30 Creative TikTok Video Ideas to Go Viral in 2024

TikTok has revolutionized short-form video content, with over 1 billion monthly active users hooked on everything from dance challenges to comedy sketches. As TikTok continues its meteoric rise, creators need fresh concepts that grab attention in an increasingly competitive landscape.

This comprehensive guide reveals 30 top-performing TikTok video formulas to make 2023 your most viewed year yet. Let‘s dig in to the strategies and examples for gaining followers fast.

Dance Trends

Dancing remains fundamental to TikTok culture. Ride waves of dance hype by learning trending choreography or making up quirky moves of your own. Mash up various dances for refreshing takes keeping rhythm with the beat.

@charlidamelio‘s minimalist dance to Megan Thee Stallion‘s "Eat It" inspired a barrage of videos:

Viral Sounds

Hijack the latest viral sounds reverberating across TikTok using editing tools. Lip sync to snippets or showcase creative interpretations.

The voice line "Just did a bad thing" from Bill Wurtz‘s song gained traction. @christianleave schemed comedic scenarios:

Editing Effects

TikTok‘s boasts advanced editing functionality on mobile. Layer green screen backgrounds, leverage the clone effect to duplicate yourself or attach the face tracker sticker.

@mximoff employed the clone effect in a skit parodying Gollum arguing with his reflection.

Comedy Skits

Comedy remains supreme on TikTok. Parody online content everyone relates to or satirize daily irritations. Act out skits solo utilizing editing to play multiple characters.

@nickciarelli coined the mega-popular "Side Eyeing Chloe" meme into shareable songs:

Pet Antics

Cats and dogs dominate TikTok. Capture silly pet behavior, teach them tricks or dress them up. Use text-to-speech technology allowing pets to "talk".

@xora_the_exploracat films her adventurous tabby cat hiking, kayaking and more:

Life Hacks

Simplifying everyday tasks draws curiosity. Demonstrate nifty life hacks like folding techniques, kitchen tips or office organization methods.

@ grossypelosi stocks pile-ups of game-changing hacks like using can tabs as spoon rests.

DIY Projects

Tap into the DIY craze by illustrating easy homemade recipes, crafts or household items. Apply TikTok effects to map instructions over your videos.

@diycreates conveys decor upgrades like turning old jars into pretty makeup brush holders:

Outfit Transformations

Fashion continually thrives on TikTok. Exhibit clothing transition videos in your closet or through stop-motion. Review fab finds spotted discount shopping.

@mrnatecollins slays transition mashups turning boring clothes into dazzling club outfits with editing tricks:

Makeup Tutorials

Glammify TikTok with vivid makeup. Try special effects looks inspired by holidays, celebrities or characters. Incorporate face filter illusions only possible on TikTok.

@glambyfayle constructs dazzling makeup reminiscent of sunsets, rainbows and more using the platform‘s unique creative lenses:

Oddly Satisfying Clips

Tapping into sensory pleasure points pulls mega views. Bliss out audiences with oddly satisfying sounds, visuals or textures.

Layers of creamy spackling compound smoothing to perfection has @romanutz grasping for more:

Morning Routines

Let fans into your mornings detailing enthralling wake-up rituals from breakfast to skincare. Fast-forward through activities compressed into 60 second videos.

Check out @frankie.bb trusted recommendations for affordable clean beauty products as she starts her day:

Relaxing ASMR

Soothe and mesmerize fans with ASMR tapping on various objects, crinkling wrappers or whispering affirmations.

@ASMRMOOD‘s calming voice and scratches from a crystal combing block provide brain-tingling relaxation:

Workout Inspo

Inspire healthy living by documenting fitness journeys whether hardcore or beginner-friendly. Demonstrate how to perfect tricky moves.

Yoga newbie @yogawithpari shows modifications to safely master challenging poses:

Recipe Reels

Streamline cooking by condensing recipes into 60-second tutorials. Incorporate TikTok effects placing instructions over preparation footage.

@veggiesmadedelicious executes speedy recipes like her protein-packed 2-minute breakfast sandwich:

Gaming Clips

Captivate gaming communities by uploading in-game trick shots, victory dances or funny commentary while playing.

@nickeh30 shares adrenaline-pumping Call of Duty edits with equal parts skills and laughs:


Prank and reaction videos score big viewership as people love vicarious mischief. Poke fun at family, friends or strangers catching candid surprised reactions.

This family pulls off an epic choreographed dance pranking their dad that they‘re doing household chores:

Talent Showcases

Belting songs, pencil sketching portraits or speed cubing wows crowds. Flaunt any awe-inspiring skills or hobbies in bite-sized videos.

@v_pericles attracts attention by solving Rubik‘s cubes in unbelievable times:

Product Reviews

Sway purchasing decisions through reviews of best-selling products on Amazon, Etsy or other retailers. Ensure affiliate links are in your profile.

@nifty reviews handy kitchen gadgets that can be bought for under $40:

Small Business Promo

Promote businesses by spotlighting offerings, behind-the-scenes operations or company culture moments.

@ourfauxfarmhouse showcases their custom furniture painting services with quick video tours:


Tap into viewers‘ inner curiosity around products by documenting theatrical box openings. Reveal items in a stylistic build-up.

@unboxtherapy specialty is ultra high-end unboxings like the $10,000 diamond-encrusted iPhone 14 Pro Max:

Questions of the Day

Prompt opinionated responses by asking provocative questions of the day. Read through comments selecting featured responses.

@miss_dulce696 elicits strong reactions asking followers "Would you date someone living with their ex?"

Storytime Confessions

Nothing bonds people quicker than sharing vulnerabilities and overcoming hardship. Divulge relatable anecdotes from once-taboo topics.

@gatasafada_ plunged into her eating disorder recovery journey amassing a 1.4 million follower support system.

Virtual Tours

Enable escapism by providing glimpses of dreamy travel destinations and unique architecture blueprints.

Interior design lover @haileygambles explores acre-spanning modern mansions most only admire behind gates:

Nostalgic Throwbacks

Spark nostalgia by highlighting delightful blasts-from-the-past like 90s TV show theme songs, toys or food.

This creator taps childhood joy showing off his epic collection of vintage gaming consoles:

Dramatic Readings

Hysterical text conversations and emails often go viral on social media. Partake by doing dramatic readings of the funniest online interactions you find.

Comedian @ quarterconfessions narrates a ridiculous shouted conversation that occurred on his New York City block:


Duet popular videos to insert your reaction, commentary or comedic twist. Duets introduce you to established fanbases instantly accelerating growth.

@notbrienriley piggybacks off viral TikToks roasting cringey content with perfectly timed memes.


Challenging others sparks engagement and community. Dare audiences to beat records like solving Rubik‘s Cubes fastest or to outdance you.

Travel TikToker @kelvin created the dizzying Tetris challenge putting obscure packing skills to the test:


Host Q&A sessions answering pressing questions from commenters. Maintain intrigue by promising to reveal interesting facts about yourself.

Lifestyle influencer @hanncandiced accredits vulnerably opening up about her experiences for accumulating over 800K dedicated supporters.

So there you have it – an extensive formula guide equipping you to concoct your own viral sensations in 2024! Check out my blog for more tips on growing your TikTok channel. What unique video ideas do you have brewing? Share below!

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