Is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot 60fps on PS5? Definitively Yes, and Here‘s Why You Should Upgrade

As a long-time Dragon Ball fan, I was thrilled when Dragon Ball Z Kakarot launched in early 2020, finally delivering the definitive Dragon Ball Z video game experience. But the game was held back on PlayStation 4 by technical limitations and could never quite match the frantic action and scale of the beloved anime.

Now with the launch of the PS5 upgrade, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has been transformed into the DBZ game I always dreamed of – with fluid 60fps combat and gorgeous 4K graphics that look ripped straight from the show.

So does Dragon Ball Z Kakarot run at 60fps on PS5? Absolutely! The upgraded PS5 version targets a full 60 frames per second in Performance Mode. This is a huge leap over the 30fps cap on PS4, and makes controlling characters like Goku during fast-paced battles feel responsive, smooth, and highly enjoyable.

In this guide, I‘ll break down all the benefits offered by Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on PS5 over the PS4 edition, and explain why it‘s worth upgrading to play DBZ as it was meant to be experienced. Let‘s kick things off with a technical overview of the performance upgrades!

Unlocked Framerate Up to 60fps Improves Combat Dramatically

Without a doubt, the highlight of the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot PS5 upgrade is the framerate. On PS4, DBZ Kakarot was limited to 30fps – which was the standard last-gen. However this resulted in somewhat sluggish controls that couldn‘t fully capture the blazing speed of characters like Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

By harnessing the power of the PS5‘s custom 8-core Zen 2 CPU clocked at 3.5GHz and turbo boosted to run 30% faster than PS4‘s CPU, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot can now deliver up to 60fps during combat and exploration.

Some technical analysis of the PS5 upgrade by Digital Foundry showed the game averages 55-60fps in Performance Mode with all the visual settings turned up, only occasionally dipping below 60fps in areas with lots of alpha transparency effects.

But the frame rate stays far more stable and responsive than the PS4 version. This even improves upon the PC edition which is locked to 60fps maximum.

According to game director Hara Ryousuke, achieving 60fps gameplay was the development team‘s biggest goal for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

"The game was made to run at 30fps on the previous generation consoles…for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions, we dedicated ourselves to achieving a minimum of 60fps as much as possible in order to provide comfortable high speed battles and flying."

And they absolutely succeeded – the difference 60fps makes for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot‘s combat feels nothing short of revelatory.

Fights that once felt detached and sluggish now convey the speed and intensity of battles from the anime accurately. Combo‘ing enemies, dodging attacks, and pulling off special moves feels precise and incredibly responsive.

The unlocked frame rate alone is reason enough for any Dragon Ball fan to upgrade to the PS5 edition. You‘ll swear you‘re watching high quality anime rather than playing a video game!

PS5‘s CPU Power Enables Higher Resolution Graphics

Of course, graphics have also seen a noticeable bump up in the PS5 version over PS4. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot now runs at a native 4K resolution up from 1080p on PS4 Pro, and makes use of improved post-processing effects only available on next-gen hardware.

Developer CyberConnect2 managed to increase the resolution while maintaining 60fps performance by taking advantage of the PS5‘s Zen 2 CPU which is around 3 times more powerful than PS4‘s base Jaguar processor.

Higher display resolution means you‘ll see more clarity and detail in character models, environments, shadows, and effects as you play. Textures also benefit from improved anisotropic filtering, giving surfaces sharper and less blurry definition at steep viewing angles.

Distant terrain like mountains now contain more detail at range rather than turning into a blurry mess like on PS4. Draw distances for objects and grass have been increased as well.

Lighting is enhanced with higher resolution shadows, giving the game world more depth and realism. Other post processing effects like ambient occlusion, depth of field, and motion blur have also been bumped up to take advantage of PS5‘s faster GPU power.

4K resolution certainly isn‘t essential for enjoying Dragon Ball Z Kakarot‘s anime visuals. But the increased clarity and detail from ultra HD resolution does help the game seem more like an interactive cartoon.

Here‘s a handy comparisons chart I made between the PS4 and PS5 versions:

Graphic Options PS4 PS5
Resolution 1920×1080 3840×2160
Frame Rate 30fps 60fps
Post Processing Low High
Texture Filtering Low High
Draw Distance Medium High
Shadow Resolution 1024×1024 2048×2048

As you can see, everything from resolution to shadows saw an upgrade for PS5.

Faster Load Times Keep the Pace Exciting

Another huge benefit of playing Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on PS5 is the vastly reduced loading times thanks to the console‘s custom SSD capable of 5.5GB/s raw bandwidth.

On PS4, loading screens between areas could take from 15 seconds up to over a minute – really interrupting the flow of the game. But PS5‘s ultra fast solid state storage cuts these loading times down to 5-10 seconds in many cases.

Digital Foundry clocked the early game transition from Goku‘s home to Kame House as taking 15 seconds on PS4, but only 8 seconds on PS5. For such a large seamless open world, that‘s an impressive upgrade.

The quick loading eliminates one of my major gripes with the PS4 edition and helps scenes transition more smoothly like an anime episode. Combined with the improved 60fps combat, this PS5 upgrade finally realizes the fast-paced and exciting Dragon Ball Z adventure I hoped for.

