No, Trevor and Jordan Have Not Gotten Married – Just Engaged (For Now)

Trevor Tordjman and Jordan Clark, stars of the hit teen dance drama The Next Step, are engaged but have not yet tied the knot. Their real-life romance has delighted fans who watched their characters fall in love on the show. Though fictional Trevor and Jordan got engaged on screen in 2016, the actual couple only got engaged in real life in late 2021.

Many of The Next Step‘s young cast members formed real bonds while filming, but Trevor and Jordan‘s off-screen relationship outlasted them all. Their contagious chemistry as on-screen love interests has blossomed into a lifelong partnership. But don‘t worry – there‘s still a real-life wedding to look forward to!

Trevor and Jordan: Dance Dreams Turned Off-Screen Romance

Trevor Tordjman and Jordan Clark simultaneously landed their career-making roles on The Next Step back in 2013. Tordjman‘s dance training began at just four years old and included ballet, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, and tap. Clark similarly started dance lessons as a child and competed across Canada. Their raw talents were evident from a young age.

Over The Next Step‘s four seasons and 93 episodes, the pair‘s acting and dancing skills made Trevor and Jordan fan favorites. The show, which follows competing dancers at the Next Step Dance Studio, premiered in 2013 on the Family Channel. It gained a wide audience in Canada, the UK, and internationally.

The Next Step averaged an impressive 879,000 viewers per episode in its home country of Canada.

Tordjman and Clark‘s natural chemistry translated from intense dance rehearsals to tender on-screen moments. Their characters experienced exhilarating highs and heartbreaking lows in their tumultuous TV relationship. When fictional Trevor proposed an emotional engagement to Jordan in the Season 4 finale, millions of fans swooned.

Off-screen, the bond between the actors continued to grow. Like their characters, the real Trevor and Jordan defied the odds and realized they were perfect dance partners. After years of dating quietly, Tordjman proposed to Clark over the 2021 Christmas holiday.

Inside Trevor‘s Magical Proposal to Jordan

In January 2022, Jordan Clark gleefully announced to Instagram followers that she and boyfriend Trevor Tordjman were engaged. Clark‘s post included joyful photos of Tordjman proposing on one knee in front of a dazzling Christmas tree.

The proposal photos received over 200,000 likes from excited fans.

Though the couple kept details private, they appear surrounded by loved ones in the engagement shots. There are also sweet images of the new fiancés kissing and Clark showing off her gorgeous ring.

Tordjman opted for a timeless and romantic way to pop the question to his long-time partner. According to jewelry experts, Clark‘s classic round diamond ring is approximately 2 carats and estimated to cost between $30,000-$50,000. Tordjman clearly invested in a ring worthy of his Next Step co-star turned real-life leading lady!

Confusion Among Fans – Are Trevor and Jordan Really Engaged?

Understandably, many fans were bewildered when news broke of Clark‘s engagement to Tordjman. Some mistakenly thought fictional characters Trevor and Jordan were the ones getting married.

Comments on Clark‘s Instagram post asked:

  • "OMG is this real?"
  • "Are the characters engaged or the actual people???"
  • "This is so confusing, is it real life or the show?"

Multiple entertainment outlets also initially reported that The Next Step characters were engaged, not the actors. This speaks to the authenticity Tordjman and Clark brought to playing smitten teenagers.

Luckily, both stars clarified that the engagement announcement was for real life, not just a show storyline. After years of on-screen flirting, the actors were taking their own relationship to the next level away from the dance studio.

Other Next Step Couples On and Off Screen

Trevor and Jordan weren‘t the only Next Step co-stars to date behind the scenes. Working in close quarters while portraying lovers on TV predictably led to real bonds forming. Some of the other cast members who pursued off-screen relationships include:

Next Step Character Real Life Partner
Noah (Myles Erlick) Richelle (Briar Nolet)
Emily (Alexandra Beaton) Trevor (Trevor Tordjman)
Amy (Shelby Bain) Jacob (Josh Bogert)

Noah and Richelle actors Myles Erlick and Briar Nolet dated for several years during and after filming wrapped.

Trevor Tordjman actually briefly dated his on-screen nemesis Alexandra Beaton (Emily) around 2016.

