What Does "Shipped" Mean on Amazon In 2023? (A Detailed Guide for Shoppers)

As an avid online shopper, you’ve probably ordered more than a few items from Amazon. But have you ever been confused when the status changes to “shipped”? What exactly does that mean? Is your order zipping through the air towards your doorstep? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

As someone who regularly shops on Amazon, I’ve seen my fair share of “shipped” packages that took their sweet time to arrive. That’s why I want to share this detailed guide explaining what “shipped” really means on Amazon orders. Let’s dive in!

“Shipped” Means the Seller Handed Off Your Package

When an Amazon order switches to “shipped”, it means the seller gave your package to the shipping carrier. The item is no longer with the seller—it’s now in transit.

But there are still many steps ahead before that precious package lands on your doorstep. "Shipped" doesn’t necessarily mean your order is already delivered or out for delivery. More on that below!

Here’s an example scenario:

You order a fancy new chef’s knife on Amazon Prime. Two days later, you get an email that your order has shipped! Unfortunately, receiving that email doesn’t mean the knife will magically appear at your doorstep today.

Instead, it means the seller boxed up the knife and handed it off to UPS/FedEx/USPS/etc. From there it has to make its way across the country to your city, then to your local post office before final delivery. That whole journey could take 2 days or 2 weeks, depending on shipping speed!

The key takeaway is that “shipped” just means the handoff has occurred. The delivery process still has phases to go through before you’re unboxing your latest online purchase.

What Happens After “Shipped” Status?

Once Amazon marks your order as shipped, what happens next? Here’s a breakdown of the typical process:

  • Seller hands off package to shipping carrier

  • Package is in transit via plane, train, truck, etc.

  • It arrives at an Amazon fulfillment center if required

  • Amazon handles repackaging if they’re fulfilling the order

  • A local courier picks it up for last mile delivery

  • You finally receive the delivery!

This sequence varies slightly if the seller ships themselves versus using Amazon fulfillment. But the core steps remain—after “shipped”, your order is still journeying closer through the transportation network before getting to you.

Don’t take “shipped” to mean “delivered”. Based on your chosen shipping speed and location, a shipped package could still take several days or up to a week in transit before arrival.

“Shipped with Amazon” Means They Handle Delivery

As a Prime member, I love when my order says “Shipped with Amazon”. This means Amazon is handling delivery themselves through their own logistics network.

It’s like a little stamp of approval. I know Amazon will safely get my order to me ASAP. Their drivers are pros—friendly, speedy, and always gentle with my packages.

In 2021 alone, Amazon delivered 3.5 billion packages worldwide! That’s over 9.5 million per day. With their own end-to-end operations, they’ve mastered reliable, fast delivery.

So when you see “Shipped with Amazon”, you can expect:

  • Quick, consistent Amazon delivery speeds

  • Tracking your order through their website and app

  • Eligibility for A-to-Z guarantee protections

It’s reassuring knowing your order is in Amazon’s hands from shipment through final delivery. For me, “shipped with Amazon” means I’ll likely get my package even faster than estimated.

“Shipped with 4PX” Signals an International Origin

I’m an avid online shopper, so I buy lots of fun, unique items shipped directly from sellers worldwide. Recently more of my orders say “Shipped with 4PX”. What does this mean?

4PX is an international logistics company based in China that specializes in e-commerce shipping. Many Chinese sellers use 4PX to fulfill orders from global marketplaces like Amazon.

When you see “Shipped with 4PX”, it means the seller gave your order to 4PX, who will then transport it by air or ocean freight from China to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

Once it arrives, Amazon takes over the final delivery to your address. So 4PX only handles the China to Amazon warehouse leg, not last mile.

Because of the long transit time, orders shipped via 4PX typically take 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. So if you’re like me and want your latest impulse buy ASAP, 4PX shipping requires some extra patience. But it opens up access to amazing products worldwide!

“Delayed” Status Means There’s An Issue

As an eagerly awaiting customer, one of the most frustrating order statuses is “Delayed—not yet shipped”. Ugh, what does this mean?!

When Amazon says an order is delayed, it signifies an unexpected problem is preventing on-time fulfillment and shipping. Simply put, your seller has encountered an issue getting your order out the door in the promised timeframe.

Here are some common reasons for the dreaded “Delayed” status:

  • The product is out of stock or backordered. The seller can’t ship what they don’t have.

  • Severe weather, holidays, or other disruptions have slowed processing and shipping operations.

  • The seller made a mistake and missed their shipping cut-off window to get your order out that day or week.

  • There’s a technical glitch and the status hasn’t updated correctly in Amazon’s system. It may actually be en route!

For example, earlier this year I ordered a popular new board game for family game night. Even though it showed 2-day Prime shipping, the status sat at “Delayed” for over a week! Turns out the game was so popular, the seller ran out of stock and had to wait for more inventory to come in before they could ship my order.

If you see “Delayed” for more than a couple days with no update, it’s smart to contact the seller directly to kindly inquire about the hold up. Most are happy to provide estimated resolution timelines to anxious customers like us!

“Not Yet Shipped” Means Still in Seller’s Hands

When an Amazon order is stuck at “Not yet shipped”, it means the seller has your order but hasn’t handed it off to the shipper yet. Your item is still with the seller, gathering dust rather than zooming towards your doorstep.

