How To Archive Amazon Orders In 2023: The Complete Guide

Hey there! If your Amazon account is looking cluttered with too many orders, you‘re not alone. Many Amazon shoppers like yourself want to clean things up and get organized.

Archiving older Amazon orders is a great way to clear out the clutter. By moving orders to an archived list, you can keep your main orders page tidy with just your most recent purchases.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about archiving orders on Amazon. I‘ll share step-by-step instructions, tips, FAQs, and much more to help you master Amazon‘s archiving feature.

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

Why Archive Amazon Orders?

If you‘re an avid Amazon shopper like me, your orders list can quickly turn into a cluttered mess. It‘s annoying having to constantly scroll through hundreds of orders just to find your most recent purchases.

Archiving orders is the perfect solution to tidy up your account. Here are some of the biggest reasons to archive Amazon orders:

  • Reduces Clutter: Archiving moves your old orders out of view, decluttering your main orders page.

  • Improves Organization: Keeping only your most recent orders makes your account more organized.

  • Hides Purchases: Archive personal purchases you don‘t want others to see when they use your account.

  • Tracks Orders: You can still view archived orders anytime you need to look something up.

According to a 2021 consumer survey, 78% of online shoppers said they archive orders on shopping sites to keep things organized. So if you want to join the majority, archiving Amazon orders is a great habit.

How Archiving Works on Amazon

Archiving orders on Amazon is straightforward:

When you archive an order, Amazon moves it from your main orders list to a separate "Archived Orders" section. This gets the order out of view and declutters your account.

However, archived orders are not deleted. They are still stored in your account history for your records. You can access and unarchive them any time.

Think of it like moving old files to a storage box. The files are still there if you need them, but your desk stays clean and organized.

Now let‘s get into the step-by-step process of actually archiving orders…

Step-by-Step Guide to Archiving Orders

Archiving orders on Amazon can only be done through the website. The mobile app does not support this feature yet.

Here are the steps to follow whether you‘re on desktop or mobile:

Archiving on Desktop

  1. Login to your Amazon account on a desktop browser.

  2. Click "Accounts & Lists" in the top right corner.

  3. Under "Ordering and shopping preferences", select "Your Orders".

  4. On the Your Orders page, locate the order you want to archive.

  5. To the right of the order, click "Archive order".

    Archive order button on Amazon website

  6. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click "Archive order" again to confirm.

  7. The order will now be archived and removed from your main orders list!

Archiving on Mobile

Archiving orders on mobile takes a few extra steps:

  1. Open your mobile browser and go to

  2. Login to your Amazon account.

  3. Tap the "hamburger" menu (the icon with 3 lines) and select "Request desktop site".

  4. Tap on "Accounts & Lists" at the top.

  5. Choose "Your Orders" under Ordering and shopping preferences.

  6. Find the order you want to archive and tap "Archive order".

  7. Confirm by tapping "Archive order" again on the pop-up.

And that‘s it! The order will now be archived and removed from your main orders list.

Viewing Your Archived Orders

Just because orders are archived doesn‘t mean they disappear forever. You can still view your archived orders anytime like this:

  1. Go to Your Orders on desktop or mobile.

  2. Click the dropdown menu at the top left that says "Orders placed in the last 365 days".

  3. Select "Archived orders".

    View archived orders on Amazon

  4. You will now see a list of all your archived orders.

Think of archived orders like items in a storage closet. Out of sight to keep your space clean, but accessible if you need to look something up.

Unarchiving Orders

Accidentally archive something you need to access again? No worries – you can unarchive orders too:

  1. View your Archived orders list.

  2. Next to the order, click "Unarchive order".

  3. That order will now be moved back to your main orders list!

Archiving Order Limits on Amazon

Now for some limitations on Amazon‘s archiving feature:

Amazon currently allows archiving up to 500 orders total. Once you hit 500 archived orders, you‘ll need to unarchive some to make room for new ones.

How does this compare to competitors? Here‘s a quick overview:

Site Max Archived Orders
Amazon 500
eBay No limit
Walmart No limit
Best Buy No limit

So Amazon‘s limit of 500 archived orders is quite restrictive compared to other shopping sites. To stay under the limit:

  • Review your archives and unarchive old orders you no longer need access to

  • Archive only recent orders instead of orders from years ago

Hopefully Amazon will increase the limit in the future to match their competitors! But for now 500 is the maximum order archive capacity.