The characters Amy and Jacob formed another memorable Next Step couple. The actors Shelby Bain and Josh Bogert took their chemistry further by getting married in 2019!

Trevor: Still Dancing and Acting After The Next Step

Since his time as Trevor on the show ended in 2016, Tordjman has continued chasing his performing passions. He went on to snag the lead role of Parker Rooney in the Disney Channel series Bunk‘d. Tordjman starred on the show alongside Peyton List from 2018 to 2021.

You can still catch Trevor showing off his dance skills on TikTok and Instagram. He delights his 1.6 million TikTok followers with energetic hip-hop choreography and throwback clips. The talented multi-hyphenate also keeps acting with roles in shows like the 2022 thriller Mother Land.

Up next, Trevor will flex his comedy muscles in the upcoming movie Teen Wolf Too. He continues auditioning for TV, film, and dance opportunities as they arise. Even years later, Trevor still credits The Next Step for catapulting his varied career.

“I love looking back at clips of the [dance] routines we did on the show. It makes me so nostalgic for that time,” Trevor shared in an interview.

Jordan‘s Blossoming Music and Acting Pursuits

While her fiancé taps back into comedy, Jordan Clark has stayed true to the dance world. She appeared in Netflix‘s 2020 figure skating drama Spinning Out starring Kaya Scodelario. Jordan played Serena, an elite skater facing pressure from her competitive partner and mother.

When she‘s not acting, Jordan indulges her musical abilities. She released her first single "Needed Me Too" in 2021, which mixed her sultry vocals with production by two-time Juno Award nominee Danny Fernandes. Jordan often shares clips of herself singing on Instagram and hints that more recordings are in the works.

The multi-talented star told ET Canada she would love to emulate Zendaya‘s transition from acting to music artistry. With her dancing abilities, vocals comparable to a young Christina Aguilera, and girl-next-door likability, Jordan Clark seems destined for a varied career in the spotlight.

Why Fans Love When Co-Stars Become Couples

When TV co-stars become real-life couples, it feeds the fantasies of fans who already connected with their fictional on-screen pairing. Trevor and Jordan portraying passionate dancers with undeniable chemistry made them a Next Step fan favorite. Their off-screen romance felt like the natural next step.

This phenomenon is common among young casts of shows like The Next Step, Glee, Riverdale and Harry Potter. The actors are around the same age and spend so much time together on set. Some of the "couple chemistry" moments fans love stem from real crushes blooming.

So while we watch relationships develop through an edited TV lens, the stars themselves nurture bonds in real time together. It‘s no wonder many find their soulmate in a co-star they portray falling in love with on camera. Trevor and Jordan‘s graduation from friends to fiancés shows this sweet progression.

No matter your thoughts on celebrity relationships, Trevor and Jordangrounding their love in a real friendship is admirable. They represent the epitome of teammates who supported each other‘s ambitions and found romance along the way.

Trevor and Jordan‘s Relationship Timeline

Date Milestone
2013 Trevor Tordjman and Jordan Clark meet as co-stars on The Next Step
2013-2016 Their characters date on the show
2016 Fictional Trevor proposes to Jordan in Season 4 finale
~2018 Real-life Trevor and Jordan start dating
December 2021 Trevor proposes to Jordan around Christmas
January 2022 Jordan announces their engagement on Instagram

Jordan‘s announcement promised fans a real-life wedding is coming. But for now, the fiancés remain focused on their demanding careers and relishing their new official status as partners. Trevor and Jordan‘s journey proves that persistent hope for fictional couples becoming reality does pay off occasionally.

The Verdict: Not Yet Married, But an Engagement to Celebrate!

So despite some initial confusion, Trevor Tordjman and Jordan Clark from The Next Step have not actually gotten married – yet. Their characters tied the knot in the show‘s storyline, but the real-life actors are only engaged at the moment.

After supporting each other‘s talents and falling in love in the process, Trevor and Jordan are already dancers in sync. A wedding is the natural next stage in their relationship. Until then, fans can revel in the heartwarming news that a beloved on-screen couple made the leap to an off-screen romance. Trevor and Jordan‘s love story deserves all the applause.

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