Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Domain Whois Database

Your small business needs a website and domain name, but the name you prefer to use isn’t available. You want to know who has taken it and want to buy it. Maybe, you wish you could take it if a particular domain is not in use. How will you have such information? There is a way to know who owns a specific domain. You can find the latest domain information on the domain Whois database. A reliable service provider’s website can help you, and it avoids the need to look at other sources for the information.

The domain name registrars are responsible for the reservation and registration of domain names. In the process, they are also required to maintain a Whois domain database of the same. There are several registrars that can help you with domain registration.

With the Whois look-up tool, you can track domains across different registrars. Every domain name registered is listed on the Whois domain database, which can be viewed by anyone.

What is WHOIS?

What is WHOIS

Whois is a query-and-response protocol that gives all pertinent details about existing domain names. The database includes the names and addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, domain registration and expiration dates, details of registrars and related IP addresses of domains registered by individuals, businesses, organizations and governments. The Whois data is managed and controlled by separate registrars and registries.

The registrars take care of the domain name registration, and they also assign IP addresses to the domains registered. All valid registrars have the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accreditation. The registries maintain a record of the information of organizations and individuals who have taken the generic top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .net and .org.

You are given unrestricted access to genuine domain information through the registrars and registries. The Whois record offers you the domain details like:

  • Estimated domain age
  • Email address
  • Dates of creation, last update and expiration
  • Whois server
  • The name of the registrar, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority or IANA identification number and contact details
  • Domain status according to the ICANN
  • Registrant’s organization or business, state, country and country code
  • Technical, administrative and billing contacts’ names and contact details
  • Nameservers or DNS servers

How to find domain name information?

How to find domain name information

You can find several Whois look-up tools online. Choosing the one depends on the extent of information you are looking for. There are domain name registrars that offer you a domain name search tool with a good historical record so that you can have the required information about a domain name registrant. Here’s how you can find domain information:

  • Visit the particular website

To know a domain registrant’s details, you can visit the specific website. You will find the contact details on the landing page. There will be instances when you go to a page and find no information at all. In such a case, you can check public archives.

  • Check the Whois directory to find if the domain is listed

The Whois directory with a reliable service provider will help you know who owns a domain, providing all the relevant information. In case the information is privacy protected, you cannot access it as you will be directed to the related registrar’s contact information. 

To find the availability of a domain name of your choice, you can search the domain Whois database on a domain registrar’s website or can get the help of the registrar to buy your desired name.

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