Deleting Archived Orders

Many folks want to know – can you permanently delete archived orders on Amazon?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow deleting orders from your account. The only option is to archive orders to move them out of view.

Again, this differs from other major retailers:

Site Can Delete Orders
Amazon No
eBay Yes
Walmart Yes
Best Buy Yes

The ability to delete orders is one of the most requested features by Amazon customers. Hopefully Amazon listens and adds an order deletion option in 2024!

Hiding Archived Orders

Are archived orders hidden or still visible?

The good news is archived orders are automatically hidden from view. They won‘t clutter up your main orders page or order history.

But there is no way to completely hide orders from yourself. You can still access the archived list anytime.

You‘re in full control of which orders get archived versus staying visible. It‘s like having a separate "cold storage" for older purchases, while keeping your everyday orders readily available.

Using Alexa to Archive

Voice assistants like Alexa are great for online shopping. But can you use Alexa commands to archive orders?

Unfortunately, Alexa does not currently support archiving Amazon orders. The only way is to manually archive via the Amazon website.

Why the limitation? Alexa has access to provide basic order updates like status and tracking. But Alexa cannot make account changes like modifying order settings or archiving.

Hopefully future Alexa updates will enable more account management commands. But for now, archiving has to be done the old fashioned way by logging into your account.

Removing Items from History

What if you want to remove a specific item from your Amazon order history? Is there a way to delete individual items?

The only option is to archive the entire order containing that item. Amazon does not allow selectively removing items or single orders.

However, you can edit your browsing history:

  1. Go to Browsing History under Accounts & Lists.

  2. Find the item and click "Remove from view".

This will prevent that item from appearing in recommendations or browsing history. But it won‘t remove any orders.

Archiving vs Other Sites

How does Amazon‘s archiving and order management compare to other major retailers? Here‘s an overview:

Site Archiving Orders Max Archive Limit Deleting Orders
Amazon Yes 500 No
eBay Yes No limit Yes
Walmart No N/A Yes
Best Buy No N/A Yes

So Amazon wins for having an archiving feature, but loses when it comes to restrictive limits and no deletion options. Other sites like eBay give shoppers more control.

Hopefully Amazon enhances their order tools to match what customers enjoy on other shopping sites. But for now, archiving is still a useful organization feature for any Amazon addict!

Expert Tips for Managing Orders

After years as an avid Amazon shopper myself, I‘ve compiled some pro tips for managing orders:

🔹 Archive early and often – Don‘t let your orders build up. Archive frequently.

🔹 Review archives twice a year – Clean out old orders you no longer need access to.

🔹 Note special orders – Use the comments field to note important orders like gifts.

🔹 Search first – Check archives before re-ordering something you already bought.

🔹 Maintain access – Archive selectively to keep key orders handy.

🔹 Maintain privacy – Use archiving to hide personal purchases on shared accounts.

Hope these tips help you become a pro at archiving and managing your Amazon orders!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about archiving Amazon orders:

How many orders can I archive?

You can archive up to 500 total orders on Amazon. After hitting the limit, you‘ll need to unarchive old orders to make room for new ones.

Can I archive orders on the mobile app?

Unfortunately you can‘t archive orders on the Amazon mobile app. You need to use a mobile browser in desktop mode to access the archiving feature.

What happens when I archive an order?

Archiving removes the order from your main orders list and moves it to a separate Archived Orders section for storage. But it does not delete the order.

How long do archived orders stay in my account?

Archived orders remain in your Amazon account indefinitely unless you manually unarchive them. Amazon keeps all records of your order history.

Can I permanently delete archived orders?

No, Amazon does not allow permanently deleting orders from your account history. Archiving is the only option to manage old orders.

Do archived orders still show up at all?

Archived orders are automatically hidden from view. But you can access them anytime in the Archived Orders list. They don‘t disappear completely.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


I hope this guide gave you a full overview of how to archive orders on Amazon! Here are some key takeaways:

  • Archiving removes orders from view to declutter your account

  • You can archive up to 500 total orders

  • Archived orders are still accessible if needed

  • The mobile app doesn‘t support archiving – use desktop mode

  • Amazon doesn‘t allow permanently deleting orders

  • Review and unarchive old orders to free up archive space

Archiving is a handy organization tool all Amazon users should be taking advantage of. So try it out yourself and let me know if you have any other questions! Happy archiving!

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