The Top Digital Products to Sell on Etsy in 2024

Selling digital products on Etsy aligns perfectly with burgeoning ecommerce trends. As the creator economy balloons, independent makers can profit from selling instantly downloadable products globally. Digital products require no upfront inventory costs and enable location-free passive income potential.

This definitive guide explores today‘s most popular and profitable Etsy digital product opportunities paired with data-backed advice to maximize sales.

Surging Etsy Digital Product Sales

Etsy‘s 2022 gross merchandise sales (GMS) grew 12.5% year-over-year to $13.3 billion according to company financial reports. Importantly, sales of digital products grew roughly 25% faster than physical goods. For 2024, experts project continued rapid expansion of Etsy‘s digital products marketplace.

Driving this growth is younger generations embracing entrepreneurship and digital creation enabling side hustles. A 2022 study by found 93% of Gen Zers and Millennials already operate or want to start their own online businesses. Etsy provides the perfect launchpad.

Let‘s explore today‘s hottest digital products to consider selling on this high-potential platform.

Top Etsy Digital Product Categories and Opportunities

With endless possibilities for digital products, focusing on in-demand categories boosts sales potential. Here are five red-hot areas worth targeting:

1. Arts & Crafts Patterns

  • Projected 2024 sales growth: 19%
  • Top products: Sewing patterns, knitting patterns, Cricut and SVG project files
  • Consider selling: Curated bundles around themes, special occasions, skill levels

From knitters to sewers and paper crafters, patterns rank among Etsy’s top performing digital products. Customers want on-trend designs to recreate unique crafts and clothing at home for significant cost savings.

KatieDidWhat sells beautifully photographed sewing patterns specifically for curves. Their custom dress forms enable accurate fit showcasing in product imagery—a difference maker resulting in 20k sales. Study top sellers in your specialty craft to identify unmet needs to fill.

Subscription services enable pattern makers to earn recurring revenue as customers auto-enroll for new releases. For example, knitters pay $5/month for ongoing seamless knitting patterns from Tanis Fiber Arts.

2. Printable Artwork & Coloring Books

  • Projected 2024 sales growth: 22%
  • Top products: Adult coloring books, motivational prints, maps, wedding/party designs
  • Consider selling: Themed bundles, bonus gift items with purchases

Coloring remains hot for adults along with wall prints for home offices, kids rooms, dorms and more. Sellers who master intricate designs and uplifting themes thrive.

Check out the success of WhimsyWillow selling floral coloring pages. They artfully group pages into themed volumes spanning seasons, holidays and special occasions—amplifying perceived value through curation.

Beyond coloring books, printable quotes and motivation prints perform well. PostivelyMotivated prints uplifting messages on decorative backgrounds. They sell instant downloads then fulfill poster print orders via POD integration—unlocking passive income. Multi-format listings maximize sales potential.

3. Design Resources & Graphic Assets

  • Projected 2024 sales growth: 18%
  • Top products: Font bundles, logo templates, Lightroom presets, Procreate brushes
  • Consider selling: Niche focused offerings, exclusive access benefits

Other makers will pay for design resources that improve productivity. Focus on your specialty tools that can be packaged for sale. For example, photographers rely on Lightroom presets to edit large volumes of images quickly.

MastinLabs dominates selling trusted film emulation Lightroom presets. They offer extensive compatibility information and demos enticing photographers to enhance images in desired styles. Consider specializing around photo niches like travel or family photography with styled sets.

Expanding beyond preset selling, Visualso provides full tutorial videos for using and editing presets—delivering exceptional value. Identify complementary offerings like education to boost perceived value.

4. Organizational Tools

  • Projected 2024 sales growth: 16%
  • Top products: Editable planners, budgets, social media calendars, lesson plans
  • Consider selling: Niche specific offerings, subscription access

Help others achieve goals by selling organizational tools and resources. From fitness routines to financial budgets, create templates, trackers and planners as neat packages.

SocialMediaRockstar assists entrepreneurs with a digital social media planner—enabling consistent content creation. They smartly offer lifetime access upon purchase to incentivize higher price points. Customers pay once to receive updates and access.

Alternatively TeachCreateMotivate sells teachers lesson plan, curriculum and decoration resources across all grades and core subjects. Consider consolidating tools for an industry like education at various levels.

Subscription models are also gaining adoption for access to libraries of ever-updating printable organization templates. PlannerPerfect lets teachers pay monthly for adding hundreds of worksheet templates.

5. Website & Graphic Design Templates

  • Projected 2024 sales growth: 22%
  • Top products: Logo makers, social media templates, presentation templates, resumes
  • Consider selling: Bundles for business types, exclusive access

Finally, an amazing opportunity exists selling digital templates for visual content creation. This spans logos and branding for startups to content formats for social media and beyond.

For example, CreateMakeDoCo provides React and HTML website templates for small business owners lacking specialized coding skills. Different versions serve users wanting to customize on Webflow, SquareSpace or WordPress. The visual demos convey the modern designs clearly.

Resumes and cover letters are other essential business design projects. Check out top-seller ShibuiResumes offering elegantly formatted and designed resume templates focused on different industries. They expanded their best-selling architecture resume template into full bundles complete with business cards, cover letters and reference sheets resulting in over 1.7k sales. Think all-in-one.

How to Create Top Selling Etsy Digital Product Listings

With the right digital products selected, optimizing Etsy listings drives sales. Apply these best practices for creating six-figure listings:

Grab Attention with Great Titles

  • Hook interest immediately from search and homepage browsing
  • Open with primary keywords like "Lightroom preset" or "lesson plans"
  • Use brackets or parentheses to add additional keywords without keyword stuffing
  • Conclude with your unique differentiator like brand or specialty

Example: Nature Landscape Lightroom Presets Bundle (Travel Photography Editing Pack) from Mountainous Creations

Write Benefit-Focused Descriptions

  • Address customer pain points and desires
  • Emphasize what the product enables readers to achieve
  • Use simple formatting like bullets for skimmability

Etsy customers crave solutions for simplifying complex tasks and fostering creativity through arts, crafts and design. Communicate clearly how your product delivers the desired end result.

Optimize with Relevant Tags

  • Include Etsy‘s pre-defined most relevant tags
  • Prioritize keywords that get substantial search volume
  • Leverage long-tail keyword phrases

Suggested tags: lightroom presets, landscape presets, travel photography, photography editing

Display Product Value Through Photos

  • Showcase visually enticing mock-ups as if used in real life
  • For digital items, create mockup visuals in Canva
  • Demonstrate before and after workflows to highlight benefits
  • Use videos to further establish value

Enhance Perceived Value

  • Offer exclusive subscriber early access
  • Bundle best-sellers together
  • Provide exceptional instructional guides
  • Reward loyalty through referral programs

Winning the Etsy Creator Economy

Etsy provides an amazing launchpad for creators to profit from their digital talents while retaining full control and flexibility. By leveraging in-demand categories and optimizing listings for visibility, striking Etsy success is attainable.

Stay tuned for more ecommerce tips and digital small business guidance here on the blog! Contact me directly if you have any other questions. Now get ready to start selling!

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