How to Get More Followers on Pinterest in 2024 – The Ultimate Guide

Here is an expanded 3000+ word definitive guide on strategies to gain more Pinterest followers in 2024 as a blogging expert:

As a social media strategist who has managed multiple seven-figure brand‘s Pinterest presences over the last five years, I‘ve developed an insider‘s perspective on what works for igniting explosive follower growth.

Gaining a loyal following on this highly visual platform brings tremendous value across metrics from website traffic to email list growth.

So what does it take to build that coveted tribe of fans in 2024 and beyond?

This comprehensive guide covers 13 surefire tactics optimized for today‘s Pinterest environment to expand your reach this year and attract the right audience to your brand.

Let‘s dive in!

1. Optimize Your Pinterest Profile to Perfection

Your Pinterest profile serves as the home base communicating your brand essence to visitors. Treat it as your showcase by fine-tuning it into a visually pleasing, keyword-rich hub tailored to your target demographic.

Here are key elements to optimize in your profile:

Profile Picture

Select an eye-catching yet professional headshot or logo that reflects your brand personality. Having a consistent, recognizable profile photo encourages followers to associate your content with your identity.

Profile Name

Include 1-2 essential keywords in your profile name to help followers find you when searching relevant terms. But balance optimization with keeping it clean and click-worthy.

For example, a food blogger could use: Lisa‘s Scrumptious Baking Blog


Craft an intriguing yet succinct bio highlighting your niche, experience, and value proposition. Include a website/blog link so visitors can easily access more of your content.


Incorporate relevant keywords naturally throughout your profile, including niche terms followers may search directly on Pinterest. This signals to Pinterest what your profile represents to connect you with those searchers.

So put your branding hat on and dedicate time towards crafting a stellar profile accurately conveying your brand DNA. This makes a strong first impression on visitors considering following you.

2. Create Visually Spellbinding Pins

While your profile may attract initial interest, your content will make or break whether visitors convert into loyal followers.

And as the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

So focus diligently on creating visual eye candy guaranteed to stop thumb scrollers in their tracks.

Here are pin design best practices to inspire saves:

Go Vertical

Vertical pins spanning longer heights have more real estate to make a visual impact on feeds. Pinterest‘s algorithm favors this format as well, displaying vertical pins 50% larger than landscape ones.

Minimal Text

Keep text overlay concise and centered – you want the images to shine here. Use just enough verbiage to get the gist across and intrigue viewers to click through.

Clean Design

Follow basic design principles towards balanced, uncluttered compositions. Employ ample white space to draw attention towards focal imagery.

Strategic Branding

Subtly incorporate your logo, color scheme or other identifying brand elements. This familiarity across pins helps cement recognition.

Attention-Grabbing CTA

Boost clicks with bold yet seamlessly integrated calls-to-action like "Learn more" subtly animated or overlaid on pin.

Invest time upfront intentionally designing pins to catch the eye and convey brand essence. This pays dividends converting scrollers into engaged, long-term followers.

Craft Irresistible Pin Descriptions

While the imagery may initially entice the click, an intriguing description keeps visitors lingering after the pin expands.

So fine-tune descriptive captions positioning your content as the clear solution to whatever problem or need the visuals allude to.

Here are tips for caption copy that converts:

Highlight Key Benefits

Summarize what the pinner stand to gain – whether practical knowledge, entertainment or value aligning with their interests.

Speak Directly To The Viewer

Use “you” language and imperatives like “discover” or “learn” pulling them into an active experience.

Incorporate Emojis & Reactions

Judicious use of emojis helps expressive tone stand out in feeds, while reactions can boost visibility.

Utilize Strategic Formatting

Experiment with bullet points, numbering and selective bolding guiding eyes to key details.

With pin creation best practices down pat, let’s examine how to organize this content for optimal discoverability.

3. Curate Themed Boards For Your Niche

Boards allow you to organize pins around topics your audience cares about, strategically positioning yourself as an authority around those subjects.

Curating boards meticulously to align with follower interests is an art intuiting their wants and needs.

Here are tips for building boards with magnetic appeal:

Theme Each Board

Group pins into boards dedicated to a specific subtopic like "Healthy Dinner Recipes" or "At-Home Workouts." This showcases topic breadth.

Keyword Optimize

Include main search keywords organically in board names/descriptions so Pinterest can connect relevant searchers.

