How Much Cash Can I Get For My Old PS3?

If you have an old PlayStation 3 lying around and are wondering what it‘s worth today, you may be surprised at the amount of cash you can get for it. While the PS3 is now two generations behind the latest PS5, used PS3 consoles still sell very well due to nostalgia, affordability and the huge game library. Read on to learn exactly how much your old PS3 is worth today.

What Are Used PS3 Models Selling For Nowadays?

The amount of cash you can sell your PS3 for depends heavily on which model you have, the included accessories, and overall condition.

The highly sought-after original 20GB and 60GB PS3s command the highest prices due to full backwards compatibility with PS2 games. Expect $100 to $200 for an original model in good condition. Later Slim models sell for $60 to $160 depending on hard drive capacity. And the budget-priced Super Slim models go for around $50 to $130 these days.

Bundling in controllers, cables, original box, and especially popular games can boost resale value by $50 or more. Iconic multiplayer titles like Call of Duty, Madden, and NBA2K retain strong value years after release. And rare games like NCAA Football 14 can add over $100 in value alone to a PS3 bundle.

Tips To Maximize Your Trade-In Cash

Follow these expert tips before selling your PS3 to ensure you get top dollar:

  • Fully reset the console to wipe all personal data using the System Initialization option. This also clears any account locks from used games.

  • Clean the console, controllers, and included games thoroughly to remove any dust, grime or cosmetic issues that may detract from value.

  • Test all functions thoroughly on an HDTV – power on, disc drive, controller buttons/sticks, ports, WiFi, streaming apps, etc. Fix any issues beforehand.

  • If including the original hard drive, consider upgrading the size if below 500GB. More storage adds appeal. An SSD offers faster load times too.

  • Take clear, well-lit photos showing it working, connected to a TV, and bundled accessories/games spread out.

  • When listing on sites like eBay or Craigslist, emphasize tested condition, included accessories and bundle value in the description.

Where To Sell a PS3 For The Most Cash

While you have many options to sell your PS3, some will net you much more cash than others. Here‘s a comparison of what you can expect:

  • eBay – Large audience of buyers but 10% fee. More work but fetches top value at around 70-80% of current retail prices for rare games or models. You handle shipping/returns.

  • Facebook Marketplace – No fees and growing audience. Still risks of no-shows. Around 60-70% of retail value is common. Local pickup only.

  • Craigslist – Avoid fees but have to deal with flakers and scammers. Value around 50-60% of retail. Cash only. Risky.

  • Local game stores – Very convenient but will only pay 30-40% of resale value since they aim to profit reselling. Quick cash though.

  • GameStop – Easy but will give the worst offer of 20-30% retail value. You still get store credit immediately.

  • Pawn shops – Also very lowball but provide cash upfront. Expect to get 10-20% of your PS3‘s true resale value.

Safely Conducting Transactions and Shipping

When selling online, only ship to the confirmed PayPal/eBay address after payment clears to avoid scams. Pack the console with ample padding in a sturdy box, and insure the shipment. Require a signature on delivery to ensure it arrives safely.

For in-person sales, meet at a public place like a coffee shop. Accept cash or other secure digital payments. Be wary of potential scams like overpayment or fraudulent funds. Trust your gut if anything seems suspicious.

Broken PS3s Can Still Fetch Decent Cash

Even if your PS3 has technical issues and no longer works properly, you can likely still sell it either for parts or to electronics refurbishers who specialize in repairs.

Common issues like the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death), Blu-ray drive failures, or bad HDMI ports can still fetch anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on the problem and ease of obtaining replacement parts. Testing and detailing the issues will get you the best offers.

For PS3s that no longer power on at all, parts like the controller ports or power supply may still be salvageable and sellable at around $5 to $50. Disclose the condition thoroughly when selling non-working units.

Will PS3 Value Increase Over Time?

As with most vintage electronics, certain PS3 consoles and games will likely become more valuable over time as they become rarer and harder to find complete.

This is especially true for limited edition and special console bundles with unique designs. Faulty original models and games with expired licensing could also see significant price jumps years from now as they become virtually unobtainable and coveted by collectors.

So if you have any super rare or pristine condition PS3 items, it may be worth holding onto them unopened for future sale down the line. Just be sure to store them properly away from heat, sunlight, and moisture which can degrade plastics and electronics over time.

In Summary

While current resale prices for used PS3 consoles and games pale in comparison to their original MSRPs, there is still good money to be made by selling your old PS3 if you use the right marketplaces and sales tactics.

Follow the tips in this guide to reset, clean, bundle, photograph, and describe your PS3 for sale to maximize the cash return. And utilize auction sites like eBay or local trading apps to access buyers willing to pay fair market value.

So dig out that old PS3 from the closet, give it some polish, and turn it into some handy extra cash! It has served you well over the years, but now it could be time to pass it along to the next generation of gamers.

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