13 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms for Bloggers in 2024

Affiliate marketing remains one of the most popular ways for bloggers to monetize their content. By promoting relevant products and services, you can earn generous commissions without investing much upfront.

But with so many affiliate networks and types of affiliate programs available now, how do you pick the right ones?

In this 2,800+ word guide, we compare the top affiliate marketing platforms to help you make the best choice based on your niche and needs as a publisher.

Why Affiliate Networks Matter for Bloggers

Affiliate networks are third-party companies that connect advertisers to relevant publishers and influencers. Instead of applying to promote brands one by one, you get access to thousands of affiliate programs via these networks.

The major benefits are:

1. Massive variety: Top networks house anywhere from 1,000 to over 15,000 merchants spanning all verticals. This makes it easier to find ideal products without extensive research.

2. Reliability: Established networks have been vetted thoroughly. You can trust their robust tracking, reporting and payout systems.

3. Increased relevance: Networks categorize offers based on niche. So you can quickly filter products that resonate with your audience.

4. Higher commissions: Groups like Avangate and PartnerStack focus on high-paying digital products. The rates are often north of 30%.

5. Exclusive deals: Several brands promote solely via select affiliate networks. You’d miss these opportunities if you didn’t partner with the right networks.

Now let’s explore the most popular affiliate marketing networks available in 2024.

1. ShareASale

With over 4,500 merchants across categories, ShareASale is arguably the largest generalized affiliate network. From AliExpress to Reebok, you’ll find recognized names as well as up and coming brands here.

ShareASale is particularly beginner-friendly. Their intuitive dashboard and suite of marketing tools make it easier to track conversions once you’re approved to promote brands.

Key ShareASale Features

  • 4,800+ merchants with a mix of physical, service and digital offers
  • Average commission varies by program but 15-25% is common
  • Cookie duration ranges from 30-180 days
  • $50 minimum payout threshold

Best Suited For: Bloggers who want an all-in-one affiliate solution across niches

2. Awin

Previously known as Affiliate Window, Awin acquired ShareASale back in 2017. But it still operates as an independent network with over 13,000 international merchants including big names like HP, Wayfair, Under Armour and AliExpress.

The network spans verticals though retail, travel and fashion dominate in terms of offers. With bespoke training programs and an arsenal of affiliate tools, Awin empowers first-timers to become successful publishers.

Key Awin Features

  • 13,000+ global merchants from 90+ countries
  • Average commission depends on vertical and merchant
  • Cookie window of 30-180 days
  • $20 minimum payout threshold

Best Suited For: International bloggers looking to diversify region-wise

3. PartnerStack

Focused squarely on lucrative B2B partnerships, PartnerStack connects you to 750+ leading SaaS brands like Webflow, Notion, Calendly and many more.

Their technology partner program provides access to premium tools that complement your website build or content. And with lifetime commissions north of 30%, these recurring earnings simply cannot be matched by affiliate products sites.

Although B2B commissions are typically lower volume, the high-ticket prices coupled with the lengthy cookies of 90 days balances this out.

Key PartnerStack Features

  • 750+ top-tier SaaS products as merchant partners
  • Average commission of 25-50% lifetime value
  • 90-day cookie duration
  • $5 minimum payout

Best Suited For: B2B focused blogs writing long-form content

4. Rakuten Advertising

Formerly known as LinkShare, Rakuten Advertising concentrates on big-box retailers like Best Buy, Macy’s and Walmart. However, their network extends far beyond household names.

In total, you get access to over 1,500 merchants after signing up for this cost-per-action style affiliate program. Matching relevant offers to your viewers is straightforward courtesy of Rakuten’s intuitive publisher platform and associated tools.

Key Rakuten Advertising Features

  • 1,500+ major retailers plus smaller niche brands
  • Average commission depends on merchant and product prices
  • Cookie length varies but tends to be short
  • $50 minimum payout requirement

Best Suited For: Bloggers in popular ecommerce verticals like fashion, travel, electronics

5. Avangate Affiliate Network

Catering squarely to digital subscriptions, software and online service-based businesses, Avangate should be your first port-of-call.

They house over 22,000 merchants dealing with everything from VPNs (Hide My Ass) to Website analytics (Awario). So regardless of whether you‘re a software reviewer or operate in the MarTech niche, Avangate likely has relevant affiliate offers.

Commissions averaging 15-25% coupled with flexible payout options make this a lucrative choice despite the $100 threshold minimum.

Key Avangate Features

  • 22,000+ merchants with digital subscription products
  • Average commission of 15-25% revenue share model
  • 30-180 days cookie duration
  • $100 minimum payout

Best Suited For: SaaS and online service bloggers

6. ClickBank

ClickBank sets itself apart in two ways – almost exclusively focusing on digital info-products and adopting a unique pay-per-sale model.

As one of the web’s biggest marketplaces for ebooks, memberships and online courses, you‘ll find offers relevant to personal development, business, health and financial niches here.

While ClickBank’s review process ensures all products meet a baseline quality level, some outdated courses may slip through the cracks. So apply due diligence filtering merchant offers.

