How to Get More Views on TikTok: 13 Proven Ways to Increase Your Reach in 2024

In 2023, TikTok continues its meteoric rise as one of the most popular and engaging social media platforms in the world. With over 1 billion monthly active users, the addictively fun video app keeps users coming back for more entertaining short-form content.

But with so much competition, standing out isn’t easy. Gaining TikTok views requires understanding the unique TikTok algorithm and best practices for optimizing your content.

In this comprehensive guide, we break down 13 proven strategies to dramatically increase views and engagement on TikTok in 2024 so your profile and content can reach its highest potential.

1. Complete and Optimize Your TikTok Profile

Unlike other platforms, profiles matter less than individual videos on TikTok. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore your profile altogether.

An optimized profile establishes credibility and gives viewers context when discovering your content. Ensure key elements are filled out:

  • Profile Photo: Use a clear, high-quality headshot reflecting your brand.
  • Bio: Summarize who you are and what you offer in 150 characters. Insert relevant keywords.
  • Website & Social Media Links: Drive traffic to your other platforms.
  • Username: Make it simple, consistent with other accounts. Add keywords where logical.

Also, personalize things like your profile and link URLs with your name or brand for professionalism.

While profiles themselves drive little direct traffic, every element done right improves perception and authority with new viewers.

2. Post Consistently with a Clear Content Strategy

Getting more TikTok views requires regularly uploading new videos. But quality matters more than quantity on TikTok.

Aim to post 1-3 times per day on average. This generates sufficient output without oversaturating your audience.

Analyze what performs best and shape future content accordingly. Track:

  • Video length
  • Captions
  • Effects/filters
  • Hashtags
  • Engagement

Pay attention to the visual style of top videos as well. Recreate what works while keeping things fresh.

Consistency also means posting on a solid schedule your audience can rely on. Determine optimal times to publish analyzed in tip #4.

3. Master Trends, Effects, Challenges and Viral Sounds

Tapping into the zeitgeist is vital for TikTok success. Leverage elements gaining mainstream momentum:

Trends: Identify rising hashtag challenges, meme formats etc. Put your unique spin.

Effects: Eye-catching AR effects go viral fast. Favorite emerging ones in the Discover tab.

Challenges: Whether dance moves or creative tasks, challenges engage big communities. Participate early.

Sounds: Songs and audio clips often launch engagement spikes. Reimagine trending sounds in your style.

But don’t force irrelevant trends or gratuitously jump on bandwagons. Organically incorporate timely viral hooks that genuinely fit your brand and content style.

4. Determine Your Best TikTok Posting Times

Using analytics to find your audience’s peak hours for engagement is crucial.

In the Creator Toolkit section of your TikTok account page, dive into the data insights under "Posts" to determine:

  • Best times of day
  • Days of week
  • Frequency

Track these metrics over time as your audience grows for updated optimization.

While insights are personalized, early mornings and evenings tend to perform well across most demographics. Avoid afternoon/late-night posting generally.

Craft an editorial calendar that maps to these high-traffic periods for maximum visibility. Use scheduling tools like Hootsuite as well.

5. Strategically Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags remain vital discovery tools on TikTok. Insert relevant tags so the right viewers can uncover your content.

But avoid keyword stuffing or force-fitting irrelative viral tags. Use a healthy mix of:

  • Niche hashtags tailored to your distinct content style and audience

  • Specific hashtags around key themes/topics covered

  • Widely popular hashtags with billions of views

Research hashtags used by influencers in your market for inspiration also.

Including enough tags while keeping descriptions readable is key. Spread hashtags naturally throughout caption sentences. Insert 5-10 total.

6. Write Captivating Video Titles and Captions

Short-form video allows minimal space for hooks beyond the visuals themselves.

Writing razor-sharp captions optimized for scans drives clicks and exposure.

Video Titles: Summarize the concept ultra-concisely in words, emojis or both.

Opening Captions: Present an intriguing premise immediately to grab attention fast. Ask questions.

Mid-Captions: Sprinkle enough context so viewers understand what’s happening.

End-Captions: Close with strong calls-to-action to like, comment, share and follow.

Overall, inject personality and actively engaging language tailored to existing fans and potential new viewers simultaneously.

7. Interact With Your Audience

Commenting is deeply woven into TikTok’s participatory culture. An active presence builds loyal followings.

Reply to comments, answer questions, acknowledge shares. Also engage fan content that reshapes your videos.

Going live also enables real-time communication. Use stream interactions to fuel video ideas and source content requests.

This genuine audience connection keeps satisfaction high while organically getting your account and videos before more eyes.

8. Reuse Sounds Into Covers and Remixes

Repurposing popular tracks into lip-syncs, dance routines, comedy sketches and remixes is quintessential to TikTok.

Put your novel spin onto trending song clips and viral audio. Match sounds fitting your brand personality and areas of talent.

Musicians can gain immense exposure turning their original songs into TikTok hits also. Promote your catalog using instrumental backing tracks for viral challenges.

Cross-promoting remix content across other platforms expands reach further still.

9. Strategically Cross-Promote Content

Directing existing audiences from channels like Instagram and YouTube over to your TikTok bolsters initial visibility.

Organically showcase short video clips natively on these feeds. But focus on driving full views rather than just awareness.

Explicitly invite audiences to check out your TikTok profile by name-dropping it directly on other platforms. Add links as well for one-tap access.

Cross-promotion works both ways too. Insert teasers and behind-the-scenes YouTube footage onto TikTok for example. Just strike the right context balance for newcomers.

10. Collaborate with Niche Influencers

Collaborating with creators in your market provides mutual expansion opportunities and creativity sparks.

Ways to team up include:

  • Duets
  • Stitching each other’s videos
  • Challenges
  • Guest appearances
  • Cross-promotions
  • Shoutouts

Vet potential partners carefully regarding audience fit, content style, and professionalism. Protect your brand.

But executed strategically, influencer collaborations generate exposures on both ends neither could achieve alone.

11. Run Effective Contests and Giveaways

Contests, giveaways and hashtag challenges make excellent incentives driving traffic, follows and shares.

But improperly run campaigns get banned or violate platform terms. Follow best practices:

  • Make entry mechanics clear and easy
  • Keep reasonable duration
  • Tie directly to your brand
  • Abide by regional laws
  • Actually deliver prizes

Publicizing winners also gives social proof new people can win engaging with your profile.

12. Go Live Regularly

Live video provides unfiltered real-time fan interaction. Announce streams across other media to maximize participants.

Use broadcasts to:

  • Announce events, releases or sales
  • Show behind-the-scenes looks
  • Poll opinions for content ideas
  • Interact candidly beyond just comments

Saved lives can also be trimmed into supplemental on-demand videos further expanding mileage.

Make streaming an integral piece of your social media calendar. Apps like StreamYard simplify streaming multi-platform from one dashboard.

13. Continually Analyze and Optimize Performance

Consistently study traffic sources, engagement metrics and conversions across videos.

Key performance indicators to monitor include:

  • Impressions
  • Watch time
  • Audience retention
  • Traffic sources
  • Follower growth
  • Engagement rates
  • Website traffic

Aggregate analytics through Creator Toolkit under “Analytics” for the full picture.

Compare top versus underperforming content. Double down on what succeeds; change up what fails.

This blueprint breaks down the essential, proven building blocks for getting more views on TikTok in 2024. But ultimately you must find your own brand voice, understand your audience and commit to the TikTok long-haul.

The more videos you create and data you gather, the more dialed-in your success strategy becomes. So start posting consistently utilizing these tips today. Your next viral hit awaits!

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