My Pillow Review: Are These Popular Shredded Foam Pillows Worth It?

With their ubiquitous infomercials and colorful logo, My Pillow has become one of the most recognizable pillow brands on the market. Started in 2004 by inventor Mike Lindell, My Pillow has sold over 50 million pillows built with a patented interlocking fill.

But are these shredded foam pillows worth the hype and higher than average price? In this detailed My Pillow review and buying guide, we’ll analyze the pros, cons and real customer experiences to determine if My Pillow offers quality and value.

Overview of the My Pillow Brand

My pillow is a very popular pillow that retains its shape and is customized to your body size. We all have different sleeping styles, which require different kinds of pillows to suit them. A pillow does wonders for your head and neck, but it can only be effective if it is compatible with the curve of your neck.

The choice of pillows is certainly huge in today’s market, which can make it difficult to make the best buying decision. To help you with this particular problem, we have selected the most popular and trendy cushion on the market, “My Pillow”.

This is a product you want to have in your bed. It is not popular by default, but by design. Unlike conventional cushions, this model is built to offer you the highest performance with minimal flaws, if any.

My Pillow: What is it?

This is an amazing product invented by Michael J Lindell. It is poly foam, open cell pillow construction, which is basically a patented design. According to the manufacturer, he found the perfect foam to use after testing ninety-four different foams.

The design is also incorporated into a resin; a component that allows My Pillow to retain its shape whenever it is customized to the user’s specifications. This brand of cushions is washable, dryable, mite and dust resistant, and non-allergenic.

Based in Minnesota, My Pillow Inc. manufactures and sells a range of pillows filled with patented foam fill. Their signature infomercials starring founder Mike Lindell have helped popularize the brand to the masses.

My Pillow originally started with three main pillow models in different sizes – yellow (petite), white (standard), and blue (large). They have since expanded their offerings with pillows for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, reading pillows, travel pillows, and more.

The key component across all My Pillows is the proprietary interlocking fill made from chopped and shredded pieces of open-cell foam. This adjustable fill material allows users to manually shape and mold the pillow for a customized fit.

My Pillow also employs a range of fabric covers, from basic cotton to textured performance fabrics designed to stay cool. Let’s take a deeper look at the materials and construction behind their pillows.

My Pillow Shredded Foam Fill Material Explained

The foundation of all My Pillow products is the patented MyPillow Foam Fill made from chopped and interlocking pieces of polyurethane foam.

This adjustable fill provides a soft, squishy texture. By manually fluffing and shaping, users can adjust the foam to cradle their head and neck. As you move, the pieces shift and conform to your new position.

My Pillow describes their foam filling as “Spongy yet resilient Ensuring the most comfortable sleep possible.”

The open-cell structure of the foam also promotes airflow to keep the surface cooler. However, some users find shredded foam retains more heat than alternatives like down or memory foam.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks associated with My Pillow’s shredded foam fill material:


  • Moldable and adjustable to your shape
  • Cradles head and neck
  • Stays arranged after shaping
  • Open-cell foam sleeps cooler than solid foam
  • Allows air circulation to prevent heat buildup


  • Retains heat more than other fills like down
  • Breaks down quicker than solid foam
  • Needs frequent fluffing and shaping
  • Can get lumpy over time
  • Not washable compared to things like polyester fiber

Overall, the proprietary shredded foam fill does provide a uniquely adjustable and initially comfortable pillow. But some downsides exist when it comes to heat retention and long-term durability.

Now let’s see how this foam fill gets incorporated into My Pillow’s range of pillow models.

My Pillow Sizes, Firmness Levels and Models

My Pillow offers dozens of pillow models catering to different positions, needs and user preferences. Here is a brief overview of their main pillow types:

Signature MyPillows

The original My Pillow line is now called the “Signature Series” which includes classic, premium and ultimate versions. They come in three sizes and firmnesses:

  • Yellow (petite) – for kids or small frames
  • White (standard) – suits most adults
  • Blue (large) – for broad shoulders

You can also choose between classic, deluxe, and premium cover fabrics ranging from basic cotton up to performance moisture-wicking fabrics.

Specialty MyPillows

Beyond the original models, My Pillow now offers versions tailored for specific needs:

  • Side sleeper – contouring shape for side positions
  • Stomach sleeper – flat shape aligns spine
  • Bed reading pillow – supports sitting upright
  • Travel pillow – compressible design with carrying case
  • Gusset pillow – higher loft with rounded sides
  • MyPillow Premium – larger size with crib mattress firmness

My Pillow Toppers

My Pillow also markets a range of mattress toppers featuring the same shredded foam fill layers up to 3 inches thick. You can add these on top of your mattress for a My Pillow experience.

My Pillow Customer Reviews and Feedback

With millions of pillows sold, My Pillow has amassed thousands of customer reviews across retail sites, review aggregators and social media. Here is a summary of common praise and complaints about My Pillow:

Positive Feedback

  • Comfortable, supportive and very adjustable
  • Alleviates neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Stays cool compared to solid foam pillows
  • Ample loft options fit petite to large frames
  • Durable and retains shape with frequent fluffing
  • Reasonable price given the adjustability

Negative Feedback

  • Too thick, tall and overstuffed for some
  • Sleeps hotter than down, latex or memory foam
  • Needs frequent reshaping to stay supportive
  • Foam clumps and compacts over 3-6 months
  • Starts flat and thin, requiring conditioning
  • Too expensive for the questionable durability

As you can see in customer reviews, experiences vary quite a bit when it comes to comfort, cooling, adjustability and especially durability.