As a Prime member, I hate this status! But there are some legit reasons a seller hasn’t yet shipped your order:

  • They’re running behind on getting orders ready to ship that day. Volume may have spiked.

  • Amazon’s status hasn’t updated correctly although your order may already be en route. Their system can lag behind reality.

  • It’s a pre-ordered or custom-made item requiring more handling time before shipment.

For example, I pre-ordered a signed copy of my favorite author’s newest book. Even 3 days after the release date, it still said “Not yet shipped” because the seller had to wait to get the signed copies in stock! They weren’t deliberately delaying shipment, just navigating availability.

If an order sits at this status for long, it’s a good idea to contact the seller politely. You can kindly ask when they expect to ship it out. Most sellers want happy customers, so they’re pretty responsive!

“Shipped With Other” Means Bundled Package

I love a good bargain, so I often end up buying multiple items on Amazon at once. When that happens, I frequently get the “Shipped with other” status on my orders.

This simply indicates Amazon has bundled multiple items from your order together into one package. Hey, I’m not complaining about fewer boxes!

Amazon looks for any opportunity to combine shipments when:

  • The items are all eligible for combined shipping based on type, weight, etc.

  • The orders are going to a single delivery address (yours!).

  • It allows faster processing and shipping by consolidating packages.

Bundling can really benefit impatient shoppers like me. I read Amazon ships over 2 billion packages per year. With massive volume like that, optimized processes like combined shipments help Amazon deliver efficiently at scale.

The pros of having your orders shipped together include:

  • Faster shipping since Amazon handles fewer individual packages

  • Lower environmental impact with less packaging waste

  • Possible savings on shipping costs for Amazon and buyers

So while having multiple items “Shipped with other” sounds weird at first, it’s actually an Amazon best practice that benefits everyone in the long run!

Walkthrough of Typical Amazon Shipping Statuses

Since I shop on Amazon constantly, I’ve gotten familiar with the typical flow of shipping statuses on my orders. Understanding the sequence helps me set proper expectations on when I can actually expect my delivery.

Here’s a walkthrough of a common shipping status timeline:

  • Order Received – The seller has my order in their system but hasn’t processed or fulfilled it yet. Once they do, it will move to…

  • Preparing for Shipment – The seller is getting my order ready for shipment by packing it up, addressing, etc. This means shipment is imminent!

  • Shipped – My order has been handed off by the seller to the shipping carrier like USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. The delivery journey now begins.

  • Arriving Thursday – Once in transit, the carrier can estimate a delivery date, which Amazon displays. This helps set my expectations.

  • Out for Delivery – My order landed at my local post office/facility and should be on its way to my address!

  • Delivered – Woo hoo, it finally made it! Time to crack open my latest online purchase.

So in the sequence, “Shipped” just means the handoff to the carrier occurred. The item then goes through further transit before finishing the final mile to my door.

How Long Until Delivery After “Shipped” Status?

After getting the “Shipped” notification, I’m always wondering—when will my package actually get here?!

Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, since transit timelines vary drastically. Factors like shipping speed, distance, origin location, and delivery address all impact total time in transit.

But in my experience as an impatient Prime member, most Amazon Prime deliveries take 2-5 days to arrive after being marked as shipped. For non-Prime orders, it’s usually 5-10 transit days post-shipment.

Those estimates have held pretty true across the hundreds of orders I’ve placed. Even so, it’s wise to check the estimated delivery date for your specific shipment and plan accordingly based on that.

Pro Tip: If you’re really eager to get your hands on your latest order ASAP, upgrading to faster shipping can help reduce transit time after that lovely “Shipped” email comes through. The cost is usually worth it when I simply can’t wait!

What to Do if Your Order Never Arrives

With billions of packages handled every year, even a logistics giant like Amazon slips up occasionally. Packages get lost or damaged in transit. The carrier picks up your order a day late. There are so many points of failure.

I’ve had a couple orders out of hundreds go missing over the years. When that happens, here are the steps I take to get the situation resolved:

  • Wait a few extra days – More often than not, the package is just running late and will still show up. Patience pays off.

  • Check tracking details – Look on the carrier’s website to see latest scans. It helps identify what may have gone wrong.

  • Contact the seller – See if they can intervene to track it down or reship your order. Most sellers want you to get your items!

  • File an A-to-Z claim – If all else fails, Amazon provides reimbursement through their guarantee program. Phew!

Fortunately, even when things go wrong, Amazon has amazing customer service to make it right. Having a direct line to helpful humans is why I keep faithfully shopping on Amazon year after year.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully this detailed breakdown clarifies what “shipped” really means on Amazon orders. When your status switches to shipped, your seller has handed off your package to a carrier to begin the delivery journey. There are still steps to go before that highly anticipated package lands in your hands!

Understanding where exactly shipped fits into the sequence helped transform me from a confused shopper to an informed delivery pro. Now I have a plan to track my orders and can set expectations on when “shipped” items actually get delivered.

And if you ever have issues getting what you ordered, Amazon’s world-class customer service is there to save the day. Knowing they have my back gives me peace of mind to click “Buy Now” without hesitation.

The next time you see “shipped”, remember it means your order is one step closer in the delivery process. But more steps remain before you’re finally unboxing your latest online purchase. Here’s to many more happy Amazon deliveries in the future!

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