Benefits and Side Effects of a Buckwheat Pillows: What You Should Know

Are you considering getting a buckwheat pillow for yourself? We will help you weigh its pros and cons to help you decide whether you should get one.

The amount of sleep you get at night will determine your performance the next day. It is accurate to say that the quality of sleep can improve your standard of life.

You need to invest in quality beddings, mattresses, and pillows to create a comfortable environment for sleep.

Organic pillows are starting to gain popularity. Some examples of organic pillows are bamboo, cotton, latex, and buckwheat pillows.

We are going to look into the buckwheat pillow. We will explore its benefits and its side effects.



Buckwheat is a green manure crop. It is popularly grown in China, Russia, and some parts of Europe. It thrives in areas with warm temperatures. It can also grow in dry areas. The white flower develops into triangular seeds.

Buckwheat seeds

The buckwheat plant is grown to control weeds and to improve soil fertility. The raw hulled seeds can sprout. The toasted ones cannot germinate.

Buckwheat Pillow

The Buckwheat pillow is alternatively known as the Sobakawa. It originated from Asia and spread to parts of Russia and Europe. It is most common in Japan.

Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat pillows are created by filling cotton pillow casing with buckwheat hulls.

The casing is filled-up with 100% Buckwheat. A standard pillow is filled-up with around 8 pounds of Buckwheat.

The Buckwheat pillow is known for maintaining cold temperatures around the head region. The condition known as cool head warm feet is called Zukansokunetsu in Japan.

They believe that this state shows that the body has balance. When this balance is off, you start to feel sick and experience sleep disorders like insomnia.

These types of pillows are firm yet moldable.  They do not collapse during the night. They conform to the shape you want to provide support to the head and neck. They also help to align the spine.

Buckwheat Pillow uses

The following are reasons why buckwheat pillows are sustainable.

  • Buckwheat can grow well without using pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. It makes it safe to use.
  • The buckwheat seeds and hulls are air cleaned and air-dried. No chemicals are applied when processing.
  • Buckwheat products can last for a long time. Disposal of the product does not harm the environment. You can replace the hulls instead of getting a new pillow.

Benefits of the Buckwheat Pillow

Below are the benefits of using a buckwheat pillow:

Improves the quality of sleep

The buckwheat pillow is firm and moldable at the same time. Placing your head on the pillow does not collapse completely. The hulls allow it to compress to offer proper support to the head and the neck. As a result, the spine remains well aligned throughout sleep.

the quality of sleep Improvements with buckwheat pillow

Its malleable characteristics cause it to contour according to your body shape. Proper posture during sleep causes one to fall asleep faster, for longer.

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Improves sleep apnea

Sleep apnea occurs when the air path is temporarily blocked while you are asleep. Sleep Apnea occurs due to poor sleeping posture. Sleeping on your back may cause the tongue to lean back and block the airway.

sleep apnea with Buckwheat Pillow

A buckwheat pillow may help you sleep on your side comfortably. Experts recommend people with sleep apnea to sleep on the sides, preferably on the left side. This pillow may help you achieve a better sleeping posture.

Aeration during sleep

The Buckwheat pillow is breathable. The pillow casing combined with the buckwheat hulls allows the circulation of air.

Placing your head and neck on the pillow does not compress the pillow. The casing and the hull fillings allow air to circulate freely through the pillow. The circulation of air helps to keep it cool. It also ensures stomach sleepers can still breathe if they place their faces on the pillow.

Migraine relief

Some of the factors that trigger migraines include sensory stimuli, fatigue, stress, and sleep changes. Sleep patterns do trigger migraines. Getting sufficient sleep could help prevent its occurrences.

Migraine relief with Buckwheat Pillow

The buckwheat pillow applies light pressure on the pressure points on the head and neck. The relaxation of the muscles reduces the flow of blood to the brain. Quality sleep may thus relieve one of the migraines.

Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant

Buckwheat seeds attract insects and bugs. Air-cleaned and air-dried buckwheat hulls have no nutritional value and do not attract bugs.

Hypoallergenic with Buckwheat Pillow

Air circulation in the pillow does not allow allergens to collect. The pillow is thus considered hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant.


Buckwheat pillows have a zip cover. The buckwheat pillow has a zipped removable cover. The hull fillings are added or removed to adjust the size of the pillow. Seven pounds of the buckwheat hull will give you the right feel.


Durability with Buckwheat Pillow

Air cleaned and dried buckwheat hull can stay for as long as ten years or more without losing its firmness. In case your pillow loses its firmness, all you have to do is replace the buckwheat hulls. Disposing of the hulls does not affect the environment.

The Side Effects of the Buckwheat Pillow

Side Effects of the Buckwheat Pillow

The following are the side effects of using the buckwheat pillows:

It takes time to get used to it

You may need a few nights to get used to using the buckwheat pillow. You need to add or remove the fillings to achieve your desired size. You can decide to lie on the pillow when you do not need to sleep. Try and find out where pressure points are in your body and how you can relieve them.

The pillow is relatively stiffer than other pillows. Therefore, it may be difficult to fall asleep in the first few nights.

Rustling noise

Rustling noise with Buckwheat Pillow

Tossing and turning may cause the pillows to produce a rustling sound. The sound is comforting to some but disturbing to others. Therefore, before getting this type of pillows, make sure you are comfortable with the rustling sound.


Buckwheat Pillow Odor

Buckwheat pillows just like other pillows are vacuum-sealed for shipping. The off-gassing process may produce a strange odor when you remove the pillow from its package. You may need to air the pillow outside for a few hours before us.

Buckwheat's natural odor is soothing and aromatic. However, using buckwheat hulls that are not roasted may produce a stench.

The fillings are not washable

Washing the pillows with the buckwheat fillings will weaken the hulls and make them less durable. When the hulls get wet, they are destroyed. You need to remove the fillings before washing the pillow casing.


The benefits of the Buckwheat pillow far outweigh its side effects. The fillings are 100% organic. The plant itself is not grown using herbicides and pesticides. During processing, the hulls are air cleaned and dried without chemicals. One can easily replace the fillings to restore its original fill.

The buckwheat pillow helps to improve the quality of sleep because it offers comfort. It puts light pressure on the pressure points on the head and neck.  It helps in relaxing the brain to relieve you of migraines.

Another benefit is that the buckwheat pillow is well-aerated to keep your head cool through the night. You can add or remove the fillings to get the right pillow height. You do not need to replace the whole pillow; you can just replace the buckwheat hulls. You can get rid of the odor by airing the pillow outside before use. You need to remove the fillings before washing. It will take time to get used to both the feel and the noise the pillow produces.

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