For example:

Title: Quick And Healthy Weeknight Dinners Under 30 Minutes

Description: Discover our favorite fast, fresh recipes for getting dinner on the table in under half an hour! Perfect for busy families, these meals….

Repin Relevant Content

Repin eye-catching pins from others that align with themes to demonstrate niche pulse. Credit creators and link back.

Employ Sections Strategically

Break larger boards down using Pinterest‘s "sections" feature to sub-categorize content. This enhances scanability for visitors seeking specific info.

Become a go-to industry resource by consistently pinning high-quality topically organized content. Followers will come to rely on your boards for value around shared interests.

Group Boards Expand Followers & Engagement

Group boards allow multiple contributors to pin content around a shared theme, expanding visibility for all members involved. Users must follow the group board to participate.

But did you know followers of those group boards have a 98% higher engagement rate over regular profile followers?

This increased engagement makes group board participants more likely to actively follow, like and share your content.

So tap into these ultra engaged communities by:

– Joining Relevant Public Group Boards

Contribute value by regularly pinning stellar topical content.

– Launching Your Own Group Board

Require minimum monthly pins and request members also follow you, compounding followers.

Let’s optimize posting cadence next using my top platform pick for auto-piloting consistent content…

4. Schedule Content Consistently Using a Social Media Tool

Gaining a thriving tribe requires maintaining visibility by continually populating feeds with your latest content.

But constantly pinning manually is time-consuming and unrealistic long-term. This is where user-friendly social media tools like Tailwind prove game changing.

Tailwind allows easily scheduling batches of pins to auto-post months out. This builds brand consistency without daily upkeep.

Their Smart Schedule feature custom tailors recommendations based on your audience‘s prime times.

Here are key tips for next-level scheduling:

Vary Timing
Stagger pins across early morning, afternoons, evenings and weekends hitting different activity windows.

Leverage Best Times
Use Pinterest analytics to determine your followers’ peak hours then bulk schedule during those high visibility spans.

Promote Evergreen Content
Repin evergreen pins that gained previous traction to re-engage existing and attract new followers.

Build a foundation of incoming content keeping your brand continually circulating in feeds. This trains fans to keep checking back for fresh inspiration.

Now let’s look at additional analytics guiding engagement strategies…

5. Actively Engage With Your Audience

Expanding reach requires moving beyond passively posting content to actively humanizing your brand through audience engagement.

This cultivates personal connections making followers more likely to save, share, tag and discuss your content – ultimately driving viral visibility.

Here are high-impact yet relatively quick ways to engage fans:

Follow Back Followers

Follow anyone nice enough to follow first. Like and comment on their pins when possible, showing interest in their world.

Reply To Comments

Acknowledge commenters by responding or just giving a quick like. This motivates users to keep chatting.

Check Pin Alerts

Get alerts when your content gets saved then further engage by liking, commenting etc. Show follower appreciation!

Small gestures humanize your presence, breeding loyal brand evangelists. Prioritize regular interaction alongside scheduling for an authentic community feel that pulls more folks into your inner circle.

Analyze Pinterest Analytics for Maximum Impact

Want to take your Pinterest strategy to the next level? Tap into their analytics for data-backed insights on engaging followers.

Here are key metrics and takeaways to guide content and engagement approaches:

Audience Demographics:

Use age, gender and regional data to fine-tune content themes catering to majority groups. Are they mostly moms or young professionals for example? Let data guide topics.

Most Clicked Pins:

Double down on what works by creating more evergreen content in line with historically popular pins. Repin these overachievers more frequently.

Top Traffic Referrals:

Compare success across pin formats, descriptions etc. Reverse engineer the anatomy behind why certain pins outperformed for optimized replication.

Audience Activity:

Note which days/times record higher engagement rates to precisely schedule heavier during those prime visibility windows using a Tailwind Smart Schedule.

So embrace your inner data nerd and let hard metrics, not guesses, inform content and engagement strategies that resonate.

Which brings us to video pins – one of the highest performing content formats…

6. Incorporate Best Practices For Video Pins

Video pins stand out in feeds, catching wandering eyes by drawing attention with movement.

But crafting video specifically for the Pinterest environment boosts that built-in appeal for higher clickthroughs.

Here are video pin best practices for optimizing eye catching interest:

Keep Under 30 Seconds

Under half a minute receives the highest completion rates as visitors quickly lose patience beyond that.