My Pillow Performance Factors

Based on product specs, expert testing and verified customer reviews, here is how My Pillow stacks up on some key performance criteria:


The adjustable fill does provide individualized support when shaped to your contours. But foam breakdown can cause flat spots and insufficient support over time. Requires frequent adjusting.


The cushy shredded foam has an enjoyable sink when new. But the fill compacts down, losing comfort and requiring frequent fluffing to restore loft and comfort.


The open-cell foam allows for some airflow. But heat retention is a common complaint compared to other pillow types. Cover fabrics help, but warm sleepers may still overheat.


One of the biggest drawbacks is clumping and flattening of the foam over 3-6 months of use. Frequent shaking and reshaping extends life slightly.


You must frequently fluff and reshape to restore comfort and support as the foam shifts and compacts. High maintenance compared to traditional pillows.


With a typical lifespan of under a year before replacement, the value is questionable. But the reasonable upfront price and routine sales help justify trying My Pillow.

Alternative Pillow Recommendations

For shoppers wary of the complaints around My Pillow's longevity and heat retention, alternative pillow types to consider include:

  • Down pillows – lightweight, breathable, adjustable fullness
  • Latex foam pillows – responsive support, cooling
  • Memory foam pillows – contouring pressure relief
  • Microfiber pillows – affordable comfort and support
  • Buckwheat pillows – fully customizable fill material

What Do My Pillow Cost and Where to Buy?

My Pillows are primarily sold through the company's website, with regular TV infomercials generating interest and sales. The company does not authorize sales through Amazon or other major online retailers.

Direct pricing from My Pillow:

Pillow Sizes Price
Signature Standard/White $59.99
Signature King/Blue $69.99
Premium Sleeper Standard/White $79.99
Premium Sleeper King/Blue $89.99

There are frequent promotions taking 25% to 50% off pillows, especially when ordering multiple. This can bring costs down closer to $40 per pillow.

Brick-and-mortar retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond also partner to sell select My Pillow models. Prices may be inflated compared to direct sales.

My Pillow Return Policy and Warranty

One of My Pillow's biggest selling points is their generous “money back guarantee”. Here are the policies for returns and warranty:

Return Policy

  • 60-day money back guarantee for refund of purchase price (less shipping).
  • Used pillows can be returned within 60 days for a “new” pillow exchange.
  • Return shipping costs are covered by customer.


  • 10 year limited warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship.
  • Warranty does not cover normal increases in softness and flexibility.
  • Covers pillow not going flat to less than one inch thick.
  • My Pillow will replace or credit defective pillows returned within warranty period.

The 60-day satisfaction window provides ample time to evaluate your My Pillow. But return shipping costs put customers out $15-$20 to send back.

My Pillow Care and Maintenance

To extend the usable life of your My Pillow, the company recommends:

  • Fluffing and reshaping every 1-2 days
  • Alternating between two pillows to maintain loft
  • Using a larger pillowcase so foam can re-flatten overnight
  • Avoiding any liquid or moisture on the pillow
  • Dry cleaning only for stain removal (no machine washing)
  • Tumble drying with dryer balls to re-fluff (no heat)

Even with proper care, expect to replace your My Pillow every 6-12 months as the foam breaks down. Heavy use, humidity and failure to routinely re-fluff will accelerate deterioration.

Who is My Pillow Best Suited For?

My Pillow's adjustable shredded foam fill makes them ideal for:

  • Side sleepers who need a thicker shape for neck support
  • Stomach sleepers who need a flatter contour
  • People with broad shoulders or large frames that need extra fill
  • Those who change positions and need adaptability
  • Shoppers wanting the customizable loft of down alternative
  • Budget buyers prioritizing affordability over longevity

The pillows may disappoint those wanting reliable longevity, cooling and minimal maintenance. Hot sleepers and people needing sturdy support should consider alternative pillow types.

The Verdict: Are My Pillows Worth Buying?

My Pillow offers a uniquely customizable sleep experience through its moldable and adjustable foam fill. The ability to manually shape the pillow is unparalleled, providing personalized contouring and cushioning. This accommodating comfort helps explain My Pillow's popularity.

However, there are definite downsides in terms of heat retention, maintenance, and durability that customers report. The foam fill tends to break down and flatten appreciably within months, requiring high upkeep and frequent replacing. For those wanting a pillow that holds its loft and shape for years, My Pillow leaves something to be desired.

Given the affordable price point and routine discounting, My Pillow is reasonably priced for a molded foam pillow. But whether it presents good overall value considers how quickly you expect to be replacing it.

For people who love the custom fit of shredded foam and don't mind the high-maintenance, My Pillow's are worth trying. But weigh the potential cons before purchasing. And know alternative pillow types are available if the proprietary foam doesn't meet your needs and preferences.

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