Enhanced Audio Makes Goku‘s World More Immersive

Harnessing the PS5‘s Tempest 3D audo engine, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot‘s soundscapes received some neat upgrades for owners of surround sound systems.

The game now supports Spatial Audio when played with a stereo headset, giving sound effects like Ki blasts and explosions more immersive directional audio. The PS5 can recreate 3D audio positioning much more accurately than PS4.

Owners of modern sound bars and surround speaker setups will also benefit from the addition of Dolby Atmos audio in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot‘s PS5 release. With Atmos, the game‘s music and effects will sound richer and spatially envelop your listening space.

These enhanced PS5 audio options make Dragon Ball Z‘s world feel more lifelike and true to the immersive anime experience.

Backwards Compatibility Offers Extras at No Cost

One excellent benefit of upgrading to the PS5 version is that the entire Dragon Ball Z Kakarot base game is backwards compatible. So your save data can carry over and any DLC you purchased on PS4 will work on PS5.

I was able to continue my playthrough right from where I left off on PS4. And all of the DLC packs like A New Power Awakens set in the Resurrection F saga worked perfectly fine on PS5 without needing to re-buy anything.

With PS5 backwards compatibility offering such a seamless transition, there‘s really no reason not to upgrade to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot‘s superior next-gen experience if you‘re a past player.

More Language Options and Improvements Beyond Graphics

Looking beyond the visual upgrades, the PS5 edition also expands Dragon Ball Z Kakarot‘s accessibility options by adding more subtitle language choices, including:

  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish

More readable fonts were added to combat text popups as well. So the action is easier to follow along with.

Some other minor changes I noticed playing on PS5 included faster cursor response speeds in menus, adjustments to the time of day cycle speed, and more reactive footstep sounds when moving around the world.

All little improvements, but they combine to make Dragon Ball Z Kakarot that much more polished and modern feeling as a next-gen experience.

The Definitive Way to Relive Dragon Ball Z‘s Story

As a huge lifelong Dragon Ball Z fan who‘s watched and rewatched the sagas many times over, I can say with confidence that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is the absolute best way to relive the story and battles from DBZ in a game.

Unlike past DBZ titles focused only on 1v1 combat like the Xenoverse series, Kakarot allows you to experience the full epic narrative of the anime. It recreates famous story arcs like the Saiyan Saga and Cell Saga in full.

Key battles are played out as expansive multi-part clashes across sprawling landscapes – just like the show. Between major fights, you‘ll travel the world completing side quests, fishing, cooking, training, and helping out familiar DBZ faces with daily activities. This really fleshes out the rich world.

The upgraded PS5 version makes this interactive DBZ experience even closer to perfection with its smooth 60fps combat. Battling iconic enemies like Raditz, Frieza, and Cell feels properly intense at higher framerates.

And being able to admire the beautiful cel-shaded visuals at 4K resolution makes Dragon Ball Z‘s world leap off the screen like a high quality cartoon.

Adding faster loading and enhanced 3D audio completes the package of the definitive, ultimate way for fans to dive into Goku‘s journey. I‘d argue Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is one of the main reasons to own a PS5 for anime lovers.

How Does It Compare to Other Anime Games on PS5?

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot sits in a class of its own when compared to newer anime games on PS5 like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and One Piece Pirate Warriors 4.

Those anime adaptations are far more simplistic 3D arena fighters focused on recreating flashy combos from the shows via QTE button prompts. But the world exploration and RPG elements are very lacking.

Whereas Dragon Ball Z Kakarot perfectly balances exciting combat with an open world you can fly through and uncover surprises. It succeeds far better at making it feel like you‘re inside the world of the anime.

Upcoming 2023 games like One Piece Odyssey and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections will need to compete with Kakarot‘s high quality presentation of the DBZ world. Bandai Namco have set a high bar here for anime adaptation games.

Is the PS5 Upgrade Worth it For You?

After breaking down all the enhancements and improvements in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot‘s PS5 release, you might be wondering:

"Is upgrading really worth it for me?"

If you‘re a Dragon Ball fan who already enjoys Kakarot on PS4 or Xbox One, then I can‘t recommend the PS5 upgrade enough.

The faster loading times alone are a huge quality of life change. But unlocking the frame rate transforms combat into a thrilling 60fps experience that captures the intense speed of DBZ‘s best battles like never before.

Adding 4K support, upgraded audio, and other enhancements like instant loading really completes the package. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot might be a couple years old now, but the PS5 edition makes it still feel like one of the most exciting new DBZ games out there.

Even if you‘ve already finished the story before on past consoles, I think any Dragon Ball fan will have a blast replaying their favorite sagas like the Cell Saga at silky smooth 60fps. It brings new life to the game‘s best moments.

The upgrade is totally free too for PS4 owners – you literally have nothing to lose. Download it tonight and be blown away by the benefits of 60fps Goku tomorrow!

For new players who‘ve yet to enjoy Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, the PS5 edition is definitely the most polished and ultimate way to experience this massive DBZ RPG adventure. It‘s an essential pick up for all Super Saiyan fans.

So in summary: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot definitively does run at 60fps on PS5 and receives some killer enhancements that all anime gaming fans need to experience. Go beyond the limits of last-gen and upgrade to PS5 for the best Dragon Ball Z game ever!

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