Sleeping Positions – Personality Traits & Effects on Health

Do you know the health benefits of different sleeping positions and what it says about your personality? Find out what each sleeping position means.

Many people have a favorite sleeping posture and most of them have adapted to these positions since they were born. There are various ways to sleep comfortably, from curling your body to spreading the legs and arms like an eagle all across the bed. However, many people do not know that sleeping postures can tell us about the personality traits you possess.

Many people might behave like good friends, introverts, social or that they like to cuddle. So, to know your personality type you can judge it from the sleeping posture.

Diffrent type of Sleeping

Different Sleeping Positions and Associated Health Benefits

1. Side Sleepers

log postureIndividuals sleep in this position with back turned on one side and the arms placed on each side. A survey concludes that 15% of people who side sleepers are generally trustworthy and they have trust in strangers. These individuals are social, easy-going as well as gullible. However, these people are inflexible in terms of their thoughts. Side sleepers are referred to as “log sleepers”.

Health benefit of side sleeping

  • This sleeping position helps in maintaining the alignment of the spine. It is beneficial for people with back pain. This posture is beneficial for reducing acid reflux. This sleeping position results in less snoring issues because it allows the airways to remain open. The side sleeping posture is perfect for people suffering from sleep apnea.
  • The side sleeper might experience wrinkles on their face as it is pushed inside the pillow. In pregnant ladies, the side sleeping posture allows proper circulation all over the body. This sleeping position avoids the pressure on the lower area of your back which could lead to fainting.
  • For side sleepers, the pressure is experienced on the vital organs which include the stomach as well as lungs resulting in strain on the organs. Side posture in resting-state results in numbness of arms. The numbness occurs because of the restricted blood flow along with nerve impingement leading to a pin and needle sensation, called a “rubber arm.”

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2. Yearners Posture

Yearners posturePeople in this position lie down with arms placed straight in front, 13% of people sleep in this position as concluded from a survey.

The personality traits of such individuals are suspicious, eager, open-minded, cynical, and stubborn and they become quickly unmotivated. People lying down on their side feel a stiff and sore feeling as soon as they wake up. It is better to do some stretches when you wake up early in the morning and to perform some stretches at night. Yearners need a supporting mattress so that there is less amount of pressure on the pressure points and the spine is maintained in alignment.

Health benefit

  • The yearner posture aids in the alleviation of problems which includes acid reflux as well as sleep apnea. If you experience these signs and symptoms regularly, then you need to see a specialist.

3. Fetal Sleeping Position

Fetal postureIn this position, an individual sleeps on the side and pulls his or her knees upwards in the direction of the chest. The fetal position is considered the favorite posture, especially in women. According to a survey, 41% of people sleep in a fetal posture and find comfort in such a position. Most individuals mostly prefer the fetal position.

The individuals who prefer sleeping in a fetal position usually have a soft interior and have a tough exterior. These people are usually warm and shy, they are well-organized, and they love to face challenges in life and are conscientious. You can consider adding pillows in between the knees which is beneficial for sleepers who sleep in the fetal posture.

Health benefit

  • The fetal position does not put stress the vital organs like the liver, lungs as well as the stomach. Curl the body on the right side rather than sleeping on the left.
  • The fetal position is advised for people experiencing a herniated disk issue as it opens up the spaces present among the vertebrae. In a condition termed as herniated discs, soft cushions present among the vertebrae push out of their normal position and impinge the nerves resulting in weakness.
  • The fetal position is recommended for pregnant ladies to sleep on the left side. Sleeping on the left side improves the circulation in the body as well as the fetus. This posture prevents the application of pressure by the uterus over the liver which is located on the right side.
  • The fetal sleeping position helps prevent snoring issue, however, this posture results in stiffness when you wake up in the morning so do some stretches in the morning.

4. Stomach Sleepers

Freefaller postureThese individuals are known as “free fallers”. They hold the pillow with arms on either side. 7% of people sleep in this position according to the survey. These people are usually anxious, outgoing and brash.

The sleepers which sleep on their stomach usually suffer from back and neck pain. The stomach sleepers prefer to sleep without placing the pillow beneath them. The body should be supported fully while sleeping on the stomach so that back pain is reduced. While sleeping in the neutral position, the soft or thin cushion should be placed underneath the neck to offer support.

Health benefits

  • Stomach sleepers have better digestion. It is also advised for people who have degenerative disc disease. Place a pillow under the lower abdomen to offer support to the back and to help prevent back pain.
  • Stomach sleepers do not suffer from snoring issues. However, they do have neck and back pain as they cannot maintain the spine in the aligned position.
  • Stomach sleepers do apply pressure on the muscles along with the joints which lead to numbness, irritation and tingling sensation of nerves along with pain. Face downwards so that the airway is patent while you breathe.

5. Back Sleepers

soldier postureIndividuals lying down flat on their back place their arms near their body surface and placed downwards on the sides. Back sleepers suffer from snoring issues resulting in reduced sleep quality. The back sleeping posture is perfect for people suffering from back pain. Back sleepers are called “Soldier Sleepers”.

These people usually have high expectations, they are quiet and prefer to sit alone. 8% of people prefer to sleep in this position. It is said that this posture can be made comfortable by placing a thin pillow beneath the knees, similar to the starfish posture. Contour pillows along with the firm mattresses serve as a perfect addition, which results in reduced amounts of back pain.

