows you to spot unauthorized purchases.

Set "Low Balance Alerts"

For Amazon accounts, you can set up email alerts when your account balance gets low. This can help avoid overspending on digital content.

Staying on top of account settings, pending charges from trials, and transaction history are guaranteed ways to minimize unwanted Amazon digital fees.

What If You See an Incorrect Amazon Digital Charge?

Despite your best efforts, you may encounter a questionable digital charge. Here are some things you can try to resolve it:

Contact Amazon Customer Support

Connecting with an Amazon rep by phone, chat, or email is the best first step. Explain the situation and they‘ll suggest options.

Check Amazon‘s Refund Policy

Many digital purchases are refundable within 7, 30, or 45 days depending on the type. You can request a refund if eligible.

Dispute the Charge

For credit card purchases, you may be able to formally dispute incorrect Amazon digital transactions with your provider.

Adjust Account Settings

Update settings like 1-Click or parental controls to prevent repeat erroneous charges in the future.

Based on my experience, Amazon has great customer service and will work hard to make the situation right if you reach out to them about a questionable charge.

Can You Get Refunds for Amazon Digital Purchases?

Luckily, Amazon offers refunds or the ability to cancel on many types of digital orders:

  • Prime, Unlimited, Audible – Ability to cancel monthly subscription at any time
  • Kindle books & audiobooks – Refunds within first 7 days
  • Movies, TV, apps – Refunds typically for 24-48 hours after first access
  • Software & games – Typically refundable within 14 days

Digital subscriptions can be canceled anytime, while content purchases have short windows for returns. So review your recent orders and request refunds for any digital goods you want to cancel.

Certain subscription services also let you "pause" your membership so you can take a break without losing access entirely. This can be great for Prime Video, Audible, or other paid platforms you use on and off.

How to Check Your Amazon Digital Orders

To view your full digital order history including media purchases, apps, audiobooks, and ebook downloads:

  1. Go to Your Account on Amazon.com or in the app
  2. Select Digital content and devices
  3. Click on Your Content and Devices
  4. View your entire digital order purchase history

This covers all of your Amazon digital transactions that may not show under regular orders. Review this section to know exactly what you‘ve bought and manage subscription settings.

Can You Stop Amazon Digital Charges Entirely?

Short of closing your whole Amazon account, there‘s no way to completely prevent digital charges. However, you can minimize them by:

  • Canceling any unused subscriptions like Audible or Prime Video
  • Turning off 1-Click Ordering so each digital purchase requires confirmation
  • Setting parental controls and purchase PIN codes
  • Checking your transaction history weekly
  • Setting a low balance alert for your Amazon account

Using account controls diligently, monitoring your activity, and canceling unneeded subscriptions limits the chances of being surprised by Amazon digital charges.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully this breakdown gives you a better understanding of where Amazon digital charges come from, how to spot them, and what you can do to control them. With so many great services like Prime Video and Audible, these fees are often worth it for the convenience and access you enjoy by being an Amazon customer. But you deserve to know exactly what you‘re being charged for!

The key is carefully monitoring your account settings, transactions, and subscriptions to avoid unwanted charges from Amazon digital. But if any fees do show up unexpectedly, you can get them refunded or dispute them pretty easily. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

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