Text & Logo Overlays

Brand video pins consistently with your logo integrated visually. Transcribe key captions maximizing scannability on silent autoplay.

Pad With Still Imagery

Pad start and end with product images, helpful visuals etc allowing you to fit more contextual snapshots supporting the message.

Repin Widely

Pin videos multiple times across various niche boards to maximize impressions to both existing and net new potential followers.

So take advantage of built-in virality of video content by adapting conventional social video assets into compelling video pins using these best practices tailored for the Pinterest platform.

Let’s shift gears to tools allowing easily curating content from around the web…

7. Effortlessly Pin Content With Fountain Browser Extensions

Creating amazing content constantly demands extensive time few of us have to invest long-term.

That’s where “fountain link” browser extensions come heroically into play allowing conveniently pinning content from any site you come across with a single click.

These tools install a bookmark icon across your browser detecting shareable images on sites you visit. Click and a pin is queued up ready to drop onto relevant boards.

Here are my top fountain link picks:

Button for Pinterest

This all-in-one productivity toolbox goes beyond fountain linking to allow bulk uploading, analytics and more. The premium version permits directly publishing pins too saving more administrative time.

Tailwind’s Fountain Helper

Already a Tailwind user? Their native fountain browser add on detects images for repinning queued up directly in your Tailwind account. Seamless!

Strategically fountain linking attention-grabbing content discovered during your browsing sessions makes curation more convenient while keeping your boards brimming with share worthy discoveries sure to intrigue your audience.

Which reminds me…let’s cover reviving “old” top performing pins collecting cobwebs!

8. Revive Evergreen Top Performing Pins

In today’s hustle constantly creating new content, don’t forsake consistently repromoting evergreen pins that have reliably resonated.

Dig into your Pinterest analytics uncovering historically top-performing pins that still offer value, particularly those using keywords still searched.

Here’s how to refresh these golden oldies:

– Frequently Repin Them

Get them recirculating feeds again tapping proven potential to still attract interest.

– Cross-Promote on Multiple Boards

Pin to additional related niche boards expanding discoverability to wider audiences.

– Refresh Visuals When Relevant

Update images if considerable time has passed to keep content feeling current and fresh.

This revival reconnects existing fans who may have missed it first go-round while introducing evergreen content to new eyes. Dedicate real estate towards proven rockstars alongside pitching latest pins.

Speaking of cultivating new audiences, let’s discuss capitalizing on competitors’ follower bases…

9. Strategically Follow Industry Leaders & Their Followers

Connect with key influencers and brands in your space along with their own tribes of engaged followers. Many will organically follow you back over time, exponentially compounding your reach.

Here‘s an growth strategy piggybacking off competitors already commanding impressive followings:

– Identify Key Competitor Profiles

Research brands servicing a similar target audience. Analyze their content style and engagement tactics. Take notes!

– Follow Their Followers

Check out their followers and follow with expectation of potential reciprocity given shared target market.

– Follow Industry Leaders

Stay on their radar by following major niche voices. Comment, share and discuss their content to foster community.

Piggybacking those with large pre-converted audiences representing your demographic is a numbers game rapidly multiplying your own following.

Let’s wrap up with summarizing main takeaways…

Conclusion & Next Steps

There you have it – 13 dynamite tactics for igniting your Pinterest presence and amassing those critical followers in 2024.

While organic growth demands consistency over time, laying this strategic foundation primes your profile for maximized reach, engagement and conversions long-term.

The key pillars to focus on include:

● Profile Optimization
Fine-tuning branding elements like name, bio and imagery to convey your unique value and content focus

● Visually Compelling Pins
Investing in attention-stealing images and video to continually populate your boards

● Targeted Scheduling Cadence
Using Tailwind to auto-post pins during your audience’s prime hours

● Engaging Followers
Humanizing your presence by actively liking, commenting, responding etc

● Group Board Participation
Tapping into mutually beneficial communities exposing content to rapt new followers

● Capitalizing on Competitors’ Followers
Already captivated by similar content, they‘re primed to also follow you

Layer on supplemental tactics like ads or influencer collaborations as needed to help accelerate momentum.

But remain focused on delivering consistent value around your niche, and your tribe will steadily grow all organic.

The more eyeballs you attract, the more word will organically spread about your top-notch content. Before you know it, you’ll have amassed a loyal following looking to you as their go-to industry resource ready to gobble up what you share next!

What top takeaway resonated most for your own goals this year? Let me know in the comments!

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