Health benefits

  • Back sleepers face difficulty in breathing as well as snoring, resulting in the poor quality of sleep. You might feel refreshed while sleeping in another position. Back sleepers do not suffer from back or joint pain. They also enjoy the advantages of delayed aging of the skin.
  • Back sleepers lie down on their back with the spine, head as well as the neck placed in a neutral position. It is considered as an ideal position for those who have acid reflux issues. Place a pillow under your neck to elevate yourself and support your head. It keeps the stomach at a lower level from the esophagus which prevents the expulsion of food or acid from the digestive tract.
  • When you lie down on the back, the tongue falls backward and results in blockage of the breathing tube which is dangerous for people suffering from sleep apnea as it results in obstructed breathing.
  • Sleeping on your back is recommended for people when it comes to cosmetic reasons. In this position, your face is not smudged into the pillows which help with less wrinkle formation on the face.

6. Starfish Position

starfish postureThese people lie down on their back, with arms placed upwards in the direction of the head. The starfish position results in enhanced snoring and that too results in restless sleep. According to a survey, 5% of people sleep in a starfish position. It is recommended to use a thin pillow under your knees to help in a reduction of pain and discomfort.

The personality traits of such sleepers include discomfort of being in the front and center. They are very helpful and have good listening capability.

Health benefit

  • Starfish position results in discomfort while asleep because of the snoring and breathing issues that cause disturbed sleep. People who sleep in the starfish position usually sleepwalk in the middle of the night.

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Find Out Which Sleeping Position Can Help You in Pain

1. Helpful sleeping position and posture for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is the most common issue faced by many individuals. It’s difficult to sleep comfortably with back pain. You need support while sleeping on the back. The back sleeping position is recommended for individuals suffering from back pain. Place a rolled-up towel or pillow underneath your knees and the lower back where it has curves. This little support relieves the pressure from the lower back.

For people suffering from back pain, alignment of the shoulder, hips, and ears is essential for a perfect sleeping posture when the spine is aligned.

Sleeping on the stomach results in stress on the back because the spine is not aligned. Place a flat pillow underneath the pelvis and stomach area to keep the spine in an aligned position. It is better to sleep without a pillow or place a thin pillow if you are a stomach sleeper.

If you prefer to sleep on your side, then place a firm pillow between the knees so that the upper leg prevents the spine from going out of alignment so the stress is reduced from the lower back and hips. Pull the knees upwards towards the chest and keep a pillow under the head so that the spine remains straight. A small pillow or a rolled-towel works well to support the spine if placed under the waist.

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2. Helpful sleeping position and posture for Shoulder Pain

Do not apply pressure on your shoulders if they hurt when lying down. Lie on the other side with the arms and knees bent. Place a pillow in between the knees and another pillow among your elbows so that the chest is touching it.

If you have pain in both shoulders, then lay down on your back with arms placed down by your sides.

3. Helpful sleeping position and posture for Sinus Issues

Congestion which occurs due to allergies and colds gets worse while asleep because the gravity works against your body when lying down.

Elevate your shoulders and head with the help of pillows and lie down on your back so that the sinuses drain easily.

4. Helpful sleeping position and posture for Headaches

Bad sleeping posture can also result in a headache due to the constricted nerves and muscles while asleep.

To maintain your head in a standard position, lay down on your back and place a rolled-up towel or pillow on the right and left sides of the head so that it does not turn during the night while asleep.

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5. Helpful sleeping position and posture for Menstrual Pain

Bloating and cramps result in difficulty sleeping pre and post period. The recommended position for sleeping to cure menstrual pain is to lie down on the back while placing the pillows underneath the knees so that there is no pressure on the back and abdomen.

You can also place a heating pad or a warm water bottle on the abdomen and the back so that it eases the cramps while you sleep. This method allows you to have a comfortable sleep.

6. Helpful sleeping position and posture for people with High Blood Pressure

There is a link between hypertension and sleep. Disrupted sleep or sleep deprivation leads to exacerbated high blood pressure. The autonomic nervous system alters when you are asleep then there is an impact on the blood pressure. Avoid sleeping on the back if you have blood pressure issues.

However, lying on the stomach results in the neck, back, and joint pain and also leads to breathing issues. It is better to sleep on the right side which prevents the pressure application on the heart, which is located on the left side and results in a change in blood pressure levels.

7. Helpful sleeping position and posture for Heartburn Issues

If you suffer from indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux disease or heartburn, try sleeping on the left side as this sleeping posture helps in alleviating the heartburn issues. It is the best position to prevent the application of pressure on the esophagus and stomach.

8. Helpful sleeping position and posture for Improper or Poor Digestion

Sleep on the left side with pillows placed in between the legs which prevent the application of pressure on the digestive system and allows you to sleep well.

It’s better to sleep after a few hours of eating a meal so that you don’t experience indigestion.

9. Helpful sleeping position and posture for The Prevention of Neck Pain

It’s very important to support the neck whether you opt for any kind of sleeping position. Back and side sleeping is perfect for easing the pain in the neck. If you are a back sleeper, then use a neck roll or roll a small towel and adjust it with the pillow according to the curves of your neck. You should rest completely on the pillows while asleep.

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Brains remain active whether we sleep or wake up in the morning. Many humans, as well as animals, prefer to sleep on their sides. According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers observed brain activities in different sleeping positions. It is advised that you should sleep in a position which is comfortable for you. It’s better to sleep well at night so that your body functions can work adequately.

Many studies and research are being conducted regarding sleep positions, the health benefits and what do can be interpreted regarding your personality. The posture while sleeping on the back is one of the best options, next is the side sleeping position and the worst one is stomach sleeping position because it leads to neck and back pain as well as the improper alignment of the spine. The main key to focus on while sleeping is the alignment of the body i.e. the head, shoulders, neck, and back should be properly aligned. Experiment with various sleeping positions to enjoy the benefits of each one of them gives you a peaceful night’s sleep.

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