Key ClickBank Features

  • Mostly digital info-products across several niches
  • Average commission is 50-75% of product price
  • 60 days cookie window duration
  • $10 minimum payout threshold

Best Suited For: Bloggers reviewing online courses or info-products

7. eBay Partner Network

As the name gives away, eBay Partner Network allows you to earn commissions promoting listings on the famous auction platform.

With over 1.5 billion live listings at any given time spanning collectibles, fashion, electronics and more, relevance won’t be an issue here.

The cookie duration is shorter at 24 hours. But the breadth of auctions coupled with the $10 payout threshold somewhat compensates for this limitation.

Key eBay Partner Network Features

  • 1.5 billion+ eBay listings across all categories
  • Average commission is 50-70% of eBay fees
  • 24 hour cookie duration
  • $10 minimum payout

Best Suited For: Bloggers constantly creating auction-specific content

8. FlexOffers

FlexOffers prides itself on being one of the largest and longest-running CPA Affiliate Marketing Networks. In existence since 1998, their 12,000+ merchants provide established credibility.

Both big retailers like Priceline and Home Depot as well as lesser-known niche brands across verticals are present here. So regardless of your site‘s focus, finding apt deals to promote is straightforward.

FlexOffers also assigns a dedicated account manager to provide personalized assistance in picking winning offers.

Key FlexOffers Features

  • 12,000+ major retailers plus smaller niche merchants
  • Average commission depends on vertical and product prices
  • Cookie duration varies by program
  • $50 (domestic) or $100 (international) minimum payout

Best Suited For: Generalized affiliates looking for a mix of offers

9. Commission Junction

Now rebranded as CJ Affiliate, Commission Junction houses offers from over 3,000 advertisers including GoPro, Overstock, CVS Pharmacy and more household names.

While not as extensive as ShareASale or FlexOffers, you still get an excellent variety spanning multiple verticals. Filtering by category and commission rate is easy courtesy of CJ‘s sophisticated dashboard.

Established bloggers looking to scale affiliate revenue will appreciate CJ‘s professional account managers who can provide optimization tips and exclusive deals.

Key CJ Affiliate Features

  • 3,000+ top-tier global brands across categories
  • Average commission depends on product type & prices
  • 30-90 days typical cookie window
  • $100 minimum payout threshold

Best Suited For: Mainstream bloggers able to drive steady volumes

10. Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart needs no introduction being one of the world’s largest retailers. And despite Amazon’s dominance, Walmart Affiliate Program has carved its niche.

Its major draw lies in higher commission rates across popular categories like baby (8%) and beauty (6%) compared to Amazon. Walmart’s tech category does lag at 1% though.

Still, complementing Amazon earnings with Walmart‘s extensive range of products is a no-brainer, especially given its name recognition.

Key Walmart Features

  • 500k+ products across major ecommerce categories
  • Average commission from 1% to 8% revenue share
  • 72-hour cookie window
  • $50 minimum payout

Best Suited For: Anyone already running Amazon campaigns

11. VigLink

Instead of directly connecting you to specific brands, VigLink automatically monetizes existing product links on your site.

They scan your content and dynamically assign relevant merchants based on keywords without impacting the user experience at all.

With support for affiliate coupons and global programs, VigLink broadens your incremental revenue streams beyond typical advertisers.

Payouts via Paypal happen as soon as you hit $10 with reliable tracking courtesy of Alexa top 100 rankings.

Key VigLink Features

  • Automatically matches merchants to product links
  • Avg commission depends dynamically on keywords
  • Cookieless tracking at the domain level
  • $10 minimum payout threshold

Best Suited For: Established publishers with lots of product links

Which Affiliate Network Is Right For You?

While affiliate marketing relies predominantly on your audience and content, picking the right programs is equally crucial.

By partnering with platforms that align with your niche, you increase relevance allowing your readers to discover solutions tailored to their interests effortlessly.

Here are some key pointers to select suitable affiliate networks:

Traffic Volume: If you have a smaller, niche site, programs like Shareasale and Clickbank allow just $50 and $10 minimum payouts respectively. For larger volumes, higher-paying but more selective networks like Awin and Commission Junction are recommended.

Niche: Study the key product mix and top verticals on the network. No point partnering with Avangate for a gaming accessories blog or Rakuten Advertising for software SaaS products. Go where your audience and content lies.

Product Types: Understand whether reviewed offers are predominantly physical, digital or service-based. This impacts average order values and by extension overall earnings.


The affiliate space has exploded with plenty of great networks vying for your partnerships across just about every vertical and niche.

By playing to your site’s strengths in terms of topical authority and audience, you will align with the most suitable platforms.

Remember, you aren’t restricted to just one affiliate program. Testing across multiple networks allows you to hone-in on high-converting offers over time.

And integrating affiliate management plugins for WordPress like Prosperent or StickyJuice on top further helps multiply your earnings.

Have you tried promoting any affiliate programs from this list already? Share your thoughts or recommendations in the comments below!

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